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  1. That's cool, I respect that, I never truly grew out of the good ones though personally. I mean I haven't watched Animaniacs since I was a child, but I definitely do wanna check out the reboot.
  2. Mmhmm, and? I get that we all grow out of certain things, but not all of us do, hell I'll still watch classic Looney Tunes segments every now and then, and I certainly still play my fair share of the video games I grew up on. I get that this shit isn't for you, but I don't think being an adult means that everyone can no longer enjoy things from their childhood.
  3. Then good news, that's getting a reboot too, though they'll be slightly aged up and in toon college or whatever. Though they only announced this like within the last week, so don't expect to see that come to fruition for a few years. Makes me wonder if Freakazoid is on the agenda too.
  4. Honestly I wouldn't disagree, most releases since have been crap through and through with maybe a standout track here and there. I don't quite understand what happened to this band, ya know, it's one thing when you lose a key member and have to replace them as best you can, it's another when you go from your best performing album, and quickly go on a downward spiral that never seems to recover without any real shakeup to the lineup.
  5. Enjoying the demo for the new Hyrule Warriors, yeah framerate ain't great, but its still totally playable, and it is just another hack and slash warriors game at the end of the day, I can overlook dips in performance if the overall experience still holds up which I would say it does. Really cool to see how much lore this game is exploring of the BOTW universe, did not expect this game to be nearly as enthralling as it is, like I thought it'd just be another Hyrule Warriors after the first one, which yeah, it kinda is, but wow the lore of BOTW is really being expanded upon in a very interestin
  6. If it's like Nine, then yeah, I really enjoy that album a lot.
  7. Did those come out within a year before Enema? Cuz if so that'd be a decent parallel. You should have gone for wanting Man Overboard on TOYPAJ, and yeah, I'd fucking have loved if they did that, that song probably could fit really great with the flow of the rest of the album in just the right spot. For what it's worth, Degenerate was a song on blink's 1992 demo cassette and 1994's Buddha. And then 5 years after the original release it would be released on Dude Ranch, so I guess your Zulu/Wrecked Him hypothetical on a release 4 years after their initial release has merit for the band.
  8. As it is, when Tom finally releases his next Angels and Airwaves album, I fully expect the 3 singles that he's release over the last year+ to be on that release, and I bet they'll work well with the flow of that album too. Yeah, then maybe I'm not making a point so much as I am just doing what Russel Coight did to begin with and stating my preference of whether I'd want it on the album or not, and then followed it up with logical reasoning of why it could be on the next release. None of this is me saying it's a done deal it will be on there, by any means, it's just me arguing for it'
  9. lol the only point I'm making is that if the song fits in with the flow of the entire album, then I want it there. You don't have to agree with that, but that is a fair point to have all the same.
  10. If it works for the flow it works for the flow. I dunno how or why you're struggling with the thought.
  11. I don't know if that's true, so I wont agree with that. If it helps the flow of an album like Violence does right between I Miss You and Stockholm Syndrome, then I want it on the release. And that's all there is to it.
  12. Right, and everything I was saying was genuinely true, yet you all still tried to shut me down like I'm a dick just for being a fan of this band and having an opinion, let's look over what I did say: Artists have released old individual songs on new albums and EPs. The song could work well for the album if it helps the flow, and if it does, I absolutely want it there. The song will still likely be relevant by the time the release does come And I never claimed Quarantine to be the anthem for quarantine (seriously, that one still boggles my mind, where he hell did you pull that one ou
  13. Can you explain what about what I was stating was wrong though? Opinion or otherwise?
  14. I'm genuinely not sure what tops it. I've argued Kaleidoscope is up there in the past, but STFTK just kinda hits all the checkboxes for what what makes a great blink song great. It hits the catchy angst that made blink so iconic at the turn of the millennium, but it also nails blink at their most serious, while at the same time having that great dynamic of Mark and Tom's voices contrasting between verses and chorus. Couple all of that with a relatable theme of a kid experiencing the pains of their parents' divorce, and you're just left with a sound that encompasses blink that also speaks fr
  15. Anyone else excited for this? Granted, I grew up alongside the original series, but man did I love it, and I'd argue it was probably the first major cartoon (in my lifetime) to create content both appealing to children (and adults) but with plenty of jokes that would go over the childrens' heads, they really were the original Looney Tunes of the 90's. Like I don't think there would be Spongebob without Animaniacs (or without Rocko's Modern Life, I'm well aware of the crossover of talent there), and of course without Spongebob, there wouldn't be a lot of the cartoons we've seen since or have
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