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  1. Yeah mate. Unbelievable presence. Wish that episode had more of him. I feel the same for the fifth brother, speaking in that sad boi growl - fuck off mate. Not so sure about that last episode. Glad Obi-Wan got his force balllls back but the pace felt all off on that episode. The rescue etc. We not gonna see a Clone Wars flashback? Would do bits to emphasise Obi-Wan and Anakin’s relationship
  2. Yeah - you could sense the pain. The two personalities of Anakin and Vader enmeshed there for a minute. I would love this to just keep bridging the two. Really hope for a Clone Wars flashback tonight. They both look great age wise, could easily be done with a bit of tech. Same here, we take what we can get. If there’s more content that bridges this gap - holy shit
  3. ‘ I am what you made me.’ jeeeeze
  4. As you can see - my Jedi powers are far beyond yours 

  5. ‘heavy metallers with their awful pussy hair bands’ OH YEAAAAH. Fantastic.
  6. Good to have you back, son. Give Me One Good Reason is deffo up there. What Went Wrong - do enjoy Reckless Abandon too
  7. TOPYAJ - Summer Succy Sellout jamboree Tom showed what he could do legit a year later with Boxcar. The singles from that album (videos permitting) blowwww.
  8. Fart in my mouth, damn you 

  9. Goddamn. Tom just gets worse and worse. Yet Mark Hoppus is the kind of guy to jump on a zoom call with you for free Cus, you know, heart the size of an oven
  10. Tough one - Bouncing Souls tune and aura are way more positive tho ( not hard considering Ben Weasel but )
  11. Board sabbatical when FOB or fucking Good Charlotte win this , smbh ( shake my bald head)
  12. Like killing cops and reading Kerouac 

  13. Yeah, this was the best moment of that film. Just like their scene was the best moment of The Force Awakens too. Adam Driver has muaaad skills
  14. Nah I’m with you, three more albums like that and then maybe Deja Etnandu ( cba to look up the spelling)
  15. Sexy list. Depends whether people lean more POP or PUNK. I mean it probably is Basket Case, but May 16th is one of the tightest, well-made songs in that list. Linoleum too. Fuck Fat Mike, crazy song though
  16. Royce is underrated in the world of Hip Hop
  17. Everlong is as overplayed as Wonderwall. only thing I remember about Big Me is the video, I rate My Hero tho. Last one I heard from them that I liked was Rope, I was in like the second gear of high school then. Says it all
  18. Yeah - ‘ooooh; I broke my leg! Rock on!!!!’ And I swear like he lays claim to being influenced by EVERY fucking band. Pops up in the Descendants documentary, then plays on stage with Bob Mould - duck off bro I’m trying to watch YouTube
  19. You a big Frank fan? (well, his early stuff). I interviewed him once, he was a lovely man! Got me on the guest list after, bless him
  20. The one with the platypus?

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