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  1. TOYPAJ is easily the worst pre Matt skiba blink album outside of STFTK. Pretty cringe album did not age well.
  2. All I want in life is a sequel to the weezer snl sketch about blink.
  3. The last chorus of happy days is great. The rest are very boring. Don’t understand why they didn’t use that throughout the song
  4. Toms talked about it hurts a lot in the past. Pretty sure he said it’s about a friend of his getting divorced.
  5. Rebel girl is decent. It’s just the chorus is very meh. But the bridge / breakdown is the best part of any of the songs released so far. Kiss and tell is the best overall song though. Also the instrumentation for rebel girl live is so good, so makes me think the mix could be a lot better.
  6. That doesn’t have anything to do with the album coming out in 2021 now. They’re on final tracking (at least for the original track listing before covid changed things, sounds like Tom is writing additional songs because the album can’t be released as is currently). Having a kid might delay the tracking a few weeks? Also rise doesn’t care about some movie, they have no stake in that. If Tom doesn’t have the movie ready when rise says we’re ready with the album, Tom can’t do anything about that. He’ll have to fuck off
  7. All labels care about are the tours. They fund albums as marketing tools for the tours, not really something they’re worried about for making money since it’s next to impossible. It’s why tons of albums that were scheduled for release over the next couple months are receiving indefinite delays. They don’t know when they can get back to venues coupled with the fact everyone will try to tour at once. For what it’s worth, I see the possibility of this turning into another double album so long as Tom keeps working on it. What he can do with to the stars is going to be limited the rest of the year so hopefully he just keeps writing music because there’s nothing else to do.
  8. I just think we have different definitions of what obscure means. I’m not saying alkaline trio doesn’t have a decent following and can’t sell out clubs. If it wasn’t for Tom Delonge being a member of Ava, they would definitely be an obscure band.
  9. I’m not really saying they are or aren’t obscure. Just that plenty of obscure bands hit the top 20 billboard album chart. I wouldn’t really use that to gage it. Top ten albums or hit singles are probably a better metric. you also basically just proved the point in your comment, I would consider a band with no radio or tv play as an obscure band.
  10. Top 20 isn’t exactly high in mainstream music. There’s tons of bands that hit top 20 the first week of their release and are obscure bands. How many albums on labels actually get releases every week? It’s not that many.
  11. Is that supposed to be impressive?
  12. Covid’s completely changed Mark’s opinion on blink-182’s work from home policy. The main cause of the two break ups. Tom, as always like he says with AVA, is ahead of his time. Tom will be back in blink in no time now. So long as Mark apologies of course.
  13. I think it’s a decent tune. I think it’s pretty cool what machine gun kelly is doing shifting genres
  14. I think Mark has shown he will continue the band forever, and any future music he writes will be under the blink name since it has a large platform and reach. It is what it is who cares.
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