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  1. He’d have to have to invert the d for that!
  2. No one appreciates my genius, Mike. No one but you.
  3. Hey! You don’t misdirect my jokes, sir!
  4. I was making gay jokes about enemas sounding like sloppy buttstuff.
  5. I sent the link to everyone who requested it but I just found out that @High Value Man blocked it. Fuck the admin of this place. I’m sorry guys.
  6. Or an enema will sound like a dude ranch.
  7. I have the link, DM me. Legacy members only, tourists need not apply.
  8. Took me forever to actually get in here, I thought I was gonna be the first to break the leak news. I missed my chance to be king for a day. OMT is alright, it’s not what I expected though. I’m not disappointed, just hoped for something a little different, I guess.
  9. You shouldn’t accept this sort of shit, you should demand better from those capable of providing better.
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