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  1. I'll have to pull out all my blink shirts soon. If he was involved with everything from 1996-2019 then I definitely have a lot of his stuff.
  2. Tom says in the comments that this song is Box Car Racer 2.0. I don’t really hear that but I do like what I hear!
  3. I love the bridge especially. I don’t think it could ever happen because it’s technically a Steve Aoki song and not a blink-182 song, but I would love to hear a blink-only version.
  4. the fact that Tom has repeatedly said "he could come back whenever he wants" and he hasn't come back in five years makes me very happy that the band continued without him. I mean he's apparently "comitted" to AVA right now and it's still taking him years to release an album.
  5. I played Golf Story a few weeks ago (also because it was on sale) and I thought it was great! I hate real golf but video game golf has always been kinda fun for me. There's so much more than just golf in that game though, which is what makes it great imo. I started Final Fantasy X a couple weeks back. Really fun so far! Don't love that there's no overworld and you're literally just walking down paths for most of the game, but overall it's really good. Easily one of the best stories in FF so far.
  6. It's a fairly new podcast, just started a few months ago I think. Kind of cool because they get guests from the music industry or guests who have worked on Star Wars in some capacity, so it's a fun combo. Sometimes a member from a band I like will be on and sometimes an actor from Star Wars will be on. It's Ryan Key of Yellowcard, Adam Russell of Story of the Year, and Nick Ghanbarian of Bayside. I remember seeing Bayside last year (maybe two years ago) and Nick was wearing an Ahsoka Tano Star Wars shirt which I thought was cool haha. And yeah the amount of SW podcasts out there is completely overwhelming. Anyway getting a bit off topic now but it was fun to listen to Feldy talk about Star Wars for a bit. I really like him as a person. I'm not in love with his contributions to blink-182, but John Feldmann seems like a really fun, cool guy to me.
  7. Ah okay. So about the same time as the podcast I listened to. I haven’t been keeping up with blink news lately!
  8. Apparently! He saw the original movie in the theater as a kid when it came out. the podcast is called Thank The Maker and its three hosts are members of Yellowcard, Story of the Year, and Bayside. Kind of fun mix of two of my fandoms. And yes at the very least blink should play A New Hope live!
  9. I don't remember where but I thought I read here that people were saying John Feldmann isn't involved with blink-182 anymore. Maybe I dreamed that. I don't know. But what I DO know is that I just listened to a Star Wars podcast that he was a guest on and he said blink-182 and The Fever are his two main projects right now. The podcast was from last week, so it's current. he didn't go into more detail than that, but blink-182 is one of his main focuses currently.
  10. NINE was a huge step up to me and Matt definitely felt like a more natural fit on that record instead of just a fill in. Unless the next album comes out and just completely sucks I feel like it’s just going to get better and better. The more removed we are from California the less blink will feel like they have to prove that they’re still blink with generic pop punk. It was their first album without Tom and they wanted to play it safe with the new guy. To me NINE shows that they’re moving away from that which is great.
  11. they took the DED hat off the merch shop. I'm assuming because it sold out. The vinyl is still up there though, despite being sold out. Maybe they're keeping it up because they're going to restock. I dunno. Weird that they removed the hat but kept the record.
  12. I want Tom to come back but I want more blink with Matt first. I'd like another couple albums with him at least. We haven't seen Matt's full potential in blink yet.
  13. making this limited was kinda shitty hoping for another release of some kind
  14. fuuuuuuuuuuuck I missed the vinyl. been waiting 7 years for this and I missed it because I'm not a morning person lol. fuck. at least I have my bootleg 😎😎😎
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