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  1. she cowrote all the songs on her debut and she's a pretty good singer, Bad Guy isn't too reflective of that.
  2. i saw Peter Hook and his band live, you wouldn't believe the crowd's reaction when they played this song.
  3. IT Chapter 2, obscenely long for no justifiable reason and only kind of entertaining. also not scary. 5/10.
  4. oh god. i wonder if they know some of the original lyrics to Picture to Burn were "I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me / So go and tell all your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy / That's fine, I'll tell mine / You're gay, by the way."
  5. Look What You Made Me Do is the worst song she released in her career up to Reputation, bar none, lmao. (i say up to bc i haven't listened to Lover, Folklore, or Evermore yet)
  6. listened to Reputation, couldn't stand it haha. instrumentals didn't seem to fit Taylor's style at all and it came off very #watchout #girlboss in an awkward and cringey way. i liked Getaway Car though, great chorus.
  7. i /think/ you might've been the only one who failed to understand what i meant, but sure!
  8. you seemed peeved after making an assumption about what i was talking about.
  9. i haven't seen the entire series yet, relax. from what i've seen so far, Skyler is a great character, and Anna Gunn is a brilliant actress. i was more referring to me reading through reddit discussion threads after watching episodes and seeing sexist comment after sexist comment, from Breaking Bad fans who seem less into the complex moral themes the show explores / asks questions about and more into idolizing Walt as a hardened badass and hating on anyone who gets in his way. the hate mail and death threats Casey mentioned are what i was talking about, not the choices she makes in t
  10. right? lmao. before i started watching the show, a friend told me she was the most hated character by a lot of fans. a few episodes in i was like, well damn, misogyny strikes again.
  11. i have a few episodes left of season 3.
  12. i'm on my first (and probably only) watch of Breaking Bad. i enjoy it but i can only watch it in spurts because it's so heavy. to me, at least.
  13. i have no idea how Weezer are able to churn out so many garbage albums and then every once in a while release something half decent.
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