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  1. Watched The Terminator last night and Terminator 2 tonight. Still two perfect movies, imo. Wouldn't change anything. One's a great monster/horror movie and one's a perfect '90s action movie. I'm one of the few who actually likes all the other Terminator sequels too, but none of them come close to being as good as the first two. Dark Fate is probably the best of the new ones. Still doesn't measure up to the originals, but it comes the closest I think.
  2. Yeah that happened to me too. I remember learning about it early on and then forgetting for a very long time after before remembering.
  3. I see screenshots of people who have upgraded it like 30 times and I do not understand how lol
  4. What are the best methods for upgrading your battery fast? I feel like I’m missing something because I’m 50 hours into the game and have only been able to upgrade it one time. Is there another way to get crystallized charges besides waiting for the forge to finish making them? I even tried sitting by the fire to skip ahead in time and that didn’t seem to speed up the process at all.
  5. I’m going for all shrines but not all Koroks. Did the same in BOTW. I actually feel like I’m missing out on part of the game if I miss shrines. Koroks I don’t care.
  6. Most of the puzzles I get stuck on is because I forget about Ascend or reversing time.
  7. I've had Phantom Hourglass since it released and I've never got more than halfway through it. i don't even hate it, I just get distracted by other things and stop playing for so long that I'd rather start over than continue from where I left off. Never played Spirit Tracks because I always wanted to finish Phantom Hourglass first. I should get on that.
  8. I also hope we get some more smaller Zelda games before the next big one, like the Link's Awakening Remake which was actually super great. I feel like they could pump stuff like that out fairly easily. More remakes would be cool but I'd really love a brand new 2D style Zelda game. Also give us a new Four Swords. Co-op Zelda is fun. My cousin and realized a couple months ago that Cadence of Hyrule has two player co-op and we played through that together. We also played through Four Swords Adventures together on GameCube way back in the day. I'd love more of that.
  9. I wonder if we'll get DLC for this one like we did for BOTW. I finished BOTW before the DLC the first time, and by the time the DLC came out I was kind of over it. But that made my second playthrough a few months back a lot of fun, having all that DLC content that I never experienced the first time around.
  10. Actually, you don’t get Double Clawshots in the game, so I’m taking a point off. 10/10
  11. My TotK review: It brought 2point5 back. 11/10
  12. Spider-man looks great! I guess KOTOR Remake has hit a bunch of roadblocks and people were thinking it was actually getting canceled, but luckily yesterday something came out that confirmed it is still happening. Don’t know if we’ll see anything in it for a while though. I almost feel like it’s in a Metroid Prime 4 situation.
  13. I love the masks, especially the transformation masks. Did my first day of ring fit yesterday. I'm so bad at judging how far I can go on my first workout after a long break. I always overdo it. I almost passed out lol, my body is unhappy. Hope to do this more regularly though. hell yeah video games are healthy as fuck
  14. I might start back on the Ring Fit Adventure grind again. I was exercising fairly regularly last year, and then a series of back to back injuries and sickenesses made me stop exercising completely, and I haven't worked out at all in months. I hate exercising unfortunately but Ring Fit Adventure is fun enough to trick myself into getting a workout. I think it's a great game for people like me who can't stand going to a gym or working out in traditional ways. Turning excerise into an RPG was genius.
  15. I don't remember if this was explained in the game or not haha. I might have figured it out on my own desperately looking for a way to throw bombs without attaching them to arrows.
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