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  1. Interesting they played Euphoria a whole step down, I guess for Tom to hit the notes in the chorus a bit easier. The recorded one is in D but they played it in C last night, never thought I’d witness Drop C tuning in AVA 😆
  2. Does anyone have a link to this? Much thank you 😛
  3. I also have a graffiti yellow that I bought 5 years ago and just haven’t used at all.. maybe it’s time to sell 🤔
  4. Somebody on the blink-182 bootlegs Facebook page shared a bootleg of Scott’s last show 😀 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k18r5n7q200u42z/AAAqR9Jtm0ALgIIGA1QN_8g3a?dl=0
  5. Would like to hear this too please!
  6. I found Online Songs. Is there a clip of Life's So Boring? I thought they never had any lyrics for that? Would love to see it!
  7. I think of this video and about how excited the audience is when they start
  8. Possibly a silly question, but is there any chance you'd consider sharing these?
  9. That Lithograph was originally released with the Demos Odds and Ends album. I’ve had it on my wall since 2015.
  10. Love 2 is the only weak album in my opinion, Love 1 is a great listen and I think you have to listen to the whole album for the full effect - it’s not the same listening to the individual tracks.
  11. I think you’re talking about the Alternate video for Everything’s Magic
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