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  1. I don’t really listen to it. Nine still isn’t amazing but it’s respectable and there’s a lot of good ideas there like they actually put effort into it. The lows are really low though. All nine did for me was confirm how much of a joke California is. That album is absolute manufactured garbage.
  2. Yea was going to say this about Ilan. Album won’t be out until September at the earliest. Only chance it’s earlier is if the label forces a deadline and I don’t see them doing that with the world right now.
  3. Whole album rips except for the gift. They’re all number 1.
  4. Gotta say I really admire the positivity Tom is taking on Twitter. Not much of it going around...
  5. But does Ilan not talk to his brother? Aaron is there everyday, I would imagine at least his brother is filling him in. But who knows maybe not.
  6. I just watched the Ilan q and a and it confuses me how he could be that out of the loop. He says he has straight up no idea what’s going on with the angels and airwaves album and that it’s frustrating to work with Tom and he has no idea what he’s up to right now. Tom is posting recording the album in the studio on Instagram multiple times a week for the last couple months with his own brother and youre the only other member besides Tom in the band. How do you have no idea what’s going on with the album? Even if Tom’s taking the lead and doing this album by himself for the most part, he’s still recording everyday with Ilan’s brother so how do you still have no idea what’s going on?
  7. I’m also fine with 10 if it’s an amazing album, but no matter what I won’t like how they released two a year in advance and are now stale. And then we’ll get two more before the album. Its meh. Who knows maybe they won’t actually end up on the album.
  8. Because he spent two years on the album and hasn’t released an album proper since 2014. 10 songs might be the normal, but this is a different situation. The guy spent two years writing for this. And two of the songs were released a year before the album comes out so no one is actually going to associate them with the album. Also blink pumps out songs.
  9. In case people missed it, Tom made an instagram post that he deleted that said they have the ten songs for the AVA album laid out and are just doing the final tracking now. After working on this album for over two years (he started in March 2018, at least first post on Instagram he was working on a new Ava album), all we’re getting is ten songs and we possibly already heard two of them? Sigh
  10. I helped get an interview with Tom and Ilan with the Ava movement when the dream walker came out. It ended up being like an hour interview. Toms whole team was very willing to humor us, at least back then.
  11. Tom seemingly hasn’t talked to anyone that’s involved with the blink machine since he left so not really a surprise, not that I think it’s okay.
  12. It’s more about the friends we made along the way.
  13. I’ve been pretty busy with work the past couple months. This place seems pretty dead recently?
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