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  1. Is this the "Nick" signed press photo with his name (somewhat) removed?! https://www.ebay.com/itm/BLINK-182-SIGNED-8X10-PHOTO-COA-ENEMA-OF-THE-STATE-FRAMED-MARK-TRAVIS-TOM-RARE/274316640958?hash=item3fde8bc2be:g:E9MAAOSw~tteegdh
  2. Ah, c'est la vie, was hopeful but not holding my breath! And thanks! The poster holds a special place in my heart since I obtained it in person. Thanks again for your help! Agree! Probably random junk and they didn't know any better. It only came out to $45 so I'll just eat it. And that's really interesting re: the timing, smart to check the timeline before considering paying for these things.
  3. Grabbed this off eBay in a rush… What do you guys think? Went for it since it would be nice to have something from this period, but every time a detail jumps out at me as accurate, another jumps out as being questionable. Also weird that they're on this random photo, but stranger things have happened. Supposedly signed in August, 2000. Any input much appreciated! Some close-ups here. Here's a poster that was signed by Mark in person as a contribution! From 2004. I'm not much of a commenter, but I love this thread. Totally fascinating, thanks for sharing so much expertise.
  4. Haha, no worries, just glad to know! Thanks a lot!
  5. Would appreciate some input on this one! I bought this on eBay in 2002 or 2003. I can’t remember how much it was, but I was only around 12/13 years old at the time, so I doubt it was very much. Grown-up me would never make such a risky purchase. I’m having a tough time deciphering the signatures and whether or not they match up with the 2001/2002 era. I’m assuming that’s when it was signed given the release date of MTTS and the rough time period that I bought it. Some details seem consistent, others not so much. The blue pen seems weird? Not a huge bummer if its fake, it seems too good to be true given how neat the signatures are, but it’s an interesting piece if it’s real. I have couple of items that are for sure real so I will cling to those! Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some insight! And a huge thank you for the info at the top of this thread, such an interesting resource. Also, hi, I’ve lurked for like two decades.
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