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  1. Out. Get him out of here. Wrong. Out! Out! Out!
  2. What do you mean? He still hears every big alt rock acts new music like two months in advance. Still feel like he’s very much in the know with industry friends.
  3. What do you mean? The rumor is that they’re not doing any shows until mid next year
  4. We haven’t gotten anything from blink in three years and I’ve barely noticed. I’d rather them just do one big album cycle every five years then whatever we got before. They’re old as fuck now you’re not going to get an every two year full time job blink-182 ever again.
  5. Oh yea seems like it didn’t realize there was another thing a couple weeks ago. I thought we were referring to back in august when the dj said something and mark got mad. Haven’t been keeping up like I used to.
  6. Same station but no this is not the same thing. This is brand new from today. This guys is the vp of rock programming with the station that books their live shows and is pissed off that live nation is fucking over some promotion regarding their Christmas shows. Panic at the disco was supposed to headline night four of their Christmas shows but live nation rescheduled their tour show at the same venue to the end of October. Since that would dramatically affect sales of the radio stations show in December to have a show that close with the same headliner, they had to cancel night 4. So to fuck over live nation, he’s spoiling the secret that Tom is back in blink.
  7. Yea it’s definitely happening too much smoke from people in the industry that would know about this tour stuff beforehand. The Chicago folks know info about their local show. Hope there’s new music
  8. It depends how large the venues are. If it’s a stadium tour it’s possible. Green Day, fall out boy, and weezer just did a world tour
  9. Ah shit, here we go again https://www.instagram.com/p/CjVl3uVL5iE/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  10. Aaron just posted a story working on the AVA live album, so you can strike the bullet point that Tom made something up on the fly when talking to steve-o to hide he was working on blink from the theory that he’s back.
  11. Remember when it was embarrassing to say you were a fan of blink. Then in the late 2000’s it became cool. Now I feel like Travis is making it embarrassing again.
  12. It seems like dogs eating dogs was removed from streaming services for whatever reason. I was just listening to disaster a week or two ago so it recently happened.
  13. You guys gotta start posting screenshots. Most of us are blocked by this point.
  14. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRPNNfDP/
  15. Yea great song. @Ghent is ride or die with me on that.
  16. It’s not too late for a delayed 10 year neighborhoods tour with Tom!
  17. I believe Jason tate always. Though if mark confidently is saying recording this year with Davey they’re clearly more advanced in their inner circle to either Tom being back or not and just knowing what they’re doing and just being more tight lipped with who knows what. Could be they’re recording with Matt but have discussed a tour with Tom or their recording with Tom, but I’m sure the bands inner circle has a little more certainty in what they hope to plan to achieve and won’t book anything to let the cat out of the bag until the last minute.
  18. Let’s gooooooo. I’m an og blocked by blink italia for calling them out for their garbage. Give me a downfall, please. It’s the worst when the absolutely insane fans drive attention and discourse and the band members don’t know it.
  19. I mean that just says all I need to know. If mark had no plans to work with Tom again, he would be way more explicit there than just saying I get the speculation but we have nothing to announce. That doesn’t mean they’ve agreed to Tom rejoining, but at a minimum they’ve discussed it and things are on the table for when they decide to be active again, which is a far cry from 2015-2019 where Matt was blink and mark seemed to really have animosity towards Tom where it seemed like he would never consider working with him again. At least that’s how it reads to me. Also of all those clarifications from mark, he didn’t once mention skiba. If he was sure skiba was a permanent member forever, i feel like he’d include him in his comments.
  20. Metallica is one of those bands where their big songs (like master, fuel, unforgiven, nothing else matters) work so well carefully placed in entertainment that it’s super hype anytime it comes up or in a live setting; but I can’t enjoy it as just listening music. I don’t think there’s a better metal artist that exists with such perfect compositions, which is why they work so well placed over other entertainment with potentially different renditions (enter sandman in westworld).
  21. Angels and airwaves isn’t targeted at 16 year old boys so there’s no hole in my logic. Ava is for 19 year old edge lords not going anywhere in life looking for pretentious meaning to an otherwise meaningless existence or 13 year olds going through their emo phase while the world rejects them and first learning the world is cruel but Tom offers some bland optimism to society. blinks music falls somewhere in the middle for rebellious angsty 16 year olds taking the piss at everything. ill add on after that joking post I loved everything when I was a teenager but blinks two timeless albums to me are really untitled and enema. toypaj I can’t really listen to anymore approaching 30. And neighborhoods is my top because it’s the product of my real fandom time of 2009-2015 when I was in adolescence.
  22. Their theory was that the radio tease set pr back, but it’s still coming this week according to their contact haha
  23. Well the guy that claims to know a writer at kerrang says it’s still coming very soon lol. What is hype may never die
  24. Untitled, neighborhoods, enema, dude ranch, toypaj, Cheshire Cat. This bands key demo is 16 year old boys. I was 16 when neighborhoods came out so it checks out. Untitled is my favorite album ever made and it’s a giant gap between untitled to neighborhoods. I basically love everything mark and Tom did from 2003-2012 and now like not love what came before and after (except enema).
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