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  1. Hang on you’re saying for Alex melton to stay the fuck away from oasis … yet I’m the one being told to grow up ??
  2. Everyone saying they sound amazing, you can clearly see it’s prerecorded audio especially the news guitarists vocals and the guitar parts sound like a generic guitar track from a karaoke track
  3. re watching this again and again... its clear its been recorded in a studio this aint live.. i know they use backing parts live now but this just seems too good to be true
  4. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVmbqqpF7TM/?utm_medium=copy_link guitarist seems very capable, defo not Tom or Matt
  5. Tom was live with zane low on bbc radio 1 tonight here is the breakdown Zane Lowe interviewed Tom DeLonge on Radio BBC 1 Here's the summary of the interview that Zane Lowe made with Tom DeLonge on Radio BBC 1: Songs are not written in acoustic guitars anymore, but on computers. He said breaking up was stupid. They broke up because fame took over, and they weren’t communicating because there were labels and sponsors doing everything, and because he was sad that he lost his daughter’s 2 first years. He said "Neighborhoods" is a good title, because they grew up in different neighborhoods in different cities, and grew up to form blink-182. Album has a very modern, stadium rock, but 3-4 songs are straight from mid-90′s style. Cancelling European Tour was horrible for them, but they just needed to focus on the album.
  6. Imagine having a stick up your butt this big
  7. it looks like mark has already shaved his head in preparation for the effects of the chemo cancer sucks, both my parents had cancer, my mother got it real bad and still in recovery, it sucks big style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I61YVKRhYxM
  8. Has skiba chimed in on any of this ?
  9. Yeah it’s a shame no demos or recording footage was released other than the odd cheetah video here and there
  10. Was there ever any demos or unreleased tracks from this album ??
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