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  1. Totally overrated. Rain Man is ok, but none of that stuff puts him up there in the elite of the elite that he's some reason a part of. Not in my book anyway.
  2. I'm so excited for that new open world Pokemon game. I know some people are shitting on its output and performance, but BOTW had performance issues on the Switch, and still ranks as probably my favorite video game of all time. Plus they seem to be aiming to work the lower frame-rate into an art style. I think if they polish it off, that could actually work out well for what they're aiming for. It's not like a Pokemon game needs frame perfect button commands anyway. If any series could get away with such a move while overlaying it with a convincing art style, I'd say Pokemon certainly rank
  3. No, Tom Cruise is the most overrated actor of all time. What exactly about him makes him a good actor? What does anyone truly remember him for outside of Mission Impossible? Jerry McGuire? I've never understood why he's always been held in such high esteem in the acting world. I've always suspected that Scientology kinda has something to do with it, helping spread buzz about the actor and maintain this idea that he's the elite of the elite of the acting world.
  4. I thought Revolution Radio was alright, probably their best Green Day album since American Idiot (though I might say 21CB narrowly edges it out in that regard, both are decent releases in my book). But I'm with you on Father of all... that album did nothing for me. Green Day just has too much fat, especially these days. 21CB was a clear attempt to cash-in on the success of American Idiot, and did little to stand apart from that release, it wasn't different enough in that regard. While the trilogy was bloated and almost entirely forgettable. The last 2 albums feel like genuine attempts
  5. New single is super meh. Definitely feels like a throwaway from somewhere in the trilogy era, maybe from 21CB. It's not terrible mind you, but it's super generic, feel like it's a song they've already released 10 different times already.
  6. That one annoys me. That game feels like a base game that was clearly intended to be expanded upon.
  7. It depends, obviously the free updates of SMM2 aren't gonna bring in extra money, but the ongoing DLC of games like Smash Ultimate obviously continue to bring in more money. They could make DLC they could charge for in SMM2, add in a missing classic Mario modes like Mario 2/USA or Yoshi's Island or Super Mario Land 2, that we have to pay for, and that would quickly reinvigorate the playerbase while making some extra money.
  8. heh, I'm unfamiliar with all of them, might check some of the out later though. It's a shame Nintendo hasn't gone all in with supporting such games indefinitely. They added a few features to SMM2 and then called it a day. The features they added were nice, but they really could keep adding elements and even new game modes to the title for quite some time (seriously, give me some Mario 2/USA and Yoshi's Island modes already!). Imagine if they treated the game with such continuous growth that titles like Rocket League or Minecraft continue to see over the years. They've done alrigh
  9. You a fan of SimpleFlips? I don't watch much Mario Maker, much prefer to play it from time to time, but when I do watch it, Flips is my man.
  10. Haha wow, I made this thread 14 years ago. Crazy how I have zero memory of shit like this. Time is a cruel mistress.
  11. Oh shit, you're absolutely right. I completely forgot about that aspect of it all. Funny how I had pretty much completely wiped any memory I had of modlife. I remember on a separate occasion for like a day a blink site popped up on modlife only to be removed a day or two later (this was independent from the modlife page to buy the DED digital EP packages). Tom was definitely trying to get blink onboard with his music social media platform, wonder what kind of behind the scenes drama that shit led to. Also, in hindsight, what a terrible name for the platform Tom was trying to have go m
  12. I think it's one thing to ask Tom to go on tour again. He'll tour any day with his eyes closed, that's hardly a task for Tom, its just free easy money for minimal work from him. Now if they asked "Hey, ya wanna spend 6 months to a year to make a new blink album?" Tom might still say he's onboard, BUT, he wont see the money come back his way nearly as quickly or as much of it by just recording a new album, so it would lead to Tom dragging his feet again, and the album that shouldn't have taken any longer than a year to make, would instead result in 3 or 4 years of development hell. And agai
  13. That's cool, I respect that, I never truly grew out of the good ones though personally. I mean I haven't watched Animaniacs since I was a child, but I definitely do wanna check out the reboot.
  14. Mmhmm, and? I get that we all grow out of certain things, but not all of us do, hell I'll still watch classic Looney Tunes segments every now and then, and I certainly still play my fair share of the video games I grew up on. I get that this shit isn't for you, but I don't think being an adult means that everyone can no longer enjoy things from their childhood.
  15. Then good news, that's getting a reboot too, though they'll be slightly aged up and in toon college or whatever. Though they only announced this like within the last week, so don't expect to see that come to fruition for a few years. Makes me wonder if Freakazoid is on the agenda too.
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