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  1. I would prefer blink to write the songs themselves because I believe between the three of them they can create some great songs and don’t need to bring in any outside help. If they do write a great song with the help from 8 other songwriters then it’s still a great song but it honestly makes it feel a little less like a blink song imo.
  2. Nine has its moments but most of the songs sound the same to me and it makes the album pretty forgettable. First Time, Pin the Grenade and Ransom are the only songs I go back and listen to. @Njdevils26 made a really good point. Do many people outside of the core fan base know that the album came out? I chat to a lot of people at work out music and a lot of them have no idea the band are even still together let alone releasing music.
  3. Wouldn’t this be the plan for most bands though? No point in releasing an album and then not being able to tour it for another 12 months.
  4. I find it very interesting how often Mark replies to people who ask if Tom is coming back. If he didn’t want Tom back at all you would think he would just ignore those questions. Part of me thinks there has been at least some communication about Tom coming back at some point in the future.
  5. Tom would be proud of this girl 😂
  6. I was just at the grocery store and the guy working the register noticed my blink tattoo. We got chatting about our favorite blink albums and then I asked him if he enjoys the newer stuff and he had no idea that blink were still making music with with a new band member. This is my third interaction in the last couple of months with someone who used to love blink and they don’t know blink are still releasing music haha kind of crazy
  7. How do we not know that Chris could have been cheating on his wife?
  8. It makes sense the album is delayed since the tour is cancelled. However it wouldn’t surprise me if this new song he is working on gets scrapped and it doesn’t make it to the album.
  9. I dunno if it’s all purely business talk. It would be nice if they reach out to each other every so often just to catch up and see how the other is doing.
  10. Feeling This is used on the soundtrack for Madden NFL 2004.
  11. I think the song has a lot of potential but the lyrics aren’t great and the chorus is very boring. I wonder if its just an album filler that they decided to write lyrics for and release to raise money for the virus.
  12. Seems like the song was written two weeks ago...
  13. The intro gives me U2 With or Without you vibes.
  14. I didn’t dig it first listen on Apple radio but it sounds so much better on Spotify.
  15. The song was nothing amazing but it’s a cool little thing to do to help feed people during this pandemic. It definitely sounds like something they threw together pretty quickly.
  16. Yeah I feel like if this was an album track he would be blasting it a lot more over social media.
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