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  1. I loved how this episode basically felt like Princess Mononoke. The setting was very cool. I really have no idea where this show is going and I kind of love that about it.
  2. Nimrod is a fantastic album but other than that... meh
  3. yeah I've always liked this one more than Big Day Out because the banter is absolutely ridiculous 😂
  4. There are a few episodes in the middle of season 1 that feel like they're going nowhere, but by the end of the season it all comes together nicely. season 2 is only three episodes in so far but it feels similarly paced to season 1. The series is a bit slow paced overall which personally I like but I have seem people complain about it. but season 1 felt like a satisfying conclusion to the season. Season 2 feels like it has a more obvious plot or goal than season 1 did so we'll see how that pays off in the end.
  5. holy shit I can't wait for what comes next 👀
  6. I like to play games one at a time so I can fully commit to one and finish it, and then move onto the next one. However, I am currently actively playing 4 games at once and while I'm having fun with all four it's kind of annoying to balance it. My siblings got me Super Mario Odyssey for my birthday yesterday which is amazing and just added to the load because I didn't want to wait to try it. lol. Not a bad problem to have really, but it's not how I usually do things. I was going to get Hyrule Warriors at launch but at this point I'm gonna hold off until I finish a few of these games first.
  7. It should probably be "Mattbot" since we have Tombots and Markbots but I'm not a bot-naming scientist so I don't know.
  8. First time I've been called a skibabot I think but I'll gladly accept the title 😎
  9. hey blink-182 fans! If you love Matt Skiba then please hop on over to the BotBM threads within the next few hours and vote for ME! My round's about to end! or if you love tom, but especially if you love Matt! Don't make me cry on my birthday by not voting! Do the honorable thing!
  10. I think the bridges and outros were 100% a Tom thing. I mean he started AVA which is all about super long intros and outros. He continued doing extended live outros at shows with AVA. I forgot about this one but I actually saw it live in person back in 2006. Normal song ends at about 3:25 and the rest of the video is an outro.
  11. hey, here's to you, monsters of califorrrrrrrrrrniaaaaaaaaaa
  12. Yeah I think I just don't quite understand how Impa works yet. And Zelda just feels kind of slow and chaotic at the same time haha. I didn't know about the leak, I guess I'll avoid that. But the original game eventually got a bunch of really random DLC characters so I wonder if this will also end up getting DLC eventually.
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