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  1. The sign of a great show is it finishing and you’re still craving more. Too many shows carry on for way too long well past their peak.
  2. Behave yourselves, it was great. Jesse deserved to have an ending like that and it wrapped up his story perfectly. Not sure what people were expecting tbh.
  3. Also going for Ransom. Getting tougher now.
  4. It was only a couple of months ago I had a vindaloo for the first time. Blew my tits off.
  5. If any of these Chiquito locations are close to you I’d fully recommend checking them out.
  6. Think I’ve had it Juan time. #terrificbanter
  7. Auba Lacazette Pepe Ceballos Torreira Guendozi Tierney Chambers Holding Bellerin Leno
  8. https://www.fatherly.com/love-money/tom-delonge-opens-up-about-divorce-fatherhood-and-oh-yeah-ufos/
  9. When you paste the link in your post if you give it a few seconds it should just embed itself like that.
  10. Mark sings the verses in Black Rain though, right?
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