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  1. Blink knows they messed up and it might be over, but they will call you because you’re sober
  2. So how sure are we that More Than You’ll Never Know drops on June 2nd?
  3. Clarke text to Oliver recently leaked: “Sorry I cannot meet up this weekend, I have a sore tum tum from all the cum cum 🥴

    1. High Value Man

      High Value Man

      Just threatened by how the 2 conservative learning guys on the board also seem to be the smartest.

    2. Worst poster here
  4. Pretty decent showcase. I think the Marathon remake/reboot was the most surprising and interesting part, as I’m a huge fan of Bungie’s work. MGS3 remake trailer was just nice confirmation that it exists. The MGS remaster bundle looks cool too, but I but it’s just HD and frame rate updates and not total remakes (given that it includes MGS3 and there is a separate remake releasing for that title). I am a bit bummed that we did not get any news on the KOTOR remake, Wolverine, or any other big new games (I thought maybe something like a Twisted Metal reboot given that a television series is coming out this year). Lots of cool indie titles (the one with the storybook looked dope, and a new one by the Journey developer) and VR games (RE4 remake, Arizona Sunshine 2). Maybe I’m just hopelessly optimistic, but I was hoping to see a Half Life: Alyx announcement as well.
  5. MGS3 remake trailer is supposed to drop today. Pretty pumped, it’s the only MGS game I’ve played but loved it
  6. Hot damn, Clone High reboot just dropped! Off to watch now
  7. It is interesting that the album is dropping in the fall, if only because the only fall release dates (that I can recall) were more dark/mature albums in self titled, NH, and NINE. Not sure if they strategically plan when to release albums, but it seems like there’s some correlation as California and TOYPAJ were both fun pop-punk albums dropped in the summer. I’m thinking we get the next single on July 1st (182 day) and then a new song every month until the album release, but I hope I’m wrong and something drops sooner.
  8. I watched a few and AI can replicate Mark a lot better than Tom. I think I’d actually be able to know the Tom parts were AI even if I went in blind.
  9. I didn’t like Majora‘s Mask on my first play through either. I played through it again on 3DS and it’s still an 8/10 game that is enjoyable and quirky but also tedious and annoying. The things that are annoying is that it’s not always clear where to go next, the bulk of the game is based on fairly boring side quests to get more masks (only 4 main dungeons, although they are great), and when you reach the end of the game - if you haven’t done enough side quests, you need to go back and do more as you need X amount of masks to fight the last boss, which is just bad game design IMO. If this game didn’t have the Zelda trademark, it would be some obscure cult classic game that scored 7-8/10 across the board. I just finished the first 3 shrines in Tears. Feels like I’m hopefully done the tutorial aspects now.
  10. I opened my game and have charged my controller
  11. Yellowjackets season 2 has been ehhh, still enjoyable but not as great as season 1. Way slower paced and drawn out. The children storyline could have been done in like 2-3 episodes, so much filler. It is cool seeing all the local spots where I live though. Lotti’s retreat is across the ocean from where I grew up, and I walked by with my dog while the crew were filming the scene with Callie in the bar. Succession and Barry have both been great though.
  12. Just got home from camping, might try to boot this guy up tonight or tomorrow. The vehicle construction stuff seems very reminiscent to Banjo and Kazooi: Nuts and Bolts, but I haven’t played either game lol
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