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  1. okay I think this one might work, thanks! edit: nope actually it got removed immediately too haha. Well... maybe nobody will get to see this one
  2. yeah it got immediately content ID'd on YouTube lol. dang.
  3. Okay so I actually did end up making a video for this song... I'm gonna try to upload it but I suspect it will get taken down by YouTube. Assuming that happens, anyone know of any other places I can upload it for people to watch?
  4. I feel like I’ve been gaslit for 20 years about The Ring being one of the scariest movies ever made. Just watched it for the first time and it wasn’t scary! It was like a mystery movie more than a horror. Granted the iconic girl coming out of the TV screen scene has been spoiled for me for as long as I can remember as a big pop culture moment. it was just okay.
  5. you’re underestimating how many of those views were from me
  6. Where is the second +44 album that was promised in 2007 😡
  7. lmao just learned from posting that that one of them got age restricted
  8. damn just realized I don't have to edit Tom DeLonge into new blink music videos anymore
  9. It's funny that I'm pretty sure I recognized every single background and every single old clip of them in that video. I used to spend hours a day watching blink-182 videos on YouTube nonstop lol. I've never cared about a band the way I care about this one.
  10. blink should tour with Alkaline Trio and let Matt pop in for a song or two. Let's have all four blink boys on stage together at least one time.
  11. I hope we don't get any more songs before the album drops either, but at least the tracklist is long so it shouldn't spoil too much of the album even if we do.
  12. gonna be honest I love both songs but I can't even listen to More Than You Know again right now because I just want to keep listening to this one over and over. I've always loved the rare acoustic blink song and this is no different.
  13. I thought I accidentally turned the volume down
  14. First impressions are that I love One More Time the most by far. But I'm an emo kid whose fav blink song is I Miss You and my other favorite blink-related song is There Is so that kinda tracks
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