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  1. Blinks latest post on Instagram is getting destroyed. Some of the comments are pretty bad. Doesn't help that they caption it “This is the tour you’re going to tell your grandkids about”.
  2. I also saw that Central Park are prompting the summer series show with a photo of Tom haha I guess someone just grabbed the first image off google that they could find
  3. I am a hypocrite! I wish I could give up cheese but it’s almost addictive as crack.
  4. I’m trying to cut down on all dairy for environmental reasons but cheese is pretty damn hard to give up.
  5. Looks like Matt hit a wrong note again and Mark is confused as fuck.
  6. I used to love milk. Probably still do. But I then realized how weird it is for humans to drink another baby animals milk and gave it up.
  7. Oat milk is great. Look out for the brand Oatley. Pretty sure it’s also Canadian.
  8. If it’s money from the pre-California days then that’s totally fair.
  9. I first thought that lyric was “almond milk since 1999” haha
  10. For real! I first thought it was something a fan put together super quickly 😂
  11. Dylan_


    Haha how the fuck did the Lakers jump so many spots to end up with the 4th pick? Thats a huge asset to have to trade for AD.
  12. Yeah my local alt-rock station hasn’t played it much at all which is odd cause they play blink daily.
  13. Dylan_


    That shot last night was insane. Kawhi is simply incredible.
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