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  1. Watch at 2-4 minutes lol https://youtu.be/I3bbtnppRVo to the stars posted a clip on Instagram and cut off the part where he would tell Tom to shut up about aliens and let him do his job.
  2. Rise basically gave away euphoria is coming the week after next. So I’m guessing next week will be arg teases sending stuff to peoples addresses.
  3. I mean there’s unreleased songs from the dream walker sessions. He has unreleased songs, but it’s enough to go on a deluxe edition. Not 20-50 songs like a lot of writers do
  4. Blink has numerous songs in drop d?
  5. He made it sound like Travis talked about how they recorded a new boxcar racer song but I don’t think that’s the case lol
  6. I mean I personally thought there was something slightly more to it myself, just not drugs. I’m just saying this isn’t new news. also the ava album is actually 12 songs yay
  7. He has, not really news. He’s said it’s to pop his ears several times in the past. Some people just didn’t believe that.
  8. The artwork leaked through a publishing site
  9. Euphoria artwork is out there. Releasing in may. also tom is engaged...
  10. There’s no way he wouldn’t be a millionaire just by being in that band during that period doing stadium tours. It doesn’t matter whether Jared Leto was taking the majority
  11. 30 seconds to Mars was one of the biggest rock bands in the world from 2009 to 2013 playing stadiums. Yea he would be rich if he stuck through Jared or didn’t get kicked out. Pretty sure he got kicked out.
  12. Matt wachter could have stayed in 30 seconds to Mars for like two more years and he’d be filthy rich. Look what happened
  13. Time stamp for Ava talk? I don’t have time to listen to 90 minutes of small talk
  14. They’re definitely going to announce here that Tom did vocals on one new blink song. It’s perfect promotionally for both parties edit: just listened to the way he phrased it. I’ll just go fuck myself
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