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  1. Not to add to the confusion, but didn’t they originally want a different entry line? Rather than “get ready for action”, it was something from Might Mouse if I’m remembering correctly.
  2. If anyone snagged an extra swirl that’s willing to part with it, please let me know. I have every vinyl variant and willing to trade for it. Or cash. Whatever, I just need it.
  3. I didn’t read your whole post, but the Travis and Tom signatures look a little sketchy to me. Did you have this signed in person? I’ve literally never seen Travis sign as “T5VI5”.
  4. Not me, I’m thuper cereal
  5. You have to quote my messages because I’m not on here every 5 mins. Can’t keep up like you! Can’t figure out how to PM either but I’ll for sure send my address
  6. I accept mailed apologies only.
  7. Actually 999,989 videos I just rounded up
  8. Will do. Listening to them all now and comparing the spectrals.
  9. ThE SeArCh FunCtiOn of DoOtoOb which one of these, is the specified 320 “high quality”: https://imgur.com/gallery/QdJI7it
  10. Yeah, dipshit, there’s a million videos. Let’s try to be more specific.
  11. Damn, I wish I had that much time in my day.
  12. Do you have a link for that song and these demos?
  13. The dude on eBay who was selling the original Cargo release stuff says he had a 2 track recording for Dude Ranch. He has no way to play the files but it’s a lead to the possible “demo” if that 2 track has those demo files. I asked if he would feel comfortable putting them up to stream somewhere IF he was able to listen to it and he said it would depend on getting in touch with the band and seeing if they’re comfortable putting it out there. Mark recently said he won’t put Life’s So Boring with vocals out there so I doubt he’d ever be comfortable putting this demo up.
  14. This is a scam. They asked me for picture of my vanjangus and bunhole
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