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  1. did mark and alex have any help from outside or did they write their stuff on their own?
  2. i don't care for the other songs but but i really do love strange love and adrenaline
  3. it somehow gets me more excited than just feldy as producer. might be cause i have no idea what to expect.
  4. well, at least his vocals are not written out of his range.
  5. i'd like to know that too, bought a pair of rindell when i was 17 and wore them all the time.
  6. the clip sounds like another song that mark will not be able to sing live. california sound which is alright (better nother cali than nothing although i do not really listen to it anymore).
  7. one of the best performances of this song, post-tom.
  8. of coursenitnis, otherwise you would not have like 8 songs with the same guitar intro.
  9. some time ago, there was a link to a song from some poppunk band which feldy also co-wrote/produced. the song sounded a lot like no future (i think). so no, no creative input, just generic bullshit poppunk.
  10. pong

    New Feldmann Topic

    why? this band sucks.
  11. 1. Feeling This 2. Obvious 3. I Miss You 4. Violence 5. Stockholm Syndrome 6. Down 7. The Fallen Interlude 8. Go 9. Asthenia 10. Always 11. Easy Target 12. All Of This 13. Here's Your Letter 14. I'm Lost Without You 15. Not Now
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