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  1. No. Ari and Oliver came down in September of 2015, stayed for a week and we had a low key bachelor party with my friends and family. Ari came back for the wedding in October of 2015.
  2. Hes doing well. He stepped away because he was in a bad place mentally and he was using this place as an excuse to indulge inner demons. He has since been taking better care of himself, cut out the fast food, staying out of politics and just getting himself together. I'll tell him you said hi.
  3. Feeling_Kids only likes MGK because he is a pedophile who uses whatever trends the kids are into these days to groom them.
  4. Whatever the kids like has got to be good for business, huh?!
  5. You'll have to use an image sharing site like imgbb.com or something of the like ... this board sucks when it comes to uploading photos directly.
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