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  1. I can’t wait to go to a MGK show in a “Pop-Punk’s Not Dead” t-shirt and a “Defend Pop-Punk” snapback 🤘🏻😎
  2. I think it’s refreshing to hear new pop punk that isn’t sung in a high pitched nasally voice. He has a unique voice for the genre.
  3. (Not yet though, there’s no way in hell I’m standing in a tight packed crowd of sweaty people in the near future.)
  4. I just think it's super repetitive. Especially when you get sidetracked doing missions. But the story is keeping me engaged and I really like it for that. when Sephiroth said we're going to Nibelheim I was like O SHIT BOIS HERE WE GO!11!1 exciting stuff 😂 now I'm probably gonna want to play FF7 again after this lol
  5. randomly decided to emulate Crisis Core FF7 and it's weird in that I kind of hate the gameplay but I'm super interested in the story so I'm still enjoying it lol. I got chills revisiting some classic flashback scenes from FF7. Good stuff. I'll prob finish it today.
  6. This just popped up on my recommended videos on YouTube and it took me back. It's crazy how exciting it was to be a blink-182 fan even when the band didn't exist. having +44 and AVA active at the same time and with a little touch of rivalry was honestly so fun.
  7. the crazy thing to me is that playing the game in HD for the first time you see things you never noticed before, like how when Mario is further away from the camera he switches to a lower polygon model. I thought it was a glitch at first and then realized I've only ever played the game in 240p before and never would have been able to make that out with that resolution.
  8. Yeah I have no memory of where it came from but I’m glad I have it haha
  9. untitled era blink is far and away my favorite era of blink-182. any extra recordings from that time would be amazing.
  10. I've always wanted a studio recording of this. It's one of my favorite covers.
  11. I have a high-quality audio version that sounds better than any of the YouTube videos I've seen. I'll put it up on mediafire for anyone interested: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wbmbc5j97wfeup9/file is that against the rules? the song was never released. pls don't ban me ghent. I wonder if Mark means that there is a different studio recording of this song that wasn't for the TV live performance. edit: btw the track title is #19 only because I added it to the end of the untitled album in my own music library, after Not Now and the Pepsi Smash versions of The Rock Show
  12. Yeah I thought it would have been weird if they didn't do that in one region only. I don't understand the thought process behind the change at all. I see people complaining that the camera is also inverted (or un-inverted?) but actually the camera doesn't bother me at all. I don't even notice a difference tbh. But spraying water is tough to get used to. I'd like for them to give us the option to invert the controls in a patch. What's weird to me is that an official first-party GameCube controller adapter literally exists for the Switch, but the only GameCube game that's playable on t
  13. 100% completed Mario 64 already. I've only done that one other time, and I think I was seven years old at the time. I've beaten the game loads of times but only got all 120 stars the one time. Still easily one of my favorite games of all time. Started Sunshine but I don't know if I'm in the mood to play through another 3D Mario just yet. Might play something else and come back to it later. I really hate that they un-inverted the FLUDD controls. It feels so terrible to play like that. 18 year old muscle memory is annoying as hell to get over. I keep shooting up when I want to shoot down. D
  14. Just a few hours into Mario 64 and I already have 60 stars 😂 I’m amazed at how well I remember everything in this game. There’s no exploring, there’s no guessing, I mastered this game as a child and I still remember everything haha. Didn’t expect it to be quite this easy for me. Sunshine and Galaxy will definitely not be the same. I beat those games only one time each, while I’ve beaten 64 tons of times. I’m not anywhere near as familiar with them, especially not Galaxy.
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