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  1. Yes, yes, and yes. I think that's what I can't wrap my head around the most. If Mark's desire was to bring this band back to mainstream relevance by releasing pop garbage - why Skiba? The only thing I can thing of is that he would be the perfect puppet to just ride the wave and go with the flow as he would be raking in money he had never seen before in his career. Very, very tough to stomach the transformation of this band.
  2. The Untitled comments from Mark, which as we all expected, look just fucking comical now. The attempt to stay relevant by this band at this point is just borderline pathetic. Matt actually saves this song from being more of an unmitigated disaster than it already was. Looking back it was hard to believe I was beyond excited for the Skiba/Hoppus collab expecting some +44/AK3 combo of darkness. Instead we get a collection of bubble gum crap pop to try and prop their name back up into the mainstream. "Please Take Me Home" came up on my shuffle after listening to this junk and I just had to laugh. What a way to just shit on their legacy of being trailblazers in the pop-punk genre. Fucking tragic.
  3. What exactly is fun about this live run of Blink at the moment? I think that's where a lot of people are upset. I get these guys are getting up there, but if there isn't going to be that "fun" dynamic live then please perform the songs tight. I defended Skiba from the get go, but man, it's been how many years and he is still botching crucial parts of songs and looks completely disinterested in the material. What seriously gives? You could pull guys from the crowd to stare at the prompter and miss chords all night long....
  4. This quote sums up everything. Used to be a band that I would drop everything for to hear them play anything... yeah, now I could go definitely go without hearing the botched WMAA openers and strained vocals. Yikes.
  5. Got my flight and tickets lined up to check out Citi Field for Blinkin Park. Was always wanting to check out NY one day so this lined up perfectly. This show is gonna be bonkers.
  6. That New York show is going to be crazy.
  7. Don't know if anybody saw this yet, but just got an email from SRC about it: https://www.srcvinyl.com/boxcar-racer-boxcar-racer-lp.html Boxcar Racer is being pressed by Geffen and released on May 19th.
  8. Much much better than Parking Lot, IMO. I am content with this track. I think this is the right direction for them to go. Sure, it's got some elements that bug me, but if they build on stuff like this, I would be a very happy fan overall. Bring on the Deluxe. Let's see what they got.
  9. Anthem Pt. 2. Wow. That sounded awesome. Skiba killlllled it.
  10. Man, I was SO excited when Skiba was introduced into Blink. The thought of a +44/Alk3 hybrid type of album made me shed tears of joy. Seems like such a pipe dream at this point. I still feel Mark has this massive chip on his shoulder to prove to the world he can be successful with Blink without Tom. The actions of the band in this California era of Blink seem to point that emphatically.
  11. These are my feelings exactly. Really disheartening to come home after such excitement for a new song and hear that. Oof.
  12. I love picking up the SRC quality blink vinyl.... but damn, SRC can be a bunch of clowns. Been waiting on an order for a long time and their customer service is horrendous. Nevertheless, no denying their shit is the best. Have the 2XLP Untitled and the Enema blue variant that came out a little while ago and absolutely love spinning those.
  13. Always felt HT and M were solid, solid records. Not really big into anything they did after that; nevertheless, holy hell, what a brutal route they have gone.
  14. We have heard this song and dance before... Highly doubt any significant changes are made. Which sucks.
  15. I saw them with Skiba twice right before the California tour cycle began and it is night and day compared to Tom's yodeling garbage. It's fine to be critical of the guy for some of the shit he does, because no, he is definitely not perfect, but let's not forget the tire fire Tom was live for the past few years. Absolutely horrendous.
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