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  1. she got him to fly again when no one else could, so that's something at least!
  2. hard to say at this point. I don't love either album. But I do love Kiss & Tell and Losing My Mind more than anything on The Dream Walker. So... maybe Lifeforms? Really not sure yet, I'll have to let Lifeforms sit with me a bit more.
  3. Travis is cringe on social media but I don’t see how that affects how he plays drums lol
  4. Travis looks cool af when he plays tbh. His exaggerated playing style is kind of ridiculous and over the top but I think it makes it really fun to watch instead of just to listen to.
  5. Travis is one of the most fun drummers to watch. He’s a deeply weird person but it’s always a treat to see him play!
  6. Did they really ever decide that in a room? I thought Tom just stopped talking to them.
  7. That would be a fun one to see live in person. Still hurts that they took Start the Machine out of the set list though.
  8. Too hard to rank them all but Bored to Death, Cynical, and No Heart to Speak Of are all top-tier blink songs that rival the best stuff they put out previously. NINE as a whole is pretty great. California disc 1 is pretty average. California disc 2 is poo poo pee pee
  9. I don’t care about the story. Mostly I just think GTA is one of the most fun series to goof off in and do whatever you want. I mean the story is a bonus, but the fun is the freedom to go and cause chaos wherever you want.
  10. It’s because going from three games per console generation to one game over three console generations is stupid
  11. Has anyone seen Midnight Mass? I haven't started it yet but I definitely want to. It's by the same guy who did The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor which I loved. Last October I didn't watch nearly enough horror to satisfy me and I'm trying (so far successfully) to make up for that this year.
  12. In live action I prefer to watch shows or movies in their native languages. If it's animated I always want English. If a show is in English I usually won't have subtitles on unless I'm in a situation where I can't have the volume up high enough because other people are around. For example, I'm currently visiting family and I'm the only one here who has insomnia so I'm up super late watching horror movies (because October!) and I can't have the volume up too much while everyone else is sleeping. In that case I'm okay with subs. But if I can hear everything just fine they're distracting and they also sometimes just spoil reveals and reactions like one second early and it drives me crazy, especially if its the punchline in a comedy.
  13. Can’t wait to see the excitement on my grandkids’ faces when GTA 6 comes out!
  14. If this is how Mark decides to announce that Tom is back in the band, it’s genius lol
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