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  1. Yeah I dunno if I'd ever say Tom melted down so much as he just lost much of his mind there. I think he's certainly doing better now in that regard, but it still seems to have had a negative effect on much of his life. Especially as it seems that it may have cost his marriage, though to be fair that does remain as speculation.
  2. Some of us seem to have very different ideas what the word 'meltdown' means.
  3. There's literally only one episode left for that to happen.
  4. I never kept up with the show, catching it here and there, but never got heavily invested, however, my understanding is that both this season and season 7 had the options of being 10 episodes long, and optionally could have gone on a 9th season, but D&D apparently wanted to wrap it up quicker than that. But based on everything I'm hearing, at the very least this series could really benefit from the 4 extra episodes this season alone could have received. Even if one enjoys what I understand to be the most disappointing season of this series, surely they'd still appreciate if this last season were longer to fully flesh out the series and not rush everything to an end.
  5. The snozberries taste like snozberries!

  6. After midnight was also a single and didn't do much better than Up All Night, in fact I think it did worse. Wishing Well was like a promo single and got some airplay, but not very much. Album in all honesty was not great for having songs with radio appeal. Frankly, Snake Charmer could potentially have been a better performing single for the album and you know something isn't quite right when that's the case.
  7. quality journalism right there
  8. I love Up All Night, but it really was a poor choice for a single. Should have made Even If She Falls the lead single, think that song could have done very well on the radio.
  9. For maintaining an audience and ensuring your tours continue to reach out to new audiences, kinda, yeah. You know better than anyone, that a band is a business, especially one like blink, so it should be no surprise that their new single is clearly chasing after radio success.
  10. In this climate, it really should. Will definitely tap into that huge Imagine Dragons fanbase that puts them on the radio all the fuckin time. This is a much more relevant and current song than Bored to Death was at the time it was released on the radio.
  11. Actually I've adapted and very much enjoy this band now for what it is, you seem to have the trouble moving on and accepting that things have changed, and this is who the band is now.
  12. Not defending Cali here, just find it funny that the same people wanting songs like what the Starting Line put out, are then put off by an entire album that tried to tap into that sound again. Cali wasnt what I wanted either (though i enjoyed it for what it was), a clear new focus like this is welcome by me, may not be the direction i wanted, but I'm grateful that it seems to be genuine this time and in line with a lot of the music i like these days. More Cali would have had me checking out.
  13. Bored to Death, though i like Blame It On My Youth a lot and believe it will perform better on the radio.
  14. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.
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