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  1. Tom looks younger with his buzzed head. It’s a good look on him!
  2. Blink-182’s ‘Edging’ Already No. 1 on Rock & Alternative Airplay Chart https://www.billboard.com/pro/blink-182-edging-number-one-rock-alternative-airplay-chart/
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CkKHQZ7J-_8/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. This is so cool! It’s crazy that they spent a whole day shooting for only a two and a half minute video.
  5. This world tour is absolutely jam-packed with shows. I’m shocked Tom agreed to all this Have they ever had a tour this extensive before?
  6. Or maybe they are trying to make it up with this tour for the spending so much money on the dolla bill tour lol
  7. Hopefully they didn’t overestimate their popularity and regret booking such large venues. There’s no doubt they would have sold out venues that hold 5000-10,000. A lot of these NBA stadiums can hold 25k.
  8. So I’m confused on how this all works. Blink are adding more shows in cities which means tickets are selling well but who is buying these $800+ tickets? Are scalpers baking on selling them for more? What happens if no one buys them and then only 5000 people turn up to watch them play at an arena that holds 30,000? Surely that would make the band look terrible.
  9. What is the usual timeline bigger bands are using these days to release music? If we are looking at a March/April release then I wouldn’t mind another 2-3 songs over the next 5 months.
  10. Oh this is tough. Time for a rewatch of them all!
  11. Fuck yeah I love hearing Tom speak like this! None of that “this music is life changing and will speak to the universe” nonsense.
  12. Didn’t that Taint bloke say October will be an amazing months for blink fans? He’s been pretty on the money with the reunion rumors so fingers crossed that means we are in for another surprise soon.
  13. I realllyyy hope we don’t have to wait long to hear another song. It would be amazing if we get another song in October. I’m holding some hope since Travis had that tweet about edging all of October with the pumpkin emoji. Will we get a new single on Halloweeen?
  14. Yeah there’s a pretty popular post on r/music right now about Ticketmaster and it’s got a lot to do with people trying to buy blink tickets
  15. So I’m loving all these new promotional photos and clips of Mark and Tom, they haven’t changed and still act like they did 20 years ago. But Travis seems to have this “I’m shit hot” vibe going on and it’s irking me a little lol.
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