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  1. Dook

    2019 Tour Thread

    Reached out to SandBag and they said getting something signed was possible, but no guarantees. It’s up to the band.
  2. Dook

    2019 Tour Thread

    Have you reached out to them directly? Might be worth doing that so they see there’s a lot of interest behind it. I mean, if they limit it to 1 or 2 items per person, I can see a quick autograph with photo. To be honest, I’d rather have an autograph rather than a picture. Might ask if I can use my time for that instead haha.
  3. Looking for a number of items if anyone is willing to sell: Reunion 09 poster Bethlehem 2013 poster 2014 11x17 poster Shortbus 7” alternate cover Untitled test press from Mightier Than Sword
  4. Dook

    2019 Tour Thread

    Saw someone mentioned autographs way back in this thread. I purchased the high end M&G opportunity and reached out to SandBag LTD asking if there was an opportunity for signed memorabilia. They haven’t responded but I had a long email explaining of ways it’s been done in the past with other bands: •limit amount of items per person to be signed •form a large circle and have each member start at one point of the circle and go around •someone of a time limit with each member I told them that the last year with just an opportunity to take a photo and move on wasn’t really considered a true meet and greet. Definitely not saying we are entitled to anything, just putting in perspective for them as this is the first time they’re overseeing this stuff for blink I remember reading someone had asked and they said it was ultimately up to the band. For those in the M&G wanting to get stuff signed, I’d say reach out to SandBag with similar inquiries and maybe tweet at the band the next time Mark does an AMA.
  5. Anyone buy those recent poster tubes? Wonder if anyone’s interested in trading. I bought two tubes.
  6. Sorry to bump this, but I’ve come across end of year bills and the need to sell my Dude Ranch MTS test pressing /10 Any serious collectors, shoot me an offer. Not that active on here but I have email alerts for my DM’s I think. Thanks. This one: https://www.discogs.com/Blink-182-Dude-Ranch-/release/8037861
  7. Happy 7th birthday to Neighborhoods
  8. Looking to buy one of these for any of you leaning on the fence to sell. Hit me up! PayPal ready. Have always wanted one of these to take up some space in my collection. Thanks.
  9. This reminds me of this Reddit thread about little nuances like this in their songs. Pretty interesting read, especially if you hadn't heard them before.
  10. A majority of people going to the shows are the "casual fan" that won't want to wait around for 2 hours just to hear All The Small Things.
  11. After time with this album the best songs are 6/8 and Last Train Home for me. Did anyone get the gold CA vinyl?
  12. Don't worry, it can take care of itself. Take care of itself.
  13. Also, Last Train Home is a top-10 blink song for me. The whole thing is new and growing, but I love the vocal harmonies
  14. He mentions in his book how he was extremely high at this dinner and they had to edit out a portion of the scene where he pops a molly. EDIT: Holy Eff, I haven't logged in here in so long and this was queued in my comments? Sorry ha
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