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  1. M!ke

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Yeah, when he can't even be transparent on what happened to his position in blink, it forces me to question everything else he talks about in that same video. Which in all honesty revealed nothing new at all, no glimpses at what is being developed outside of the Entertainment section of TTS. I think it'd be very cool if TTS actually produces some genuine results, I'd love to be wrong on the subject, and eat my humble pie, but here we are 2 years in, and I have even less confidence in TTS now than I ever did when it began (and the amount of confidence I had back then was low as it was). Please prove me wrong Tom, but until you do, I can't help but think that you're being swindled and are a pawn in something far bigger than you grasp and/or you are swindling the audience you're reaching out to.
  2. M!ke

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Never knew you didn't like Untitled. As by far my favorite blink album, I'm hoping that it has that same spirit running through the album. It can be drastically different in sound, but if it has that same overall soul that Untitled has, then i'd be so happy.
  3. M!ke

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Who knows, I've heard albums that have hit me in the same way that Untitled did (these are few and far between, but they exist), and they didn't have any members of blink. I'll judge the final product before I say it can't be done. They want it to be that album and supposedly are trying to make it that way, so that's at least the first step. Otherwise I hate just deeming something as crap or good before actually genuinely previewing any of it. Everything behind the scenes could be a clusterfuck, and somehow they put out a masterpiece, so I'll hold off my judgement in this regard until I actually heard the music.
  4. M!ke

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I've legit never had a major problem with Feldmann. Pharrell, however, is a major red flag to me. Hoping against hope this is the genuine next Untitled, but shit like that dude having any hands on this content immediately gives me doubts.
  5. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    Yes, I see it's a quote by the man himself, but as I explained, I think he was really saying that they aren't a one and done series. And no, by my logic gen 7 isn't a spinoff. Gen 7 was a brand new entry with the entire pokedex of Pokemon available in that game. When you go to the Pokemon Bank you can transfer any of the 800+ Pokemon out by then into the game. Let's Go isn't even compatible with the bank, but we know gen 8 will be. The Let's Go games clearly just exist in their own little bubble. I know what Masuda said, but it's clear as day that they are not the same as the real core entries in the series.
  6. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    Yeah I definitely beat a few of the Adventure Island games back in the day including that first SNES one.
  7. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    Nah I haven't. I avoided most early platformers that weren't well regarded. I remember the original Bubsy being super lame though. I don't think I ever beat that one, though I'm pretty sure I beat Bubsy 2 on the Genesis back in the day, I recall that one being a little easier.
  8. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    He said that about the Let's Go titles? That doesn't sound right, considering they were remakes to begin with, coupled with mechanics not seen in any of the other games including these new ones such as not even battling wild pokemon, not to mention being restricted to 153 Pokemon and not having access to the entire Pokedex as of that time like every other single core entry. I understand these new titles Sword and Shield are obviously core titles, but Let's Go are there own things, you can already see that the things that made those games unique are not carrying over to this game (such as wild Pokemon appearing in the overworld and not actually fighting those wild pokemon, likely connectivity with Go wont be a part of these core entries either), so that really cements the thought that they're their own thing all the more. Reading what Masuda says, it sounds like he's more just saying, this isn't necessarily a one and done thing. Which I absolutely think is true. I think the Let's Go Series will continue as it's own tier for the series (in addition to the tiers they already have: new core entries, remakes, and third entries/remakes/ultra), and we'll see some Let's Go Johto games in a few years. But I wouldn't expect the Let's Go games to have any real interaction with the main core titles in terms of battling or trading. As such I think it makes sense to consider them their own spinoff series.
  9. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    Nah, it was tough at first, but I mean in terms of 2D platformers, it is far from the toughest of games I've beaten in the same genre, plus it was literally the first video game I ever got into as a child so I got good at it at a young age. Overall I put the entire 2D Mario platforming series more on the easy side (with exception to the original Mario 2, The Lost Levels), not as easy as the Kirby series of course, but still more in that direction of difficulty. Of course the Super Mario Maker games are something completely different considering the difficulty of those levels falls entirely on our hands.
  10. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    Yeah, Mario 3 is fairly easy. I probably first beat it when I was like 10 on the actual NES hardware.
  11. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    I'm pretty sure they will. Let's Go was considered a casual spinoff title, this will be a full fledged core game in gen 8.
  12. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    Pretty much, yeah. In every gen (except 7) your goal is to collect 8 gym badges by building up a team of strong Pokemon and defeating other teams of strong Pokemon, and then going on to the Pokemon league where you take on very strong teams of Pokemon. Typically there is a fair amount of post game content, with gen 2 having essentially the first games built into it as a whole second quest to complete after your main quest. Then there are all sorts of goals you can make for yourself such as trying to catch every Pokemon, but with this game the number of monsters should near 900, so that goal becomes more and more insane as they release more titles. And then of course fighting and trading with friends and others online is a lot of fun in it's own right. There are all sorts of different typed Pokemon and typed moves that are strong against certain things and weak against others, so there is a large game of rock-paper-scissors going on but with far more than just 3 variables. It all can be very addicting and there is a lot that can be studied if you really immerse yourself in the series. Yeah, the overall idea of the series doesn't change much from game to game, but that's because the formula overall just works so well.
  13. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    Having said that, gen 5 was a return to colors (or in the case of one of the titles, lack of all colors) when they did Black and White.
  14. M!ke

    Video Games Thread

    Gen 3, arguably gen 2 if you consider silver and gold to be metals and not colors, crystal certainly isn't a color.