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    Wet N' Gushy

    I'm gonna guess that Ghent is drunk and in need of some poon.
  2. The whole song is out there, it's actually pretty good. I say listen to the whole thing and then judge. If you enjoy blink at their most punk, you'll probably enjoy the song.
  3. It's definitely weird how the virus has impacted media. That's the part of the zombie apocalypse films they never tell ya, about the songs and movies that came about because of the disease, about how strange television became, like did anyone check out either of the new Parks and Rec or 30 Rock specials? I always wanted more of those shows, but it's just so weird when the entire episodes take place over Zoom calls.
  4. I like it. Definitely gives strong NOFX vibes. Kinda a nice change up from what we had been hearing from them recently (not that I don't enjoy Nine, I very much do, just nice to see they still got some range in their sounds), wouldn't mind some more oldschool punkish blink songs.
  5. They said the other day that there are no plans to put gamepass on Switch or PlayStation, but they're also about to launch a new console, so I'm hoping that's just what they're saying right now but then after the initial launch window they do reveal it coming to other systems. Specifically, I'd love Gamepass on the Switch, being able to stream all those great Xbox games on the go really would be amazing.
  6. I really can't believe this is how Microsoft wants to hit the ground running with such a powerful new console. This is like their flagship series, and it visually doesn't look better than much of what has released already on the Xbone and PS4 earlier in their lifespans.
  7. Yeah, I've seen comparison screen shots with other Halo games over the years and in a lot of way Infinite actually looks kinda worse. However, it's not the final build, and it could be that some of the quality of the graphics may have been sacrificed a bit for consistent 4K 60fps output. Also, there is speculation that the game is a full open world map, like you can genuinely explore the entire Halo ring, which might also account for the graphics not being as great as we may have been expecting. I dunno how true that is, I have my doubts, but the idea of exploring an open world that is a ring like that is pretty cool in theory, though I'm not sure Halo is a game where that would make sense to be implemented like that.
  8. Hey no worries dude, you weren't being a real douche or anything, I thought our little debate was pretty civil honestly.
  9. Let's be real, it's a BS excuse as it is. To this day they've only played like half of Neighborhoods live. If a song doesn't translate to live, they simply wouldn't play it live. I think the real reasoning is they just weren't crazy about the track. Though if we do get a Deluxe version of Nine, I wouldn't be surprised to see it appear there all the same.
  10. You and me both. I love those Futures demos (both sessions, the ones they released with the special edition and the ones that leaked that were done with Trombino). Wish more bands were more willing to show us their demos like that.
  11. But my point from the start was how it's exciting to think about for all iterations of blink, with Skiba and with Tom. Like even if it doesn't excite you for one iteration, surely it at least does for the other.
  12. Yeah, that doesn't really equate. A better comparison would be saying that Saving Private Ryan was great, but you don't want to see an unreleased Spielberg film. I personally would be very interested in an unreleased Spielberg film even if it isn't finished.
  13. Yeah, Speedo acts like such a thought makes no sense, but frankly I don't understand how that kind of content wouldn't be interesting to big fans of any band. It's literally more and different content from an artist you enjoy, how can you not want to know more about it? The fact that we weren't ever supposed to even know about it makes it all the more intriguing, you know? Like have you ever seen the artwork Dr. Seuss never released in his lifetime? They were works he never intended to personally profit from or to be included in any of his children's books; they were for himself, but he did allow for them to be released after he passed on, and wow is it some amazing stuff.
  14. Well I know I'm far from alone with the mentality here, just look at The Beatles fans lol. Hell, some of those Beatles demos and odds and ends were repurposed into great music in their own right, I think i genuinely might like the Love version of Strawberry Fields Forever over the final mix they released decades earlier, and Revolution take 20 (the 9 or 10 minute version that includes Revolution 1 and Revolution 9 in one song) is sooo fucking cool.
  15. Well to each their own. I love this kind of content though, you don't have to agree with that, but surely you can at least respect it. Like seriously, to this day, I'll be sitting around working on whatever, and find myself just kinda singing, "Let's dance, until I'm gone, I'm here hold on, to me goodbye, I'm leaving." These songs may have mutated or never been good enough for an album, but I still think they're great regardless, simple as that. I'm sure there are plenty of other full unreleased (surely not finalized though) songs and snippets that I'd get great pleasure from as well.
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