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  1. It still hurts even after all these years

  2. My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon

  3. I just wanna know who Tom’s hair guy is. I need a crowdfund for follicles

  4. I dip my toe in this cold, cold life

  5. A broken man, a Frankenstein 

  6. Turpentine best blink song of all time nocap 

  7. Turpentine and DWM best songs on the album nocap 

  8. Every crab whittles the soul 

  9. Even Fell in Love is beginning to slap. Wtf is this. 

  10. I'm gay. So what? Don't judge...my butt

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. _Bagel


      Glad to hear it. I'm okay - haven't come back with much change or any epiphanies. Just tipping my toe back in to see y'know

    3. Kay


      love you bagel buddy

    4. _Bagel


      @Kay aw, love you too K-Dawg. Thanks for that x

  11. Board sucks, I know

  12. I've won 21 Days. Wonder if they'll play it in SA...oh shit, wait

  13. I believe in now, I believe in love agaaaaain

  14. Scott No Braynor

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