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  1. I’ve heard that a lot of tournaments are against it as it would mess up their scheduling. Surely they could find a solution to that.
  2. Woman should really play best of 5 sets. It honestly could make the matches more interesting. A few games can absolutely change the whole match in tennis.
  3. Tom and Mark both use each other when they need to promote something. Honestly it’s pretty smart.
  4. You wear sneakers if you go to the beach? Fucking weirdo mate.
  5. You realize people who live in warm climates wear flip flops like majority of the time?
  6. Not many sports can compare to cricket when you’ve got a billion Indians following it haha
  7. Sports are just fucking great in general. I honestly can sit down and watch most professional sports and enjoy whatever it is.
  8. Dylan_


    Lakers stealing the Warriors bench if they end up with Iggy haha
  9. Dylan_


    I’m a Lakers fan and was initially a little upset he chose the clippers but this is honestly great for the league.
  10. Dylan_


    Well that was unexpected! Holy shit. Credit to Kawhi for not wanting to start a super team at the Lakers. Lakers just need to surround Lebron and AD with shooters and a decent PG. The league is going to be exciting next season!!
  11. Dylan_


    I do have a feeling Kahwi stays in Toronto though.
  12. Dylan_


    Kawhi is from LA and I’m pretty sure he’s always wanted to play for the Lakers. Plus the Lakers have always been a team to build around free agency or trades so it’s not surprising that they could end up with Lebron, AD and Kahwi.
  13. Dylan_


    Kawhi joining the Lakers is a a lot different . The dude has already won 2 championships and 2 finals MVP’s. Plus he is also from LA so it would be a homecoming for him.
  14. The upper seats at the Saratoga show were almost empty from lots of photos. Didn’t a guy here say there was 12,000 people for a place they holds 25,000?
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