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  1. Third marriages have much higher chance of failure then any increased statistical chance from increased age. Just going off statistics, this would have worse odds than the first two. But hope it works out, as long as everyone’s happy.
  2. What’s the ttl on this marriage? One year?
  3. It’s usually for films that aren’t huge franchises. But scripts for new films that are shopped around hollywood trying to find a buyer are essentially just publicly accessible to read if you have the right resources
  4. I thought Travis was great on neighborhoods. His drumming really elevated those songs and made them interesting. After that I haven’t noticed anything interesting
  5. 1. Misery 2. On Some Emo Shit 3. Good Old Days everything else I would be fine with not existing
  6. Dang emphasized my point without even intending to.
  7. Me reading that list seeing why are we so broken, ps I hope you’re happy, let me down, death bed, scumbag on it going huh? I have no idea what songs those are.
  8. I will never be this down bad.
  9. Mikey day did a Travis barker impersonation on snl last night. Blink got an all the small things sex joke.
  10. My man is high on life love it
  11. Isn’t it just your posts per page setting? So number of pages doesn’t actually mean anything. I’m on 1001 right now.
  12. I guess you’re just a sheep to corporate america then. It’s fine if you don’t want to open your eyes.
  13. On the depression tweet specifically, my guess is his manager was looking for fan tweets to respond to for the day and saw that one. Messaged Tom about it to write something nice.
  14. Yea that stuff would all be him. Quote tweeting fans with emojis and saying where are youuuu and all of the advertisement posts would be his manager.
  15. You would be very surprised how little of a following you need to have a social media managers. Influencers in the hundreds of thousands of followers have social media managers. A social media manager will have 5 clients at a time and it’s contracted work through a pr firm. Order of events, publicist reaches out to firm they want to work with. Says my client needs this for x amount of time (in this case the lifeforms album cycle), pr firm says okay we have this person available and they create a temp contract. It’s very common the social media manager handles all direct engagement with followers with no input from the client, but it varies the client may want to approve messages. The client handles actual posting and / or has to approve things with the social media manager. It heavily varies how involved the celeb is with their account, but engagement with fans is most of the time the account manager. Also if you don’t think it’s a manager, it means they’re doing a good job because that’s the whole point of their job. Its just speculation from me, but his change in presence with fan interaction around the start of the album cycle makes me think he at least has someone helping out with the account. (Well that’s a known fact because Tom has scheduled posts that go out that are advertisements for to the stars merch all the time on his Instagram and Twitter that he is definitely not the one doing at a minimum).
  16. Having interacted with a few social media managers now, I’m pretty sure any time Tom quote tweets or interacts with a fan, it’s just his manager doing engagement. I don’t think Tom is just searching on Twitter for non tagged tweets related to AVA / him.
  17. After midnight is the worst song on that album correct.
  18. When I said label I just meant his team in general. Pretty sure that’s not true about the label though, they wouldn’t sign deals just for the album. There’s no money to be made there and someone has to put up the capital for the tours. And pretty sure the only reason they’re not playing losing my mind is it’s too hard for Tom to sing.
  19. I feel like they just played it because the label told them to because it was doing really well. Tom played the guitar in the wrong key in sound check because he didn’t even know the song because ilan did the guitars apparently lol. So they didn’t rehearse it and they played a lot of songs Tom rehearsals that didnt make the cut
  20. Super boring set list outside of tunnels imo. Tunnels sounds awesome though and by far the best use of Ilan vocals live.
  21. They played paralyzed, rite of spring, and start the machine at sound check. Very interesting.
  22. Well Travis just posted the up all night video celebrating ten years of neighborhoods so I think that quells any conspiracies
  23. The problem with love was I don’t think there was any intention of it being a film. It was a series of short films to go along with the music of the album going all the way back to i empire . Then after they had filmed the short films, they took one of them and wrote a script around it because they had invested so much money into the set will Eubank built. And they shoehorned the civil war short film into it because it was action and probably cost a lot. You had a couple other short films that weren’t mashed into the film and just released as music videos to a couple of the songs. I’ll still hold that visually love was really cool for a low budget film that cost less than a million. Will Eubank put together a cool production minus the actual story.
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