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  1. I loved the songs, but the production of Father of All Motherfuckers that Butch did for Green Day was ass. Extremely unpopular opinion, but I think the production of Nine was the best production Blink has ever had.
  2. Never ever ever thought I’d see a reference to the black cube of Saturn here
  3. Would you know that if you watched it in January 2005 though? I probably wouldn’t, perhaps that’s naivety though. I think our knowledge of the full situation affects our perception. I don’t see a lot of it as too different from TUC 1&2 except for another layer of maturity to their personalities. edit: in case there were aspects I missed, I was just glancing occasionally in the background not believing it to be authentic. I’ve downloaded the YouTube video to make sure I get the chance to fully dive in.
  4. What were they going there for? I know Matt told Tom see you in Vegas
  5. I’d really appreciate a DM of that to have everything in one place
  6. Nord vpn on an iPhone let’s you listen to music the day before if you look up the autogenerated YouTube videos!
  7. That was just as hard as the Green Day club shows. Ended up with sec 212 for United Center at $182 a piece on stubhub though.
  8. Website placeholder has a Sony copyright
  9. They did just sign a new record deal with Sony
  10. I don’t think it makes as much to be for the VMA’s as it does the MGK tour Travis starts his leg on today.
  11. If you’re interested, I do mainstream quality production, mixing, and mastering if you want some really fine detail on the master!
  12. Good question, the info surfaced within the last year though I know that. Maybe a twitch stream? Not positive though, but I clearly recall hearing about it.
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