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  1. "trap" refers to a place where drug deals happen. the genre of music originated in the Southern US, and the lyricism revolves around the culture of traphouses. musically: synthesized drums (hi-hats, kick drums, 808s, snare), bass-heavy, uses very few other instruments. supposed to be more atmospheric/about the vibes. crossed over to the mainstream in the 2010s - Drake, Migos, Future, Post Malone, Travis Scott. i enjoy Travis Scott, i think he's pretty creative.
  2. Pineapple Express, was a good time. Got a bit excessive with the violence in the second half, though.
  3. I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas for the first time since I was 7? 8? and didn't realize it was only ~20 minutes, lmao.
  4. Yeah, Dan Levy's touch is very palpable. I'm curious to see how he'll wrap it up.
  5. PUP, mostly Morbid Stuff. i always feel like i get into more recent pop punk bands 5000 years later than everyone else, lmao.
  6. have one season of Schitt's Creek left, looking forward to watching it. always a nice dose of wholesomeness.
  7. Yeah, the writers suddenly forgot Tyrion was the brains of the Dany operation toward the end of season eight too.
  8. D&D’s egos got too big. Full hate.
  9. I’m still going to be angry about the way this series finished years from now. What a garbage dump of an ending.
  10. Finished The Good Place since the final season was released on Netflix today. Definitely one of the best TV shows of this past decade.
  11. absolutely loving the new Fleet Foxes album.
  12. Right now I’m watching a series called Hip Hop Evolution that’s about the history of hip hop and another one about Bobby Kennedy. They’re pretty good. I like the Kennedy one because it doesn’t glorify him and his family like a lot of other documentaries do.
  13. watched the 1st season of Derry Girls with my roommates a few days ago. fun show!
  14. One of my best friends in college LOVED this anime and had nothing but good things to say about it.
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