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  1. which is also beneficial to the performance
  2. The teleprompter complaint has always been one of the dumbest complaints to me. How it can be anything but beneficial to the performance is beyond me. It's not like they're sacrificing running around on stage to read the lyrics, because they have to stand in that exact spot in front of the mic to sing anyway.
  3. Yeah, I'd probably just have to buy something already signed by Scott on ebay. But again, it'd have to be something generic enough to make sense. I'm not gonna get Travis and Matt to autograph Cheshire Cat, for example. lol But I'd also rather get the sigs in person. Getting something pre-signed isn't as cool for me. Though for Scott it's likely the only option.
  4. I mean yeah, I don't really care about music reviews in any form.
  5. That's not a Yoshi egg, although ironically, Yoshi is in the game as a doll.
  6. idk I probably use YouTube too look up reviews for things more than anything else these days
  7. I really want to get something signed by all five members of blink-182. I have no idea what item would be appropriate for that. Probably something generic like that bunny. Of course it's never gonna happen because I'll never get an autograph from Scott.
  8. It's just funny that it's one specific hat all the time for years instead of a variety of hats.
  9. Tom really never takes that hat off anymore lol
  10. based on the posts and comments I see in the AVA movement FB group I'm expecting to see a lot of weirdos at my show. I can't wait to see Tom but the audience will be interesting. I remember the crowd being weird when I saw them 12 years ago too.
  11. Yeah that gatefold would be a cooler album art imo
  12. Did Matt get a Simple Creatures tattoo? Or has he always had that?
  13. I literally can't even remember which version I ordered. Was there a regular black version? Maybe that's what I got. I could just check my email to see but at this point I'd rather be surprised lol
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