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  1. If you didn’t pay extra you weren’t supposed to have the sticker, I’m guessing they “upgraded” everyone for the delay
  2. Good question, the info surfaced within the last year though I know that. Maybe a twitch stream? Not positive though, but I clearly recall hearing about it.
  3. Yeah it was Back to the Future “you’re gonna see some serious shit” loosely quoted
  4. So the Travis Barker signing with Sports Authentics USA got sketch. They postponed it, early July they said it’ll be in about 3 weeks and they’d have a date a week after the call. About a month later and still no idea when they’ll have it.
  5. Sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s solid writing (even if it’s not all them) and lots of sonically big theatrical choruses. I’m picky on production and the sound of records and not many pull it off in a way that I don’t have some form of gripe with. A lot of that comes from being an engineer and producer myself so I get super fuckin picky.
  6. This may be the first Blink song to come out since I’ve been a fan (enema era) that i just don’t like. For the record I loved California and rank Nine as their third best album, above Enema even. Maybe it’ll grow on me, but I doubt it.
  7. A dm if anyone has it downloaded would be very much appreciated 🙏🏻
  8. Wacha mean? Travis’ drumming is all over it just gets overpowered when the samples come in, just quiet in the mix and shitty drum mics
  9. If you zoom in on the picture of the vinyl you can see “girl” on the label
  10. I know Eddie, as much as I love TBS, I can’t look at them the same.
  11. Damn I’ve got an I Empire from Love, couple years past
  12. Frankie the admin. Unless you’re into bootlegs though he doesn’t have anything of high interest
  13. He just has a clip of the Rock Show and Dumpweed live on the reunion tour shot by the Blinkumentary guys. Not even full songs and nothing super interesting.
  14. Emonite.tv you can watch through his segment. He literally quotes the lyrics. Mentions having the multi tracks for the sessions saying it’s not true that the song was just an instrumental. edit for convenience:
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