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  1. Always is the better video. Probably the last interesting video blink-182 did.
  2. I never liked The Rock Show that much. It was probably the most fun to make, but I prefer the straight up comedy of Dammit.
  3. I can't believe in 2019 I saw blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves live within a month of each other, and they both played two of the same songs. I want that again.
  4. I can’t find the video to prove it but back when a second +44 album was still happening I watched an interview with the band where Craig said they had like 37 (maybe 27, idk it was a long time ago!) songs written for the album. I wonder if any of them became something we’ve actually heard.
  5. goth punk rocker matt skiba dressed as a target cashier playing guitar on a play structure surrounded by kids doing fortnite dances is a hilariously stupid concept
  6. I hated the Bored to Death video so much that I made my own version. I agree with Kay about the Adventure. It’s funny for some reason and it’s not supposed to be.
  7. while the naked thing is stale for me at this point, WMAA is an all time classic video.
  8. Down video sucks despite it being one of my favorite songs. Darkside video is funny. Not like classic blink funny, but still funnier than anything post-reunion.
  9. how it started: how it’s going:
  10. meh, I already have the record on vinyl and it was significantly cheaper than that.
  11. I knew he pulled his hat low over his eyes but I didn't realize he wore it that low. lol
  12. hell, anything BCR related at this point would get me hyped. One shitty piece of new Box Car merch? I'll take it!
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