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  1. I think I worded it wrong, not that 2020 is the reason my interest died. It was already on life support after nine. Any inactivity was just going to make me no longer want to listen to the band. After roughly the last 20 years of my life of listening to blink-182 non stop, last year was the first year I just didn’t listen to the band almost at all old or new music. Some of its I’m in my mid to late 20 I’ve grown out of their music, and most of it is my opinion of complete misdirection of the band since 2015. As to Tom I barely listen to AVA anymore. I’m still excited for his first album i
  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but the deadness of this band in 2020 totally pushed me away from any remaining interest I had. I’m now fawning over two new weezer albums and a 20 year catalog of demos. Two historically similar bands in their lost ways, yet weezer somehow keeps my interest now
  3. Cool idea. The story parts were cringy and hard to watch. Why does every teenage boy look like lil huddy? Band shots were cool with MGK and Travis. Jawbreaker scene was really cool.
  4. The label could have written tickets to my downfall for all I care. I don’t give a fuck if the album rips...
  5. The problem is with social media you don’t have isolated fan sites like you did in 2006. If Mark says something, it’s going to be posted by blink Italia on Instagram, media sources will see the clips and pick it up. The fan exclusive scoops are gone. Although he does decently with the discord.
  6. You kind of have to when every word you say is saved and historiated by fans no matter how off the cuff the situation is. When you have thousands of rabid hardcore fans, they’re going to memorialize every answer and saying something not nice you might not feel the same way about in five years, but fans are still going to be talking about that one time you said that one thing.
  7. I’d like to know more about pre-neighborhoods post reunion blink. There was so much hype around up all night specifically with just fans discussing the song endlessly for months. Countdowns were made, non-hints that people thought were hints to the song’s release, just it was all anyone could talk about for over a year because the album took a long time to write so it was all we knew. How aware were they of the fever pitch by hardcore fans over this one song, which ultimately represented what does this band sound like eight years later? Was it weird thinking it’s a three minute track, but peop
  8. Yea I do. Toms been saying that for five years. He doesn’t want to do blink. He has to say that so he’s not blamed for ruining the band. Just put the blame on others and he never has to deal with it.
  9. Again I didn’t say it was why he quit blink. It’s A reason he doesn’t want to do blink. He’s clearly much happier with a quieter life once he got it and downsized his own operations massively with his other company pre to the stars that managed Macbeth, modlife, and a couple other things in a giant warehouse. That was like 40 to 50 employees. I’m sure he wasn’t happy when those businesses were failing, but he seems happier on the other side five years later.
  10. As I was saying, there’s multiple reasons as to why he doesn’t want to do blink
  11. All I know is anytime tom gives more insight into his personality, it makes more sense why he doesn’t want to do blink. Guy wants to live a pretty normal “daily life” and hated the fame and pr game at the scale blink was. Blink tours probably suck when you have a new set of 30k people every day and everyone on your tour with all eyes on you all for a 90 minute rush. Some people that’s worth it, some people they never want to be in that position, and some people like it got their fix but don’t need it their whole life. The latter being Tom.
  12. There’s a new machine gun Kelly and yungblud song that came out this week that I think is pretty good
  13. This is a pretty cool poster I think https://tothestars.media/collections/holiday-2020/products/to-the-stars-pioneer-screen-printed-poster
  14. I think blink could have gotten to stadium level if they rewound back to 2009 and did everything entirely differently lol
  15. River Cuomo is putting all of his demos from every weezer album in Dropbox folders and selling them on his site for 9 bucks each. The first one for everything will be alright in the end (considered the holy grail for weezer fans because of how many known unreleased songs there are) has over 500 files just for that album alone. Around 30-50 unreleased songs that are essentially complete songs that are good quality just not really mixed / maybe finally tracked. Many songs have 20+ versions and you can see how the song progressed through writing. People have wanted to hear these songs for over fi
  16. Reminder: its almost time to start listening to not another Christmas song again soon in case you forgot it existed
  17. I don’t expect it to release this year. If they haven’t started the rollout by mid November unlikely the label will let it go out during the holidays.
  18. The chorus and outro in this song is so good I want an Ava version.
  19. Just glad I could keep you in the loop.
  20. It’s definitely a Tom melody, not like the song was finished and Tom just did a vocal take. Makes me wonder was this just a leftover Ava idea for the album and he gave what he had to illenium to make a song out of.
  21. There’s a fifteen second clip of the chorus out. Sounds pretty cool
  22. I wouldn’t be surprised if it just samples an Ava song
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