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  1. I really liked it. Didn't see Bran ending up on the throne (err... if there was still a throne) but I like it. It totally does feel like it's still not over though. It feels like it's setting up for Season 9. But it's done. Which is weird. I'm happy with how it ended up. The last two seasons did feel extremely fast-paced in comparison with the rest of the show, but I didn't mind too much. I'd love to rewatch the entire show now that I know how it ends to pick up on details I might have missed and to understand things that I didn't get the first time around. I doubt I will anytime soon, but it'd be fun to do eventually.
  2. Yeah, it's really just the gradient that kills me. The type and overall layout looks fine!
  3. The real travesty about this tour is that someone was paid actual money to design this:
  4. wtf, my show now has pit tickets too, but didn't when I bought my tickets. Tempted to buy one but it's $130. Hard to justify that when I bought a $40 ticket before.
  5. I would never buy one but it's so weird/cool to see different shots of the album cover after all this time.
  6. I thought Jamie's ending was kind of stupid but then I remembered he had only been away from Cersei for four episodes. Because it had been a year in real time I had it in my head that he turned his back on her a long time ago, so it was sad to see him go back to her, but that's not really the case. It was four episodes. Still not the most satisfying ending, but that realization made me think it was less stupid than I initially thought lol
  7. Still sad about Tommen tbh
  8. GOT finally caught up with Star Wars and blink-182 on the whole fan hatred thing!
  9. This episode is getting ripped to pieces on social media like no other. I haven’t seen so much hate for a GoT episode since I started watching (during season 6). This was easily my first or second favorite episode of the entire season so far. I mean, yeah, Jamie had a lame ending and I fucking hate Daenarys now (and she used to be one of my favorites) but part of the reason I like this show in the first place is because I never know what’s going to happen next, who’s going to die, or who’s going to royally piss me off next. I can’t imagine how this will end next week. I can’t wait to find out either.
  10. Bored to Death has the right balance of melancholy and more upbeat pop that the rest of the album didn't get right. The rest of the album was the summer pop album that blink thought everyone wanted, but I always liked it when blink went a little darker, which is also why I loved +44 so much. BTD had that hint of darkness that the rest of the album didn't have imo.
  11. Bored to Death is one of the huge wins of the Skiba-era imo and might honestly be one of my favorite blink singles. I can’t overstate how hyped that song made me for California. I didn’t love the album in the end but I still love that song. This new song is okay but I don’t love it.
  12. Damn, I just paid $40 for a lawn ticket. I should move to Kansas.
  13. Ticket prices are absurd this time around. The last three times I saw blink (from the pit all three times) it was like $60, $80, and $90. Now it's $130+ and there's no pit at all. Fuck that. I'm seeing blink from the lawn this time.
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