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  1. Better at guitar than every guitarist blink has had. Can write songs as equally as good as blink. Where can I check out your latest album? It’s sure to be a hit.
  2. Let’s just hope blink start performing to less than 6 people so they can take you on board. Would hate to see so much talent go to waste on a little stage fright.
  3. You posted Queen ffs and asked for a comparison.
  4. Yeah but can he stand on the spot and play 3 Queen songs that may or not have been recorded in one take?
  5. How does being a better guitar player make for a better performer though? Isn’t that what this was about?
  6. I wonder if Skiba could replace Oliver in his office job if he had a higher words per minute ratio on the keyboard. It’s the same thing, right? He doesn’t have to better at the other stuff the job entails, just be better at typing.
  7. Anyone else hoping Skiba catches wind of this and announces he can replace Oliver in the Fritzels? Lets message him on Instagram and get him to watch!
  8. It’s pretty much a repeat of many threads in the past but worth a read nonetheless.
  9. Skiba is definitely growing in confidence and is starting to look like he feels he belongs up there now. So good to see! Hope that confidence shines through on this upcoming album.
  10. 1) The Shawshank Redemption Everything else falls short.
  11. He’ll be back as soon as he realises he’s no longer the centre of attention.
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