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  1. This album is fucking awesome
  2. This new MGK album is fucking good. Pop punk lives in 2020, can't believe it. Congrats to Travis too
  3. 13th Annual BotBM is about to crank up. Get to the Free For All section!

  4. I hope you had a fantastic day Bucko!

    1. Bucko


      I did thank you Master Ghent 🌍🌬️🔥 


    2. ...Dan...
    3. Bucko


      Safe @...Dan... , nm pal, u?



  5. Love your new tattoo Tom! Looks great!
  6. Ghent

    DUNE 2020

    Tenet only grossed like 6 million total for the weekend so I'm not sure this will be out anytime soon. Hard to imagine anything being different in December.
  7. Yeah, I’ll continue to support anyone who stands for equal justice, “wobbly pops” or not. You should too man. It’s pretty simple.
  8. “Outrage and cancel culture”..you have completely lost the plot dude. The subject at hand is people standing up for equality and justice. No politics. Wake the fuck up. You pride yourself as a huge liberal and this is the hill you die defending?
  9. Oh so you’re an enabler of shitty opinions. You use your super intellectual platform to allow people with questionable views to feel empowered. What a saint. Anyone who gets triggered by people standing for equality is a fucking menace man. Get over yourself.
  10. That would be pretty cool tbh
  11. Freshly emboldened by a “voice of reason” and ready to spew more shit! It’s like a power-up for the alt-righter
  12. Definitely no angel, but I’m not here to win debate trophies either. Oliver was more than enough proof that you can’t change these peoples minds, may as well have fun with it
  13. I've tried everything with these racists for years now. One time I was extra sincere with a close friend of mine and got ridiculed behind my back for it lol. Being a condescending dick is at least fun. They don't deserve any better. It's not like you can change their minds. When you're that far down the path of ass hole, there is no coming back. And you're pretty good at condescension yourself Casey
  14. "I totally respect your views that NFL players shouldn't use their platform and take a stand for justice and equality during a time of great societal chaos, but here is why I disagree." lol, fuck that. Stop whining and turn the channel until the game comes on you racist.
  15. Ohh, we have another moderate edgelord in the building. My favorite! You can't reasonably oppose what the NFL players did before that game. There are no "opposing views" or nuances. If you meltdown over a display like this, which had nothing to do with politics or the American flag, then you are a racist. Plain and simple. To pretend otherwise gives power to the scum. It enables them. They hide behind it. See: Ben Shapiro
  16. Anyone who gets triggered by people uniting for equality and justice is trash.
  17. All because you heard about players uniting for equality and justice for 30 seconds before a game of foosball.
  18. Whoa dude, calm down. Anyway, it's definitely not absurd to be disappointed by fans booing a peaceful display of unity and equality that had nothing to do with the flag.
  19. Yet you're this triggered over it?
  20. It's funny that both of the guys here who drone listen to Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro are woke right wing edgelords who enable terrible beliefs and opinions just to OWN THE LIBS.
  21. He's like the parrot on the shoulder of Ben Shapiro.
  22. The anthem shouldn't be played before any sporting event imo.
  23. They will be hard to stop with even more offensive weapons and now a clearly improved defense. Pumped for this season
  24. That is what is most pathetic about it. These racists types literally only accept black people if they do sports stuff that helps "their" team win. It's some kind of modern version of racial suppression. Very creepy.
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