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  1. Yeah, don't count on that actually being the case. That Direct only revealed games up through June. Clearly whatever their big holiday release(s) this year is/are, they planned on revealing that in their June E3 Direct. Still when they typically reveal their holiday releases around this time if they're brand new, they haven't yet (or so it would seem). So that actually has me thinking the Breath of the Wild sequel may be the big game they've got planned for this holiday, because they've already revealed that one, so they can hold off a little longer before showcasing it again in further detail.
  2. Big report getting picked up by reputable gaming site like IGN are claiming that a LOT of remasters of 3D Mario titles are coming to the Switch. Supposedly confirmed are: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World Deluxe, A new Paper Mario game, and other "3D Mario" titles. The way it reads, 3D World Deluxe will be a separate release, and I believe the other 3D Mario titles will be part of a separate Mario collection release. Maybe a Super Mario All-Stars 2, if you will. I imagine such a title would include: 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and Galaxy 2. That would leave one major 3D Mario title not represented on the Switch: 3D Land. My theory is that too might make it to Switch, but maybe bundled in with 3D World Deluxe, as a separate game within the title, or all those levels get unlocked within 3D World when you beat the main game or something like that. This isn't officially confirmed by Nintendo, but it seems this may well be happening to some extent, and if it is, I can not wait. HD Remasters of these Mario titles would be amazing, and I'm curious if 64 would include the extra content that 64 DS added in.
  3. That's weird. Only thing I can relate to is the very first few times I played a 3DS and I was getting the 3D effect without the need for glasses. It was like my brain had never comprehended something like that before and it gave me a headache. But after a very few play sessions of the 3DS, that feeling subsided completely and never returned, here we are nearly 9 years later (what?!), and I've have that 3D cranked up to full effect ever since without issue. Your issue is odd though, because you're just playing a traditional game without any gimmicks to how it plays or looks and you're getting that kind of issue. Having put countless hours into Breath of the Wild, I can't say I relate with any such effect with that particular game, and considering how fantastic the title is, I really do hope this is just something your brain needs to get used to and then it will be ok indefinitely while playing. My only guess might be that the cel-shading style of the game might be putting your brain through a loop if you don't typically play games in that kind of art style.
  4. This is legit the best Green Day related release in years. Have always loved this song, be it the original Tommy James and the Shondells version or even the Tiffany version, that song is the shit. Billie Joe version is incredibly satisfying to me.
  5. Huh, TIL. I'm a huge Nintendo nerd and this is news to me. Didn't know they ever tried to do another F-Zero game since GX and AX.
  6. It's a pretty cool device for any gamer to own honestly. What intrigues me though are the additional possibilities that the Switch may have to offer that would really change the entire video game landscape. Like Sony recently surveyed PlayStation owners to see if they'd be interested in remote playing their PS4 (and presumably PS5 when it arrives) with their Switch. That's such an insane idea, but I mean it checks out, you can't remote play the system if you don't own it, so to make use of the feature you'd have to own both systems, making it an appealing form of synergy for Sony and Nintendo, the Vita works well in such a scenario, of course that lacked a few buttons, and the install base of the Vita is considerably smaller than the Switch. Of course Microsoft has already put a handful of their best indie titles (and Minecraft of course) on the Switch, allowed for Banjo in Smash, and they've made a focus on getting players to play their games, but not so much caring where they play them, hence why you can play Xbox games on PC. With Xcloud and remote play, they've got their games on smartphones and tablets as well. Seems like the next logical step to make is that remote play of Xbone and maybe Series X could be accomplished on a Switch, and/or they could bring streaming games and gamepass to the Switch with Xcloud as well. These ideas seem crazy in principle, but based on everything we're seeing these days in the video game world, it doesn't seem all that impossible anymore. Microsoft seems to have no interest in creating a portable of their own, and Sony has reportedly bowed out of the portable race, at least for the time being, so if they want to tap into the many gamers that do want to play their games on the go, partnering up with Nintendo in such a way kinda makes a lot of sense.
  7. Shit, Jedi Academy just released on the Switch, very tempted to purchase that. And Star Wars Episode 1 Racer is on the way too, how awesome is that?
  8. M!ke

    2020 Tour Thread

    I want to point out that Summerfest isn't cancelled, it's postponed to September. And I'm not seeing word that blink isn't going to play the rescheduled date. They're still on the artist page listed as TBA for time (like all other artists): https://www.summerfest.com/lineup/
  9. 4 is pretty good. It takes a bit to get into, but once you're invested, you're pretty sucked in. But my favorite entry was actually Rune Factory Frontier for the Wii, that game was so addictive. Probably the first title I ever played in the genre where you could also dungeon crawl and raise monsters to fight with you, as a fan of Harvest Moon at the time, it was like that on crack, mashed up with stuff like Pokemon and a dungeon crawler and that shit blew my mind. Stardew Valley came after, and had a lot of the stuff that I loved about Rune Factory in there as well as it's own charm and mechanics, but when I ultimately weighed both experiences against each other, it was Rune Factory that I had more fun with.
  10. I love Stardew Valley, but I prefer the Rune Factory series. Can not wait for Rune Factory 5.
  11. I'm on the fence about buying it too. I have played them, and they are fun for awhile. I wouldn't exactly put it in the same realm as Stardew Valley. It's kinda like that, but with some very different twists and unique mechanics, and with an emphasis on putting you in control of how nearly everything looks and even sounds. It is real time though, if it's night in the real world, it's night in the game, if it's winter, it's winter, if it's Halloween, it's Halloween. It's essentially a game you're meant to spend a little bit of time with every day, but not that you'd often play long individual sessions of, except maybe at first when you're settling in and getting everything all set up just right.
  12. I could only watch Wilfred for about a season before I had to stop. I enjoyed it for awhile, but I think it was the episode where you find out his mom has the same situation as him with I think a cat, that it really felt like it had jumped the shark, and it no longer enticed me. (I assume we're talking about the US adaptation btw, never saw the original Australian version).
  13. Definitely John Williams, but I think Danny Elfman deserves a nod here as well: And there are plenty of other great compositions of his including television like the iconic Simpsons theme.
  14. Between Rock Band and Guitar Hero there is a fair amount of blink, A&A, and +44 content (Ok only one +44 song as I recall, but still). I always thought back then that it would have been a cool way to help sell more physical media if each album had a Deluxe/Special edition that came bundled with a 360/PS3/Wii version of the game as a short standalone Rock Band game of just that album. Hell I'd have bought more albums if they were doing that, instead of just pirating which was so easy.
  15. Eh, you can knock the games, they are pretty dumb at the end of the day. They don't teach real instruments (though there is an argument to be made that they can help with singers better understand the keys they're singing in, and for drummers to have a better grasp on keeping a beat), but sometimes a rhythm game can be good monotonous fun, almost like Tetris but in a very different way.
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