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  1. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    Imagine paying money to see such a shitshow
  2. There's so much crap he spewed in this thread, it's hard to keep track. But thanks for the reminder, hilarious indeed. Perhaps we shouldn't even stop walking when we have to shit?
  3. Hey you either fully commit to reenacting or you quit
  4. Well he either messed with the sound on purpose, or he decided to stream a full live set to demonstrate his musical abilities without checking if you can hear anything at all. I don't know what amuses me more
  5. He played a full drumkit with music blaring through the PA in the older vid and the sound was clear...you'd have to try to make the sound so shitty.
  6. sorry if i get this wrong but does " after the first of the year " basically mean anyday of the year?
  7. Will do, r/guitarists as well, since aparently me and anybody on here knows nothing about guitar. I'll need olivers permission first though as it is not my content. Is that ok for you ?@Donald Trump's Bulge
  8. I'm gonna post olis performance of BR on the queen reddit. Let's see how spoton they think it is. Can't wait for the replies
  9. Just the fact that a lot of his videos he posted have out if tune guitars shows that he is just a paint by numbers guy on guitar with no clue about the instrument at all Stick to drums dude, it suits you better
  10. Lol tom and skiba played guitar on a daily basis for the majority of their lives, yet some creepy prick has the delusion he is somewhat better at the instrument because he learned how to play songs he likes. @Donald Trump's BulgeBulge you learned the correct order of notes of those songs you performed in your video. You played them like shit. Fact. Tom or skiba would play those songs better then you in 45 minutes.
  11. most fitting thread title of all time.
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