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  1. Yes I’m familiar with private torrents which is why I thought he meant something more special. Even if it doesn’t leak to the public, people know that it’s available somewhere. It’s the number one album on has it leaked at the moment, I don’t see it.
  2. So how has this been out there for weeks and not a single fan has acknowledged it? I’m sure there’s plenty of ava fans on these sites. I don’t doubt it since the album has been available to the press for months but
  3. Tom explains critters death here. Flew out to record all that we are solo while tom was on tour and then died after. His timeline isn’t right though love part 2 came out november 1, 2011 and he died in January 2012. Album must have been finished recording at least a month prior. Still crazy though. https://www.kerrang.com/features/tom-delonge-my-life-in-10-songs/
  4. Toms animated series got shot down in pre production
  5. It’s even more hilarious given the fact the album is only ten songs and he really thought making two of them tracks that were over two years old was a good idea. Like he couldn’t finish two more songs? And it’s not like this album has any theme, it’s just random songs.
  6. Tom has mentioned MAYBE releasing a deluxe version with the movie. But he only has two to three songs currently that didn’t make the album. It’s not a Cali deluxe or love pt 2 situation. I don’t think it’s justification for releasing 7/10 songs on the album before release.
  7. It has not. Albums don’t leak anymore. It would be more shocking if it did leak before Thursday.
  8. Also it was a 10x10 hut style shop. It was right on the encinitas strip so if you’re in encinitas you would walk by it. If Tom did stop by it wouldn’t be in the store. I do recommend getting lunch at the taco stand across the street Tom mentioned recently, it’s incredible.
  9. There’s a clip of the no more guns chorus out there now. I haven’t listened so no comment on whether it’s good or not.
  10. The clip at :50 was my favorite demo and I’ve been waiting three years to hear it. I’ve been immensely disappointed about that. But now I think it might be the boxcar racer song...
  11. For real. I hate when people play this card. Like no shit I don’t know them. These are inferences I’m making. But it’s more logical that Mark didn’t ask Tom to post a screenshot of their conversation about something Mark hasn’t been open about. If Mark thought it was a cool exchange to share, he would have posted it himself.
  12. Again, it’s not that he’s asked about it, it’s how he answers. Also he’s posted things unprompted on instagram about it like a text conversation with Mark which sounded like an announcement he was beating it before Mark had really said anything.
  13. It’s not about him intentionally using it as a PR talking point. It’s about social cues and reading the situation on what is appropriate to discuss. Other people aren’t talking about his cancer for him, including Travis who actually is still close and in a band with Mark.
  14. So we’ve heard clips of every song now. A fire in a nameless town and no more guns (discount American idiot Green Day) sound terrible so the only song left I haven’t heard I’m interested in is automatic. This will be my least favorite ava album, maybe it could be better than love 2. I like rebel girl, kiss and tell, timebomb, losing my mind, and automatic. The other five songs seems like Im going to be able to never care about hearing them again. And rebel girl and kiss and tell I still don’t even associate with the album so I feel like I only got three songs this year I actually like.
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