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  1. despite all that blink is still trash without him and at least half decent with him in
  2. yeash and they will release their best album ever and play their last ever show in sydney austraslia so i can go then they'll off emselves on stage so they can't destroy the blink legacy a second time and that'll be that
  3. if we got one more able with tom even if it took 10 years it'd still be better than what's happening if he doesn't come back
  4. they've been fucken shite ever since tom bailed. impossible for it to get any worse if he comes back i reckon
  5. mark is in love with tom and is gonna try again now that jen is gone from the picture
  6. tooo much real guitar and real singing and real drums actual successful radio music is so fucken shite. after midnight is no where near a song that'd do well on radio. i listen to that shit every day at work and in the car and even BIOMY won't do well on radio
  7. this song actually barely sounds like most pop music on the radio, Scott is right that it's not gonna do well either big blink fans or in the mainstream, just a nothing song really even though I like. it's not gonna do particularly well
  8. you're just enjoying more people to shit on aren't ya scotty
  9. 25 mins with tom could turn this song into a great one #bringbackdelonge
  10. Word is he lit a bonfire in his backyard and threw all his platinum record awards from previous blink albums in there as well as his own kid while playing BIOMY in the background and screaming out all the hateful Twitter feedback. His wife tried to calm him down to no avail and she ended up calling tom Delonge over and tom said he liked the new blink song which soothed hoppus rage and that's why they're buddies again on Instagram
  11. Bored to death bridge is sweet but new song is better overall
  12. shit sounds nothing like imagine dragons tho
  13. prob just had a few wines to celebrate releasing the song then went to his twitter and every last person is shitting on it lol will be okay in the morning
  14. reckon it sounds more blink than cali did
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