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  1. Also, Bane is the reason Batman is so broken.
  2. You're on your own with this one, the pedo creeps me out.
  3. You seem really upset about this photo of a whip can.
  4. Heard that old country road song this morning ... fucking sucks dick ... it's not even catchy, I don't get the appeal.
  5. 9:38 and 24 seconds ... fucking know-nothings.
  6. I usually just spill my heart puddle into a tissue or something so I don't have to clean up.
  7. Shh, you wouldn't. You love me so much and I love you more!
  8. I understand it more than I would enema-toypaj.
  9. Obviously the current era, only because it just doesn't feel the same. There are songs I really enjoy from Cali and I certainly enjoy the new songs but they don't have the same feel. I'm a tombot and I miss him, I don't think it'll ever be the same without him.
  10. I'm going to trust you on this and listen to it tomorrow ... I hope you don't let me down.
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