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  1. The more I listen to The Chats, the more I love then. I wish I was Australian.
  2. And they're gonna torture you with their shitty music!
  3. Sounds like it was just a court ceremony ... I don't know how it isn't there in CA but you can't wear any non-religious head covering in a courthouse here.
  4. Hi, Interpol? Yeah, listen, I willingly signed up and gave my information to Tom DeLonge's AvA site ... No, he didn't force me ... I mean, I thought we were gonna see aliens or some cool shit ... yeah, definitely no aliens, big foot dicks or illuminati stuff. It's just this newsletter promising the announcement of news coming soon. So, can you arrest him? K, thnx, bye.
  5. Err'body in da club getting tipsy!

  6. I have new friends now, who would love to get me tipsy and take advantage of me! @Depf @_Bagel @Johnny Two Bags @twentytwenty, you boys DTF or what?!
  7. There's nothing wrong with swearing at people on XBox Live, Nasa.
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