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  1. The two EP's are great. But i also prefer ..Of Nightmares. I'm known for bein a blink geek in my band, and i always share the new shit with them. One of my best friends isn't really obsessed with blink and ava but likes a lot of their stuff. He loves the dreamwalker though. I showed him rebel girl the other day and he didn't really like it that much, but was amazed about how how recognisable toms songwriting still is in every regard, and he admires that quality of him. Nobody can truly copy his style regardless if you like what he does or not, he has a distinct sound and you immediately know if he is involved
  2. because he claims other people of being racist for disliking a rapper that happens to be black. he constantly has to make things about race and i don't see a need for that on here i know he thinks he's edgy by throwing hatred towards jews and constantly bringing race up, but it's more embarassing than anything, really
  3. i'd like you to stop the racial profiling and keep this about music, please. I don't think this is the right place for you to let out your subconscious racism
  4. the only guy making this about race is you, @Ghent .
  5. hmm i don't know... mark always seems in control when tom is gone... but as soon as tom is back things change again, and mark is kinda intimidated by him. i bet he never really told tom in person what i thought of him after 2004. he rather throws passive agressive tweets out in the public like nothing & nobody or talks bad about him in the press.... Mark wanted to impress tom since the first time he met him, and i don't think that's ever going to change......... tom will only come back if he can decide how they are going to do it. no way tom is going to work with any of those songwriters for hire. that being said, i hope tom doesn't join blink again. he should focus on AvA more
  6. hey just because i don't conclude from two people in a Picture to sex doesn't mean that tom isn't getting laid. i'm just not so insecure about my sex life that i Need to constantly bring it up
  7. don't Project your lack of sex on tom and his fans. Pretty sure he winked before this Picture was taken. i'd like to tell you more but.. #brocode
  8. he clearly did, omg i can see her bra. a bra! totally tapping that. i'll be back in two minutes
  9. LOL! i missed you, man. your made up stories is exactly what this board's been missing These couple weeks
  10. hey don't invite me to be a part of your blue balls club. i heard there's a great book out there for people like you that want to get laid. I'm glad that you two agree on something for once though
  11. believing that a hetero man and women can be Friends without having sex doesn't make you asexual or in denial about sex. i'm Pretty happy with my sex life, which is why I don't Need to consistently oversexualize everything.
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