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  1. Watched News of the World last night. Tom Hanks rescuing a child? Was this movie made to troll Q? lol
  2. They should have replaced Tom with Oliver
  3. I've been preaching this shit for years. Everyone is way too uptight about rock music and took the fun out of it. This board being a prime example.
  4. California is a great album, only gets better with time ❤️
  5. That's what I'm most excited about. I'm hoping it signifies a shift back toward rock music, which has essentially been dead in the mainstream for a decade. I think I mentioned before in this thread that I've heard high school kids blasting this album down the street from me, when all I've heard them listening to before was rap. Good sign
  6. The thing is though, multiple people have listed multiple different songs off the album that they consider to be good besides Bloody Valentine. To me that says it's a pretty damn solid album. Always a good sign when people have various favorites outside of the lead song/s.
  7. No time to listen to shitty music, all the time in the world to talk about how shitty it is.
  8. Who plays video games once a week for 20 minutes? What game do you play? Tetris?
  9. "I'm way too mature for MGK, I'm too busy these days playing Madden and practicing guitar."
  10. It's not better than any blink, but it's the closest anything in this genre has come in literally 10 years.
  11. I really like this song off the deluxe album:
  12. You've listened to part of one song, you don't get to have this opinion.
  13. You've made this assessment based on listening to a few seconds of one song? You're clowning yourself dude. If you think MGK is a douche in general, that's an entirely different opinion
  14. You haven't even listened to it, dumbass.
  15. Lol wait, Diddy has only heard *part* of one MGK song and he spends this much effort shitting on his existence?
  16. God forbid they take a year off during a global pandemic after a period of hyperactivity that you shit on anyway. Cmon man
  17. He does have a beautiful head of hair..
  18. I’m sure that albums gonna be a real banger 😂
  19. Could have done without some of them but Kevin and Barracuda and his clip with Megan Fox are worthy imo. *alien voice* don’t forget to bring the weeeed
  20. It’s crazy how much he sounds like Bert McCraken when he sings. I thought he was Bert in one of the MGK songs
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