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  1. Oh man I think the song is great but it would be the perfect blink song if the guitar was more pronounced and adding Mark’s lower pitched voice to accompany Tom’s in the chorus.
  2. He’s probably working 60-70 hour weeks to make that much. Is it really worth it at that point?
  3. Those last few pages were a rollercoaster! Diddy meltdowns always make my day.
  4. Tom has 365 unread text messages 😳
  5. On one of his latest twitch streams. Someone asked him when the last time he saw Tom in person and he said Tom and Travis went to his house after his diagnosis and chatted for hours.
  6. Pretty awesome to hear that Mark, Tom and Travis got together at Marks house after he got his diagnosis.
  7. That was a great listen! I would love to hear them chat on a podcast at some point though. Not a huge fan of Mark’s show mainly due to the FM radio style.
  8. Dylan_


    The men’s 400m hurdles final was probably one of the most exciting track and field events I’ve seen. I thought Rai Benjamin was going to take it at the beginning of the straight but Warholm ran like a madman after the last hurdle.
  9. Dylan_


    The top 3 in the 100m sprint all set personal bests in the final which is pretty incredible. Goes to show just how competitive it is.
  10. Dylan_


    Haha love this. Makes me miss home when I watch it!
  11. Dylan_


    Surprised we haven’t had an Olympics thread started! Anyone been watching? Iknow it was a weird build up with Covid but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far. The Aussie women killed it in the pool and Caeleb Dressel is incredible. And I don’t think anyone saw Italy taking the men’s 100m sprint. It’s been a huge year for Italy in the sporting world!
  12. Man the video has made my day! Love it when Tom acts goofy as hell and immature. This brings back memories of watching the First Date video on repeat. I love the song too. Nothing spectacular but super catchy and has great vibes.
  13. I’ve been binging It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and can’t remember the last show to make me laugh this much. It helps that I lived in Philly and all the characters are exactly like people you would meet in the street.
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