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  1. Blink italia (leeched the good work of someone else, shock) and shared a transcription of song titles from studio notes, they sound diabolical
  2. Member berries are so fucking cute man. Love those little guys
  3. You’re just not striking me as a United fan at all. I would be devastated if it was the other way round. Playing your rivals always matters. That’s football. I think Ten Hag handles most things exceptionally, including this. That’s not the argument - I’m saying they felt it on the day. It’s not just some loss, it’s a thrashing to Liverpool. I’ve been watching us since I was about six years old, I know what we can do. I detest United. Always have, always will. That’s football. It’s tribalism. I like Ten Hag, Rashford etc. I still want to see you struggling. It’s meant to hurt. Football without that emotional context becomes numbers on a board. How can you not hate city? A club devoid of soul. I appreciate what Pep has done with his current crop of protégés coming through becoming top managers - but city and their dominance can get fucked
  4. That makes 0 sense. Context is being battered by the struggling team you surely detest most? Or do you not support United? Football is about emotion. Your manager was devastated. Your captain’s head fell off. But you feel fine ? Why? I just don’t buy it.
  5. You broke records in how badly you lost? How does that not hurt? Against your rivals that are floundering ? I’d have more respect if you accepted that it hurts, because the hoops you’re jumping through to avoid saying that - tells me it does. No reasonable person is saying one result is going to derail your season (or make ours) but you were embarrassed. Crack on, get third - but it was a titanic game and titanic failure
  6. He lost 7-0 to his biggest rivals, if you’re not bothered by that- support another team. Clearly have no regard for football if that result doesn’t cut you deep. You’re projecting - accept that it hurts, move on later. You’ll still probably finish a place higher than us in your best season in years, and our worst 😂
  7. Projection and delusion. I had two United mates that I watched it with, tell me that losing 7-0 is the same as 1-0. Both 0 points. Laughable. Just accept it was a loss and it hurt and move on
  8. I believe in now, I believe in love agaaaaain

  9. Might do some watching tonight! I like the dirty sound, I’m just a sucker for big melodic choruses- which they seem to have perfected a bit later
  10. Skinhead flob would piss his pants in seconds. God, Travis has surrounded himself with wannabe gangsters for so long
  11. Been listening to a lot of Social Distortion lately. Fucking love Mike Ness, his story is really inspiring. Beating back addiction. Their music is hopeful, big choruses without ever being corny. Highway 101 is a fucking jam.
  12. As a Liverpool fan, I've been ducking a lot of the footie this year. Just haven't enjoyed it, knew it was gonna be shit as we're transitioning - whole spine going on a decline. Arsenal's result and the game yesterday obviously reignited something, difficult not to. I watched it with two of my best mates, both United fans, fuck me - not sure if it was dealing with a fallout of emotions, but the delusion was strong. They said losing 1-0 is the same as 7, what a joke. They also said it doesn't matter as this was Liverpool's 'Cup final'. Another joke, really. If United vs Liverpool isn't the biggest game of your season, you may as well go support another fucking team. Always will be the be all and end all. There was some luck, but the joy we found down that right side wasn't anything to do with luck. Your season will still likely end better than ours, but you just have to let the result hurt. If that result spurs us on to get 4th, then it means something - if nothing comes of it, it means a lot less. Also, Bruno's head went - not what you want from a captain. Then again, I remember Gerrard's last derby...
  13. You don’t fuck up with South America. That’s once in a lifetime shit. I get not being able to play/ postponing as long as the shows are fulfilled. But yeah, could act like an adult and show some decorum. However - this is the same man that baby talks his gal all day and then uploads photos of their clothes strewn across the floor after sex. He’s a man-child.
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