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  1. Pleasure to make your acquaintance
  2. Then us (in our Oasis shirts) would say 'I spit on Fred Durst, who's up for some fisticuffs??'
  3. What do we call Alien Ant Farm? Fucking love this video
  4. I vote myself as Treasurer, I will embezzle all funds and buy a Jet Ski
  5. Corrrr - there's a dreamlike quality to this. In a pure Oasis phase at the moment, magical time that
  6. Something was in the air in 2004, holy shit. It reached a crescendo in 2008 on Xbox live, waiting to matchmake in Halo 3
  7. God I wish I got to interact with that dude. I was here for a bit in 2014, but I hadn't evolved yet - was merely a charmander
  8. Alas, the student has become the master
  9. My pleasure mate. I really mean it, you obviously put tons of work in. It meant a lot to 16 year old me discovering this band and abit of my identity at the same time. So, thanks again my friend! You've certainly done that and more!
  10. Those that he dug up I believe, anything that’s on the Thibaut YouTube channel. His name has been a fixture in my mind since then
  11. Oi...Blink Italia, if you’re reading this - I would ( at least attempt to) slap the shit out of you with a wet sea bass. Mark would cackle in glee as I did so.
  12. God I fucking hate that cunt. you sir - have bought so much to the blink community. When I first got into blink, I watched so many of your videos. Gave me further insight into their personalities. Thanks for all the digging you’ve done
  13. He's found love...also, your picture - it's making me hungry
  14. Hahaha. It’s always the ones you least suspect. I use it in jest ....nocap
  15. Nocap I’m a cool guy 

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