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  1. There has to be other people working with him and telling him to do all these investing grifts, right? I don’t see Tom coming up with this all by himself. But in the end he is the one responsible for it all.
  2. Tom also started following Kourtney Kardashian recently. It’s probably nothing but would be interesting if it means he is recording with Mark and Travis.
  3. So in the last week Mark has said he is starting a band with the lead singer from Angels and Airwaves and the drummer from the Transplants. Tom posting and tagging blink. And now Skiba tags Tom in a post saying “welcome aboard”.
  4. Interesting demo! Sounds like it could be straight from the Untitled album.
  5. The Mark, Travis and Thrasher show.
  6. Tom was tearing up a little at the Boston show talking about the death of his dad. He wrote Tunnels right after his dad passed.
  7. How does one play drums like an asshole?
  8. I feel you man. I debated for so long but I just bought a ticket see AVA in Boston. You have to show proof of vaccination to enter so I feel pretty comfortable. Especially since Massachusetts has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country.
  9. Tbf both Mark and Tom have sounded pretty bad on TV in recent years. I was apprehensive about going to blinks last tour after hearing Mark at that show in Central Park but they both sound a lot better when you go see them in person.
  10. I would rather blink hire a guitarist and maybe keyboardist to play backing tracks. Green Day’s live shows sound so much fuller and complete compared to blinks.
  11. What’s with Mark and Tom sounding terrible on National TV performances but then sounding kinda decent when you see them live?
  12. Tom actually sounded kinda okay last night on Jimmy Kimmel. Probably one of his better tv performances in a while.
  13. After Midnight isn’t my favorite song from Neighborhoods but it’s a great example of Mark, Tom and Travis sitting in a room together and organically writing a great song from just a drumbeat from Travis.
  14. Euphoria, Spellbound, Automatic, Kiss and Tell and A Fire in a Nameless Town would of made a great EP.
  15. I pretty much ignore most of the shit Tom says these days and just enjoy the couple of songs I like from the new album. Same thing with Travis. His social media is the equivalent of a 14 year old girl but I’ll give each song he is apart of a listen and of course check out the new blink stuff when it comes along.
  16. Pretty sure they did a poll on the blink subreddit recently and the majority preferred recent AVA to California and Nine. Interesting to see it pretty much similar here.
  17. A Fire in a Nameless Town is one of my favorites from the album. I didn’t love the verses when I heard it the first couple of times but it’s really grown on me. Might a be a controversial take but I think it’s one of Tom’s top choruses in a while. Euphoria, Kiss and Tell, A Fire in a Nameless Town, Spellbound and Losing My Mind are all standouts for me.
  18. Oh man I think the song is great but it would be the perfect blink song if the guitar was more pronounced and adding Mark’s lower pitched voice to accompany Tom’s in the chorus.
  19. He’s probably working 60-70 hour weeks to make that much. Is it really worth it at that point?
  20. Those last few pages were a rollercoaster! Diddy meltdowns always make my day.
  21. Tom has 365 unread text messages 😳
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