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  1. Mike is the only likeable dude in that band... The other two...yikes
  2. i like some alkaline trio stuff and his solo record is great. i always liked his music but never knew much about him. but seing him how he acts/performs/plays in blink made him lose credibility in my eyes. that doesn't change the fact that me made some great stuff outside of blink. but matt in blink is just fucking terrible, it is kinda funny
  3. i won't let a skibabot win BOTBM. not on my watch! Happy birthday though!
  4. I Like you cheerios but i dont love matt. At all. Sorry, would've loved voting for you
  5. i think he just tries to be funny/edgy... kinda like that new @Depf dude. maybe stuck in 2005 or something, back when that kind of online persona was interesting/funny, idk
  6. @iwatalemon tries way too hard. I'd say ban him
  7. thank god you set your priorities on ranting about a former pop punk star online, instead of researching kids profiles on instagram. excellent work there amigo
  8. i don't understand why feeling_kids gets such a kick out of other people's failures, but it is super uncomfortable to read his posts. I also don't understand why everybody just assumes that jen left him. as far as i know they got divorced, and that's all we know. but yeah, people like to project
  9. If the record would be done, tom would've posted it all over social media. I don't expect this to come out before 2022. Maybe he'll give the "its tied to a movie" excuse again... Don't know, don't care. I'm in no rush as there are other bands out there, you know? and i'm sure it's going to be good stuff.
  10. untitled (Dude Ranch) was called the N-word on Limewire
  11. those vignettes developed in to the love movie
  12. Neighborhoods is my most listened to blink album since it came out.
  13. THe best songs are usually at the end of the set. I've been to great +2hr shows before, but most artists can't entertain a crowd for that long. I'd rather see a short and incredible set, leaving me wanting more than attending a show and be happy that it's finally over
  14. I hate concerts that last over 90 minutes.
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