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  1. Yeah the two aren’t even remotely similar. Nobody would care if Tom did AVA as a side project during blink down time. He literally used blink as a giant advertisement for AVA. He wore an AVA shirt through the entire reunion tour and passed out LOVE promo shit. On the Neighborhoods tour he released some shitty movie. And then on DED he did everything he could to get blink on modlife as a last ditch effort to keep it from going under.
  2. Please post Mark’s mom’s lasagna recipe to prove your legitimacy.
  3. There's no way they go in just as Mark, Tom, and Travis lol. Keep dreaming tombots.
  4. Such a tombot that you can't accept blink in the HOF unless it's Tom only. Wow!
  5. Apparently you since you just typed all of that up? It's not about individual songs. It's the complete body of work. There is plenty there for HOF, especially considering their influence on other musicians. You don't have to jump through hoops finding a way to rationalize why Skiba shouldn't be in with them. He should.
  6. It would be pretty simple. Every blink member gets in. During their live show the members who were in the band when the given song was recorded perform that song.
  7. Yes they will definitely go in eventually. Might take awhile though. and Skiba will go in as well as Tom, of course. I'd imagine Scott Raynor would too, if he wanted to
  8. Jeepers Creepers at the beginning?
  9. So Texas Chainsaw Massacre basically
  10. I think Blair Witch Project is the scariest movie of all time. It’s only fault is that it is far less scary on subsequent viewings. Also love The Shining and the Michael Bay Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  11. You literally just said Mexican food was "wastly overrated" ya fuckin knob
  12. Maybe you should just show up at his treehouse and throw rocks at his windows holding the vinyl up in the air like a boom box
  13. Who fucking cares if Ry-Bread wants his vinyl signed by Tom? He's a huge blink fan and wants all three of their signatures on it. It's not that big of a deal
  14. Ghent


    lol ok Oliver
  15. At least he finally got out of mom's basement and into one of their upstairs bedrooms.
  16. Would be cool. Tom really needs to find a new voice for future endeavors. Would probably help to get him on something poppy that he isn't in control over. Someone telling him what to sing and how to sing it would do him wonders.
  17. That’s what they did on California and you cried.
  18. I hope all 750 of you tombots enjoy the show.
  19. What’s sad is that after over 10 years, nothing has really changed about that headline. Maybe the only thing that’s changed is he’s actually insane now? No more on the brink? Congrats
  20. So Pin the Grenade and The First Time have grown on me a lot. I think my bottom two now are Happy Days and Remember to Forget Me
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