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  1. Got section 13 in Indianapolis! I had the same section for a show at the same venue last month and was very happy with the view. also it’s technically their first time in Indianapolis, they’ve only played the amphitheater in Noblesville, a suburb their entire career.
  2. This is a ridiculously good album. I know it’s early, but it really is probably my favorite album of theirs. How they made this record this far into their career is baffling to me. I’m chalking it up to Kardashian magic.
  3. I believe the one they recorded in 2021ish
  4. I think the weirdest thing in all distortions is the acoustic layered in with all of the full band stuff, I don’t hate it it just makes me go HUH every time I listen to that record
  5. I love this so fuckin much holy rat piss.
  6. That’s why I always delete all audio and reimport before rendering any videos
  7. Ha I thought it was a glitch with my AirPods. i mean the chorus after the first verse of I Really Wish I Hated You has a too fast of an eq sweep/filter automation change so you hear a little chirp. Give me that Pro Tools session and I could fix it instantly.
  8. Idk, I think there was some affiliation with fsas years ago, but it’s followed by the official blink account.
  9. The Blink street team said it’s been playing on the radio today around the US.
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