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  1. I think blink could have gotten to stadium level if they rewound back to 2009 and did everything entirely differently lol
  2. River Cuomo is putting all of his demos from every weezer album in Dropbox folders and selling them on his site for 9 bucks each. The first one for everything will be alright in the end (considered the holy grail for weezer fans because of how many known unreleased songs there are) has over 500 files just for that album alone. Around 30-50 unreleased songs that are essentially complete songs that are good quality just not really mixed / maybe finally tracked. Many songs have 20+ versions and you can see how the song progressed through writing. People have wanted to hear these songs for over fi
  3. Reminder: its almost time to start listening to not another Christmas song again soon in case you forgot it existed
  4. I don’t expect it to release this year. If they haven’t started the rollout by mid November unlikely the label will let it go out during the holidays.
  5. The chorus and outro in this song is so good I want an Ava version.
  6. Just glad I could keep you in the loop.
  7. It’s definitely a Tom melody, not like the song was finished and Tom just did a vocal take. Makes me wonder was this just a leftover Ava idea for the album and he gave what he had to illenium to make a song out of.
  8. There’s a fifteen second clip of the chorus out. Sounds pretty cool
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if it just samples an Ava song
  10. Does that include the released songs?
  11. Richard Kind is a great actor. The rest not a great cast. Who knows about the newcomers, the same thing happened to the stranger things cast. Obviously I’m not comparing this to stranger things, but my point is the first role teenagers might not be terrible. At the same time, directing actors where this is their first major role and are teenagers so they have little experience and this is your first time directing with no background in filmmaking sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  12. That’s not what I said at all but okay. It’s definitely an industry wide thing, labels are being very selective about what they choose to release.
  13. I guess I’m just saying music being released now is the exception. Labels are picking and choosing very carefully certain things to release. Superstars like Taylor swift that can do whatever they want, already planned releases, some smaller bands here and there. I’m just saying labels are very cautionary and they’re very selective on what they will allow to release at the moment.
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