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  1. i hope your kids are made up, absolute disaster of a human being
  2. As long as she forbids you to interact with her kids, they'll be fine
  3. Yeah heard of them. Love their song common cold
  4. It's not really that hard, but tom sounds better than he has since 2004. Maybe Ilan gave him the talk.. He even nails the ending on heaven. that shit's tough!
  5. Carousel Touchdown Boy A New Hope Apple Shampoo Damnit Wendy Clear Anthem Feeling This Obvious I Miss You Stockholm Syndrome Ghost on the dancefloor Wishing Well Even If She Falls Not Now* * best blink song of all time NQAT
  6. Neal

    Nine Criticisms.

    Like: - Darkside - Black Rain -No Heart To speak of - Hungover you Don't Mind: - Heaven - Generational Divide - Ransom - IRWIHY - Pin The Grenade - BIOMY Dislike: - Happy Days - On Some Emo Shit - Remember To Forget Me - Run Away I constantly had to check the tracklist because a lot of the songs are so similar
  7. Neal

    Nine Criticisms.

    i was very surprised on the first listen because it all sounded really fresh after california. the second listen was a bit less euphoric. i didn't make it through a third listen. I think it's a very clever produced and written pop-record whit tons of bells and whistles and little production gimmicks that keep your attention but behind that curtain there isn't that many interesting things. I said it somewhere else before but there are always some good parts on songs but also always some parts that feel out of place an cheap. Black rain verses are fucking superb because the production is so over the top. but i don't like the chorus. IRWIHY has a great pop chorus, but the verses are just bland and lame. other pop artists are much superior in that regard. same goes with a lot of other songs... On some Emo shit is the only song they did by themselves? not so interested in the pre feldy demos anymore, that song is a real stinker. Compared to california i think it's a much better album overall and i totally get the praise for it and if a song from it comes on on the radio or on shuffle i won't skip/change station like i did with california tracks. I'm totally fine with blink trying to get back in the top 40 charts territory and i think they're on the right track and I'll be interested in following that. But i won't go see them live if they play in my hometown. Call me a tombot but blink died for me when tom left. I enjoy Rebel Girl and Kiss And Tell so much more than anything blink has released. Mind the cringey lyrics, wierd vocal deliveries and other scammy shenanigans tom is up to, the guy still can write melodies that grab my heartstrings. I'm very glad that a lot of people love the new record, i think it has brought the community together
  8. the outro of that song (i can't tell any of the songs apart) sounds exactly like the +44 interlude
  9. i think he means matt rubano
  10. i think one of the main reasons the board gets so exhausting at times is that people get shoved into those exact categories. i can dislike something the band does... doesn't mean i'm a hater. i can absolutely love a new song they drop. doesn't mean i'm a super fan or blinkbot. i still don't get why people get so defensive about differing opinions on here. i hated on a lot of things since california got released. not because i wanted to hate them for the sake of hating but because i really didn't like it. i like a lot of stuff about the new record. doesn't mean i changed my opinion on the things the band did before. the arguing on this board gets so childish sometimes and I think it's mostly out of bordom when there is nothing new to talk about. so i take the leak of Nine as a blessing. people are actually occupied with the band rather than to look for reasons to fight or to mock people.
  11. If the ever come to s, count me in! love this
  12. whats with people shitting on their light production on this tour? It's so simple but looks fucking amazing
  13. Beat my expectations because they were at an "all time low" after california .wanted to give it a third listen today but aborted halfway through and listened to something else instead. Still a step in the right direction for them i think. almost every song has parts that i genuinely like. but every song has something that ruins the song a bit for me as well... i think there's a great EP on this record
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