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  1. Listening to NINE for the first time in a while (at 5 in the morning lol I need to sleep) and honestly this album kicks ass. I mean I always liked it, but going back to it it's still just as great now that recency bias is no longer in effect. The back half is especially great.
  2. I mean I've been watching livestream concerts throughout the pandemic with no crowds. In person it's great fun to be a part of an energetic audience but meh, I don't care if I'm at home, whether it be concerts or sports (though admittedly I'm not a big sports person anyway)
  3. I get it if you're there in person it's fun to be part of a crowd but on TV it makes no difference to me.
  4. who watches the Olympics for the crowds? doesn't affect my viewing experience whatsoever whether there is a live audience or not.
  5. I haven't been keeping up with collab news. Anyone know anything about this?
  6. Anyone know if they played Losing My Mind live? The songs keeps growing on me more and more. Easily one of my favorite AVA tracks since the I-Empire days.
  7. It's wild that we're going to have another Olympics in six months. I actually think I slightly prefer the Winter Olympics so I'm excited for that.
  8. Wait really? Is this like the dog bark in Heaven? lol
  9. I've been watching it here and there, but not as much as usual because I'm busy with helping my mom get her house ready to move. It's fun though, I'm not really a sports guy at all but I do enjoy the Olypmics. I went to the US Track and Field Olympic Trials back in June, because they're always (always almost at least) held in my city. It's the only public event I've attended since February 2020 haha. It was pretty cool.
  10. Listening to the song again today, I love it even more. Kiss & Tell still reigns supreme, but this is my second favorite. This video feels like a parody of early 2006 Tom, with the long hair, huge glasses, and stupid arm wavy dance moves, and that makes it so good haha
  11. I wanna see Boomer and this new character in the same video
  12. Damn, that video made me smile. I've missed the stupid music videos of Tom acting like an idiot. A couple lyrics of the song even made me laugh out loud. "there's idiots abound and they're all fucking racist" lol
  13. AVA using backing tracks makes sense to me. With that kind of music, you kind of need it. For blink I can’t stand it.
  14. just remembered I bought the physical copy of The Dream Walker that was a blank CD that I was supposed to burn the album onto. LOLLLLLLL
  15. I legitimately couldn't remember what The Disease even sounded like. Just listened to it again. Even though I've listened to the whole album multiple times (not recently though) I barely remember this song. The chorus sounds vaguely familiar but I don't remember any other part of it. So strange haha. It's decent.
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