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  1. Cor, this match is stale bread. We are stale bread
  2. The power we now have Jan A slip of the keyboard, a revealing of the fates
  3. I heard that you ate all the grapes on the grapevine and now they had to close the grapevine
  4. I read it when I first got hit with that existential depression, was still depressed after. So I shook the book, thinking it wasn’t working. I don’t remember too much about it, but his perseverance in the face of the worst situation imaginable is very inspiring.
  5. Davey is a GOAT. I think some people had beef with him for thinking he had an air of superiority, but if they spoke to him properly - they'd know he is a very generous dude. Plus, he had the clout to back it up. The guy literally goes to get coffee with Mark. Without him, half the amazing stuff that has happened on this board over the last few years wouldn't have done. I owe him a lot. Miss him Wherever you are @daveyjones - live long and prosper
  6. We would, Casey. We would. Ahem - I mean yeah, Bouncing Souls!!
  7. You stood beside me You didn't recognise me Funny how some things never change GOATed band
  8. Actually, I have a prediction : Starfield will suck The gameplay really looked lackluster. Todd Howard is a bit of a con man nowadays. I really want it to be good, but I'm not hopeful
  9. STOP, CRIMINAL SCUM! Same voice actor voicing like 300 characters . Hahaha, that's the charm right there. Also, the cities were waaaay more expansive. Like compare Skingrad to somewhere like Morthal, night and day. Yeah, poison apples - the way forward. Hhaha 'You...You are the one from my dreams'. Alright there Uriel I'd say oblivion might be too old now to have a good time with, unless you can mod it. I tried it over lockdown and just couldn't get much out of it anymore, that might be on me though. Skyrim combat is heavily improved over Oblivion, but then there are more RPG elements in Oblivion - just depends what you like my man. Wonder what Starfield will be like
  10. Nah - I think a lot of TES fans feel that way. A lot of people jumped on the bandwagon with Skyrim. The guild quests are much more shallow in Skyrim, so's the civil war arc etc. Oblivion had charm and intrigue. Also, I love how hideous everyone is in Oblivion. Only bore are the Oblivion gates after the 7th time of asking
  11. Fuck, I found that guy annoying but I appreciate the legwork - layers in layers, onions
  12. How much is everyone into The Elder Scrolls? I've always loved the games but lately I've taken a deep dive into the lore and wow. It's unlike anything else, it's purposefully unclear and up for interpretation. Are the two moons actually the body of the dead god Lorkhan? Did the dwarves disappear because they realised they were figments of a god's dream? Was Talos actually a bit of a wanker? I've never really seen an approach, the in-game books obfuscate all the points further. I like
  13. Yeah, I thought he would be the type of dude to talk about it straight on - the saving account for my own HT grows poorly each day
  14. Boycott the Donald thread and the World Cup

  15. That's fine! I can save my console for some srs stuff. I mean, it runs RDR2 - which is still really impressive! Oldies as well. I need to play Half-Life 2 and all the episodes. Garry's Mod. CS. So I think that would be perfect. The stuff that I can't get my teeth into on console
  16. oooooo. I'm liking this and it's a really reasonable price. What kind of stuff are you running on it?? Does the fan get loud. Cheers as always Nasbot
  17. Witcher 3 Next Gen update. Dick yeah, going to have to get back to that. Only got to Novigrad last time - so got to tackle it again. Considering getting a gaming laptop - anyone had any experience? I need a new machine anyway so , thought i may as well get one that can run like new games at a mid level
  18. I think that Jimmy guy now manages Tom. He just seems like a rotund alcoholic, so I'm here for it . Gus Brandt manages Mark Kim K's Mum manages Travis
  19. I said a'wahwahwahwahwah 

  20. Speedo does have a Rick n Morty tattoo

  21. Don't resist. I'm thinking it's like a 7 day old corn dog form Petco Park, wrapped up in congealed VK jelly - with chive
  22. What do you guys think Tom's hat smells like?
  23. Yeah - mission structure/shooting mechanics are the same, that's about it. I feel like the world was so much more reactive than any GTA game I played. Ah man - sorry to hear. Have you got a Series X? I can see it on the Xbox store. Yeah, emulating shit is beyond me - tread carefully my friend
  24. yeah - it really requires some patience, it has that slow burn feel of a novel. Honestly - it is a book in my eyes. Glad we both persevered. Red Dead > GTA. Rockstar’s best IP by far
  25. I really hope that it's recorded in complete somewhere, can't believe I missed an hour! Holy shit - this is massive
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