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  1. Fairly sure that’s not a teleprompter. It looks like a screen playing Oliver’s YouTube channel so Tom can quickly learn how to shred for his medley solo.
  2. Great series, that. I’d say 2-2 was a fair reflection over the course of the series. Throw in the World Cup victory and it’s been a great summer for English cricket.
  3. When you listen from start to finish you even begin to really enjoy Blame It On My Youth. Fuck you, blink. You’ve fucked with all of us.
  4. 2point5

    Do you like Nine?

    They should have called this album TEN. Cos that’s the score I’m giving it. Deal with it, bitches.
  5. Do we still have that Japanese bonus track to look forward to as well?
  6. Black Rain. I can’t even begin to describe what this song does to me.
  7. Just finished my 2nd listen. Fuck sake. Gets better.
  8. I fucking love Matt Skiba. He’s smashed this album. This is blink 182 and I love it.
  9. I’m just not feeling it on the first few listens. Maybe it’ll be a grower.
  10. Love those pictures of Hank and Steve on the wall outside the interrogation room. This is gonna be so good.
  11. Pipe down you Aussie cunt!
  12. Mate, he’s sensational to watch. Loved his passion with the Aubameyang goal too. Hope we can make this a permanent deal but if he plays like this all season there’s no way Madrid will let him go.
  13. @Bucko great result that with pretty much the same squad as last year. Can’t wait for the new lads to start the next match. How bad was Mkhi today though?!
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