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  1. we can all hate on tom as much as we want but you need to acknowledge the fact that he clearly was the most talented songwriter and musician in the band, they clearly have nothing without him so they had the bring feldman in to pick up the slack
  2. still looks far better than mark. mark is an embarrassment.
  3. i used to think he was the man, but then novelty kinda wore off when i realized with the exception of the first 2 albums, there are only 2 or 3 good songs per album. first two foo albums are solid tho.
  4. wow we really need Tom do something weird to bring this discussion back on topic
  5. eh, havent been that great since fred left. brand new on the other hand was great right until the end
  6. its clear matt was hired not as a songwriter, just to play guitar and sing. and mark can't write for shit. so feldy had a field day with all the control he wanted.
  7. over produced means that they took all of the feeling out of it like it was spat out of a computer. generic.
  8. over-produced bullshit. awful.
  9. of course california sounds different they lost their lead songwriter and hired a new guitarist
  10. the fact is, love him or hate him, blink was always more tom than mark. he picked up the slack. when he became uninterested thats when it fell apart. maybe mark could "write" a song, but even +44 didnt amount to anything until they brought the other two dudes in. theres an excerpt from mark i posted a few pages back. i'm paraphrasing but it's along the lines of "i had a few scraps. tom had a lot of ideas. he always has ideas"
  11. it would never have happened if mark was involved. tom wanted mark out of the way. it's clear his issue was not with him personally, just musically. can't say i blame tom per se,
  12. actually i correct myself, its not an interview its was something that came with the toypaj vinyl release
  13. blink started having problems when making toypaj. theres an interview from mark saying that he just wanted to remake enema again, and tom wanted to go darker and heavier. tom said box car was just so he could see what he could do on his own, but i think we all know it was so he could do it without mark getting in the way. plus i think tom definitely found his stride with songwriting and became a machine. he just wrote cool stuff, and a lot of it. mark was definitely jealous of that. earlier in blink mark was the face, but tom took control. we all know untitled is all tom.
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