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  1. Get rid of Fallen Interlude or Lost Without You, both suck.
  2. I can never keep track of when these things are supposed to happen. Are they just random?
  3. I watched Everything Everywhere All At Once last night, it was okay.
  4. They’re sold out at Target, GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy’s around me and Amazon is still invitation only. I’m sure it’s possible to find one but it’s inconvenient still here and so I wait.
  5. Yeah, I think you’re right. I need to buy a PS5 but it’s been super inconvenient so far.
  6. I just checked and I don't think my laptop will handle it, which sucks but I'm less than casual at best so it's not worth it to upgrade to a gaming pc.
  7. Also, I set up a Steam account solely to play Half-Life. It's been a good day.
  8. I'm probably going to pick it up on friday, I think it's on Xbox One. I plan on impressing my wife with my wizarding ability ... later on, I'll show her my wand. It's got a phoenix core right now but I just started an antibiotic for that.
  9. I was wondering which side it was taking place on lol
  10. 3 separate families are mooching off of mine; they’ll never take me alive!
  11. Give me all that salt! Mmmmm!
  12. Yep. You can remap the controller set up but it’s not worth the effort.
  13. It’s 2023, my guy, none of those people are active anymore.
  14. It really gets my toes tapping and my fists swinging!
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