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  1. Stumbled across this 95' show last night. I gotta give it up to all of them for playing this stuff so fast. Tom absolutely shreds these riffs with gnarly jumps and pick slides, what a time:
  2. The fact that Rubano said it’s coming soon gives me hope, he pretty much never posts about AVA.
  3. Per his last IG post, this is what Tom had hoped blink would try to emulate one day:
  4. Finished getting the Platinum on Miles Morales, main story was super short but it was dope! I forgot how much I missed Spider-man games once they went PS exclusive, going back to the previous PS4 one next.
  5. Yeah I think they’ll be on the album 100%, just thinking *surely* they do not count towards the “10”... At minimum I could see a DLX edition including them which would be fine.
  6. I can't stop listening to Princess Leia and Wasting Time from this...so good.
  7. Surely the 3 songs out wouldn’t count towards those 10... Also LOL @ Mark and Aaron’s comments on his post: Mark: “Oh good I see you got that Amazon package I sent you!” Aaron: “Oh you sent them? Interesting...”
  8. 5 songs off to mixing with 5 to go apparently? https://www.instagram.com/p/CL48HFLJKU_/?igshid=1s1sa19ui8fja
  9. Wow I don’t think I’ve heard that Voyeur and the quality on these are INCREDIBLE compared to the crappy YouTube versions!
  10. @Dysentery Paul welcome! I have said it before but we truly are lucky to have an OG fan/historian around in @daveyjones. Absolute legend!
  11. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Tom didn't remember what they recorded with tbh, esp if they were grabbing random studio guitars to explore sounds with.
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