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  1. My monthly check in to see if there is any new album news. Nope. I am not shocked. See ya all in Sept.
  2. You know it’s pretty crazy I read that article about the $85 million and then I ran my tour calculation and that’s exactly what I came up with 8.5 million a piece pretax. To arrive at what each member makes you generally take 30% of the gross and then divided by the three members that usually works without fail. It doesn’t include all money they made off merchandise
  3. Hard to believe I come back here and its like 2016 all over again where Ghent and Jarjar are all over Feldmann and California. Lord help me please! But to get back on topic, I am not super excited for this album if Edging is the direction they are headed. I am hoping thats a one off, but I am scared its not.
  4. Meh, whatever. He was a saw'd off prick. Songwriter for hire. I don't really care. California was a legit disaster. On relisten, there are maybe 2 good songs on it, tops. Although FeldmanN turned it around on NINE, but I tend to think he had less involvement with that one. I would have loved for them to continue to go in the direction of NINE with Skiba. But those looking to go back to the California days need their head examined. It was their worst album.
  5. Huh, I don't remember that at all. My memory is fuzzy (percs) but I remember endless delays, especially with California, and when they did finally release new material, they hardly played it on tour. They scrapped an entire album before Feldman came on board and wrote it for them.
  6. I am so glad I am not on pins and needles waiting for a new album from Blink. I remember those days and getting dragged through that mud: Neighborhoods, California, NINE, the Blinkumentary. You all should be use to it by now. Despite Blink putting on amazing show this go around and seemingly resolving all of their issues; they are still very much living off their nostalgia and quick touring cash is priority over new music. Just compare this to Blink of the 1990's. Dude Ranch 1997 and by the end of 1998 they were inserting Enema songs into their setlist. Those were the days they had something to prove musically.
  7. Just wanted to share a photo of me from 2002 with my Tom Delonge signature model strapped over my neck. My dyed blond hair and my tan. I looked so young. My Grandmother is next to me. She’d be dead less than 2 years after this photo was taken. She got me started playing music and she was savoring every minute of me playing. 20 years later and I still miss her.
  8. Thanks for the warning, but sadly, fake stuff is sold on ebay all the time, and not much can be done about it. As far as real flyswatter tapes; its been determine that there is simply no longer anyway to know what is real and what is fake unless Mark lists one of his originals for sale.
  9. Thanks I appreciate it! Sorry I forgot to reply to you pm yes I am oliver. I agree with your assessment on them. Travis has come a long way.
  10. Okay well. That’s fine. The thing is it might sound like I’m more angry than I am. I don’t have a Mark voodoo doll in my house or anger and hate towards him.I honestly don’t give blink that much thought anymore beyond their music. I’m just saying my opinion. In my years of following the band. So I can agree to disagree.
  11. I didn’t know that Mark has been dealing with cancer for 20+ years that’s really interesting. You’re absolutely correct Mark doesn’t Owe us anything and I don’t know him An understanding. Nor am I under any obligation to have a positive opinion of him. Boom
  12. That’s part of the reason he’s a douche bag. 20+ years of this board dedicated to his band; did a fundraiser couldnt even be fucked to even type in the address and come here.
  13. To be fair; Mark is probably the most tolerable of the lot; but is still a d bag. But he is the subject of the discussion since Davey is up his butt and this is a topic about that. it’s just a turn off for me. That’s all. And it’s not just an online thing ; like I said when I was in line waiting to meet blink-182 in 2016 it was all these dudes who were just having dick measuring contests about who was the bigger blink fan “ I’ve seen them 10 times in concert” “well that’s nothing I have the rare enema version with the pink sticker” “oh well that’s nothing Mark said hi to me on twitter” I think if I had a pistol I would have blown my brains out.
  14. I don't think Davey is a bad guy. He's been very nice. The whole "I am friends with Mark" thing is just Ew for me. A turn off. Dude literally came back and first post out of the gate is a lip service tweet from Mark. "Hi Guys, yes I barely know Mark, and that should make me special." Just not feeling it.
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