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  1. Saw them in NYC last night, they sounded amazing last night and Tom was great. Glad to have him back.
  2. I always thought his physical appearance/style didn’t fit what Tom wanted...
  3. FWIW, Los Angeles sounds even better live. But then again, I've liked it since the album came out, so I'm a little biased.
  4. At 0:30 you can see Mark sticking guitar pics on Matts head.
  5. During one song Mark went and stuck Matts picks on his sweaty forehead, trying to find it.
  6. Ha beat me to it. Dude in front of me kept waving his hand so I was trying to hold my phone higher.
  7. I think the interviewer got confused and thought Matt was Tom.
  8. Did anyone catch their interview on facebook from HuffPost? The interviewer brought up that they've been having fun on social media talking about going to the Great Wolf Lodge, I guess she assumed Tom was one of them. Awkward
  9. Way too many pages for me to read back to see if anyone has mentioned this, but I'm more impressed that Skiba was able to pull of the blink sound. Can't wait until July 1st.
  10. I hope you fall down that fucking rabbit hole.
  11. Damn, I'm more and more impressed with Skiba in Blink.
  12. Excited to see these guys back.
  13. Pit in Tampa, 4R at Jones.
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