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  1. Please quote me. Happy to be proven wrong, but I don’t think I’ve said anything about it in a long time. May have made reactionary comments when it was first a thing years ago though
  2. Never complained about the teleprompter with Matt. If you can use it and still have a great stage presence, then that’s fine.
  3. NotNow

    Nine Criticisms.

    Just listen to any song on Louder Now.
  4. NotNow

    Nine Criticisms.

    So no ones going to mention that no heart to speak of is a taking back sunday song?
  5. After people complained about him balding nonstop for the first half of the 2010s, why would he lol
  6. I agree traveling overseas is weird. I don’t think hanging out with Kari locally is weird, they probably have a lot of the same friends through Tom after twenty years together, especially since they all worked together.
  7. It’s typical of a divorce where the people just grew apart, but can still be friendly with one another. They have kids and live in the same town, they’re still going to interact frequently.
  8. I know this is hard to comprehend, but sometimes people just don’t like being around each other anymore. Not everything is about cheating and there being someone else.
  9. It’s not a live stream, Spotify sessions are professionally recorded then they edit them to sound good, then release it. Unless this is something different.
  10. Marks seen the positive reaction so he no longer has a vendetta against the fans
  11. NotNow

    Nine Criticisms.

    Best lyric on the album.
  12. He trashed his hotel room and bailed so he wouldn’t get in trouble with police
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