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  1. Can anyone confirm this? Pretty cool if it’s true!
  2. Ehh doesn’t really count if they are fake though, does it? At least Kourtney seems like the one with the least amount of work done.
  3. There are Queen fanboys? I’m a big Queen fan but have never really come across any fanboys.
  4. I’m probably 15 years late to this but Collide by Howie Day just played on Spotify and to me parts of it sounds very similar to I Miss You. Funnily enough they both were released in 2004. Again, I’m sure this has been discussed and I’m super late to notice it haha
  5. Catching up on this thread while drinking my morning coffee has been thoroughly entertaining
  6. Decent album but a lot of the songs sound very same-same.
  7. Pretty sure Mark isn’t vegan anymore. I remember on a Instagram live he did a while back he said he eats cheese.
  8. I loved seeing how excited Mark got when he was watching Tom sing the lyrics to I Miss You. ”The birth of the yead!”
  9. Dylan_


    It’s reported that three of the Bucks players have been racially profiled by the Milwaukee police so this hits home to them and it’s personal. These guys also have young black sons so they know how easily It could happen to them.
  10. Dylan_


    No NBA games tonight. Looks like every team is boycotting. I’m proud of the players for taking a stand!
  11. Dylan_


    I guess your opinion is trash haha The Lakers and especially LeBron have looked solid the last two games.
  12. Box Car Racer. +44 is a great album and some of Marks best work but there’s a couple of songs I usually skip. BCR is almost perfect and I thoroughly enjoy pretty much every song
  13. I saw The Offspring play at Soundwave in Australia back in 2013 and they were so fun to watch live. They put them on one of the smaller stages probably expecting a smaller crowd but the place was absolutely packed. People were climbing on the top of tents and food trucks to get a glimpse and Dexter had to stop the show to make sure people were safe. Pretty wild.
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