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  1. coming up with a top ten will take more effort than I'm willing to give at 4 in the morning, so maybe tomorrow lol
  2. No Machine Gun Kelly??????????? Wtf??????????????????????? but for real I think Sugarcult should be in the running and The Story So Far
  3. The good old days of finding band members on Facebook and adding them as friends lol. I’m still friends on there with a couple of the guys from Yellowcard. They’ve randomly liked some of my posts over the years, but nothing recently.
  4. Pop punk is such a wide umbrella, it gets hard to classify things. The fact that All Time Low, The Story So Far, and The Ramones are all pop-punk bands but sound like different genres of music is odd, it makes trying to sort any music into a specific genre confusing and annoying. A lot of bands one person would consider pop-punk, another person would not. That goes for every genre, but since we’re specifically talking pop punk in this thread, I used those examples.
  5. Yeah that makes it hurt a lot more haha. Too bad I’m a sucker for Zelda and I’d really like to try the game without motion controls. Won’t be a day one purchase but I’ll get it eventually. I still need the new Hyrule Warriors.
  6. No one ever mentions Sugarcult. I love them! Memory is a top pop-punk song of all time, but Lights Out is my favorite of their albums by far.
  7. I usually listen to +44 a lot during the colder months. Weirdly, that hasn't been the case this year. Though my music listening habits are all out of whack because of the pandemic. I used to listen to music a LOT in my car. Now I never go anywhere, so I listen to music less frequently in general.
  8. Skyward Sword was $50 when it came out on the Wii ten years ago. Now it's $60 on the Switch lol. Ugh.
  9. Apparently it's a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 as well. I sure wish that was the case with all the damn Wii U games I bought that had better versions come out on the Switch lol. Square Sony exclusivity would kill me, I play so many Square games haha.
  10. Well you're getting your PS5 enhanced version! Still holding out some hope that at the actual year mark they'll announce it for non-Sony platforms. Kinda weird that it was even exclusive in the first place when all other modern FF games are on PC.
  11. I wish I could download it again. I hope his dad didn’t disown him for the low reviews.
  12. I’m excited for the new Mario Golf. I can’t stand real golf. Don’t like playing it or watching it. But I enjoy video game golf and this Mario one looks really fun with the chaotic speed golf mode. Looks like a fun multiplayer game!
  13. I just learned who the mods actually are thanks to catching up on this thread. sorry for not recognizing your prestige until now, mods. I'll watch my language in threads you're posting in.
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