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  1. It was from this commercial https://youtu.be/3K3LTdlIyhA
  2. To be fair Tom will be making money under the blink name on album sales alone, not sure how payment will go for live shows since he isn’t partaking but yet they are playing songs he co-wrote , so not sure how that works
  3. I’m not too overfly in love with this new version of blink, Cali was tolerable but this is just meh , I’m hoping that this is the song that lends itself to link Cali and the new album , kinda how feeling this was meant to give vibes of TOYPAJ ... I’m never usually pessimistic with blink but this time I can’t help it
  4. Has the new song dropped yet? If not what time we looking at
  5. He’s still a killer singer and song writer , hope yet for blink
  6. Really hope your right i didn’t hate cali but just thought the style and sound was massively overused , hoping for something new this time round
  7. I think people over look the whole 50+ songs thing, over the years I’ve wrote close to 200 songs , this doesn’t mean they are full fledged out pieces to me it basically means I’ve hummed a melody maybe recorded a little bit of guitar and sang a verse or chorus of just random words im assuming this what they mean, like they might have riffs and melody’s and simple structures drawn out for 50songs I highly doubt they have them fully fleshed
  8. Tim pagnotta could do wonders for blink
  9. Yeah I was mistaken, we are all fat and bearded now , but hell Tim made some epic music in the 90’s and 2000’s
  10. Oh shit your right , damn he let himself go, but I gotta say sugarcult had some amazing songs , there last album was insanely good
  11. Where I don’t see how it’s Tim at all , even the insta tags don’t list him
  12. What dude ? The lead singer from sugar cult was Tim pagnota
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