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  1. Just like a serial, hahaha. Imagine if each chapter were published on a schedule like in the old days. GRRM would be an even richer man with this strategy!
  2. It took me over two years to finish the first book, about a year to finish the second book, and three months to finish the next three. They’re hard to get into because he uses so many names and terms as if you know them already and it can be a slog to get through. A lot of the time I think it’s hard to compare the quality of books with the quality of their TV / movie adaptations because words and images are just different mediums. But I do think D&D could’ve done the books “justice” if they had just taken their time with the show.
  3. He himself is definitely not pointless, but it kind of seems like him being a Targaryen is.
  4. If GRRM ends up putting Bran on the throne, I’m going to have so many questions for him.
  5. This did not age well. I’m going to scream.
  6. I knew this ending was coming and I’m still extremely upset.
  7. Travis isn’t relevant enough to be hanging out with Odd Future and company!
  8. Ahhh!! Looks good! I’m excited. I enjoyed last season even though it had its hiccups, and I thought Bandersnatch was poorly done, but I’m always pumped for new Black Mirror.
  9. i’m deeply emotionally invested in this series, so if this show ends badly, i will be very sad.
  10. Daenerys going mad queen made me really sad.
  11. the dragon will probably not be around whenever Jon (not confirmed, but he’s who i think will do it) kills Daenerys, but i don’t know what he’d do next. fly away? hahahah.
  12. i wish the Hound had let Arya go with him so that she could’ve killed Cersei, and then she would’ve had to deal with the mental and emotional consequences of becoming a serial murderer. she’s the most “grey” of the Stark children (black and white = good vs. evil—Jon is pretty solidly good) and it would’ve been interesting to see. but i’m still okay with that scene and with following her escape out of the Red Keep (just the cinematography of it though).
  13. also, apologies for the triple post! but the Mountain and the Hound’s fight was by far the best moment of the episode.
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