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  1. Fucking senseless that this guy died at 25, same with Biggie. How do you fit so much in your life by that age? Old beyond their years.
  2. yo...I miss my man @Depf

    1. Depf


      Meetup Round 3. This time with kinky sex toys show&tell.

    2. _Bagel


      @Depfdid you make round 2? I simped out. How was it? 

      I’ll get my love egg collection sorted in order of diameter 

    3. Depf


      Couldnt make it on time and those red white and blue bantamweights have the stamina of chainsmoking two pump chumps. with asthma. Except speedo,  he's a friend of ours.

  3. Our man Travis is a wet wipe. How is he best mates with the most anti celebrity celebrity/genuine bundle of human that is Mark. tf
  4. Haha, the man knew the business ...and had a smoking hot wifey. Remember to hold your cock when dealing with these desert people.
  5. @twentytwenty Did I see somewhere you’ve never heard of Ghostface ? I suffered Jessie J...you sir, must listen. Make this ur first gig when all this shit is over, see you there
  6. 75 mil? No wonder he opened the World Cup, holy fuck. I never knew. That shit is ...crazaaaay. You a big Libertines fan? Yeasss. An ending fitting for the start, you twist and tore our love apart - you seen them? Big bad Pete Doherty. If you do ever find it, let me know. Haha - are they a lot like us over there at Status Quo? I’m on a Star Wars forum as well, tho I’m a lot less active there. No other bands tho
  7. This is why I love you 20, you unashamedly like what you like. Glad you got that experience man. No better feeling than seeing someone you always wanted to see. Seeing them in the FLESH, like they’re a real human being. Amazing. Can’t wait for that again. Does this mean you’re also on a Robbie Williams forum!?
  8. Hahaha , he does have that PRESENCE, I can’t deny there . I hope you cried tears of joy that night sir, threw your boxers on stage
  9. I have nothing new or insightful to say...which is rare. Overload and Recover would have made for fantastic blink songs. People have died in the cola wars. The Star Wars sequels are fermented cabbage
  10. Haha, that’s better than hanging on- embracing the turn of the tide mate. I’m sure you rock it like big Bruce Willis Didn’t know MGK had one! I bet so many celebs have on the sly
  11. Your boy ? Did you get a transplant?? I would heavily consider that shit as my hairline is eroding like a cliff
  12. Maybe a soul you'd sell for Mass Appeal

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