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  1. Spitfire was a popular one too I forgot about
  2. I still wear an ADIO hoodie that I got in high school to this day That’s like 20 years of posing there
  3. The first time I ever wore an Atticus shirt, freshman year of high school, a skater guy came up to me with a disgusted look on his face and said "I can't believe it....you're a fuckin poser" Destroyed me 😂
  4. Same lol I could barely make it 10 feet on one
  5. I was too busy out on the streets shredding for that poser shit
  6. Lol yeah I never watched much MTV, seemed lame
  7. I didn't watch much MTV besides TRL way back in the day. I'm not a teenie bopper like that
  8. lol hold up, people actually pay Grand Master Jon for bad guitar covers of blink songs now? Damn props to him for that one
  9. Littleredguitars is a dingleberry, he used to post here
  10. Leo DeHoe with an acoustic guitar Never understood the hype on this one
  11. It's a pretty dumb complaint. If people weren't buying them they wouldn't sell them. If you don't want them, don't buy them? I consider it lame to collect album variants, but that's just me. I'm not a record collector. I collect other things that people would consider lame. To each their own. It's not that hard to ignore unless you choose to be an obsessive hater.
  12. You seem to put a lot of thought into Taylor Swift for a guy who hates her so much. You need to calm down.
  13. Worlds colliding left and right lately lol
  14. Damn if we're counting those the Chiefs have 7 instead of 4, noice
  15. Thanks for taking it over dude, next thing you know you'll be playing Mario Golf with Mark himself!
  16. @Russel Coight when is your show?
  17. It's crazy to think that the original blink breakup only lasted 4 years. Felt like a lifetime then

    1. Noble


      What I find interesting is that they released their only studio EP after said hiatus. Then Tom went la da da da dadadada da like his song and ran off to do random shit again. (tangent incoming) Not saying pointless (he formed a university and provided/leaked good information for NASA to use) and Alkaline Trio's guitarist (whose voice sounds like a 2018 SoundCloud rapper's voice) came in. Then Tom came back and Matt walked away. Like, what in the actual fuck, bro acted like a substitute teacher.

  18. That Tickets to my Downfall album remains a banger but MGK is a total doucher Nothing has really changed on that front. Never listened to the album after, must not have been as good
  19. Ghent


    Dude is 30 years old and still acts like he's new to the league. Doesn't really make sense. He should be in his prime leadership era. And the fuckeroo with his brother is just embarrassing to all parties
  20. Ghent


    And next he will throw Doc Rivers under the bus and bolt to LA
  21. Ghent


    Has been happening slowly, but this guys likeability is tanking for me.
  22. lol, see the problem is the song doesn’t even say anything offensive. It preemptively issues a disclaimer but doesn’t deliver. Mark cumming on face tits and ass is more of a gross visual than anything that would offend! The proctologist line is pretty funny. I don’t know, I’m not trying to be too extreme about it, just think it’s kind of weak and unnecessary
  23. Brohemian Rhapsody and Built This Pool are top notch joke songs. Funny, casual, don't try too hard. Turn This Off is a bit much. Reminds me of Happy Holidays You Bastard which is more annoying than it is funny.
  24. I just find it kind of boring personally. If we’re talking bonus tracks Cut Me Off is an absolute banger. Love that song but it’s not really part of the album for me.
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