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  1. Well duh, it could possibly be the biggest tour of all time. Her success combined with millennials having disposable income now apparently..... Blink is getting some of that. Taylro Swift is taking it to a whole other level. They said she might double her net worth before its all over and could easily be a billionaire. Thats some crazy shit.
  2. Are you kidding? Tons is accomplished with press. Get so much new information. But yeah, they don't need to do press because of the success. Same goes for meet and greets. Plus I don't think Tom is into them since his fans can get loony.
  3. Blink does this all the time. Heck you can barely get them to acknowledge albums on tour even after they are released (NINE)
  4. I am going to be totally honest, when you are at the show, you don't really care what they play. I am a big "stale setlist" guy but when I heard All the Small Things for what was probably the 10,000th time, it was just good fun. We were singing and dancing. Who cares. Would I love a 3 hour show with deep cuts and NINE songs, sure, but its not going to happen.
  5. Probably, but he could do way better.
  6. Taken in Chicago; you can see the "N Greene" in the background.
  7. Even from my noosebleed seats I could tell a lot was being played on backing track . Tom was having some type of technical difficulties early in the show. There where times where Tom stopped playing guitar and I still heard tons of guitar. Maybe not on day #1, but Day #2 got a "whats up Chicago" from Travis and Mark used the same line. "Day #1 didn't get that". Also Mark was shitting on Day #1 of Chicago saying its far more hardcore to do a Sunday show than a Saturday one since most work Monday.
  8. Turnstyle drummer was ripped and a great drumming. Winning combination. They were okay. I am not a big fan of Beastie Boys rip offs, I am not saying they aren't talented, just not my thing.
  9. LOL. Drunk ones would. Even so, I gave them a look and their reaction to my look told me they knew I was getting angry.
  10. Now that the euphoria wore off, I do have to mention the dickheads sitting above us who spilled beer all over my cousin (my cousin is a recovering alcoholic). Talked, no shouted, full conversations at each other during the opening bands (thankfully they STFU during Blink) and got super creepy with my cousins wife, touching her shoulders while apologizing for beer spill . I got to hand it to my cousin for not losing his cool. We did not them ruin our experience. But it did get dicey there for a bit.
  11. I am very sorry I was unable to meet you. I feel bad about it. I really did want to. Truth is; if it was up to me; I’d have met you outside of the venue; Saturday show or not. The problem was; my cousin didn’t want to; he didn’t get it. He didn’t understand why I was bending myself into a pretzel for a “Reddit guy”. To be fair people who don’t post on messages boards don’t get it. The problem was he controlled the car, he had the tickets, he had the navigation skills. I could have ditched him; but i didn’t think it was right to do that. i actually agree that it’s going to be difficult to too what we have seen so far. It’s just so amazing I don’t see how it gets any better. As the shows pile up I can see Tom starting to deteriorate again but I really hope not!
  12. Lol. Very true. Thanks. Are you seeing them?
  13. Tonight was amazing. @Fap God was right; I got emotional at times. Wasn’t expecting that. Like had to hold back my crying from happiness. Just can’t believe it. 22 years and it was like no time has gone by. Just couldn’t believe how amazing they sounded and how they survived all of this shit to come back better than ever. I never could have imagined it. Not to mention being with the guy who was at my first blink show with in 2001 and sharing this moment with him again 22 years later. July 2001/ tonight. Same guy.
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