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  1. Its threads like these where Im convinced, we need this as a reaction
  2. Oh, so you are one of those..... ya know what I do with your types? Lay on horn for a minute and throw on high beams. If daylight, two middle fingers. I'd laugh so hard if a couple miles later you were on the business end of a traffic stop. I've seen this. Its always amazing. I tried to debate you once. You were having trouble.
  3. Cops are, in general, great! Its mostly the beta males who can't keep their emotions in check who have issues with them. Cop pulls me over, I don't play ego battles. He is going to win that all day long. If I did wrong, I take it like a man. If I didn't do wrong, I take it to court. Only beta male simps get all worked up over a traffic stop.
  4. To both these dumb posts. I can't believe I have to spell this out but here goes. I believe in freedom of choice when your actions don't impact someone else. Seat Belt being that situation. However speeding and reckless driving obviously does. If you can't see the difference, go back to the 5th grade. Also- I am an amazing driver apparently. Been on the road for 23 years now and not one single accident. Lots of close calls. Lost of times when I had no clue how I avoided one, but yeah, not a single one. So eat it. You've been off your game lately. You opinions are very juvenile. Like rip and read from msnbc; without any critical thinking.
  5. Not sure about where you live, but here, these people deserve tickets. Probably a slap in the face too. Every morning on the way to work I drive a 55mph road where the standard speed is like 75mph+. Weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, narrowly missing the front end of my bumper by moving into my lane at a high rate of speed. They all 100% deserve it. I've passed speed traps going 10mph over speed limits all the time and cops just yawn. Most of them give plenty of leeway. Its crazy that I've been posting here almost as long as you've been alive. As you get older and gain life experienced; you will get it.
  6. You really are clueless. But I won't get into it here. I just needed to run a counter opinion to the anti cop BS. Again, just hope the story is true. If so; congrats to Scott!
  7. I agree actually, that there are too many cops that are power tripping and don't know de-escalation. My problem is when cops in general are trashed and when justified shootings are used as the basis for pushing a race hustling agenda. Cops have a right to defend themselves. Period. So like, resisting a cop, is I dunno, a bad idea?
  8. Flag is amazing. Back the blue!
  9. All you people trashing cops would be on the phone with them the second something went wrong. So many good cops out there that protect and save lives. The majority of the perps get their just desserts. I hope the story is true. Would be pretty awesome.
  10. Thats crazy, I had no idea that the photo on the back of the greatest hits was literally the exact last moment of Blink's original run.
  11. I get they might not necessarily be “happy” but I also don’t get the outrage. I’d just kind of be like “it is what it is” or I’d be like “I’m fucking mark hoppus and I just sold out a huge tour where tickets were $650. Who cares.” it wouldn’t keep me up all night. You see what I did there?
  12. Marks b hole is so tight when it comes to blink. Biggest misconception is that they don’t take themselves too seriously yet they are probably more uptight about their image than fucking Madonna. that being said I am not super interested to watch this- I’m a weirdo but I find videos of great times long gone to not be good watches.
  13. My cousin got us tickets for $60 each in Chicago. They are nosebleeds, but who cares. I am not sure how I feel on this whole ticket thing. Ultimately it is kind of supply and demand; and a lot of these prices are being driven by the fact that Tom is back for the first time in almost a decade. Its also a lot of pent up demand from the covid lull in shows and inflation. If people weren't willing to pay those insane prices, they wouldn't be able to sell them for those prices, and if they aren't getting any takers, they will have to lower them. Does it suck? Sure. But if you no like, you no buy.
  14. I am so sad we will never get to hear NINE songs live.
  15. Its just so surreal watching this. Never could have imagined it in my wildest dreams honestly.
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