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  1. you guys think matt gives a shit about any of this? he's making so much money. i guarantee he doesn't give a fuck. alkaline trio is his baby. blink is his rich sugar daddy.
  2. he would play aliens exist on this AVA tour. all his new alien BS, 20th anniversary of enema, it would be sweet.
  3. this has to be one of the worst songs i have ever heard. and the lyrics are just totally empty. this is not blink 182, i don't know what it is
  4. its the position of her hand, just seems more than friends to me.
  5. it's an embarrassment. mark is an embarrassment actually. he looks ridiculous and he clearly is nothing without Tom. not that Tom is much better. but california made it very clear that tom was the only thing pushing the band forward at all. there are some ok songs on there but its just kinda lame.
  6. we can all hate on tom as much as we want but you need to acknowledge the fact that he clearly was the most talented songwriter and musician in the band, they clearly have nothing without him so they had the bring feldman in to pick up the slack
  7. still looks far better than mark. mark is an embarrassment.
  8. i used to think he was the man, but then novelty kinda wore off when i realized with the exception of the first 2 albums, there are only 2 or 3 good songs per album. first two foo albums are solid tho.
  9. wow we really need Tom do something weird to bring this discussion back on topic
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