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  1. It’s like a pissing match but they’re pissing on themselves.
  2. That’s the plan. It’s just for fun though, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to actually listen to it. I’m no Thong, I don’t have the charm.
  3. 17. You’d know this if you’d bother to ask me, I am his father after all.
  4. I’m not convinced it’s alcohol related, Jan is just kind of a dummy.
  5. I don’t know, I never paid Limp Bizkit that much mind. He had a shit ton of different costumes though so maybe that was one of them.
  6. Wes is a phenomenal guitarist … shame about the gig he landed but great nonetheless.
  7. Jan doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s just talking.
  8. Okay but Durst never used that image so what the fuck are you talking about, Janet?
  9. Figured it would, thanks for the confirmation.
  10. Tubthumping did but that’s it. That song was everywhere for a few months.
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