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  1. Pussay Patrol

    California discussion

    If I were to hang with the Feldmann id give him a solid sack wack for sure...RIGHT IN THE GOOLIES
  2. Pussay Patrol

    California discussion

    Jerry Finn > John Feldman Mark Hopys 1999 > Mark hoppus 2017 Tom delonge > California Blink > jesus, still matt skibas a BIG FAT PHONY
  3. Pussay Patrol

    California discussion

    Bored to Death got number 54 in the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown just now. Better than Up All Night and When I Was Young did
  4. Pussay Patrol

    "The Sum 41 Thread"

    I like UH production the most, but I'd rank it about the same as Chuck and DTLI for how much I like it overall. I've listened to All Killer and Half Hour of Power more than the rest, All Killer would be the favourite. Not sure how to rank the last two albums...I loved SBM on release but I've barely listened to it in 3-4 years. 13 Voices I was surprised how much I like it but maybe I'll stop listening to it like SBM, who knows
  5. Pussay Patrol

    "The Sum 41 Thread"

    Wasn't entirely in love with this on first listen but since then I've had it on repeat like 8 times. Really love it. I get the LP vibes but I like them as well so not so bad. Was not expecting that solo in Goddamn I'm Dead Again at all, especially after the first little one, and I enjoy a song every now and then that doesn't go back to the chorus a 3rd time. Plus that song has a really good chorus, one of my fav Sum songs since Chuck Agreed on the production a little, some parts sound bad. And all those cymbal and EQ swells get a bit annoying
  6. Pussay Patrol

    What TV show are you watching?

    Hahah I was just shit stirring, I pretty much agree with you that she did some annoying selfish things but that's why I liked the character, I expected her whole storyline to play out more cliche when I first started watching
  7. Pussay Patrol

    What TV show are you watching?

    Typical girl tbf Haha but yeah I love that show, probably in my top 3 comedies/dramas. Haven't got around to watching season 4...apparently it gets a bit more serious than the other 3 seasons I do love how the characters are done, they can be likeable then assholes between eps, keeps it fresh, never really know who my fav character is...except the blonde that I have crush on like Scotty
  8. I think I like this one more than California and 13 Voices... Much better than the trilogy, and Billie Joe's guitar tone is so damn good. It's the most perfect loud epic rock tone Slightly disappointed in the final track being a slow acoustic one
  9. Pussay Patrol

    "The Sum 41 Thread"

    War is that lame ballad that Sum 41 always has, but it's probably the worst one they've done unfortunately. Death to Pop song is alright, bit of Linkin Park and Rise Against feel in those two. Still keen for the album next week, hopes are lower than for SBM atm though
  10. Pussay Patrol

    Yellowcard Reunion!

    Man, found the album ok. Few songs will get chucked on my big playlist of songs worth listening to. Liked it more than Lift a Sail but honestly I'm gonna have to be one of those douches that says the band was dead after LP left. I'm glad they got back together for those couple albums and acoustic albums but I didn't really enjoy their end that much. Rip fellas, one of my all time faves still. Found Ocean Avenue, Paper Walls and Southern Air the best. Getting Paper Walls and Underclass Hero at the same time gave me good memories. Listened to them so much together for weeks on end
  11. Pussay Patrol

    California discussion

    Had Sober in my head at work all day. Get the country pop comparison but its fucking catchy. Most cringe part of the album is Los Angeles verse I'd say. Loving Kings of the Weekend now as well, entered the top tier of songs. Skiba's voice on his verse is the best he sounds on the album for me, sounds more natural
  12. Pussay Patrol

    California - Negative Points

    The transition from the bridge to last chorus in The Only Thing That Matters kind of annoys me. Should've been 4 bars longer of build up. Would've been my favorite song if not for that
  13. Pussay Patrol

    Rank the albums! INCLUDING California.

    After about 10 listens 1. Enema 2. Take Off 3. Dude Ranch 4. (What's the Story) Morning Glory? 5. Untitled 6. Neighborhoods 7. California 8. Cheshire Honestly Tom was always my fav so I knew this wouldn't be high up. Its better than Tom's stuff since leaving blink though, already listened to it more than any of those releases. I'm also a blinkbot so like Cheshire is a 9.5/10 at the bottom Will see if it grows on me above Neighborhoods, already got 3 or 4 of the songs stuck in my head
  14. Pussay Patrol

    Favourite California "Moments"

    Intro to She's Out of Her Mind is my fav moment on the album. BTD bridge is still bad ass
  15. Pussay Patrol

    California discussion

    Just finished listening! Best songs: She's Out Of Her Mind, Rabbit Hole, The Only Thing That Matters, Left Alone Great songs: Cynical, BTD, San Diego, the joke songs, Home Is Such A Lonely Place, Hey I'm Sorry Don't like No Future or Teenage Satellites, yet at least... neutral on the rest of them, didn't actually mind Kings of the Weekend, can see it moving into the great songs After reading this topic all week I gotta agree there's too many woah ahhs etc, they should make a deluxe edition where they cut 90% of them lol. No cool riffs to speak of really, even on Neighborhoods I still loved some guitar parts like GOTDF riff and Wishing Well. And can't really argue it sounds more boybandish than all their work but I liked it overall! Better than what I expected when Matt first joined, I didn't want an album full of moody tracks and they delivered something fun instead