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  1. chorusfm has to be the worst music site ever. how you go from absolutepunk to that is beyond me.
  2. that's probably what I was remembering
  3. It’s a good reason to be inactive but I’m confused why they seemingly threw a significant amount of music they already finished and mentioned publicly in the garbage. Unless I’m remembering wrong? I’ll admit I haven’t been following the band as closely these last few years. Also the fact that Matt doesn’t seem to have a clue about whether he’s still in the band or not. It all just feels weird. Again, it just feels like the kind of thing that we’d usually blame on Tom.
  4. I’ve noticed. It feels like forever ago that they said they had an entire new album’s worth of material and then they just never released it. Never got that EP they talked about either. Feels like good old fashioned Tom bullshit only Tom isn’t even a part of it.
  5. I like the idea of Tom coming back for a special show or a special tour once in a while, but I feel like if Tom is officially back and blink and Matt is gone, we’re going to get a lot less of blink-182 from here on out. Tom has proven time and again that he can’t balance band life with his other shit. Especially not with two bands.
  6. Paramore was a pretty good pop-punk band but I haven’t cared ever since they switched genres. Clearly their new sound is very popular but it’s not for me, outside of one or two songs on each album. Would probably be a fun concert though. If I had the chance and it wasn’t too expensive I’d see them.
  7. Okay that disgraced officer moping around all day and sadly eating Star Wars cereal while his mom makes fun of him is one of my new favorite dumb things in Star Wars
  8. It’s a real problem with modern shows and movies. It’s probably some ploy to get us to buy super high end sound systems. Idk but it sucks. Also whooooa I love this show. Not really worried about the pacing after this last episode. Not much action (or any?) but I was loving every second of it anyway.
  9. This show has been great so far. Loving it more than I expected to. I can’t believe they recast two of the main characters 6 episodes in and it totally worked. With this, Rings of Power, Andor, and She-Hulk, I don’t think I’ve ever had so weekly shows that I’m enjoying at the same time haha. Also making my way through the newest season of Cobra Kai which I still say is the dumbest show that I love.
  10. Based on the trailers I’m excited to finally see Coruscant again for the first time since Revenge of the Sith (in live action at least). One of my favorite Star Wars planets. In fact really any modern connection to the prequels with better writing makes me very happy. Hayden Christensen kicked ass as Darth Vader despite everyone always complaining about how much he sucked in the prequels. Higher quality writing using prequels content is great.
  11. Oh yeah they definitely released the first three together for a reason. That third episode was the real hook. The only thing I’m worried about is that getting only one episode per week now might not be as satisfying if the rest of the show moves at the same pace. We’ll see I guess. Could end up being a show that’s better to binge when the whole season is out. But I love it so far!
  12. One of the last true musicians 😤🙏🏻
  13. My band in high school used live pitch-correction (sometimes) at shows because we were specifically going for that robotic voice sound that was really cool for like two months in the mid 2000s. It was a great cheat lol. not that we were trying to hide it. The point was to sound electronic.
  14. This acoustic set is probably my favorite live videos of AVA. They sound great.
  15. If he plays the hits the crowd will be singing along with him so loud that you won’t notice lol
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