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  1. I went to a new dentist today. Blink-182 came up casually from the radio, she knew all about blink, Ava, simple creatures. This was me the whole time:
  2. Travis and Mark contribute to a song. The artist or label ask if they can use blink-182 for marketing reasons. They say yes. They appear in said video. End story
  3. Wut? We’ve heard like 5 to 6 clips of different songs PLUS Tom has been in the studio consistently since March 2018. I find it very hard to believe they only have three songs. I’m guessing they have a lot more that are structured songs, but aren’t “finished”.
  4. To be totally honest, for someone like Tom $7500 is maybe not worth a couple hours of his time.
  5. We need to build a wall
  6. People are using the song on TikTok, I’d describe it as a viral tik tok template. Play the song with someone saying something about themselves, then zooms in on their face and mouth thanks, I hate it.
  7. Thanks, I hate it is a huge meme on TikTok for those unaware. So I’d assume it’s by far their most popular song now.
  8. On Some Emo Shit is the crown jewel.
  9. I heard Run Away blaring out of a bar on my way back to my office after lunch this week. It was neat.
  10. Hey Ryan, my best friend lives in Encinitas a couple blocks from the to the stars shop. If you trusted mailing it I could potentially ask him to bring it into the shop to be signed. Make a note on the context and what happened on the tour, and he could give it to the store attendant.
  11. Nobody was moving for angels and airwaves either. Dead silence
  12. Honestly, I wasn’t into that show at all. One and done on Ava for me. Anything so I don’t have to deal with a crowd like that again, ruined the whole experience. Wanted to leave after the acoustic set, but the show kept going on and on.
  13. People are waving their phones on the opener and I see several Tom DeLonge wallpapers...
  14. This is the craziest line I’ve ever seen holy fuck
  15. Going to Church tonight. Christ has risen.
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