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  1. This sounds so fucking good. Let’s go. I hope this is a decently lengthed album, more than ten songs since it’s been years and we’ve heard two already.
  2. alkaline trio facebook group seems to think Matt is unwell from this interview. Kind of a weird vibe, but don’t know how you can extrapolate he’s unwell from three minutes
  3. Venues have their schedules planned months in advance. You can’t just reschedule a show to be two weeks later. That’s probably the soonest they could fit all the shows into a workable leg that all venues would agree on.
  4. 1. Toms rights to blink are assets. Assets that were built during their marriage. In a marriage, you have rights to some percentage of your household net worth; your assets. Not cash. Him liquidating his assets after his divorce doesn’t mean his ex-wife is no longer entitled to those assets lol. 2. This company didn’t even exist a year ago so no the opportunity didn’t even exist when he was getting divorced.
  5. Lol you’re really fucking dumb. That’s not how that works
  6. It says they also acquired music from Jack Antonoff at the same time, the biggest alternative pop star / producer in the genre today. I wouldn’t just attribute this to Tom needing money...
  7. And he had all of this music from the score that he couldn’t let go to waste.
  8. No but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they had an annual business meeting nothing to do with Tom and the band. Blink is essentially a corporation and Tom has a vested interest.
  9. I take that as a no if you’re just not even going to bother answering. Hypocritical.
  10. Remember when Oliver posted that pic of that sixty year old ripped guy and said anyone can look like that as long as they remain healthy. But immediately assumed this woman could only be twenty years younger than Tom. Is that sexist?
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