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  1. Well the people that worked there said he would check in a lot to see how things were going. Didn’t realise it was closed down though
  2. Yeah - I had to explain to this Iranian taxi driver why I needed to gawp at this house and lamppost. He was confused. I was horny
  3. Good man. Tom’s house is the best of the bunch I think…just to think of how it all started, the lamppost outside etc. Maybe To The Stars in Encinitas? Depends how Tom Botty you are - there’s always a chance he might pop in.
  4. ‘ he got pooped on by a bird!!’ GOAT interview. Remeber stumbling upon it during my first deep dive into blink, made me buy a coach jacket looool. Just love the vibe of living by the beach, then going to get fast food and practicing in the studio. A day in the fucking life of all lives.
  5. I just think Season 2 is jarring Cus it moves away from the characters we’re used to. Bothered me at first but on multiple watches, probably my second favourite season. Long live the brotherhood of stevedores
  6. It’s okay Laura…it’s okay. Horus works in mysterious ways. I became enamoured with Ice Road Truckers about 47 minutes ago on my lunch break - which we both know…was because of you.
  7. My head doesn’t fit through doorways. You are in orbit of my head rn, bask in my gravitational pull. BASK
  8. Admit I am a huge influence on your life
  9. I’m gonna say this was all me and not the thousands of articles, anectodes, friends and family that told you to do so. Bathe in the majesty of The Bunk
  10. He has always fiended for this life , massive socialite. It’s an odd development from shy drummer in obscure band that wear costumes to - ultra media mogul with branded water and shit.
  11. Because of MsandT, I now have a negative association with TMNT. I will never forgive him for that
  12. Bagel meltdown, #1. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kay


      Oh, sweetie...

      By this boards standards, you're not remotely close to a meltdown. 

    3. _Bagel


      Cheers Kay. A little cute outburst, nothing more! x

    4. Speedo


      An outburst ... let's leave out the rest, you're treading into Jan country there.

  13. Yikes - that’s mad. Hooky is one of the finest bassists of our times. Think I might swerve the interview
  14. I ship MORK, whoever they may be
  15. On a more positive note than my recent posts - My little brother got me a belated birthday gift. Opened it and nearly had a blub…thoughtful bastard.
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