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  1. I saw that tweet, too. Where’s the original Jan humor, my dude?
  2. Same, that’s why I don’t really use Discord. There’s a growing anti-always-being-online movement against the hold that social media has on our attention anyway, so we’re not alone.
  3. It depends on the subreddits you frequent, in addition to the popular tab.
  4. I’ve been in some Discord servers that discourage low-effort posting, and as a result the conversations I’ve read on there are definitely closer to the ones we have on here. So it can be done, but it takes a particular type of people. I lurk on Reddit, but only in specific subreddits. It’s good for memes. The number of single straight white guys on Reddit can be quite suffocating though. There are only so many “unpopular opinion: women can be shitty too” and “Men of Reddit: what’s something women do that is actually awful?” posts one can tolerate. You don’t need to say “men of Reddit”. Just say Reddit.
  5. I think Discord is popular with the younger crowd because it presses our instant gratification button (not that this button is unique to young people in any way, but still). You reply and get replies immediately. An online conversation that’s happening in real time holds your attention because it mimics what you’d be experiencing in your real life; except it /is/ your real life, because the lines between your online persona and your offline persona are increasingly blurry. Combine it with the idea that social media in general is designed to reward us for engaging in surface-level, short-term interaction—to people who didn’t experience life before today’s Internet, there’s no more logical place where you’d want to spend your time and where you /do/ end up spending your time.
  6. Y tu mamá también. i loved it.
  7. Nasa


    The first one is the best one and was the spark for society’s weird obsession with YA dystopian stories in the mid-2010s, but the series kind of peters out by the end. Still worth reading!
  8. i just finished season 1 of Twin Peaks, coincidentally.
  9. I was just reacting to the stereotypical-ness of it all, haha.
  10. the chord changes in A Question of Lust are genius.
  11. this is a judgment-free zone! well, not actually, but i'm judgment-free.
  12. what's your favorite song on Black Celebration?
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