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  1. The jokes only funny because he’s so dedicated to it. It’s a meh joke as a stand-alone, but opening my Instagram every day to see a new pic of a dog following Tom around is fucking hilarious.
  2. I was in the car when I posted, I thought Instagram embedding included the top couple comments my bad
  3. Says the guy who tried to make fun of me because I wanted to do the AVA meet and greet because I have never met Tom and wanted to do so once. Do you have any convictions at all or is everything you say a constant contradiction of your own beliefs just for the sake of confrontation?
  4. Tom sings on half of the album. They sent him his parts. Knocked them out in a day. The band gets to be considered blink again, win win. Matt can sing his parts on the road. All for a days work from Tom. Don’t @ me
  5. Half of the people on hot ones eat vegan boneless wings
  6. They decided on the 7 and 6 episodes before season 7 was even filmed. That was over three years ago. I highly highly doubt they were offered it then nor Disney even had plans for this trilogy at that time. Everything they’re doing with Star Wars got flipped on it’s head after the last Jedi.
  7. Looks like blink might be on hot ones. That’s would be so goooooooood if it happens
  8. They decided this before they had Star Wars waiting.
  9. I disagree. Tom will only come back if he gets his way (hence why he won’t ever come back but for the sake of argument). Mark would make concessions for Tom, because mark just wants blink to still be blink it’s been that way since 2004. Tom doesn’t make concessions, Mark does and has for the last fifteen years. So either mark is very happy with how things are now and Tom will never come back because he’s no longer willing to budge, or he throws out the writing assistance to have Tom back.
  10. They went with six episodes solely because D&D said fuck the lot of it were done and we won’t give up the show for someone else. HBO wanted seasons 7 and 8 full seasons plus they tried to get D&D to do a ninth season but they refused to sign on. HBO also said in interviews the original plan was they wanted ten seasons.
  11. Explains why he didn’t reply before. He didn’t follow them so he didn’t get notified. I’m guessing someone told him about the comment today and that caused him to follow them back.
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