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  1. We just chilled in the video chat for a few minutes waiting for you to come back lol good times
  2. if we're gonna do it in an hour that actually works better for me than right now. by total coincidence a large chunk of my extended family just decided to have a massive group call. I would have bailed on them for this lol
  3. My profile name is the same as on here. If that doesn’t work I’ll send you a link or other info!
  4. Yeah let’s try to make it work! Downloading the app now
  5. plenty of us still love current blink
  6. that's actually a pretty cool idea. might be unique enough to get featured too!
  7. I'd like to submit something if I think of anything decent to do. Would be pretty awesome to see myself in a blink video. Might as well give it a shot. Don't have any good ideas though lol
  8. that's a good question, I hadn't considered how this would work with multiple people playing on the same island. You might have to help her! I just got my Resident Services upgraded from a tent to a building today. Finally started hearing some different music. I visited my sister's town online and her island puts mine to shame. She placed all the houses in a row and built a nice street with custom patterns, and decorated it all nicely with flowers and perfectly placed trees. my island is just a complete random mess lol.
  9. they specifically want you to submit VERTICAL video. why in the hell.
  10. Travis' buildup to the outro over the slow clarinet part made me LOL
  11. I needed this today. Made me smile big.
  12. I'm tired of them rereleasing Paradise and just want them to make a brand new Burnout game. It's been 12 years since the last new Burnout game ffs.
  13. Made some blink records on acpatterns.com lol neighborhoods was impossible to recreate so I stopped at untitled. @Ry-Bread, don’t know if this is worth sharing on the Twitter account or not but I figured I’d let you see it. I know Mark loves Animal Crossing!
  14. The fun thing about Animal Crossing is it gets more fun as you go. I forgot how slow the beginning can feel when you have basically nothing in your town yet, after having a very full town in the last game. It’s just gonna get better with time!
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