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  1. Love 2 is the only weak album in my opinion, Love 1 is a great listen and I think you have to listen to the whole album for the full effect - it’s not the same listening to the individual tracks.
  2. I think you’re talking about the Alternate video for Everything’s Magic
  3. Tom teased Family Reunion and Fuck a Dog during the medley last night ?
  4. Hate the song, absolutely terrible. But.. if you listen carefully in the second verse, Mark plays some really nice bass chords which he definitely won’t be able to play live while singing. That’s the only positive I could draw from this heap of shite.
  5. He’s using Axe-Fx now
  6. Make that 3! I’m holding out hope for OK Human, but it seems like Van Weezer will be here first unfortunately...
  7. tussy

    2019 Tour Thread

    Holy crap that is literally Tom’s guitar tracks from the studio version... do they distrust Skiba that much?
  8. Mark certainly got it right on neighborhoods with “Hold on, the worst is yet to come”
  9. I just put my headphones on to listen to this song and there was a spider in them and it crawled in my ear, thank fuck I managed to get it out
  10. This is honestly shocking though, how can any of you defend this? Fucking state of the band
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