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  1. That’s probably my favourite song off of Nine haha
  2. People should definitely be using spoilers or making a new thread for things like leaked lyrics. I’ve had to frantically scroll my phone every time it’s been mentioned these last few pages as I don’t wanna see anything.
  3. It’s a fair point well made, but I’ve always preferred the Buddha version. It’s the version they play live (not anymore, sadly) so I think I always preferred that version and not with the added extension. But I do see your point. (This is how you debate nicely you yank fucks)
  4. The greatest bass intro to any song, ever.
  5. Today's the day that Neighborhoods turns 12 years old. That's mental.
  6. I never thought I’d say this but can we bring back Oliver somehow? Fap desperately needs someone to argue with and it was so much more tolerable when it was kept away from here in the debate section. Page after page of pointless nonsense.
  7. Yeah they probably deserved to beat us on Sunday. Not sure why but we haven’t clicked at all yet in the league.
  8. I'm gonna give it another spin going home from work tonight. I remember 'Sick' being an absolute banger for me at the time. I wonder how it sounds now.
  9. He's always been weird tbf. I remember watching that America or Busted documentary thing ages ago and he came across a bit knobbish in that. I think he's just a strange guy.
  10. I prefer the single version of Down to the album version. Never liked the way it went straight into The Fallen Interlude.
  11. This almost calls for an 'Ultimate Setlist' thread where we pick our dream setlist of like 20 songs. But I'm too lazy to do it myself.
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