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  1. Speedo

    The Muffs

    Green Day stole that song for The Grouch!
  2. The Simpsons hasn't been particularly good for a long time now. I used to love it but I've been burned too many times and don't bother watching it anymore. The movie was pretty good though.
  3. He probably gives good hugs.
  4. @Ghent it seems like you like sci-fi fantasy type stuff. If you get the chance give Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky a read.
  5. I had no idea the World Series was even happening!
  6. I don't think Tom was hinting at a single from another artist.
  7. Went away ... got committed ... same difference.
  8. Speedo

    The Muffs

    Well those people are wrong and you can all go fuck a duck!
  9. I'd agree if I had any clue what the fuck he was ever talking about.
  10. @Gaslit Jan let me know if you set up a game.
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