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  1. Fucking hell. The second prechorus kills me everytime. Great delivery
  2. That video is great. Tom seems to be really enjoying himself. Fucking love the verses. The chorus is a bit bland but super catchy. I really like this
  3. I listened to euphoria today and its an absolute banger! Restless souls is just a generic ava tune with better drums and bass. I hope the other songs are more like post 2015 ava
  4. i don't know what you're talking about? i hope england wins this thing
  5. some england fans in that match were a disgrace. boooing during the danish anthem, laserpointers at the keeper. fucking pricks
  6. This place has gotten way more relaxed and chill since oliver left. I sometimes miss the drama, but i think it was a healthy break-up for both sides
  7. england was clearly the better team tonight,congrats on the finale! that penalty was a stretch though
  8. 1. Sadly i don't, the signature could be proven i guess 2. When Blink announced the preorder for neighbourhoods they had this big presale where some people got shirts, a guitar, a bass, old granola bars, stickers or tons of other stuff. i got a octopus t-shirt and marks shoes and some other goodies. it also had a dollar bill and a note. i don't have the note anymore though sadly. the note confirmed they were his and that he wore them on tour. it had some joke about the smell as well 3. i don't know. they also had a pair of toms stinky macbeths on there iirc and old granola bars. fans are weird i guess? 4. I have no use for them so i'd be happy to give them to someone who appreciates them. EDIT: https://michaelbrandvold.com/blog/2011/09/blink-182-neighborhoods-presale-is-a-new-twist-on-a-old-idea/ this is the presale they're from
  9. just let me know if you'd like them to be featured as a prize. if not, thats okay too. i dont think so. they look pretty clean to me. some of the sole has worn off though
  10. I'll ad this pair of Chucks signed and worn by the man himself on stage during the Reunion Tour
  11. lol, david plays guitar like a kid that just learned to play using tabs from ultimateguitar. bless him
  12. This lightened up my day, thanks.
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