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  1. Mark did (sort of) answer a question about the Dude Ranch demos... Jack: You guys keep asking about the Dude Ranch demos! hahaha Mark: There ARE NO DUDE RANCH DEMOS! .... Actually there are but....
  2. Mark on Twitch the other day: JACK: You guys keep asking about the Dude Ranch demos! hahaha MARK: There ARE NO DUDE RANCH DEMOS! .... Well, actually there are, but.... Sooooo not helpful at all, Mark!
  3. Have you watched their Album Launch MTV special? If not, you'll love it.
  4. Well, it's not "entirely the same." The whole second verse wasn't written yet, and they just repeat the first verse again in the second verse of this demo.
  5. Still dying to hear this... Someone pull a Bling Ring and go steal this shit, haha!
  6. I thiiiiink I have The Rock Show CD single. Are you looking for just the single, or this specific one?
  7. Let's reminisce about the god-like early to mid-2000s pop punk label that made it okay to bleach our hair and wear puka-shell necklaces! Their roster included: Senses Fail, The Starting Line, The Early November, Fenix TX, Something Corporate, Finch, New Found Glory, RX Bandits, Home Grown, and many more!
  8. Still obsessed with Proper Dose. Still the only Story So Far album I like.
  9. My unofficial Dogs Eating Dogs 10"
  10. So you can confirm that there are TWO full songs on the Dude Ranch Demo that none of us have ever heard?
  11. Was the demo for "Dammit" pretty cool? Probably hard to remember anything specifically different about it, I'm sure.
  12. We've all probably heard about the white whale, the unreleased Dude Ranch demo tape... There's supposedly only a few in existence, but those who have copies refuse to put it out there for everyone, which I guess is understandable. - Apparently these are the songs on it: Josie Dammit Apple Shampoo Emo I'm Sorry Untitled Boring Unreleased "Voyeur #3" Unreleased New Song It's also possible that the demos for "A New Hope" and "Enthused" are on it since there's demos of those songs available on the internet. There are also demos/early recordings of "Lemmings", "Waggy", and "D
  13. Cootie Catcher - "Adam's Song" (sending you a PM so you can download it)
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