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  1. Yeah it's alright, listened to it two times through fully, but I'm already bored with most of it. I do enjoy Dillema, 1981, and Bobby Sox. But those are the only ones I really go back to at this point.
  2. Yeah the album loses major points on originality. The shameless recycling of the tune to Pink's So What in One Eyed Bastard is totally inexcusable. I don't even care for Pink, but I was well aware of that tune because it was a pretty big hit at the time. Does Green Day credit her or do they just shamelessly steal that tune? Because its pretty egregious.
  3. Ya know what? It's honestly not half-bad. But here's what I'm going to say upfront after one listen: I think I'm going to like this album in the same way that I like Underclass Hero by Sum 41. I think this release is overall a pretty fun listen from start to finish, however it feels like a lot of retreading of earlier ideas the band has explored with even some blatant imitations of other great rock songs from completely different artists. It will be an album that I apologetically enjoy, one that I know shouldn't be respected, but is still so fun from start to finish that I just don't care. I can see myself on long road trips putting this thing on and being pleased. I did see that review that said it's their best album since American Idiot, and ya know what, I think that's true. It isn't saying a whole lot, but this is easily going to be the Green Day album I'll play again before Father of All, Revolution Radio, the Trilogy, or 21 Century Breakdown. I'd give it a 6/10.
  4. I'm gonna try and go into this one with an open mind. I liked at least one of the 4 songs they released ahead of time. Not a great average, but I didn't straight up dislike any of the songs, which is saying more than I can say for a lot of their songs since American Idiot. Found a slow rapidgator link, so it will probably be like 20 minutes before I can give this thing a go. I feel I've been extra harsh on these guys in recent years, but they do kinda deserve it, they were once my second favorite band, but they fizzled out so quickly. I was stunned today when I realized that there is double the amount of time between now and American Idiot than there was between Dookie and American Idiot. In that one decade they were releasing great album after great album, bookended by their 2 biggest successes. In the 2 decades since, the best thing they did wasn't even technically Green Day (the Foxboro Hot Tubs album), and the best Green Day thing they did was just a shameless, bloated, lesser-version of American Idiot with 21st Century Breakdown, and both of those were the 2 next things to follow American Idiot, everything has only gotten worse since, though I would say the trilogy is probably the absolute low point for the band throughout its entire run. Anyway, did you see that this coming Summer tour, they're going to be playing Dookie in its entirely as well as American Idiot in its entirety, due to them having their 30th and 20th anniversaries respectively this year.? Now, I know they say they're going to play other Green Day songs as well, and I'm sure a handful will get played at each show, but they also have 3 openers; how much of their show do you really think they're going to dedicate to this new album when you consider all of that? I digress, I'm getting all worked up by reading the writing on the wall here, when I said from the start I want to try and go into this with an open mind, so I'll let it go, at least until I finally hear this thing.
  5. Absolutely a favorite from the Scott era.
  6. Thanks dude! I've never been crazy about the old bunny design, but I do like the modern one. Which I know puts me in the minority of what most blink fans (especially here) feel on the matter. I certainly could mock it up, the site that printed the shirt does a great job of creating a 3D model of your design before you order it, so I definitely could get a good idea of what that might look like even without necessarily ordering it. Perhaps I'll give that a try in the coming week if I have some free time to dedicate to it.
  7. That's funny because I almost didn't do the band name at all, it was always going to be the smiley for sure. But then I decided I should include the band name, do the sizing and placement more or less like the official shirt, but then add in the design and gradient coloring.
  8. Probably the combo of pink and blue (which I was only basing on the pink Vinyl cover and Blue CD cover), while I'm not bisexual, I do offer love to all haha.
  9. The official One More Time shirt was kinda uninspiring, just being a black t-shirt with the OMT smiley with blink-182 above it all in a cyan blue. Not bad, but I wanted something more fun. So I took to a website that I have used on occasion to make full print t-shirts and made my own based on the same design. I think it came out really cool, by adding all sorts of doodle kind of designs and doing it in a gradient of vaporwave kinds of colors. What do you think? (Front) (Back) And yes I'm in my pajama pants lol.
  10. Cut Me Off is great. See You is lame though.
  11. lol you're seriously badmouthing OMT while praising SZNS? Let me guess, you were a big fan of Green Day's Trilogy as well lol.
  12. Sorry, reading as many as 2 or 3 paragraphs can be tough and just a lot for some of ya out there. Keep at it though, I believe in you!
  13. Weird mentality (at least in my opinion), I've never viewed any of these releases with these kinds of lenses. It's all just been blink as far as I care. I mean I guess I do think that One More Time proves that blink is best when it's the classic trio, but I don't think that means I have to appreciate it because of that. I think I genuinely just appreciate that because they proved it with the release: Mark, Tom, and Travis do blink best.
  14. It's a fantastic album, one of their best, but not their best. Even in the non-deluxe version, it's a little too bloated for my liking. It's also not exactly a cohesive album, that is, one that flows from song to song; this has never been a major thing for blink, but the album of theirs that remains my favorite (Untitled) absolutely embraced that structure and is without a doubt their most cohesive album thus far. But that's not a bad thing, I love a great album where you can easily pick it up on any given track and enjoy the hell out of it, I mean that definitely worked amazing for Enema and TOYPAJ, and it works just as well on OMT as well. If I had to place it somewhere, I probably would say it is my second favorite album from them. I love it through and through, and it's keeping me excited to see what comes next. But there is still room for improvement. It definitely is an album that definitively states that blink is: Mark, Tom, and Travis. On top of that, I like how the album essentially says, 'Most of that side shit we did outside of blink... deep down, it was always blink at heart,' I mean obviously Terrified is a Box Car Racer song, so too would I argue Fuck Face (might as well call that one: My Second Punk Song), Don't Know What You Got could easily have appeared on a +44 album, and Hurt (Interlude) is for sure an Angels and Airwaves track in another universe. But they all appear on this blink album, as if to say, "We didn't recognize this, but the sound that is blink can be so much more than what we had been pigeonholing in the past, so much to the point that most of those sounds we were exploring on the side, could easily have appeared on a blink album here and there in the past." Don't get me wrong, Tom has expanded the sound of Angels so much over the years, that I could still see him justifying more AaA albums in the future, however, I can't fathom another WDNTW or I-Empire being released from Angels, when those kinds of songs really do feel pretty at home with blink with the additional input from Mark and Travis. And I think that's all just really cool, it's an album that rewards you for being a fan not just of blink, but of their side projects as well.
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