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  1. Songs that are released a year before the album is done are usually remixed for the album so that the mixing is similar in style but we’ll see. I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  2. Can’t wait to hear seven new songs after three years of making a ten song album and seven years since toms last proper album.
  3. The users on this website at this point are like 20 people that have been on here for 10+ years. Everyone knows who everyone is and everyone is pretty equal and everyone has been visiting this site every day for years. What is the point of giving you distinction? This isn’t an old band forum with hundreds of unique people visiting a day where there’s benefits in distinguishing frequent posters and not every user is known. It’s basically just a small social group at this point with the very occasional newbie.
  4. Tom should have kicked Travis out of this band when he had the chance.
  5. I’m always impressed by any hobby whatever it is that takes a lot of passion, practice, and time to get to a point where you’re good. Very cool!
  6. If I recall correctly, the adhd diagnosis came after he left blink in 2015. It’s not something he’s been treated for forever.
  7. Listen to yourself haha. Do you think people in YouTube comments are more adept than those here? That’s even worse!
  8. To be fair people here brought up Tom using the word schizophrenic as a turn of phrase as evidence of him being schizophrenic. I wouldn’t exactly use people’s mental capacities here to be armchair psychologists as a reference towards evidence.
  9. Ah the infamous showers
  10. Announce it on Instagram in a post promoting new to the stars skateboards that look “schizophrenic” lol. Why was this even mentioned
  11. Yea schizophrenic is used casually in American vernacular. Why is this even being discussed lmao
  12. Tom said before the pandemic that the album was ten songs they had written and recorded. Then he said they wrote 2-3 more songs with the pandemic. I don’t think they’re recording new songs from scratch, they’re just tuning and re recording songs now which I think is going to hurt the album. It’s rare you get to sit on songs for a couple years and then just keep refining and refining because there’s no time to release.
  13. That was like me and working out. Hitting the gym every day for six months and theeeeen gyms are closed for a year and still closed here.
  14. It’s 2021 how is he still working on an album he started in March 2018...
  15. Yea sorry was just trying to match the snarky. The only reason I’ve been posting the weezer stuff in here was because I think it’s cool what rivers is doing the past year and wish blink would do similar stuff and see a lot of similarities between the two bands. Mark has opened up with fans this year too, but not in the way Rivers is opening up his music and process with fans.
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