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  1. My favorite clip so far, sounds interesting
  2. View from below and Rebel girl are basically the same song, i agree
  3. Just calling a spade a spade dude In all seriousness, I don't know where all the heat comes from. i just wanted to say that it felt like a lighthearted discuossion to me, and you suddenly got really defensive and kinda angry. i might have misread that, sorry. Most of my points in this discussion where exagerated on purpose, making fun of the arguement itself, sorry if that was not clear
  4. 1. Lighten up dude 2. If tom/rick wouldn't have sendt the tom.is.out mail tom would still be in blink. Mark wouldn't have had the balls to do it himself. He has not talked to tom for months in person before he quit, yet he acted all big guy once the seal was broken like it was his idea. Typical worm behaviour. Confronting tom face to face Bout the issue would have been brave. I bet at that get together they had after DED mark was silent as a mouse...
  5. First he didnt want to record with the whole band in different places at all, now he doesnt even care if a third of the band is involved or not.... Who knows, maybe durig the next album he'll be okay with having space companies and writing childrens books too? Mark is just a spineless worm. I love him for that but it's hard to watch sometimes. Thats why +44 was such a great thing for him. He was the main man, the guy in charge and i think it did wonders for him. Too bad tom came back and mark crawled back into his shell again.
  6. "We told him if we were going to record the album separately, in different studios, our band was ceasing to be a BAND. The magic in the studio is created when the three of us are there TOGETHER, working on parts, discussing, sometimes arguing, all pushing the album forward" - Mark Hoppus, biggest hypocrite in blink history ...oooooor skiba is just not seen as an equal member
  7. He better be cool with the repercussions of that
  8. So you're saying they wanted to collaborate with matt but he just can't afford an audio interface and headphones so they have to leave him out... Yup, makes sense.... If they wanted to start writing songs together with matt, they could.
  9. The last blink release i enjoyed was back in 2012. I would've prefered a hiatus after that instead of the new material we got, but that's just my personal opinion and i'm glad a lot of people get to enjoy the new material..
  10. Typical hater backpedaling
  11. I'm pretty sure this song will never see the light of day
  12. morons so insecure about their favorite band that they forget how sarcasm works and get all defensive about an obvious joke
  13. poor skiba, has to constantly lie to his fans to cover for the rest of the band
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