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  1. @Cheerios4u98 2017 Thrawn sounds like the kinda fix I need, thank you my beskar brother. Next purchase. Also tempted to buy the John Jackson Miller Kenobi novel - I know it’s not canon anymore, but I thought it might get me even more in the mood for the new series.
  2. Does it deal with like the inner-workings of the Empire/Galactic Civil War? I'm a fiend about all that stuff, I don't care as much about the Unknown Reasons/Chiss world etc. Yeah, seriously adds a lot of weight to Krennic/Lyra/Galen's relationship and how entrapped he was. I like anything that threads together the PT and OT
  3. Is the 2017 Thrawn worth reading? I've just finished Catalyst by James Luceno, need my next fix.
  4. You just know that Travis is boring af. I would kill a child to go out on the piss with Tom, think it would be magic. Everything's Magic
  5. Got a throbbing Sci-Fi boner atm - planning to read The Forever War, The Dispossessed and Thrawn.

  6. That Zoom call was one of the highlights of my life, nocap. I must have had a shitty life. You beautiful French bastard! You form the tapestry of this place. Blink 182 Online forever, you're goddamn right x
  7. Hell YES! Once I storm through it, will hit you up. We can take on the mantle and start dropping Succession quotes...if it gets better than shit, will hit some insane heights.
  8. Started Succession and hoh boy this is my shit. All of the characters are so scheming and unlikable, or inept with a superior sense of self and ability - just as the son's/daughters of a media mogul would be. Beautiful. Also keeping my Star Wars fix with Book of Boba. About to begin rewatching The Sopranos with my housemate too. What a time to be alive.
  9. The diner scene. Two Titans going at it. 'BBQ's and ball-games? Fuck kind of life is that'
  10. Been in a bad place, my girlfriend put on The Fundamentals of Caring. Would really recommend - great interplay between Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts. Selena Gomez is actually really good in it too. Road-trip comedy with an emotional core. Give it a go lads and lasses
  11. Covid for a second time - let's goooooo

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. twentytwenty


      Stop licking strangers!

    3. Thibaut182


      Oh no 😭😭😭😭


    4. _Bagel


      @twentytwenty- Never! They're so delicious! Come here you...

      @Thibaut182- I will live man, there are still more blink videos to be uncovered! ❤️

  12. I remember my jaw being wide open, it doesn't leave you for weeks...incredible.
  13. Egg nog tastes like shit 

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    2. Speedo


      I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had it but principle alone does not allow me to agree with Jan so fuck eggnog!

    3. _Bagel


      @J3n - I imported some from across the pond, maybe it spoiled on the way over. 

      @Speedoi wish I could explain the flavour - it’s like when I was excited to try root beer and it ended up being fucking listerine.

    4. twentytwenty


      Haha I had the same experience with root beer. That 70s show made me have so much hope for it.

      I had a similar experience with Froot Loops, imported it, was expensive as hell, and tasted like shit, like I immediately had to spit it out 

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