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  1. I'll give Tom props. He at least always seemed like he was having fun, even when no one liked the sounds coming out of his mouth. I can say with certainly that we'll never hear Skiba sound like that even when playing a song he doesn't like. I'm kinda left with the opinion that if Tom wanted to he could sound pretty decent on his live shows, but he simply never took the live shows as seriously as the fans would have loved to see him do, at least not after getting back together. Though I will say in the later years when they would do the little mini acoustic sets in the middle of the full shows, they were collectively starting to sound like they were taking the live show more seriously and to the next level that fans had long been hoping for. Those shows coupled with Dogs Eating Dogs were what gave me hope for the future of blink with Tom Delonge, that maybe they truly were about to get back to where they left off in 2005 and continue down that path. But he quickly reverted to his ways of not taking the band seriously and keeping them on the backburner, delaying the new album again and again. At a certain point, if you want the band to even continue at a respectable pace, then making the move of dropping him for a Matt Skiba was going to become an inevitability.
  2. The cringe is strong. Genuinely wonder what makes people look for this kind of content, let alone make it.
  3. Hmm, not sure. I'd think you could, but perhaps not.
  4. You can do Smash Ultimate online with a buddy on the same system with ya. Did that the other weekend in fact.
  5. 2 people on a couch together going online might be reasonable for online cooperative, but really wouldn't work for online vs, given it doesn't do split screen swhen playing that way offline and therefore forces the player that falls behind to go in a bubble to catch up. That would be problematic and annoying for vs. mode. All the same, I would support cooperative that way online.
  6. To me, with this one, I'm genuinely not sure what's not to like. Feels like a song right in the vein of Bored to Death, and I'm sure that that song had a few haters as well. I'll not understand it for these kinds of songs, but I suppose you people are out there. Kinda feels like nothing short of Tom being in the band is going to appease these people again, regardless of the actual quality of the song. Perhaps I'm overthinking it, but I really don't see what's not to like here, its like when I hear an Angels and Airwaves song that is undeniably good, despite how much I think Tom has lost and how overall his music isn't good these days without blink, sometimes he'll drop a song that I can't see anything wrong with, this feels like one of such songs. I can get why one wouldn't like Blame it on My Youth (even though overall I like it just fine), but I really can't relate to why one wouldn't like this one.
  7. I quite like this one. It's got a nostalgic vibe to it, and not like a longing for old school blink, but like a longing for my youth that really really resonates with me.
  8. Technically it is untitled, but for 5 or so years i initially called it self titled.
  9. I dig it, at 49 seconds, its succinct, and while satisfying, doesn't leave me demanding the song needlessly be expanded any longer. Can't wait to see how this whole album turns out, very intrigued by the vastly different sounds of BIOMY and Generational Divide here.
  10. Clip reminds me of Hearts All Gone. I'm down for more tunes like that. Of course at 49 seconds you won't get much time to even digest it, but I dunno, if the album has a good flow from one track to the next, it might be just what the album needs to tie the song before and after it properly together.
  11. These days, yeah, its pretty typical. Some bands release most or all of the singles from the album before the album even drops anymore. I dunno if the intention is to market this hard like a radio single or what, but I wouldn't say that would even surprise me these days.
  12. M!ke

    E3 2019

    Hmm, hadn't seen the Pokedex news, that is interesting. But, I really wouldn't be surprised if missing past Pokemon not yet in the game eventually become transferable via updates in the future (not unlike Pokemon Go). Perhaps not, but that would seem in line with what we're seeing. Regardless, the hold-item thing is the far bigger red flag of compatibility of the Let's Go series and zeroing in on exactly how it fits with the other entries. You may be able to transfer Pokemon from Let's Go to core games, but you'll never be able to battle a core game with a Let's Go game, so that alone will always be a factor that distinguishes it from the other mainline entries.
  13. M!ke

    E3 2019

    Perhaps Johto gets Let's Go games before the Sinnoh remakes. But proper remakes are definitely not disappearing. If you follow Gamefreak and all their vairious interviews, you'll know that they're aware of the divide that Let's Go brings, they know that the more hardcore fans still prefer proper wild battles, hold items, full pokedex, etc., and while the core entries will give us that, those that have been waiting for Diamond and Pearl to get their proper remakes that the first three gens have had would be pissed if those remakes never came and instead years later gen 4 only got Let's Go editions. No, gen 4 will get proper remakes, and then years later when the Let's Go games have caught up, they'll also get Let's Go games too. This just seems like the clear model they've established that will help them maximize on making money on the series. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they find a third way to remake Gen 1 down the line as well and add that kind of game to the mix that every gen can eventually receive as well. I'll agree that Let's Go are a type of main games, but they're just another tier to the yearly establishment, that behave differently given how every main game moving forward always was compatible with the complete Pokedex established int he game before it except for Let's Go. That fact alone makes these games different. A main tier for sure, part of the rotating yearly structure for sure, but not really the same as while we should expect to be able to battle between Sword and Shield with the next set of core games (be they proper remakes of gen 4 or gen 9), but not battle with the Let's Go games given simple things like the inability to use things like hold items. So I guess how I view them is, the Let's Go titles are indeed mainline games, part of the yearly rotation that they now have 4 tiers of games to cycle through, but I don't view them as the core games that have more interaction together and clearly continue with a majority of the mechanics of the last core entry before it.
  14. M!ke

    E3 2019

    No, Diamond and Pearl are expected to get traditional remakes next, while Johto will likely be next to get the Let's Go treatment but that will probably be after diamond and Pearl. Think of Let's Go as what each gen will get for their second sets of remakes. Could be wrong, but this makes sense given that they don't want the core experience to turn into Let's Go, but for Let's Go to instead be a side series.
  15. M!ke

    E3 2019

    Its a yearly franchise at this point, with each new installment only taking baby steps forward. Crazy all the tiers it now has to keep games coming indefinitely: core entries, 3rd entries/sequels/enhanced versions, classic remakes, and now those Let's Go adaptations. They should have all their teams come together, take all the time they need and make one epic open world game. They have hints of an open world in these new entries, so they're clearly heading in that direction, they just seem so afraid to ever go all-in on these new ideas that really will push the franchise forward and could truly reinvigorate the series. But i think i get it, playing it safe continues to be a cash cow all these years later.
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