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  1. I spy Chris Cote in the background, to be cucked 20 years later
  2. Why have I never heard of The Band? Is it because of their shite, impossible name? Have I been under a rock. Heard 'The Weight' near the beginning of Easy Rider the other week, been hooked on 'em since
  3. Thanks mate - if I consider myself a fan, I've got to get to it! It definitley seems to I'm over halfway through the return now. It's defintley not what I was expecting, but things had to move forward. Lynch isn't out to pander to his viewers, he wants to stretch them. I think i feel frustrated because my expectations have deffo been subverted. I've been dying to
  4. 10000% , honestly in all of television that i've seen. It came out of nowhere too, the rammifications of the speech as well...ooft. Beforehand, Major Briggs had struggled to connect with Bobby and this just cut through everything. I think that is something that every child wants to hear, but I think most parents don't always have the words. Another favourite moment, which also comes out of nowhere , is Albert's 'I love you Sheriff Truman' speech. @_Kyle_- Thanks for that. Next payday, I might be willing to fork out. This has the segment where Lynch interviews the Palmer family right?
  5. Double post but, this scene absolutely fucking floored me. How do you write something like that?
  6. Unfortunately in the U.K. - I can't find it available to stream anywhere, legal or otherwise. I've seen some clips - and wanted to get all the deets beore the third season. What I've actually seen are the last 15 minutes, some stuff with Bobby and Laura. The woman playing Laura absolutely killed it
  7. Used this Christmas break to finally tackle Twin Peaks. I wasn't dissapointed. Quirky, endearing, fucked up and frustrating all in one -now gearing up for the third season. Dale Cooper may be one of my favourite protagonists ever.
  8. The Godfather. It's warm, it's familiar , it's about family - I always associate it with Christmas. Part of it is set at Christmas time as well. The food is fucking exquisite and it's a classic that never tires
  9. Hahah innit. Proper 2000’s tune. Bloc Party, Libertines, still buying CD’s from HMV. Thought it would do the same for ya Scotty my boy
  10. RIP Gerard Houllier. An unsung manager in may respects, did many wonderful things for the club. Everyone has used the words 'gentleman' to describe him, proper bloke
  11. Holy shit. Not sure what made me think of this, such a mid 2000's song.
  12. Do we have a dedicated Star Wras thread? The only two forums I'm a part of is this and The Cantina. I think a lot of rumours say that Kenobi will be flashback heavy. Need to explore that relationship between Anakin and Obi Wan even more. Imagine if Liam Neeson returns, training Obi Wan on Tatooine. The Mandalorian keeps getting better and better. They're even humanising elements of the Empire now, which I love.
  13. Exactly!! - the battle is won with the first three alone. The dynamic of a three piece. The fucking immediacy of the music, unreal
  14. So fucking good. I will always be convinced that three-piece bands are the magic number. Incredible
  15. Shit man - I was getting kinda frustrated with where the Mandalorian was going. Like every week it was do a different favour for someone else etc, but holy shit - the last two or three episodes have been HEAVY in the lore. Live action Ashoka and Bo Katan, I'm in. The plot is deffo thickening and I'm backing it.
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