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  1. Just wanted to thank @Ry-Bread for all of the work on this thread. I’ve been deeply interested in the band’s autographs and their evolutions since around the start of the hiatus as a kid. Awesome to see all of the documented specimens and discussions of thoughts I’ve had for over half of my life now!
  2. https://youtu.be/UUBp5t5MjFg
  3. Holy fuck a clip of online songs
  4. I asked him that over the summer on it live, he said that was the only time Jerry was wrong
  5. Thats from the Dude Ranch Demos set in discussion.
  6. That was release day for Neighborhoods
  7. It’s actually on iTunes and Apple Music now
  8. Holy moly! Mine was 500-600 somewhere in there back in 2010.
  9. Not 100% on the others but All Time Low and Sum 41 definitely have live tracks. Most bands just have it mixed well enough that you can’t tell.
  10. Wonder how long the rescheduling was in the works. I’m sure it took some time to get the routing to all have available dates at all of the venues.
  11. They cut Kiss and Tell last leg when he got sick, that ones pretty strenuous vocally. I think his voice is getting tired. They seem to be cutting the acoustic part in cities that are repeat from last leg.
  12. First time I met Travis all I had was a dollar bill! One of his Vegas drum/dj sets in 2015, he actually instagrammed a picture of us and tagged me for flying out to see him, that was so rad.
  13. The person said that was all they had. Must’ve caught him before or after soundcheck but that was the back area by the busses in her pictures.
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