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  1. the one thing that concerns me with skiba is that in that last interview where he talks it feels like looking into a mirror when i was at my worst. dude constantly looks like he is about to run off and lay down somewhere... i hope he's allright what is he even talking about?
  2. sorry i didn't want it to sound like i was generalizing. i witness it on the boards a lot, and i think it's stupid. didn't want to accuse you
  3. yeah, tough situation for him, i agree. There are so many comments shaming him for his weightgain in that performance as well and i think it's terrible. people gain and loose weight. get over it. who cares? i will say this though: tom get's slaughtered on here for every video or picture when he gains weight from the kansas krew and others. i don't think that's right either. aren't we past the point of judging people on the way they look? regardless of their personalities or how they "ruined" your band the last 15 years? i think we're better than this, and there are many people on here who struggle with their weight gain(myself included) who don't need to hear this highschool bully type of shittalk
  4. also the fact that the car was stored at his cousins garage is a major indication that he was heavily involved for me. I'm also feeling very offended by the way the hearing for that case went. is that a common procedure in the US? you have a famous lawyer who knows how to talk, and they just call him not guilty and case closed? that is horrifying. Edit: I'm not trying to blame the legal system in the US, i just try to understand the case without being brainwashed by a documentary. I understand that the evidence wasn't strong enough to name hernandez guilty. but it wasn't enough to just dismiss the case. the murderers vehicle was found in his cousins garage after all?
  5. i kinda feel the same.... what bothers me the most is that the other two guys involved in the odin murder where not mentioned that much. did they testify? what did they say about it all. i read that they are in jail for helping but i think their hearing would be crucial to understand how hernandez' mind works.. did they says who did it? anything tangible? you got any info on that ?
  6. i also checked it out after reading it here. what are your thoughts on it? throughout the series i was more and more convinced he did it all, but after things wrapped up at the end, I'm not so sure anymore
  7. He looks anxious as fuck, constantly biting his lips and staring around crazy. Ihope he is doing well, and we're just overanalyzing as usual though
  8. how about: "yeah i need those tracks as a guide in my in ear. they are not supposed to go through the PA, and definately not for the Livestream. Sorry for the bad quality but it's not in our hands how someone mixes those kind of things" either that or don't respond at all. makes him sound like a prick imo
  9. Why is man overboard so overrated on here? WMAA
  10. No they just suck Oasis has some incredible songs . dmb is so terrible, its hilarious to me that so many people in the us like them. Those songs make me want to vomit
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