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  1. The loft wings were all over BotW, on columns and wall carvings, I was surprised they didn't have a role in it.
  2. This is more of a conversation than I ever intended or care to have about the song. It's a good song, I like it. I don't have any further arguments or analysis.
  3. Maybe he means making the poor suffer through illness and pain because torture is more pious?
  4. I like the song, don't give a shit about their haircuts.
  5. The Adventure was in shit too.
  6. Maybe but doesn't change the fact that it's limited edition and isn't meant to satisfy the demand.
  7. If you'd like to defeat the fucking purpose of "limited edition" then, yes, they should have enough in stock for later comers and the unaware.
  8. I'm typing like a fucking Mongoloid today. I'm not even going to edit that post, I deserve the shame.
  9. Same. That album made me wanna be member of Blink ... I was so fucking cool with my over-sized dickies and hurley shirta.
  10. The only good song that band ever had!
  11. I know how you wanna take it! You slut!
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