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  1. Cheerios4u98

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Love the bridge in that Aoki song. I know it won't happen because it's technically a Steve Aoki song and not a blink song, but I'd love to hear a non-Aoki version of that song.
  2. Cheerios4u98

    Top 10 Pop Punk songs of all-time

    Ocean Avenue is my number 1, I think. Ryan Key started a solo act after Yellowcard broke up and he's touring the country right now. I'm seeing him in two days and I'll get to hear Ocean Avenue live again. I'm very excited. Weirdly, I never used to like that song very much. I didn't hate it, but I didn't get why it was such a big deal, especially because I liked most of other songs on Ocean Avenue more than the titular song itself. Somehow I changed my mind over the last few years and I now think Ocean Avenue is basically a perfect pop-punk song.
  3. Cheerios4u98

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Interested in the show. Will def give it a shot for a least a couple episodes to see if it grabs me.
  4. Cheerios4u98

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Ironic that he feels working with other people stops him from doing "the same similar tempo, rhythm and patterns" when California was literally them trying to sound like classic blink-182.
  5. Cheerios4u98

    jimmy eat world's clarity turned 20 today

    That song is one of the main reasons I became a Jimmy Eat World fan. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite track off this album, but that might be it.
  6. Cheerios4u98

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Tom needs to re-join and re-quit blink again so we can have some fun stuff to talk about
  7. Cheerios4u98

    jimmy eat world's clarity turned 20 today

    Fantastic album. I used to listen to it all the time at work. I'd listen to it when I was studying or doing homework because it was chill enough to not be too distracting. I love everything about this album. Have you guys heard the new(ish) acoustic version of 12.23.95? Also fantastic: And I've been in love with this version of For Me This Is Heaven for a long time now: For any ska fans out there, a band called The Holophonics did an entire ska/reggae version of this album, and I think it's actually pretty awesome: https://theholophonics.bandcamp.com/album/maskarades-vol-12-jimmy-eat-world-clarity
  8. Cheerios4u98

    Video Games Thread

    Without help, yeah, it'd take forever to beat that and it would be so tedious. I eventually beat it using a map. It made it really fun!
  9. Cheerios4u98

    What TV show are you watching?

    I hate prank shows. It’s just watching guys being massive assholes to unsuspecting people. That, or it’s all scripted and fake. So either way, I don’t like it.
  10. Cheerios4u98

    What TV show are you watching?

    I know I’m late on this one but I’m two and a half episodes into Making a Murderer and holy shit how are there SEVEN MORE EPISODES of this?! It’s fascinating but holy shit it keeps feeling like it’s going to wrap up and then I’m like “oh wait there’s seven more hours left.” WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN THIS IS NUTS.
  11. Cheerios4u98

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I think FTG and LA are both great. They’re only similar in that they’re both “weird” blink songs. But they really sound nothing alike at all. I love when blink goes weird.
  12. Cheerios4u98

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    might as well change the site to pedophiles-online.com
  13. Cheerios4u98

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    you're ALIVE?!?!?!!?!?!?
  14. Cheerios4u98

    AVA General Discussion

    This is random as hell, but The Color Fred is releasing a documentary that they filmed on their 2008 tour with Angels & Airwaves. Pretty excited. I forgot TCF existed but I really liked them back in the day (and I saw them on that tour).
  15. Cheerios4u98

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I think the filters are fun for a while, you can find posts of mine where i’ve “lol’d” at all of them (especially when they pile up in someone’s post) but i think they should be more of a limited time thing. After a while it just becomes tedious to try dancing around them. I’d be happy I see them come and go more often. It’s when they stick around forever that they get stale imo. But I never had a huge issue with them so either way, it’s whatever. This is a board dedicated a a band who sings about fucking their Grandpa after all.