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  1. this is probably one of the fishiest things i've ever seen. "Please give us your full adress without us telling you what it is for" seems fishy to me looking forward to the first newsletter
  2. I have not read the IG comments, but the last couples posts here about this subject matter are definately cringe
  3. I listened to the podcast. Tom seems to be incredibly difficult to work with. We know that since 2005...
  4. Grown men bullying a teenage girl is tragic, regardless of the circumstances. I'm not talking about this message board in particular, but the amount of old dudes , some with own daughters/kids, taking their time to put down a teenager online/in public is fucking sad. i don't say this only happens for billie eilish, but it's especially noticeable with her.
  5. proud tombot since day one. only dude from blink that still knows how to write a catchy tune. nobodie's forced to listen to his music nor to play in his band. i don't get the outrage. david could quit anytime if it was so horrible
  6. can't fucking stand 30 year old men hating on a 19year old singer. absolute cringe. Billie Eilish is fucking great. Her debut album is absolutely incredible and she is a great live performer. Of course her brother wrote all the songs with her. he also wrote and released songs by himself. they are nothing in comparison. they just work great as a team. I don't understand why it would be so shocking if a 19 year old pop singer had help writing her album. that would be common practice in the business. industry plant, lol. get a grip, old angry white man
  7. lol what podcast did you guys listen to? nothing we didn't know already. also david sounds very happy with his role in ava. some of you guys are just so desperate to find dirt on tom, it's pathetic. It's been no secret that tom needs to have 100% control, and that only he and ilan are recording 90% of the time (i think matt recorded some bass this time around)..... big deal. david gets to play sold out club tours once in a while without beeing particularly talented nor bringing anything to the table. no wonder he's happy. also his coffe business profits a lot of the fanbase. to
  8. well now we get the even worse " what if tom delonge wrote bored to death" kind of videos. but i agree, these "Song X played like blink 182" videos are utter trash and i wish the worst upon those who create them
  9. can't wait for this. i don't care how many songs we get. with blink, we got around 30-40 songs the last couple years and i don't want to listen to the majority of them. you guys obsess about songquantity way too much. I had more fun listening to rebel girl and kiss and tell this last year than all of cali/dlx/nine combined. if he has 8 strong songs on this, that would be awsome, if it's only 3 so what. 3 great songs are 3 great songs. Anyway I'm pretty sure I am going to enjoy the hell out of the release, and I am sure a lot of you guys are going to find a co
  10. EZDrummer is 20% off right now https://www.toontrack.com/spring-deals/
  11. EZ Drummer is ridiculously good for its price. https://www.toontrack.com/product/ezdrummer-2/ Their Superior Drummer is much more complex, but you get very far with EZ drummer. They also have great additional sounds and midi packs for every style of music.
  12. Lagwagon is the shit! Let's talk about feelings is easily my most listened to record of all time. Not one bad song on that bad boy blaze is a close second.
  13. No. Tom is known as one of the most annoying singers ever so your opinion is invalid
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