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  1. pretty much total crap. i guess we can hope mark is using these ideas on his sideprojects instead of blink. the most recent single was okay i would listen to it more than one time
  2. Tom should rejoin blink and stop being a fuckin dick and Mark should give in and admit blink sucks without im
  3. bnlink shuold recruit tom delongey from angles and aeriwaves
  4. would be the most pointless shit ever. i'll punch myself in the dick for the entire show if skiba is fronting it
  5. both shite in blink
  6. If I were to hang with the Feldmann id give him a solid sack wack for sure...RIGHT IN THE GOOLIES
  7. Jerry Finn > John Feldman Mark Hopys 1999 > Mark hoppus 2017 Tom delonge > California Blink > jesus, still matt skibas a BIG FAT PHONY
  8. Bored to Death got number 54 in the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown just now. Better than Up All Night and When I Was Young did
  9. I like UH production the most, but I'd rank it about the same as Chuck and DTLI for how much I like it overall. I've listened to All Killer and Half Hour of Power more than the rest, All Killer would be the favourite. Not sure how to rank the last two albums...I loved SBM on release but I've barely listened to it in 3-4 years. 13 Voices I was surprised how much I like it but maybe I'll stop listening to it like SBM, who knows
  10. Wasn't entirely in love with this on first listen but since then I've had it on repeat like 8 times. Really love it. I get the LP vibes but I like them as well so not so bad. Was not expecting that solo in Goddamn I'm Dead Again at all, especially after the first little one, and I enjoy a song every now and then that doesn't go back to the chorus a 3rd time. Plus that song has a really good chorus, one of my fav Sum songs since Chuck Agreed on the production a little, some parts sound bad. And all those cymbal and EQ swells get a bit annoying
  11. Hahah I was just shit stirring, I pretty much agree with you that she did some annoying selfish things but that's why I liked the character, I expected her whole storyline to play out more cliche when I first started watching
  12. Typical girl tbf Haha but yeah I love that show, probably in my top 3 comedies/dramas. Haven't got around to watching season 4...apparently it gets a bit more serious than the other 3 seasons I do love how the characters are done, they can be likeable then assholes between eps, keeps it fresh, never really know who my fav character is...except the blonde that I have crush on like Scotty
  13. I think I like this one more than California and 13 Voices... Much better than the trilogy, and Billie Joe's guitar tone is so damn good. It's the most perfect loud epic rock tone Slightly disappointed in the final track being a slow acoustic one
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