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  1. And did he genuinely discover anything new? He just kinda fused blink with U2 and Radiohead and declared himself a genius. Not that there isn't a fair amount of songs in there that I love, but to say he went and discovered new uncharted territories for the music scene, is giving him way way too much credit.
  2. But I genuinely love Nine. If that's what they can do with guest writers, and if this is what Angels and Airwaves is with guest writers, then legit, I have zero problem with it. Having said that, Mark has now been through some shit, I will be disappointed if he doesn't get back to writing some full songs on his own for the album after the next (assuming the nearly finished album they had been working on still comes out)
  3. I think ultimately, other writers are other writers. And if someone is outraged that Mark wasn't writing all his own songs on California and Nine, then you can't fault that same kind of person for being upset that Tom isn't writing all his own songs, regardless of how many other people they have helping write songs. Having said that, I genuinely don't care who writes what, as long as it sounds good coming out of Mark or Tom's voices and instruments, then I truly couldn't care less. I know they can write great music on their own, so it's not like they have to prove anything to me at this point.
  4. Just listened to the latest song, pretty solid, still like Euphoria and Kiss & Tell more, but it's an enjoyable song all the same.
  5. Well now that I'm not sure how I'd bet on that subject. I think realistically it would come down to whether Matt personally wants to stay or leave. We know that Tom drags his feet, so having another guitarist who doesn't, still be in the band, could ensure that shit gets finished up even when the flake is being flakey. Personally I'd love to hear what they'd sound like as a 4 piece, I do like Matt's voice and it'd be interesting to hear the 3 voices reflect off each other in the various combinations that they could have. But yeah, I could see that unfolding either way, the 4 of them, or Matt just bowing out and focusing only on Alkaline Trio instead.
  6. Yeah I think that since they know how Tom seems to work now, is all the more reason why they can understand how to better navigate another reunion. Like Tom said when Travis nearly died, he knew he had to play music with him again, I have to imagine he's feeling exactly that again now in regard to Mark. Maybe he would be slow to work on anything again, but maybe that doesn't even matter now though, keep Matt around too, and whatever little Tom can contribute should be enough, especially if Mark takes lead on such a hypothetical album (as he should), and writes the bulk of the album on his own. Its not like Shane or Craig had any real influence on how long it took for WYHSB to be fully realized.
  7. I get that it's weird to speculate about the band at a time like this. But this is the general discussion topic, I think as long as we all recognize that we're cheering Mark on, praying for the best and acknowledging that he's just gotten the best news he could hope for and that he has a damn great chance to beat this thing, that it should be ok to try and put our minds on other subjects in regard to the band. In regard to your point about Tom not coming back, why don't you think he'd come back? Travis nearly died in a plane accident and that got Tom to come back, Mark has stage 4 cancer and now talks to Tom every day. There were already positive signs prior to all of this that Tom would be back in blink to some extent, I think something like this will only help ensure it happens all the more. And I say this as someone who after Tom was kicked out the last time, was certain he would never be back in the band again, for like a few years I firmly believed that at that.
  8. To each their own, but I'm seeing a lot in the new Angels and Airwaves music that I very much enjoy. Kiss & Tell, Euphoria, and All That's Left is Love are great Tom songs in my book. And I'm the type of guy that will happily shit on that band when they miss the mark, as they so often do, I think Rebel Girl is garbage and the newest one is nothing special too. But still 3 out of 5 of their new songs are great to me. And prior to leaving blink, I really really liked the direction that Dogs Eating Dogs was indicating the band may go. So, I dunno, I absolutely think Tom still has great music left in him, and would totally check out what a new blink album with him involved would shape up to be like. Beyond that though, I do think that regardless of if Tom is back for another blink album or not, that it would be smart to let Mark take lead on much of the next one (in regards to song writing and finding the right tunes to go with it), and even if it takes a long time to put such an album of songs together, I wouldn't fault such an album for taking it's time to be created at all.
  9. So happy that Mark has gotten the best news he could hope for. He's gonna kick cancer's butt. Now, I have to wonder, how will blink be affected by this moving forward. The obvious thought I'm sure many of us have is that Tom is inevitably going to return, I think this was a given even before Mark's cancer, but now, I just can't imagine him not returning at some point. I'd put money on this thought at this point. But beyond that I'm curious what will happen with the music itself, It seems like they were working on an album that was nearly done, are they still gonna release that, or is Mark in such a different place now that he'll want to release something else? Like I can imagine he'll have a lot more personal songs he'll want to write personally and not release another album filled with guest song writers. As I recall, the When Your Heart Stops Beating album was written out of a very dark and personal place from where Mark was at in life at that point. I can definitely see another blink album like that coming out in the wake of all of this.
  10. Been playing through Mario 3D All Stars with the goal to 100% every game. I've so far 100% Mario 64. I got 120 Stars in Mario Galaxy and have unlocked Luigi. And I'm currently at about 60 stars in Mario Sunshine. After I finish Sunshine, I will go back to my Galaxy file and beat it again as Luigi and finally get the final bonus galaxy that I've never played because even in my first playthru on the Wii back in the day I never bothered to do it all again as Luigi. I've never 100% Sunshine either, in fact, prior to this playthru, I never actually beat Sunshine entirely on my own, it was me and my buddy trading turns on his GameCube, and he definitely played some when I wasn't around. Getting all the Stars in Mario 64 though is something I've done a handful of times, so getting that done there was really no big deal, but still it feels good working toward this goal. Still though, it's so frustrating, in any given play session of 3D All-Stars the same thought inevitably pops up: "Why the hell isn't Galaxy 2 on here?" It's such a Nintendo move to not include a title like that, but it's all the more frustrating when you recognize how beautifully it would have echoed the original Mario All-Stars, where Mario 1 and Lost Levels (Japan's 2) are Mario games made in the same engine, while 2 and 3 are separate sequels in different style entirely, giving the original version of Mario All-Stars a total of 4 games to play. Had 3D All-Stars included Galaxy 2, it would have had a total of 4 games to play, and instead of the first 2 titles being built in the same engine, it'd be the last 2 titles, practically bookending the 2 All-Stars collections. God Nintendo can be so frustrating when they blatantly don't do something that they so easily could and should have.
  11. Time I gave California Deluxe another listen. It's not a perfect release, far from it, but there is a lot in there that I genuinely do love. I think Nine eclipses it in nearly every way, but there are some classics in there all the same, to this day, No Future and Los Angeles remain among my favorite post reunion blink songs.
  12. I got Age of Calamity as a gift not too long ago but haven't found time to play it. I tend to like the Warriors games, they do get old after so long, but putting a nice Zelda coat of paint on it does do a lot to keep me all the more engaged. And the second one being a prequel to probably my favorite game of BOTW is all the more enticing of a reason to play. So I'm really not sure why I haven't started the game yet. Think I'll try to find some time in the next few days, a good hack and slash sounds great right about now. I also wanna get new Mario Golf though too. Bah, there isn't enough time anymore.
  13. Funny how his attitude changed in time; Tom would shit on and dismiss blink after he left the band in 2005 all the time, saying it was just a juvenile band that only sang about fucking dogs. Now he's saying like the opposite, blink is too important of a band and they should be careful not to taint it's legacy. Pick a lane lol.
  14. It's been more and more clear over the last year to me that one day sooner or later, Tom will be back with blink to some extent. But yeah, when in the past I thought it impossible, now it just seems inevitable, but only a matter of when. And if the near death of Travis was what brought them back together the first time, then I don't see how Mark's battle with cancer now wouldn't likewise tip the already leaning scale toward a reunion with Tom. I just hope that whenever it happens, that they try it out as a 4 piece, I like Skiba in the band, and don't want to see him leave unless he wants to leave. It'd be interesting to see what the dynamic could be with his extra voice and style injected into the classic Mark and Tom blink we know where appropriate.
  15. Seems like Vice City would be most likely to me, but they could shake it up and do something none of us are really expecting. It'd be nice if they considered somewhere not based on an American city again, like I think a GTA in Tokyo could be amazing.
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