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  1. i remember this, and i remember seeing a picture of a line 6 flextone amp. not toms usual amp, they probably went directly into the board.
  2. he used to be so funny and charasmatic. wtf happened to him
  3. i have the sexiest tom delonge strat in existence. swapped out the white invader for a black one, swapped all the chrome hardware with black hardware, upgraded the tuners to sperzel tuners. a girl i was dating in high school put the atticus heart on there. where did the time go, wow.
  4. hes releasing the mini signed fender strats, he posted pic of him and his strat and fender commented on it. seems like somethings in the works. maybe not tho. who knows.
  5. all true, but toms palm muting sounds different. i dont know why but it does. even on his newer shit its like the one thing he does that still sounds like him.
  6. the used kinda sucked after the first 2 albums. now after kicking out quinn allman they are not the same band anymore
  7. its a ripoff of an acoustic riff from the untitled studio videos
  8. he could at least have changed it a LITTLE. come on, man
  9. https://open.spotify.com/track/7kZxEWfA4naZUPnm5saZUk?si=69QGxb5YRWuqv49Yj9O7lA
  10. anything after toypaj i dont think they ever had good setlists, pretty much refused to play anything pre EOTS except for dammit and carousel
  11. they probably sought him and made him an offer he couldn't refuse
  12. this came on my spotify as i was driving home tonight. i legit thought AVA released a new song until i looked at my phone. i can't imagine copying some one so blatantly. how pathetic.
  13. was there seriously an extended conversation about toms thinning hair? he's in his 40s. who gives a fuck?
  14. no joke, matt rubano is probably the most talented musician out of anyone who has been in blink or ava...he is legit.
  15. its probably just me but some of these songs are decent and have some decent parts to them but they have like no feeling behind them, totally sterile. to be fair, toms new music comes off this way to me as well.
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