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  1. Haha, I was wondering the same. I'm thinking coincidence, which makes it pretty hilarious
  2. His site sucked ass and looked like shit, he sold it for easy cash, and he won't acknowledge blink online as the oldest running blink board. I'm saying fuck that dude.
  3. Jason Tate actually kind of called me out in the comments on Instagram for saying blink online was the oldest blink board still around. Dude is really into himself, never been a fan.
  4. The Blink/Paramore arena tour thing actually makes a lot of sense. Hope that rumor is true, would be fun. Major upgrade from that neckbeard band on the California tour.
  5. You had me at kings of the weekend, let's go!
  6. I listened to that song so many times before the album was out it was jarring to hear it in the tracklisting. Song is like crack. Pretty sure the fan's WOULD have considered it a favorite had Mark not said that he expected it in advance. Too many edgelords about these days for that Time to face it, California is one of blink's best albums. 💅
  7. Did some digging around on here and yeah, I had it backwards. The original was called Action, but didn't have the Action line until it appeared on the album. Weird memory glitch there
  8. I guess I have it backwards and the original Action on Madden DIDN'T say "get ready for action"
  9. Oh, guess I'm thinking of something else? Thought there was a difference in the Madden version
  10. Yep it was on Madden. Originally had a clip at the beginning that said "Get ready for Action" in an announcer kind of voice.
  11. I regret not going to Vegas for the Kings of the Weekend residency. Wish it would have been somewhere better than the The Palms, but would still have been cool to see. That California era was magic. Probably their last relevant run with popular music honestly
  12. Good to see you Rory! I remember practically having to force myself to like Untitled. The only blink album I've ever felt that way about. I did grow to genuinely like it, but it took months to feel like "real blink." I have a vivid memory of playing it for the first time in my truck to one of my friends who loved blink. He was confused and hated it. Was kind of a bummer With that said, everyone fucking loved Feeling This (was called Action originally). That contributed to the shock when the rest of the album leaked as well. Thought we were getting a whole album of that sound.
  13. You got a problem with weekends or what dude
  14. I mean he's got a couple of the best rap albums ever written period, but the dude is a full scale moron now.
  15. Lol, he better just stick to banging Kourtney. Kanye is an embarrassment to humanity
  16. I just want to know why they excluded people who have to work on the weekends and therefore are unable to be Kings. What about Kings of the Weekdays? It's racist.
  17. I mean this definitely feels realistic to me. I don't understand what they plan to do with Matt though. It wouldn't be smart to sever relations with him. Tom is likely to go full psycho douche again once he's got his bank accounts reloaded. Would hate to go back to square one
  18. Yep I have trouble with Rings of Power too. I was just giving my brother shit the other day for having closed captioning turned on Disney+ and that was his reasoning
  19. Maybe it will move faster now that his roots have been laid out? My main complaint so far is that I have trouble understanding the dialogue. Everything is whispered and fast. The acting side of the dialogue is great, I just have trouble making some of it out. Gets distracting
  20. I made the mistake of watching only the first two and then waiting a week. Without the third episode, the first two don't hold up nearly as well. This show is going places. There is no catering to any expectations and it's clearly for adults with critical thinking abilities, which is refreshing. It doesn't rely on the usual SW tropes, but still feels like SW
  21. The kind you take on the weekend sitting on your throne

    1. studioexecspeedo


      Lol!  I didn't think of using Kings of the Weekend, one of the California lesser tracks, in a joke.  It worked.  Thank you!

    2. Slave of the Week Day

      Slave of the Week Day

      This one was pretty good. I can continue to provide mentorship to you so that one day you might also become royalty of the weekend. 

  22. That's because he is an authentic PUNK
  23. "This place is a dump!" says guy taking the dumps on it

    1. Slave of the Week Day

      Slave of the Week Day

      Wow surprised you don’t see the genius behind Kings of the Weekend. I feel bad for you for failing to recognize that it’s a bop and my posts are sincere.

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