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  1. That was his social media manager…
  2. Hey guys I'm really sorry that the sneakers haven't been shipped and that it took me so long to respond. I have my reasons why I didn't manage to do it sooner but, but they don't justify my behavior and I don't want to make up excuses why I didn't. I never intended not to ship them or for it to take this long, and I didn't respond because I was too ashamed and didn't know how to respond, or wanted to respond after I finally shipped them. I'm really sorry about this and I feel awful. The Shoes have been sitting in a box ready to be shipped for ages and I promise to bring them to the postal office on Monday after work. I'll throw in a little extra for you @Marik sorry for the long wait. That wasn't this boards fault but mine alone. I'll send you the Tracking number and receipt as soon as it's gone out. Sorry for letting you guys down
  3. Rough start but otherwise solid vocals by tom (by his standards)
  4. love neighborhoods. Top tier blink record for me.
  5. did they remix kiss and tell and rebel girl? Kiss and Tell sounds much bigger than I remember
  6. it's so shit I had to mention it twice
  7. i liked all the songs that were pre-released enough to be a fan of this album. not their best but a very solid album. No more guns is absolutely terrible, automatic is great and a fire in a nameless town is awesome Euphoria is still the best track of the bunch. No more guns is a pile of crap ilan and Aaron are the best thing that could've happened to tom. The dream walker is still my favorite AvA album though. I hope we get another Ava album at some point.
  8. ...Of Nightmares appreciators unite!
  9. Spellbound is great. Love the mood, and the chorus is great. Bring on the rest
  10. yo i fucking love this clip. might be my favorite of the songs we've heard so far
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