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  1. For the record, when I was talking about X, I was talking with Russel and Cheerios about Xenoblade Chronicles X, not Final Fantasy X.
  2. I don't see the issue with how many there are. They aren't required, you can do as many as you like or don't like. Some of them are rather long, but most of them are shorter, that is true. I enjoyed them as brief diversions in 3D puzzle solving from my main adventure, and only ever tackled them when I felt like I wanted that break from the main gameplay. Never felt like a chore or annoying to me, but to each their own I suppose.
  3. If you've never been a fan of the puzzle-based dungeons of most 3D Zelda titles before BOTW, then you very likely wont like the shrines (and I honestly question what you're even doing with a Zelda game since that's always been integral to the series). But the good news for you is, that you don't have to complete them all, and hell you don't even have to complete any of them (outside of the initial ones that give you your runes). It will make the game harder if you don't beat some of them, as that is how you can expand your life and stamina wheel (and collecting enough extra heart containers allows you to pull out the Master Sword), but you can beat the game all the same without even indulging in the shrines. I personally don't get what's not to like about them, but I suppose such 3D adventure puzzling isn't going to be for everyone.
  4. Yeah, you definitely don't play X for it's story, I think that helps differentiate it all the more from the mainline titles.
  5. I love X, once you get your own giant Mech, that game gets so fuckin satisfying.
  6. Pretty embarrassing how long from the first single releasing to the actual album drop we're seeing here. And I was starting to get excited for the next album, but the 3 singles we have, plus supposedly one more isn't going to keep me eager for the next album (especially when the first single was so bad) when it's still a year away.
  7. My Pet Sally. Cheering for 21 Days, best song on the album by far, Girl Next Door is my second favorite on Buddha.
  8. Yeah, I'm losing my shit. Plus that looks like the best Paper Mario since the Gamecube entry. Nintendo has been on a roll lately, as a big fanboy of theirs I can't help but love to watch them succeed doing what they do best.
  9. I'm relistening to Underclass Hero again, and to this day, I do not understand why it's so hated. I fucking love this album. Like I get it, it's unoriginal, it lacks Brownsound, it's a step away from the sound they were moving toward with Chuck, these factors are absolutely true, but man at the end of the day, I don't care about any of that, cuz I love this album through and through, from the first track to the last, there isn't a song in here that I don't like. I really wish it was a more accepted album, cuz it just resonates so well with me from start to finish.
  10. True. I'm sure they'll get at least one big release out in time for the holidays though, especially with Sony and Microsoft releasing new hardware around then.
  11. Mario 64 is part of the rumor too. As well as apparently a new Paper Mario in the style of the first two entries. It sounds too good to be true, but it's been corroborated by a few reliable sources at this point. It's still a rumor all the same.
  12. I would never claim that I'm the biggest repeat listener of blink. I love them, they're my favorite band, and I've listened to them countless times, but I'm well aware that my fandom for the band has certainly been eclipsed by plenty of others.
  13. It's on Hulu now. Gonna watch it now, totally forgot about it til I looked at this thread.
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