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  1. I guess I'll pick Man Overboard at this point. The remaining songs are too damn good.
  2. Apparently extremely hard because all the live streams sound like shit even though the band sounds very good in person.
  3. Whoa awesome! I can’t listen to anything right now but I will definitely be checking back later tonight for a listen, I’m excited!
  4. Whoa, weird, I've always thought of this an Alkaline Trio song. The real version feels like a cover to me haha
  5. I didn't even know that was a cover!
  6. Yeah, a few of them are kind of boring renditions, but I really love some of them!
  7. I hadn't listened to Damnesia in a while and I just looked at the tracklist and I guess I don't love the entire album haha. I like probably half of the tracks it. I don't hate the other half, but it doesn't amaze me either. I'd love a part 2 where they play more of my actual favorite Alkaline tracks. The Damnesia version of Radio might be my favorite Alkaline track of all time though! It's way up there at least.
  8. Yeah there's something about acoustic Alkaline Trio that I really love for some reason. That's why I'm so glad that Damnesia exists. I want Damnesia 2 lol. Great cover, Kay! I really enjoyed that! Screw ups and all haha.
  9. It would have killed the moment but I kind of wish this actually happened 😂
  10. Haha thanks man! Haven’t trimmed it yet but I probably will in the next couple days.
  11. Yep, Skiba screaming contrasts much better with Mark. And it just sounds awesome. No Heart to Speak Of is just so powerful. Same with Cynical.
  12. Yeah I want Dysentery Gary to win this
  13. Remember when Bored to Death came out and we were trying to clear up which parts were Mark and which parts were Matt? It's so obvious now that I've heard it 1000 times, but that was definitely a thing haha.
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