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  1. Yes, a fair amount. They cover the engagement, there's a scene at his studio early on in the season, they look at houses together, he's present at dinners, they're filmed at their fertility clinic... All Kourtney adjacent obviously, and there's no 'talking head' stuff from Travis, but he's been on quite a lot. More than I would've expected.
  2. Gotta say bogus, too... And I would love to be wrong. But seems odd. Funny that there was a Jo182 on here at some point, but wasn't me!
  3. Completely chance encounter with someone on Instagram! I have a little Blink collection page on there and the owner reached out.
  4. Thank you @daveyjones! And yes, lavender paper! Just my crummy lighting...
  5. I come bearing a purple j-card Buddha tape. I just got this today… Some thoughts! I believe this exact j-card/tape is already included in @Ry-Bread’s original post, because the person I bought it from sent me an identical photo. Here it is. And here are my photos. Small observations: The pink tracklisting section on these seem to match @daveyjones' tape/the tapes with the full colour version of this photo. A somewhat dotted line above the track names (instead of a solid line) and a more squashed ‘Filter Records’. Interesting that this section is different but similar across versions. And it looks like it got wet at some point where it says “super fun extra bonus track”, but the paper itself doesn’t seem affected at all in person. It looks like this is true of the other purple j-cards Ry has posted before. Same marks. Anyway, just thinking out loud. If nothing else, at least there are more images now! Thanks @Ry-Bread @daveyjones and everyone else for the info gathered here already!
  6. Davey, this is incredible. You’re the best. And if anyone does upload anywhere, it would be great to also credit the original owner, @John Roundear!
  7. Hey all — link below for the MP3s! The quality is UNREAL. I’m excited to hear everyone’s thoughts. The New Hope demo… I have no words. @daveyjones is going to pop in with some more details! HUGE thank you to Davey for this. Not only for doing the legwork and sharing his knowledge (as always), but also for being a lovely human with endless love and positivity for this band. I’m super excited to have this little tape, but it would be pretty useless without your help, Davey, and without communities like this. Anyway, enjoy!! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WoMCY098fJ9acgGMwVQfu5dlDiYBs55V?usp=sharing
  8. I think 320/MP3s is the way to go. The tape should get to Davey today (we lost some time with the weather). Will provide a Google drive download link soon.
  9. Hey, just catching up with this thread. It was sold on here - Not sure if there were other offers, but I gave up a good chunk of change! The tape is on its way to Davey now. As for sharing — Not trying to be a gatekeeper at all. Would suck for people to try and fake them, but suppose that's par for the course. And maybe not even likely. I definitely welcome any opinions on the sharing front.
  10. Hey friends — Tape is in hand! Davey, will touch base with you soon about sending it your way!
  11. For sure! Good idea too, re: Joe. I wonder if he remembers anything about it. And will definitely message you, @daveyjones Very curious as to why they put it out. At least we now know it wasn't fan-made, thanks to you.
  12. Davey, I ended up purchasing this from John. Would love to work with you on getting it ripped. (also hi, it's Jo from Discord!)
  13. Incredible that this stuff can still come up after all this time. So grateful for those doing the research/comparisons, it's so interesting.
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