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  1. Why does this moron sing like he’s gargling a bag full of tennis balls ??
  2. I’m not Matt bashing as I love his work outside of blink I just don’t think he suits this style compared to his other projects , don’t get me wrong he has some killer tracks with blink, but I can’t help but wonder who else would’ve been a great fit given now the direction blink have taken I always wondered how Jared Reddick from bowling for soup would’ve worked what’s your guys opinions of people you would’ve loved to see fill toms shoes
  3. When I try and paste in the link to my post it doesn’t show up so end up having to his the little chain icon to add link
  4. Check marks latest Instagram story
  5. They played the twitchcon fest last night , yet to check it out here you all go Blink twitchcon **can someone show me how to embed videos**
  6. Turns out it was Travis and his buddy who wrote the base idea for HEAVEN check it out here https://www.instagram.com/p/B22TTRunGHb/?igshid=1geperqk6vpye
  7. God damn this internet you crazy kids
  8. Why did they end the song shorter than usuall ?
  9. Ok so the boys played the half time show ... is it just me or was this just recorded from their latest tour and obviously overdubbed with the original track with added crowd applause to sound live ?? http://‪https://youtu.be/kKheS0_royY‬
  10. Yeah I was wrong , he sings broken trust and I misheard it as Fucking Trust
  11. Strange I defo heard the f bomb early into the album , could be on heaven
  12. The f-bomb is dropped a couple times , pretty sure it’s on matts verse on first time
  13. Cd version sounds so clean and well produced the rip we had last week sounds poor in comparison
  14. My local Asda has it on sale now , so I snapped up a copy
  15. They are playing their 9 top streamed songs that are on Spotify
  16. I agree , the released stuff is subpar to the rest of the album, but the album as a whole played back to back is amazing
  17. Has Nine beat your expectations or Not lived up to hype i for one love it
  18. God damn was not expecting this album to be much cop.... holy shit I was wrong this blows both California and deluxe out the water wow, the finally use skiba to his greatest talents just WOW
  19. Anyone good for a download link ??
  20. That was ass, barely hear any instruments all drown out with her over produced reverb voice
  21. This was of the live bbc shows they played , down, go and always ... down and always sounded weird as they had no distortion on the guitars ... go sounded good tho and is on the greatest hits
  22. Might’ve made you lol but it’s what they have done
  23. You need to market this better, do we even have an Instagram page, do we have a final goal the Ava one was well thought out , included a book with peoples fondest memories of Tom and Ava and is being sent to him personally this doesn’t seem to have any backing or steam yet maybe due to lack of promotion or final goal of the project will it be made into a cd , booklet, any promotional stuff going to happen , will it be sent to the band , will it be released on iTunes and stuff these things all matter
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