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  1. Kenobi is also great! I just read it for the first time last year and I really enjoyed it. It sort of has similar vibes to the new Boba Fett show, if you've been watching that. Not super action packed or fast paced (at least the show hasn't been so far, but I expect that will probably change), but I liked it a lot. It even gives a unique look at the Tusken Raiders, kind of like the Boba series has been doing.
  2. The 2017 Thrawn book is basically the story of when Thrawn first joined the Empire right up until he was promoted to Grand Admiral. The whole book takes place during the Galactic Civil War and you definitely get a unique inside look at a lot of Empire stuff. The newer Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy is before he joined the empire and is all about the Chiss and takes place almost completely in the unknown regions. I didn't like those ones as much. Great worldbuilding but not very interesting stories imo.
  3. Not to be boring but Mr Brightside is the only Killers song I like lol I don’t really like Flowers’ singing voice, but it’s fine in that song.
  4. I liked it! I don’t like all of the new Thrawn novels that much, but that first one was a pretty cool Thrawn “origin” story. I really liked the second one too. After that, they’re just okay imo. Not bad, but not great either. Catalyst was a great tie-in to Rogue One. It came out before the movie, so I went into that movie with all this extra background information on the characters that made it really fun for me.
  5. I’ve been wondering for a while since I reread those books a few years ago, but I guess I never thought to ask until now! Haha. That’s a Star Wars deep cut.
  6. how far back is this show going to take place? could we potentially see characters like Smeagol or is it farther back than that? or do we even know yet?
  7. I love the lineup but so many people are going to be at this, especially after a period of everyone being starved for concerts. I feel like you’d have to stand a mile away from the stage haha. But I’m guessing it’s like a one day Warped Tour kind of setup. For ten times the price. Yeah no thanks.
  8. @Ghent where is your screen name from? Because I know there are some cities named Ghent but I also know that Ghent is a character in the original Thrawn books which I know you’ve read lol
  9. Mark sending davey a toy of himself is somehow hilarious to me. I want to send toys of me to my friends.
  10. At least Mark and Tom seem like real people. Travis is a prime example of crazy celebrity life, so divorced from reality. I love the guy and his music but I couldn’t imagine doing anything with him.
  11. I read his book. We have nothing in common lol
  12. I’d love to hang out with Mark or Tom sometime just because they were my heroes for so long. But I honestly get the impression that Matt might actually be the most fun to hang out with.
  13. The best tweet I saw about them was someone saying they hope she changes her name to Megan Gun Kelly
  14. One of the few tiktoks I’ve actually lol’d at 😂
  15. Remember when blink-182 had an official message board after the reunion announcement? I registered there, maybe posted once, but I was already a member here and this board was way better. That message board certainly didn't last long.
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