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  1. Has Tom actually claimed that? I honestly haven’t followed his alien journey all that closely as it doesn’t interest me as much as it does him. If he actually said that then yeah, he’s bat shit crazy.
  2. To you, perhaps. At least he’s doing what makes him happy. How anyone can be faulted for that is beyond me.
  3. Giving up playing in a band to follow your dreams is not a mistake.
  4. Just finished the first chapter. It’s better than the show.
  5. To be fair it’s always the case.
  6. I drink milk after playing sport. It’s great for recovery.
  7. I’m gonna start reading the books this week. Hope they’re good.
  8. How is this over? Gutted to be honest. Thought it was a good finale but we need more, damnit!
  9. Getting up for the 2am showing of the finale. There’s no way I’ll be able to avoid spoilers tomorrow so will have to watch it live so no fucker spoils it for me.
  10. 2point5

    Eurovision 2019

    Fresh as a daisy, mate. Woke up, checked the result, had a cup of tea. Perfect. You kids will learn one day.
  11. 2point5

    Eurovision 2019

  12. 2point5

    Eurovision 2019

    Went to bed after the performances. Never really care who wins.
  13. 2point5

    Eurovision 2019

    I’d very much like to go down under.
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