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  1. Damn new M83 album, new blink album, and new Keane album the same day. What a wet dream.
  2. Do you guys remember the controversy for which letter they were at on album covers when Neighborhoods came out? I remember mark answering questions on how they got to the letter they were at, I’m sure he’ll do the same thing here.
  3. Looks like NINE is the title of the album with that countdown. And with the all caps, it’s definitely a name for something. Album preorders in a week sounds about right, especially since it’s thursday and album preorders go up on Fridays.
  4. In transit is fantastic. Always loved that song.
  5. Well to be fair Ilans been working on the album consistently for the last two months. He would have to have scheduled Ilan far in advance because he’s always busy with other things so I’m guessing they’re somewhat serious about getting an album out. Ilan is just there for the music and will hold Tom accountable for that to some extent.
  6. Releasing the first single of an album almost a year before the album is going to come out is so dumb lol.
  7. The Ava album is only half done so there’s no album to announce, so nothing to do with blink. That was a month ago now. Tom said he’s finishing after he directed the short film thing he was doing this summer. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t finish the album until after the tour. just read the part 2 notes so yea, next year, not a surprise from what he said on how far along it is in previous interviews.
  8. They didn’t spend that. It’s all stock they issued to owners based on the valuation of the company they gave themselves. The company isn’t actually worth that so in the event of a sale that stock will be worth a fraction. It says in the same paragraph their actual operating loss is between 1 to 2 million. Which is way more normal. Normal as in not a sustainable business in the long run but they’re not going under tomorrow, but they will in a couple years at this rate. If they were 30 million in the red, they wouldn’t be a company nor would a lender even give them a loan of that size anyways with what the size of their company is.
  9. I haven’t been following this thread, but is Oliver trying to impersonate the bagel boss guy. Can a person actually have this level of delusions of grandeur?
  10. Do you not remember that Tom got kicked out of blink because he would only tour? Tom was fine with touring, but not recording an album because touring made money to fund. Recording an album didn’t so he basically refused to record a new album for two years in 2013 and 2014 even though they were supposed to record a new album during that time. They continued to tour no problem. They tried to sign to a label so it would force them to record an album and Tom refused the contract and everything went balls to the wall from there. I’m sure Tom would happily still be in blink if it only required him to do short 1-2 month tours in the summer ever year.
  11. He hasn’t donated TTS any money. $0. He loaned them 1.1 million with 0% interest, but the debt can be called at any time. It’s still his money and he will be repaid it at some point or however much TTS can repay when they go under.
  12. Also just signed up for the tour. He’s not involved with the music supposedly.
  13. Toms on Kevin and bean Wednesday, so people assume it’s this week right now.
  14. Holy shit the full generational divide sounds amazing. Sounds like a super progressive song. How are these guys so inept
  15. Love report of the week. I love wholesome YouTube.
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