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  1. You're welcome! I'm happy that people enjoy it. Otherwise, it would have been a pretty good waste of time, hahaha. Have any favorite bootlegs on there?
  2. "Adrenaline" is awesome, but all the other songs on the EP are just okay. "Lucy" is the next best one, but it's not great, ha.
  3. Version 2.0 of the "remastered" Buddha Promo Tape I got rid of most of the loud tape hiss, bumped up the low frequencies and overall volume, among a few other things.
  4. I fiddled around with Dude Ranch and made it sound more crisp and less muddy. I also took off the silly bits at the end of some of the songs. PM me and I’ll send you a link.
  5. I wish the BCR vinyl available on Amazon didn't sound like complete trash... Sigh... I should have never sold my old red/black smoke variant...
  6. I'm going through Demo #2 and having another pass at remastering it. It's sounding a lot better than my original remaster! I've reduced the tape hiss quite a bit. Round 2 of Demo #2: https://remasteredblinkdemos.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2-remastered Let me know what you think
  7. Bored To Death She’s Out Of Her Mind Snake Charmer When I Was Young Dogs Eating Dogs After Midnight Heart’s All Gone Even If She Falls Cynical Rabbit Hole
  8. Send me those lossless rips and I’ll remaster them for all of us
  9. Nope, these are just the rips that I've always had on my computer, so who knows where they came from originally. If you have lossless rips, and don't mind hooking me up with them, I'd totally be down to give them another remastering treatment, to see if we can get them to sound even better. Up to you!
  10. I appreciate the feedback. They definitely have room for improvement, I agree. And I may go back and fuck with them some more when I have a free night again. But compared to the versions that are already out there, they sound much better. At least in my opinion. Shrug.
  11. https://remasteredblinkdemos.bandcamp.com/ I remastered Flyswatter, Demo #2, and the Buddha Promo tape last weekend. I was sick of my ears bleeding every time I felt like putting on some old Blink demos. So I finally took the liberty of EQing and remastering them to make them more listenable. Obviously you can't polish a turd, but I hope I at least gave them a decent spit shine. Enjoy!
  12. I got hold of a few more bootlegs so I'm uploading them to the site now
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