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  1. You again? If you shut your face during that Lagwagon thread, you wouldn’t have missed that fucking fly ball...I was ashamed to face my friends ! ahaha that is the devil of Tom, and I bet he done it all whilst wearing an AVA Love shirt. Evil genius
  2. Ahhhh, maybe I’m feigning ignorance because I am in fact bombtom. thank u for the terminology clear up
  3. What’s a sock account ? Is it anything to do with wanking into a sock?
  4. I like to consider myself objective and by no means a Tom-Bot (maybe that’s what a bot would say, idk). I’ve got to say tho, I think Kiss & Tell is a fairly decent Tom song, like slightly better than okay. I’ve gone back to it infinitely more times than anything on Nine, not quite some songs on Cali. I’ve listened to Quarantine once, I have no real desire to listen to it again. What does this mean? I don’t really know. What is a blink fan called when they believe that blink in a nutshell is the dynamic/relationship between Mark and Tom. Without that there, the band feels stale (to me) , it ceases to feel like blink. Does this mean I’m a bitter fuck that can’t accept present circumstances? Idk. Does this mean Skiba blink has a distinct lack of chemistry ? Idk. Was Tom the dominant creative force behind what made blink, blink? Idk I don’t fucking knOOOW
  5. I don't know what else The La's ever did, I don't care, this is enough
  6. Bro I’m with you there. That bass at the beginning, drums kicking in, Caper’s lyrics. Lagwagon are a force
  7. I know we have a Lagwagon thread, but that’s preaching to the converted. Quarantine’s drums got me thinking of this. Self-aware Skate punk KINGS. I’m a broken record
  8. Finally got round to listening to it.I like the semi political stance of some of Mark’s lyrics, at least he’s sort of saying something. Could’ve done with Matt’s involvement tho. I can see it being quite forgettable for me but not bad by any means. It makes me want to listen to Bubble by Lagwagon, which is a song that I can listen to 1000’s of times and will do so time immemorial
  9. Just when you think you can’t love a guy anymore - oh my god , of course he did
  10. Wait - how come we can't link the song in the thread? If not, could someone send me a link via PM please? I found the full lyrics online and was actually pleasantly surprised
  11. I never knew this was a thing. That broke my brain, a mashup that I didn't know I needed
  12. Yeah tbf - All That's Left can be applied to a lot of situations. Any time the world is facing hardship/needs to emphasise community, so I guess it fits for any time really. This one is more on the nose yeah, I guess it'll be a call time capsule of this time when looking back. I like songs that allude more. Like Elevator in Boxcar Racer. The residue of 9/11 was all over that album, but in lines and imagery, rather than an entire song called '9/11'. Oh fairplay, 21Pilots isn't my thing so I have no idea. You would think there would be more tho! I'm the same, Skiba and Mark are two amazing lyricists for this scene. I'm hoping steel sharpens steel on the next record
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