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  1. How the fuuuuck does suggesting Carousel not warrant as many crabs as Dumpweed? Do I do it again? Even tho I’ll cry like a bitch ? D...D...Dumpweed
  2. Fucking itches bro @Russel Coight haha cheers mate - I will try n hold a stiff upper lip n stave off crying. I’ve got to die on this hill now. 21 days > Dumpweed for myself. May have to hide under a rock until it’s off, much like a crustacean. @Jan's Plan yeah I’ve still not decided on how I feel about strategising, like I did it on the AVA odds an ends and I’m not sure if I felt dutty for doing so
  3. I wish I picked this 😩, I'm getting crabbed to oblivion here
  4. @Speedo oh wow Ipecac, you couldn't pay me to drink that shit hahaha. Does it have 100% success rate of projectile every time? Poor Mel Gibson
  5. Dumpweed. A great song - as they all are on this list . After like 7 years of being a blink fan I barely ever listen to it. My boy 21 Days deserves better Edit : How do you stop the crabs from hurting
  6. Did you? There was me thinking I was all original and shit, making some intriguing insight at a dinner party - I probably stole the point from someone else anyway haha. Yeah, nostalgia is a powerful drug. baaaaaa
  7. True ! At least they were in the same room - California is pretty much Star Wars - The Force Awakens. Trying to forcibly recapture what made them blink/star wars in the first place. Works at times , fails and looks transparent in others by going over trodden out tropes etc. In each case, got my nostalgia giddy for a bit, but would rather they push for something new
  8. To me it just sounded false, like they were purposefully trying to replicate the sound of Take Off Your Pants or that blink feel , which they had already evolved from - Like it didn't feel organic or real to me
  9. The Only Thing That Matters - be gone
  10. Thanks for this mate , love the insight back in time - that Thrasher interview was sick . Mark and Tom saying how Scott is the only one with ambitions outside of the band itself...
  11. Surprised Cynical didn't win the best song on Cali, that opener is unreal. The Only Thing That Matters - for me, one of the most forgettable tunes on California (keeping BTP for a bit because of the riffs)
  12. Fuck, how did Lemmings not win the Dude Ranch round. I'll vote off The Only Thing That Matters
  13. Really? Maybe it's more American then, I don't think I've ever come across a Sherrie. Yeah I'm butchering that spelling
  14. Anyone got a smoke for The Caper?
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