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  1. I prefer Solar Power to Stoned at the Nail Salon—mostly because the latter sounds /too much/ like LDR and Phoebe Bridgers—but I’m sure it’ll grow on me.
  2. TIL we’re in an abusive relationship with a mid-30s Kansas resident on a blink-182 message board.
  3. good 4 u is the best song on SOUR. I find it interesting that Rodrigo’s vocal style fits both pop punk-ish songs and piano ballads.
  4. Paris, Texas. Great, very sad.
  5. I'm being reminded of that time when Clarke didn't think it was sexist for Tom to say "I need a girl I can train" and he was debating with Kyle about it.
  6. Nasa


    I love Romeo and Juliet 😪
  7. Nasa


    At least in the US, the way Shakespeare is introduced to students could be improved IMO. Watching the plays performed is way different from reading them, and I think if my teachers had shown us films or performances as supplemental content, that would’ve helped a lot. The way they’re taught could be changed too, to engage students more, since they’re challenging. We read Macbeth entirely in class—it was never assigned as homework—and that small change gave our teacher more opportunities to engage us (since all of us had to be present). I also think when it comes to the classics, high schoolers are usually just too young to appreciate and enjoy them. I know that sounds pretentious, but I’ve found that even a few years out my enjoyment of some books I read in high school has increased substantially. Not being forced to read them is defo one factor, but I think maturity and life experience can and do affect our reception toward some books.
  8. Yep! I love it, hilarious. Seasons 1-4 were good, but from Season 5 onward I’ve grown to cherish it.
  9. Seinfeld is off Hulu and not on Netflix till September apparently, so waiting to finish the last 3 seasons.
  10. Nasa


    i haven't read Taming of the Shrew or Titus Andronicus - what are they like?
  11. Nasa


    Cool. Let me know if you want any recommendations for editions, some are def better than others. Or any film adaptations if you’re into that kind of stuff. My favorite tragedy is King Lear, and my favorite comedy is Much Ado About Nothing. I’ve only read one of his histories, though.
  12. Nasa


    what are you starting with?
  13. Nasa


    My Kindle serves a single purpose (reading), so there’s no opportunity for me to open another app or check my notifications or whatever like I could when I used to read through the app on my phone. As a result of removing that environment in which there were more distractions, I now read more for longer periods of time and more frequently. My focus used to be pretty bad when it came to e-reading, but it’s better now.
  14. Nasa


    I have the smaller backlit model and it works well regardless of time of day. I read at night before bed, and it's nice to be able to lie on my side or on my back, as opposed to propped up on a pillow with a light on like I had to do when I read regular books. I got one because I 1) wanted to strengthen my ability to focus on reading without distractions and 2) sought to cut down on my physical library. I've succeeded on both fronts. I've read way more books this past year than I have in years past, and I suspect that's largely because of the Kindle.
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