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  1. Critter died the same year his dad died. If we’re being honest, critter was his musical partner since 2005 moreso than Mark. Tom slowly started to begin losing interest in making music after his death.
  2. Love this song. At least the instrumentation. Much more my style with the cure riff.
  3. Time to start checking Deezer again soon
  4. Yes the songs like a year old now. It came out last summer... oops was off on when it came out but they were talking about it forever
  5. That songs clearly Simple Creatures.
  6. It’s not blink-182. Just make a new fucking band Jesus fucking Christ. It’s not fucking hard.
  7. Mark and Travis interviews always backfire in their face with the way they set up expectations. Tom even moreso but for different reasons and he doesn’t even make music anymore.
  8. Yea I didn’t know exactly when I just knew it was around summer time. April isn’t far off. About a year of work, definitely longer than California I just meant they hadn’t been working on this since the deluxe which would be over two years.
  9. They didn’t start until the summer of last year when the residency started and I don’t think they started working on it seriously full time until the fall.
  10. I would be impressed if this was fifteen years ago and the history channel was still a well reputable channel.
  11. Doesn’t it say a lot there hasn’t been a new poster here since before California came out. No one cares about this band anymore.
  12. So you just like it when it’s enema and take off being replicated. Got it.
  13. They’ll release a single in June. The album won’t be out until September or later. They didn’t release bored to death until late April and then the album came out in July. The album was already done by that time. They’re still in the depths of recording and not moving at the same pace as last time. I’d be very surprised if they had the album done in April, a month from now.
  14. Every story is like that before it gets Hollywoodized. You’re trying to tell me the foundational story beats aren’t there for a great drama? You guys are crazy.
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