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  1. Speedo


    Looking for sloppy seconds?
  2. Speedo


    You can fight with @Kay over me!
  3. Speedo


    A ... Lab-read-dor ... eh? Eh? Get it?! Its the book thread?!
  4. Speedo


    I should be finishing up Inferno tonight and moving onto Purgatorio, I've been reading Divine Comedy pretty slow, trying to get a grasp of it. I didn't realize how fucking involved it is.
  5. I've been watching Hunters, it's pretty good!
  6. I was thinking of getting a bagel this morning.

    1. _Bagel


      I approve this message. Lather that thing in Lurpak!

  7. When I click the link it opens in my spotify app.
  8. The arrangement sucks and why the fuck is the refrain on a loop through the entire song?
  9. Yeah, pretty much, she's fucking smoking.
  10. Just watched Uncut Gems and I honestly didn't care much for it.
  11. Speedo

    The NHL thread

    I forgot to respond to this, I'm sorry. There are a couple of sports I've really been wanting to get into, hockey being the main one. I don't think I'll ever go back to cable again so I've been looking around for a good way to watch games but there doesn't really seem to be a viable option here. I read some shit about the NHL being super fucking shady about airing games and blacking out local games for viewers. As much as I would love to catch the games but I think I'm pretty much shit out of luck. $25 bucks a month for nhl tv is pretty steep for a sport I barely know and can't even catch the Dallas games on.
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