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  1. Albums decent but honestly the choruses mostly fall flat which is disappointing because the foundation is there for awesome songs. Some really good ones though.
  2. Tom says government officials were starting to listen to him and he goes and does this?
  3. So there’s this viral video of some dude covering semi charmed life as if it was written by blink-182...and I don’t get it. It sounds nothing like blink. It sounds like the shitty pop punk genre that arose after blink in the mid 2000s.
  4. Also worth noting mark didn’t even know that existed. That was his first time watching it. If he wasn’t already thinking about the good old days and getting the band together, he is now after watching that. At least be nostalgic about it. At the end he said he will call Tom after watching that, but not on camera for our amusement.
  5. I know that I’ve listened to that before, but listening to that now I have no recollection of hearing that before or remembering anything about what that sounded like. Which made me realize there’s multiple songs on nine that I don’t even remember what they sound like when I think about the track list.
  6. I wasn’t making it up. I thought it was weird no one even acknowledged my post, seemed like a pretty big deal lol
  7. it’s funny that after all the arguing of tom ruining blinks sound to be AVA and them pushing and pulling to find a middle ground while making neighborhoods, the song Mark likes the most is the one that Tom thought was the shining example of what blink should be...
  8. Snake charmer is sick. Such a good chorus.
  9. Has anyone here even listened to concert for aliens? Suggesting that this stuff isn’t pop punk is so snobby. It’s pop punk infused with 2020 pop. It’s been years now since any artist has done anything remotely close to this in the mainstream so I definitely appreciate it. I mean really when was the last time you saw a performance at the VMAs even remotely close to that? Ten years ago? More?
  10. We did know that, any blink fan with half an ear knew that the first time listening to the songs. They’ve said that mark did guitars for a couple songs. But they’ve never said specifically which songs Mark did songs on. Fighting the gravity, MH, and hearts all gone are all obvious. Kaleidoscope and natives are the two that people were never sure one way or the other. But according to mark, kaleidoscope is mark and natives is Tom. I think everyone assumed the natives riff was Tom, but no one knew about the rest of the song.
  11. Also mark said Matt doesn’t even have a computer which is why he isn’t really involved. He has zero set up at his home to do anything and they’ve recorded this ep entirely from home. Mark hasn’t seen Travis in person since March
  12. Mark said no long songs on the ep. someone asked if there were any long songs since it’s been a long time and he said no. He also said three songs sound maybe like dude Ranch. But also it’s all over the place per usual, classic blink and weird and experimental
  13. “Famous burro knows about blink shows before I do” - Mark ”every time I go on the blink reddit it’s just people arguing over Matt and Tom” Mark did guitars on MH, Kaleidoscope, Fighting the gravity, and hearts all gone. Everything else was Tom.
  14. I mean yea, I would imagine they had a demo of a song centered around the main riff. I want to hear that
  15. The Adventure was a blink song according to Mark. Damn Also surprised to hear that ghost on the dance floor is in marks top four list for neighborhoods
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