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  1. I used to be a huge noel fan but these last couple years Liam has proven to be the far superior bloke
  2. Glad they are playing not now. though i think tuning it down a full step is a bit too much, loses some of the angst...maybe they'll tune it up at least half a step once they feel more comfortable
  3. Glad you had a great time, fap! maybe you should be grateful oliver lied, could‘ve fucked your whole evening up.
  4. Lol wut? Pre-orders have been up since last year with no record, and obviously no vinyl in sight.. that post says absolutely nothing other than they settled on a release date
  5. fuck, they better put not now on there
  6. damn they sound great! very surprised to hear them play cali songs with tom. i think they sound great. i really hope they don't put any other of them in the setlist though. they have too many good songs i'd rather hear them play. it's exciting to hear those songs with tom singing them. but it's just the novelty and surprise for me. cali and nine can still get in the fucking bin
  7. Thanks for the review, i haven‘t tried one myself. Depending on your budget, an hx stomp might be worth looking into. I used to have a helix at home and that was great. The engine is the same
  8. There isn‘t such a thing afaik, you‘ll need sone sort of amplification, also you‘ll want some kind of amp-modeling to not just hear the DI guitar signal. Maybe your vox has a headphone jack? If not there are plenty of tiny amps that also have a headphone out or you could use an iRig adapter with your iPhone/iPad and garage band something like this would probably be the most convenient route to go: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/amPlugAC30G2--vox-amplug-2-ac30-headphone-guitar-amp
  9. can't wait for the first blink record in over a decade!
  10. Same. I didn‘t think i could care this much again
  11. I‘m not even arguing that the sum record will take longer to record… it‘s just your argumentation that is utter nonsense
  12. Nah man. Bunch of nonsense… This isn‘t science or math my guy
  13. if tom struggles so much to play guitar correctly live, how does that equal to you in him needing less time to lay down a great take? Why would it take longer to record 8 different chords than the same 4 chords twice? Why would it take longer to track a 4 minute song with different time signatures than a 4 minute song in 4/4? if sum41 are much more capable on their instruments they should need less time to record… You make no sense
  14. Most double albums have only one album worth of good material anyway. The rest is filler/trash
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