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  1. I'd just skip the show and go to the Shanna Moakler Playboy shoot.
  2. More like Grant Hill unfortunately
  3. Jordan with the Wizards is more like Tom in the Untitled era. You know something aint right, but dudes still got it.
  4. What sucks about the MJ Wizards years is he was still putting up big numbers. He still had it. The surrounding cast was terrible. It's too bad his career ended there. If he had played in today's age he would have went to a super team and got 2 more rings somewhere
  5. I mean he is cucking out pretty hard. Also doesn't hurt that his kids have a relationship with her. I'll give it a 60% chance Dude is a legend
  6. I'm not sure I will be able to fully appreciate this album without the accompanying young adult novel and short film... It's important to me that AVA albums are a full multimedia experience.
  7. Those bundles are gonna be 🔥 though
  8. We’re talking about Travis’ hot celebrity girlfriend, get a grip Cum.
  9. Can’t wait for this, gonna be so good
  10. Yeah, Travis has always been about fame and fortune. I'm more surprised that he could pull it off than I am that he tried
  11. You're just jealous of those huge perfect asses
  12. But would her beautiful hand be in the photo?
  13. Travis got Kardashian's name inked on him. what a fucking boss
  14. Fearless is my least favorite T-Swift album, but this rerecorded version is impressive. I'm not even sure I would notice some of these songs aren't the original. And the ones I do notice are better because of it. Not many artists couls pull something like this off
  15. I didn't care for that album much when it came out, but I've grown to love it. Especially after seeing it on tour. I like it more than Lover
  16. Oh shit this one from the vault is 🔥🔥 Who was this gem about?
  17. I like how Mark rocks the graying hair now. I think it looks better. It suits him
  18. This section actually selected the proper winner in a pop punk contest. I can't believe it.
  19. Going back to simple merch designs and back to the old bunny...me like.
  20. You hungry for some crab legs faplord?

  21. This band was a very underrated Tom troll. On par with Mark's AVA remix.
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