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  1. Tim pagnotta could do wonders for blink
  2. Yeah I was mistaken, we are all fat and bearded now , but hell Tim made some epic music in the 90’s and 2000’s
  3. Oh shit your right , damn he let himself go, but I gotta say sugarcult had some amazing songs , there last album was insanely good
  4. Where I don’t see how it’s Tim at all , even the insta tags don’t list him
  5. What dude ? The lead singer from sugar cult was Tim pagnota
  6. Not a hoe bot at all I can’t stand that kid
  7. You do realise his real surname ain’t Dehoe
  8. The live guitar sound for +44 was always horrendous compared to the cd version
  9. Looks like another generic look at me bad boy wannabe gangster ass hat
  10. Butch vig would be my suggestion
  11. Well you didn’t answer so it’s all good
  12. Travis and Tom being making music together or is this an old picture from Travis insta https://imgur.com/a/rPm2Kpj
  13. Exactly you go girl... ps I’m also far and balding lol
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