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  1. It's in one of my current playlists that I frequently listen to.
  2. I don't know why anyone wants to excuse it away. It's a fine song, definitely was a grower, but I genuinely love it at this point.
  3. I think Tom knows in a lot of ways that he was lying to himself when he first left blink in 2005. I'm sure I'm not the only one that remembers Tom trashing blink in his early AaA years, proclaiming it to only be a band that sang about fucking dogs and little else. Yet at some point when they first got back together he was talking about how he didn't want to damage the integrity of the band. At some point he recognized how important blink truly was. I suppose that I'm asserting it's because he was lying to himself, but it does seem quite possible that he just was kinda blind to the reality of what blink had become by the time he left. Either way, I do believe that Tom does now recognize the importance and impact of the band on people and the world.
  4. I put either I Think You Should Leave or Detroiters on in the background while I cook. Doesn't matter how many times I've watched (or more listened in the cases when I'm cooking) those Tim Robinson shows, they never cease to kill me. Makes the already satisfying activity of cooking all the more enjoyable.
  5. I absolutely love this song. I was expecting to hate it with the name it was revealed to have. But it may be my favorite song on Nine, it's definitely up there. These are the songs of the Skiba era that I genuinely love: On Some Emo Shit, Bottom of the Ocean, Los Angeles, Bored to Death, Black Rain, No Heart To Speak Of, Run Away, No Future, Misery, Last Train Home, Hungover You There are plenty more I like, but these seem to be the ones that really rose to the top for me that I most frequently go back to individually. Most of these songs, (save No Future), have a certain kind of darkness to them that I really enjoyed. Kinda reminds me of Fighting the Gravity which was I song I personally always loved, and was one of the more curious songs of Neighborhoods for me, made me wonder what a full album of that kind of sound might be like. Feel like some of these Skiba songs kinda hit that spot.
  6. People love to hate on California. And hey I get it, it's not a classic blink album by any means, Tom isn't there, Matt is instead, they didn't write their own songs, their new producer is as hands on or even more so as Jerry Finn but he is no Jerry Finn. I totally get it. And there are songs in there that I'm not crazy about. However at the end of the day when all is said and done, I do overall enjoy the listen from start to finish. I don't regularly go back to it like Untitled or even Nine, but there's enough there for me to say, yeah I like the album, its far from the best thing to ever be released under the blink-182 name, but also not something I'd say ruins the band in any real way, I'd give it like a B-/C+, I'm more pleased that we did get it than if we had got nothing instead while Tom was gone. And of course, for me, Nine is fantastic, that's the album that made me very happy that more music under the blink name was still being released, and got me a little excited for what might have come next with Skiba.
  7. Yeah, they got a guest writer to write Bottom of the Ocean, I don't recall her name off hand (pretty sure it's the same woman you can hear singing in the background of that song), but I love that song, they should have had her write more songs in that era if they were so keen to outsource their song writing without Tom.
  8. I recall having burned the MTV official 'The Leak' version the week before its real release date and listening to that nonstop for a week, still getting a ride from my mom right after school to Best Buy, having some small hope that when I opened my copy that I would have got the one copy with the golden ticket (shame there was never a winner of that promotion). And then listening to the official copy nonstop to recognize that the MTV version was edited in places I had not at all realized. Hearing 'Fuck' before 'I can't let this kill me, let go.' Truly blew my mind at the time haha.
  9. Bottom one on the right board, I see: Every Other Weekend and above that might be Damaged I dunno, I'm sure I'm way off, and they may indeed not even be for blink, but it is fun stuff to guess at all the same.
  10. I imediately read it as: Life's Full Feinds And then I realized the i comes before the e in Fiends so that can't be it. Now I'm seeing Life's Full of Binds
  11. I don't remember Tom saying such things about Neighborhoods though honestly. I only really remember Travis of all people hyping that one up as something special.
  12. What can I say? I'm in the spirit, and I was having a conversation with my buddy where we were trying to pick our top 3 Christmas movies. And yes, if your movie merely takes place at Christmas, I'd say it counts, so by all means, include Die Hard or Iron Man 3 or Gremlins or whatever. So if you got any, what are your favorite Christmas movies? These are what I landed on, in no particular order for my top 3: Christmas Vacation Home Alone The Muppets Christmas Carol And here are two controversial opinions: It's a Wonderful Life, is wonderfully boring, I just can't sit through it without getting bored. And A Christmas Story does nothing for me, there might be one or two decent laughs to be had, but the rest of the movie I just find insufferable.
  13. No, but my understanding is that Fallout 76 is very much a No Man's Sky situation, it launched in a miserable state, but over time and continuous updates, it has become a great game. Now maybe I'm listening to the wrong people, but it sounds to me that at this point it's actually a pretty enjoyable game worth giving a try.
  14. I have no problem with Travis as a drummer at all, but were they to replace him for whatever reason, what about the dude they had fill in on that Australia tour, Brooks Wackerman, back in 2013 or whenever that was, when Travis wasn't even entertaining getting on a plane again.
  15. Man for me, it was Dogs Eating Dogs that really made Tom leaving hurt the most. Like if he left after Neighborhoods I wouldn't have been nearly as bothered, because that album, for how great some of its songs are (Kaleidoscope is one of my top 5 blink songs ever, might genuinely be my all time favorite), it overall felt like a weak followup to Untitled, not that it was bad, just that it didn't meet the expectations I had built up for years that they were going to continue pushing forward and somehow release something even better than Untitled. But then they pretty much surprise release Dogs Eating Dogs, and while it's short, I think its brilliant from start to finish and constantly had me feeling like, this is blink pushing forward, I would have loved a full length album in the style of Dogs Eating Dogs, I love every bit about it, even the rap that I know the likes of Oliver could never stand. In a similar regard mirroring your own, not only have I been listening to a lot of Dogs Eating Dogs lately, but I've also been revisiting Neighborhoods a lot lately, and wow has it aged beautifully, I may have been too harsh on it in the past, or simply viewing it from a perspective I should have never been holding it to as explained above. I mean it's pretty fantastic through and through, This Is Home and MH35823479524 still being the only songs holding the whole thing down, everything else is great, including all the extra deluxe edition songs. Both releases have got me genuinely excited for whatever they release next with Tom back. Edging was definitely a grower (pun absolutely intended), thought it was pretty meh at first, but as time has gone on, I've come to like it more and more. I don't love when it takes that long for a song to really click with me, but I do appreciate it all the same, heck I thought Kaleidoscope was nothing special at first until like 2 or 3 years after Neighborhoods had released and it suddenly just connected hard with me seemingly out of nowhere, so I'm certainly not opposed to that kind of release either.
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