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  1. Random that “the party song” is also on that one tape since the others are obviously the TOYPAJ joke songs. I want to hear all of these demo tapes/alternate mixes more than I want Tom back in Blink haha…
  2. Still so disappointed this demo tape hasn't seen the light of day yet... Siiiiigh
  3. Yeah, that makes sense, although I'm very envious of you. Haha.
  4. I think you might be confusing two separate specials. You're describing The Road Home and their MTV Diary episode. Pretty sure they have always been separate series altogether, and both episodes are on YouTube in full.
  5. "Apple Shampoo" is an amazing song, but definitely an odd choice for a single. The song doesn't have any repeated choruses which probably wouldn't bode well with radio and stuff back in the day.
  6. My first time hearing The Ataris was on Napster because it was labeled as being "Man Overboard" but really it was the song "1-15-96." And also, my first time hearing Me First and the Gimme Gimmes was because it was labeled as "Seasons in the Sun" by Blink 182. I remember getting into many forum arguments with people because I kept telling them it wasn't Blink, and they didn't believe me, haha. The good old days when you couldn't just Google a song's lyrics or whatever to find out more about a song haha.
  7. That's what I was assuming as well. Always loved the file mislabeling on Napster back in the day, haha. But yeah, I'd love to know if it actually exists. There's download links that I've found through Google searches, but of course, they're all expired.
  8. Today, I discovered a bunch of old forums/Blink fan sites mentioning a demo that Blink and Scott Russo of Unwritten Law recorded together back in 1993 or something. Is that legit? If so, is it just a song called "Smelly Shoes" or is it like an EP or something? And is it available to listen to anywhere? I'm very intrigued now... If it isn't real, let me know, and I will throw this thread into a fire.
  9. Bumping this old thread of mine! Let me know if you have found any other relevant Blink locations since my original post!
  10. Here's a ticket stub and newspaper article that I saved after seeing the band for the first time at the Salt Lake City date of the Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Tour. Hopefully you can zoom in and read the article okay, haha. At least enjoy the rare live photo!
  11. Here are some ticket stubs I dug up today. Feel free to add them to the timeline website, if you don't already have ticket stub pictures from these shows. Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Tour (SLC 2000) Pop Disaster Tour (SLC 2002) Untitled Tour (SLC 2004) Box Car Racer Tour (SLC 2002)
  12. Met +44 at an in-store meet and greet in Salt Lake City on June 25, 2007 before their show. They signed the back of a FS&S sticker for me.
  13. Amazing stuff right here! Thanks for your work on getting these HQ rips, ha gang! Davey, don’t you have a HQ rip of Flyswatter? I think I remember you mentioning it awhile ago. I could be wrong. Would you/whoever has it ever share it with this community?
  14. I’ve been working on putting together a Blink bootleg archive. I’ve only uploaded stuff up through 2002 so far though.
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