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  1. Good to hear that you're all going to benefit by Jo buying it, its good a mystery as been mostly solved, it'll be interesting to see what Joe Escalante has to say about it.( I love the Vandals) Could it have been something that Cargo put together?
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/W9HoHdZDNrMMUDX59 This should open (hopefully!) photo of second side, sorry unable to copy to digital.
  3. Howdy. The gig was in Bordeaux in a music school,even then we were the oldest there! One studentwas asking everyone their age to work out average age,we messed up the results completely! We were in town working at the Bordeaux record fair, which we went to occasionally for years. Happy times.
  4. Hopefully this is it! https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ar99kA3QVmA735Cm8
  5. Think I got it in 1996, bear with me for photos I'm rubbish at this!
  6. Hi, I used to sell records and back in the day I used to bu wholesale from Cargo Records that distributed Kung Fu in the U.K.The guys that worked there were great to deal with and gave me a copy of the Buddha Sample cassette tape along with a Shirt( bugeyed bunny), don't have the shirt anymore but do have the cassette! Having checked a whole load of Blink websites there seems to be a huge discussion whether this actually does exist and I can confirm it does and that I have a copy, Never issued in a sleeve, comes in a transparent tape with printed details, both sides say Under the Spindle BUDDHA (FULL LENGTH) SAMPLE CASSETTE *KUNG FU RECORDS ALL SONGS WRITTEN BY BLINK 182 AND RECORDED IN 1995 side of spindle P 1996 A side tracks A NEW HOPE.THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.STRUNG OUT.BEN WAH BALLS Bside tracks DOES MY BREATH SMELL.VOYEUR.WASTING TIME.DON'T Some of you may know me, I sold punk records for decades and always had a stall at Rebellion, and was at many gigs (usually near the bar) inc Blink 182 supporting Lagwagon in France and again in London but can't remember (due to alcohol)exactly who (but NOFX comes to mind!), I stopped selling a few years back and am in the process of sorting out the last bits and pieces and lo and behold here's the cassette, if anyone is interested in owning it, its for sale, just let me know cheers John (Roundearnomore)
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