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  1. He said something like “no Coronavirus in the studio” so I’m wondering if that’s why he deleted the post.
  2. Dylan_


    NBA has suspended the season 😳
  3. Yeahhh Skiba looks fucked up. That answer he gave seemed like he was on another planet. Hope he is alright.
  4. Haha Feeling This sounds like Tom is up on stage with them 😂
  5. I saw Mark walking around Beverly Hills yesterday. He was walking 5 feet in front of Skye so I guess you can confirm that divorce is on the cards.
  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if his divorce was probably a huge driving factor in this.
  7. Yeah if Tom was one of the only artists doing this then I would think it’s kind of odd but there’s some pretty huge artists that are doing the same thing which is interesting for sure.
  8. Damn that looks pretty sweet! Still can’t believe the blinkumentary never became a thing. Would of been awesome to see the behind the scenes transition over the years from Tom to Matt.
  9. Oliver is a sad bitter lonely man. If something doesn’t work for him then apparently no way it can work for anyone else.
  10. Fuck yeah Tom. He seems happy so good for him!
  11. To be a fly on the wall at one of Tom’s dates haha
  12. At least Tom didn’t collaborate with a guy who beat his pregnant girlfriend and admitted to stabbing 9 people!
  13. Tom ain’t broke. Did you see the huge renovation he did on that mountain cabin/treehouse.
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