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  1. Its like celebrating 20 years of marriage with your new wife you married 4 years ago
  2. I think mark, travis and matt are allowed to do whatever they want. But: I have no interest to go watch a band celebrating a record without the guy that wrote and performed half of the songs on that record. Flashback to mark stating in 2006 that it would be disingenious to play blink songs without tom. I don't mind them doing it but it just seems silly to celebrate a record by playing songs that were written and performed by a guy who decided to quit the band.
  3. So this was the demo we went to record last december. This is what it turned out like in the studio 😂 It's very different and I still have a soft spot for the demo, but I'm glad we changed things up for once. might be too poppy for some, what do you guys think?
  4. lol at them playing aliens exist with skiba instead of tom
  5. What happened to the livestaple until they die "rabbit hole"?
  6. Lol that was hilarious!
  7. Its probably like that. Who knows, i might love this new album, but i remain sceptical until i hear it. Simple creatures is the best hoppus work since neighborhoods
  8. That blink has lost it's identity and hires professionals to define blink for them #fanfic
  9. Outside songwriters make sense when you have great performers that may have a great voice/stage persona but arent incredibly good in the songwriting area. It just doesn't make sense to me with blink, but thats just my opinion. I love catchy glossy pop songs but i don't see matts/marks forté in that.
  10. I feel like anything can happen now. Look at the bright side Scott, if United manage to kick Barca out, they're basically unstopable. I wouldn't be surprised if liverpool have a hard time against porto.
  11. Ghent vigorously defending blink no matter what comes up reminds me of the flat-earthers in "behind the curve" defending their thesis even if their experiments regularly prove them wrong. Too far in to change his mind and too afraid to backpedal and admit he was wrong
  12. i hope they play mark's hallucinations remix. the only real "trash-pop"
  13. Thanks to smirnoff for funding... Song is one of the better from the cali era. Funny to see them rock out to the chorus with guitar/bass/drums while all the sound there are programmed though. Will never watch/listen again though Edit: very glad , that tom isnt in this band.
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