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  1. I still can’t believe Not Now was left off, it’s so good.
  2. Sad to see that this bullshit is still happening. this is seriously making me want to never go to another large concert.
  3. 4 did when I first played it in high school, now only one part at the end still gets me every time lol. 5 wasn't scary at all to me, but still fun. I can't remember if what I played of the first one scared me. I do remember laughing at the hilariously bad dialogue. I've heard 7 is pretty scary. I'd like to try it eventually!
  4. watched episode 1 because it's free and I don't have HBOmax. That was good, might have to resort to a life of crime to watch the rest. was nice mooching off my dad's HBOmax to watch House of the Dragon but that's no longer an option for me currently lol
  5. I agree, it’s one of the only uses of motion controls that I like. Makes me wish there were more Resident Evil games on the Wii. Though I guess back then 4 was the only game in the series with that style of gameplay.
  6. I’ve really only played 4 and 5 and a good chunk of the first game. I’ve been curious about the rest of the series but I guess not curious enough to actually play any of them yet. But I really want to play RE 2 and 3 remakes because they look like RE4.
  7. I want them to but I have so little hope for getting any Prime 4 news anymore lol. I still need to play 2 and 3. I have the whole trilogy but I’ve only played through the first one. I started 2 but got distracted and never went back to it. I loved the first and what I played of the second one though. I’m getting hyped for Resident Evil 4 remake. RE4 is one of my favorite games of all time.
  8. Finished Metroid Other M. Meh, 6/10. Was fun sometimes, frustrating a lot of the time. Though I do like the concept of a 3rd person 3D Metroid game. It could be done well. There’s a great game buried in here somewhere. I doubt they’ll ever make another Metroid like this but I’d honestly be happy if they did. Since this was a more story-focused Metroid, I’d always heard that the story was terrible. I didn’t think so. It was actually pretty fun to hear Samus talking and being more of an actual person rather than a silent protagonist. Kind of cool. Not a great game but I’d love for them to try making another Metroid like this with a normal controller. Though I’d rather get a proper Metroid 6, a follow up to Dread. Dread was so fun.
  9. I played through the whole game and even at the end I was still struggling with the controls. It’s like Skyward Sword on the Wii. I beat the game but I hated the controls the entire time. Luckily it was actually improved quite a bit on the Switch version. They should rerelease more of their Wii/Wii U games without motion controls lol. Though Star Fox might not work because you needed two screens for that one.
  10. I want to watch all the Rambo films now. I’ve only seen the first one! Also yeah Rocky 4 is one of the best. Which is also why Creed 2 is so great.
  11. I’ve heard it’s terrible lol. N64 controls don’t translate well to other controllers. I played Star Fox 64 for like ten minutes on the Switch and it felt so bad to play I turned it off and never went back to it.
  12. I had never watched them all back to back in a short period of time like that. It was really fun!
  13. Started playing Metroid Other M on the Wii. I bought this game like 12 years ago and only played it for like an hour. im about halfway through now. Throughout this playthrough my thoughts have constantly switched back and forth from “why does everyone hate this game? It’s not bad” to “I fucking hate these controls and this game deserves all the hate it gets.” Lol Nintendo has ruined so many games with stupid gimmick controls. I’ll never get over how Star Fox Zero would have been one of the best Star Fox games of all time, but because of the horrendous Wii U gimmick controls it has it’s actually the worst Star Fox game by far.
  14. Just marathoned all of the Rocky movies over the past couple weeks. I’ve seen them all before, but what a great series. I give zero fucks about boxing but Rocky is such a likable character that it doesn’t even matter. Also, this has to be one of the only long-running movie franchises I can think of where the modern movies are consistently some of the best ones. Rocky Balboa and Creed 2 are genuinely my favorites of the whole series. The first Creed was great too. Good stuff. Can’t wait for Creed 3.
  15. Riot was lots of fun at the time but for me peak Paramore is Brand New Eyes
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