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  1. Not entirely sure. Pretty sure AI can do instrumentation these days, but I dunno if that's what's happening or not in any of these.
  2. Yeah, that's just where the AI is currently at for music really. I imagine that within only a year or so that this stuff will only be all the more sophisticated and convincing.
  3. I find this entire subject very interesting, and I'm sure that in time we're only going to see more and more of these with more and more convincing results (some of these are already pretty convincing). This probably has been discussed in recent months in the general any topic, but again, given that I think that we'll see only more and more of this in time, it might be nice to have a thread dedicated to it and we can all just post whatever of these AI mixes that we enjoy from the likes of youtube. Really really enjoy this version of There Is if blink had performed it, pretty cool to hear (seemingly) Mark and Tom trade off vocals in such a song: To compliment a Tom project featuring AI Mark, here is an alright one for a Mark project featuring AI Tom, No It Isn't: Tom sings Adam's Song (this one is really solid): Mark sings First Date Tom sings The Rock Show Mark and Tom swap vocals in Elevator (this one is very strong): Baby Come On featuring Tom (kinda falls apart toward the end, but otherwise I really like this one too): Edging in the oldschool Tom style (clip, not full song) (and actually after looking at this one again, I'm not so sure it was AI (though it did come up when I searched for blink 182 AI), still it's interesting all the same, so I'll keep it here): There are plenty of others on Youtube, but be warned, a lot of them are way too obviously AI to be very enjoyable (much more so than the ones I've presented here). But yeah, if you find any that you enjoy, feel free to post them, you'll note that most of these are from very recently, like within the last month or so, if that. I think it's fair to say that we're in store for plenty more of this kind of stuff.
  4. I was hoping the Simple Plan song would be Mark's actual lyrics on that song and it'd be a cool way to bring those over to blink. In fact it's a really jarring song choice to use in general (wasn't the biggest hit, and I had honestly forgotten all about it) unless he was specifically going to use those lines. I digress, this is cool too see happening again, and I love to see that Mark seems intent to change up the song for every show, hopefully without any repeats, that'd be nuts.
  5. Sorry if I see a news headline not marked as a spoiler it doesn't register as any real kind of spoiler to me haha.
  6. I suppose Brooks is probably the most qualifying of the label of the sixth member of blink. (Unless we give Jerry Finn higher billing than at least one of them that actually played with the band, which I would totally get).
  7. The problem is how do you do an ARG that isn't ridiculously impossible to solve and piece together by the masses within a month nor so ridiculously simple that the masses don't immediately figure it out? With something this big, I don't think that's an easy medium to achieve at all. I guess the question ultimately becomes why bother, but I dunno, I like any little ARG for new content even if they are super simple.
  8. Good to see Adam's Song is back in the mix.
  9. It always had the energy of a Dude Ranch song to me, still does. Mark even kinda sings more like he did on Dude Ranch in the song. I get where Mark is coming from with that claim.
  10. I was gonna say the definition sounds more like Hearts All Gone.
  11. Note the Employees sign. Hard at Work album title?
  12. I bet you've been subject to I Think You Should Leave bits out and about in the real world without realizing it. Show is hilarious and has gathered a large cult following. I see and hear references to it all the time these days.
  13. To make this like the perfect month for me with awesome new content I've been waiting for on a weekly basis, blink should release their album on Friday May 19th. That way tomorrow there is Guardians of the Galaxy 3, next Friday is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, and then blink could be the Friday after that. Then on the 30th, just over a week later, it's season 3 of I Think You Should Leave. Would definitely make for an amazing month for me.
  14. I didn't even bother to try, I was all too happy to start over, even though I had put like 20 hours in that Wii U leak or so. The game was just that good.
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