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  1. It’s sad how shitty both Mark and Tom sound these days. What the fuck happened?
  2. The song is decent but Matt’s part is so pointless and he adds nothing at all. Video is cool!
  3. Pretty glad I didn’t end up spending $70 to see them last night. Some of the videos from last night were hard to watch.
  4. Cool video but I thought I was going to have a seizure with so much going on haha
  5. @Marik How did you find the food at Crossroads? I live just down the street and haven’t been yet because I’m lazy haha
  6. Poor David. Everytime I see AVA mentioned, David always gets left out haha The dude is probably keeping busy now he has 3 coffee shops though
  7. A friend at work had an extra ticket so I went to a third show last night haha It was the last show of the tour and it was probably the best of the three shows I went to. Tom is over his sickness and was absolutely killing it last night. I’ve never seem him interact with the crowd as much as he did. He was shaking hands and giving high fives after the show was done which was neat to see.
  8. Never really grew up eating Mexican food in Australia but when I moved to California it blew my mind how amazing and diverse the food is. Southern California has some of the best fish tacos you’ll ever eat. It’s honestly a huge reason why I don’t want to leave this place haha
  9. I’m actually considering going to the Ventura show so I can hear the songs they cut when he got sick haha
  10. Rebel Girl live is fucking great! The crowd was was loving it at both shows I went to. Got some great videos from the shows but I need to figure how to upload them.
  11. Someone yelled out “Matt Skiba sucks” at the secret show last night and the crowd gave him a pretty hard time which was nice to see. Tom definitely heard since it was so quiet at the time and it looked like he shook his head.
  12. Haha seriously @Ry-Bread this would be your best chance to meet him and get it signed. Idyllwild is a tiny mountain town so when Tom is there it shouldn’t be hard to find him.
  13. Just got back from the KROQ show. It was really awesome seeing AVA in such a small venue! It sucks that Tom is so sick. It looked like he was having a hard time up there but still put on a great show. Seeing Ilan drum up close is insane. The dude goes into another world once the music starts. I was right up front and got some great photos and videos but I have no idea how to upload them haha
  14. Lol damn Tom hurt you that bad huh?
  15. Went to the show last night in LA and had a great time! Tom is sick so they cut the set list down a couple of songs but he looked like he was loving it up there. His stories were hilarious and he was interacting with the crowd a lot which was awesome. Ilan is a beast on the drums and Matt Rubano looked like he was having the time of his life haha.
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