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  1. It's somewhere here on the board but I'm not sure where. I think it was mentioned on his twitch or something.
  2. I got that feeling from all AC 1 & 2, haven't played the others ... it wouldn't be so bad if shit was so fucking repetitive. It's honestly why I never gave the newer games a chance.
  3. David Kennedy is the type of guy who likes to hear himself talk.
  4. Enema, Dude Ranch & Untitled all had songs that were scrapped or didn't make the album ... BCR had Dance With Me.
  5. Started another project with some friends, we are going to do 3 or 4 EPs and then at the end combine them all together into an LP ... or something, I don't know. Whatever. Anyway, last friday we got together and fleshed some ideas out and I recorded it to use as a guideline for tracking. So, for those who are interested in this kind of thing, here is the 1st EP in shitty, terrible audio quality, and musicianship ... performed live ... it was more or less a writing session than anything. 1. Zombies 2. This Is Goodbye 3. Time 4. You In My Head Again 5. Cathod
  6. The more I listen to The Chats, the more I love then. I wish I was Australian.
  7. And they're gonna torture you with their shitty music!
  8. Sounds like it was just a court ceremony ... I don't know how it isn't there in CA but you can't wear any non-religious head covering in a courthouse here.
  9. Hi, Interpol? Yeah, listen, I willingly signed up and gave my information to Tom DeLonge's AvA site ... No, he didn't force me ... I mean, I thought we were gonna see aliens or some cool shit ... yeah, definitely no aliens, big foot dicks or illuminati stuff. It's just this newsletter promising the announcement of news coming soon. So, can you arrest him? K, thnx, bye.
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