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  1. those last 30 minutes were brutal
  2. unbelievable, 11 italians managed to finish the game even though all of them died at least once during the match.
  3. such a thread would definitely EXPLODE
  4. why isn't there a separate thread to worship the new album?
  5. i hope he finds a way to encourage some indiviiduals to really work for the team. as seen last season, when they really fight, so muchnis possible.
  6. why? they should know when they get scammed
  7. there is nothing wrong about teaching kids how to count
  8. i think slide away is probably hist best vocal performance
  9. maybe different sound but better quality?
  10. yeah, that was clearly tom ar his very very best
  11. rebel girl of course
  12. get over it, the band is dead either way.
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