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  1. So hopefully this week is the week
  2. Upper case B and no hyphen. Mark is probably embarrassed
  3. Am I the only one that sees this is nonsensical
  4. Wasn’t sure if they were really back until this clip
  5. It’s really the Amazon arena but they name all of their stuff they buy climate pledge because naming something amazon is bad publicity. Yep it’s entirely underground. The third level is ground level. The east facing wall is entirely glass and you can look into the arena from outside walking through the Seattle center park.
  6. Apparently you can get decent tickets the day of for less than $100 either second hand or the seats they release after scouting the arena for extra seats. I live one block from climate pledge arena in Seattle so probably going to do that. I was in it earlier this week and it’s so small for a sports stadium every seat would be a good seat. Even from the top it wouldn’t feel like the band are a blob you can’t make out.
  7. Maybe he’ll do elevator one night
  8. Violence is blinks best live song is why they keep it in the set. They made a deep cut an encore song for years for a reason. Fine with it taking a break but it’s a perfect live song (like I miss you) in person versus older songs like first date and all the small things that are junk live other than to sing along. The set also started super untitled and after light, needed one more song. Though I think they should try Stockholm syndrome they don’t play it much anymore and another great live option for a rotation between not now and violence.
  9. I don’t think it’s about mark and Tom having a funny moment on stage, it’s the commentary that comes from doing something like that from media (annoying radio stations) spinning it into something native that might annoy Tom. And once mark does it he doesn’t have any control over how people react to it.
  10. Mark said he saw the AVA thing but won’t do it because people will just take it as him making fun of Tom
  11. I posted that in his discord right before he hopped on after the show and started posting, high likelihood he at least saw the comment
  12. That actually worked really well. Someone commented on that mark should do an AVA chorus on the dammit bridge without telling Tom, that’s a good idea.
  13. Don’t care if the album is 16 songs. Care if the album is 11 or 12 songs
  14. Tom also said to that guy the reason is because it’s going to take months for vinyls to be ready.
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