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  1. Looks like they're shooting a video today according to Matt's instagram. Rumor was it would be out by the end of the week..
  2. Ghent

    2019 Tour Thread

    Sounds like you need a raise. Work all day, every day, but still can’t afford $100 to see the band you spend all day talking about online with strangers?
  3. I don't like the ritalin line, but two of my friends grew up on Ritalin so I can see how it would be relatable to people my age
  4. You're getting to be about as bad as Oliver!
  5. Worst part of being a blink fan is that 90% of the hardcore fans are weird miserable tombots who have grown out of blink and haven't had a good time in over 10 years.
  6. He wants this board to operate like Tom's Angels or whatever tombot hole he crawled out of. Not gonna happen
  7. hahaha, alright this video is awesome
  8. We’re up to #12 on the daily chart
  9. Dumb tombot comment. Obviously a huge difference between the two. Mark’s is a clear side project where blink is the absolute #1 priority. No one would have cared if Tom did AVA in his spare time, in fact it would have been cool.
  10. BIOMY is seriously underrated in the fanboy circles. It’s a great blink song. I hope people eventually warm up to it. I never thought we’d get a song like this 10 years ago. Bands been through some weird shit, but damn, this is a good one. 🙂
  11. Ghent

    2019 Tour Thread

    Are you learning his lyrics so you can shout it at every opportunity?!
  12. Pretty sure he said HAG sounded like something off Dude Ranch, not Neighborhoods as a whole
  13. PLG is so overrated lol. The rap is actually the best part of the song, it just doesn't fit the song at all
  14. If Rebel Girl is about Jen then he's never getting her back. What an insult
  15. 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️
  16. What makes you say that? I haven’t noticed anything besides him not on the radio interviews the other day
  17. Yeah but you don't like anything so, probably wasn't going to work out
  18. Yeah I'm sure the guys who have been rehearsing for a tour and will be leaving for months don't know that it starts in a couple weeks. I know being a know-it-all is your shtick, but c'mon man.
  19. You've been out since Tom left the band ✌️
  20. So based on the new interview you can throw away any expectations of the new album being aggressive or dark. Sounds like it will be in the same vein as BIOMY. Modern production, modern sensibilities, fits in with music that Travis works on. Should be good 🤘 Sounds like they started out making a darker album with Feldmann and then scrapped it
  21. lol, Rebel Girl shares 0 similarities with anything blink besides the subtle, subtle resemblance to Tom Delonge when the old man isn't slurring and yodeling.
  22. If creativity is Rebel Girl then I am out. BIOMY is 100x better of a tune
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