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  1. Remember when strange times got optioned by tbs and they were like nah ain’t no way we actually making this? Same thing is happening here. 95% of things that get optioned by studios sit in a stack that gets ruffled through every once in awhile for a new idea.
  2. In non mgk Garbo discussion, glad to see mark getting some color back in his hair. He looks way better than just three months ago.
  3. Love will definitely be a better movie. It may have been boring and had its limitations, but it had a good actor and a legit director. The acting here is horrendous, if you mean actual story that you can actually pay attention to im sure that will be better but that’s about it.
  4. Oh that’s where I got utah from, yep now I remember “3 day summit in utah got crammed into 2 hours before a show at a casino”
  5. He pitched modlife and the whole fan base thing and blink as a multimedia project. They did a retreat in Utah. I think things were to off the rails at the point which is why I said 2005. If blink has grown organically and Tom not having soured the well, I could have seen mark and Travis more inclined to try out those types of things and giving Tom a shot. and just rewatched the trailer and the score is the best thing about it. Hopefully Ilan and Aaron won’t feel bad when everyone shits on it because I’m sure their part in it will be great
  6. It’s sad because if Tom never left blink in 2005, he probably could have built blink into this massive multimedia project thing for adolescents and mark and Travis could have kept things within reason and gotten massive funding from labels, investors, etc. under the blink name to do these ambitious things he wanted to. Instead this is the type of stuff we’ve gotten since 2005, cool ideas that are underfunded / half assed and completely chaotic in direction since he has to have all of the control. Its not unbelievable to me that blink would be playing stadiums right now like Coldplay and the killers and potentially even theatrical movies they help produce; but this is where we are.
  7. That trailer has terrible acting but decent enough for a saturday night Netflix hate watch. The joke at the end was actually funny
  8. A PPP loan? Get fucked. Fraudulent ppp loans are part of the reason we’re in this mess right now
  9. Tom can lick my nuts. This is horrifying and predatory. His last investment round was taking $250 from random kids that have no idea what investing is and then diluted it to shit so that there money is worthless. The same thing will happen here. The entire “asset” of this company is the creative brain of Tom Delonge. If he dies, it’s value is 0 over night hence there’s no value in this as an investor. He’s also had so many years doing this I just can’t believe he has the audacity to pull this shit again. This is so FUCKED. And as we’re entering a recession dude is trying to do a crowdfunded series A because venture capitalists have stopped the flow of cash lmao. If real investors believed in this with Tom’s access to angel investors and vc’s, crowd funding would not be necessary. Edit: the one guy they have listed for entertainment (which is the only area there’s tangible value) is Stan spry and he listed strange times on tbs as upcoming productions but to the stars confirmed that tbs decided to not move forward with strange times a long time ago lmao. Something isn’t right here
  10. Don’t remember the last time I’ve listened to California outside of Misery so I would qualify that as aging poorly for me
  11. Sum 41 has to cash in on that MGK money now https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/sum-41-new-album-heaven-hell-deryck-whibley-1324752/amp/
  12. Rivera cuomo released thousands of demos in November of 2020. Hundreds of fully recorded demo tracks, variations of different songs, iPhone voice memos. You could buy essentially everything he ever recorded for a specific album for 9.99 each. It’s a niche audience sure, but weezer got the most hype from hardcore fans in the ten years I’ve followed fan sentiment of the band and then they releases two new albums in 2021. A demo dump like that is a wet dream for hardcore fans
  13. Was the part about working with Tom included?
  14. Yea I don’t think they’ve been secretly recording. It doesn’t seem like Tom’s been doing anything since the ava tour ended except for post-production on his movie. But making plans for the next two years together behind the scenes? I think that’s definitely possible. Also can mark even do a 40 show tour performing 90 minutes every night? It doesn’t sound like he considers himself well enough to do something like that or to be booking shows and think hopefully he’ll have the fitness needed in six months. I doubt the planned reunion tour Jason is discussing is blink. Maybe a couple one offs in major markets to test his performance ability later this year?
  15. Seeing marks story just now and acknowledging a Tom based ava heavy blink song from neighborhoods just made me realize how desperate I am for this to happen. I feel like I haven’t gotten any good new music from the bands I love since the pandemic started and I’ve been listening to music a lot less. I know we have so many problems with Tom, but this would mean a lot to people if this happened and we got another new album.
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