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  1. 2point5

    The Official Football Topic

    Tbf the other options were Watford or Wolves. Formality either way.
  2. 2point5

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    No idea to be honest mate. Haven’t really looked into it. It’s just a reason for me and my best mate to go London, have too many drinks and then laugh our willies off at Mark doing his dad dancing.
  3. 2point5

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    Got tickets for the London date as I haven’t been to a show of any kind for well over a year now. Should be fun.
  4. 2point5

    What TV show are you watching?

    Anyone watched After Life on Netflix yet? Watched the whole season last night and loved it. Laughed and cried in equal measure. Such a beautiful piece of work.
  5. 2point5

    What TV show are you watching?

    Yeah binged the whole of season 2 on Sunday. Fucking love it.
  6. 2point5

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Not true. Only a few months ago we had some new guy in here trying to sell his used hat collection. This place is buzzing with activity.
  7. 2point5

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    That trailer was no where near long enough. I need it now.
  8. 2point5

    The Official Football Topic

    Explains why we have no spurs fans in here.
  9. 2point5

    What TV show are you watching?

    @Scott. @...Dan... @Kay The new Alan Partridge show starts tomorrow night. Any one a fan? Early reviews saying it’s the best Partridge he’s ever done. Ridiculously excited.
  10. 2point5

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    I think it looks worse because he’s dancing next to Alex. The age difference makes it look ridiculous.
  11. 2point5

    Does anyone like Busted?

    It’s okay. Must admit I haven’t listened to it a great deal since it’s release. Nowhere near as I did the last album anyway. Race To Mars is a banger though and really enjoy What Happened To Your Band (didn’t know it was a mcbusted song as I’ve never listened to any of those). But yeah it’s good, just hasn’t really grown that much on me yet.
  12. 2point5

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    What an absolute banger of a tune. Instantly love this. Looking forward to this EP more than new blink in all honesty.
  13. 2point5

    Rank the Best Metal bands of our time

    Ruining another half time show somewhere more than likely.
  14. 2point5

    The Official Football Topic

    West Ham were superb last night. I’m sure you’d have taken a point before the game but how you didn’t get all 3 is beyond me. Liverpool doing a Liverpool here and throwing it away. So lacklustre the last few games. City with the momentum now, especially if they beat Everton and Chelsea this week.
  15. 2point5

    American Football. NCAA/NFL

    I’m so tired today and it wasn’t even worth it. By the 4th quarter I was just praying for no OT.