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  1. Any bets if they will do another joke title for the album name? I’m getting that vibe there will be for this album.
  2. It’s funny to see how all the fans(basically all of it) of this band are so divided on what they like about blink and what they don’t like. But here we are following them like a it’s a religion. I love it.
  3. Love that it got pretty violent at the end just like the “not another Christmas song” video 😂
  4. Had fun at my local brewery tonight, took over the juke box and and played Edging a few times and 20 other blink songs in row. Pretty much everyone in the bar was singing blink all night. Didn’t realize how many people them still. Good times!
  5. That’s what I thought, at first but looking online it’s leave. 😂🤷‍♂️
  6. I wanna get this settled right now…..is it “I lеave the broken hearts this way” or “I lеad the broken hearts this way”??
  7. 725 for pit now in Chicago, I guess it’s better off going to Vegas. Lol
  8. Blink with Tom and matt is probably the best thing to happen with blink in its current state.
  9. Blink will never be the same, clearly you forgot how bad tom was at the tail end of his last run. At this point they would be better off as a four piece.
  10. At this point, hopefully matt stays in the band and Tom comes as the 2nd guitarist when he’s available. That way they can still play there new stuff and old and would sound way better than backing tracks.
  11. Dm me a link if ya got it pleaseeee
  12. So I covered darkside. I’m proud of it. https://youtu.be/ur0L9XWr5L4
  13. I’m jealous that you guys get to be with blink while they record! And know everything that happens behind the scenes. ? despite what this band has been through in the past decade, I’m just happy they are still active and creating new music.
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