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  1. Watching Tiger King, it's fucking insane. So well produced
  2. iirc at some secret show atom played some of the new songs from his iPod and a kid recorded them and posted them online. I think it was secret crowds, star of bethlehem/true love (which they played live before the release), sirens and some other song.
  3. love like rockets edit: oh well, yeah jumping rooftops. its an intro to rite of spring, not sure why we even have to vote it out. same goes for star of betlehem, as it's the same song as true love
  4. ....of nightmares is the best tom has done between untitled and rebel girl/kiss and tell IMO
  5. damn this election thing made me realise how bad this record has aged for me. has got to be my least favourite ava release by far. valkyrie missile
  6. Hi gabe! nobody gives a shit about copyrights, it's just lame to release a song with a riff you didn't write yourself, calling it a letter to elise pt.2 which makes no sense because a letter to elise was a brilliant song by the cure and this song is terrible, and finally marking it as copyrighted by toast&bananas which is also the name of a song by a other band. i have no problems with terrible songs, but the combination of all three of the above listed things makes it unbearable for me
  7. Just in case anybody was skeptical: I work by myself on this or with help of my girlfriend who i live with anyway. The room is not in a public facility and i don't get close to other people on my way there. as far as the situation is now, i can keep on working. as soon as we go into full lockdown, i'll stay in my house for good.
  8. Hey thanks a lot guys, glad you enjoy following this! Last wekend i got a lot of shit done with the help of my girlfriend. i finished the last side panel on friday and prepared the cloud panel. i didn't want the whole room too bright so i planned on putting some LED spotlights into the desk later. We then stapled the fabric on the panels which was a shitton of work but i think it turned out great. fabric is fucking expensive i noticed. the fabric i wanted woul'dve cost me about a grand for all the panels! i was very lucky to find a used roll of fabric at a thrift store about two weeks ago. not the colour i wanted, but i'm happy with the result. Hanging the panels on the side's was quite easy. the ceiling though was a real pain in the ass . i underestimated how heavy the whole thing got. The stonewool now pushes a bit much against the fabric when it's up. i need to add some wood laths later on to make sure it's nice and firm. i think the walls are super nice now. i thought at first i'd keep the old floor in, but since everything else now looks quite nice, it really annoys me. I wanted to paint the ceiling on sunday but i couldn't cause i was just to exhausted. i think i might need to take a break. I noticed that i try to work on this as much as possible to keep my mind busy during all the corona-weirdness, and i have a hard time stoping. It might be a smart thing to schedule my working there on certain days (Weekend) and stop working in the evenings..... I'll keep you updated. Can't wait to star to work (musically) in here
  9. I'd suggest to just to keep on trying. even if you'll produce a lot of takes that are rubbish, you'll get used to record yourself. Maybe try to record a cover of an easy song you love to get started?
  10. needs a guitar tuning first of all. did oliver engineer on this?
  11. A soon as corona is over, i'll have snacks and beer ready for everyone so we can share the love
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