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  1. It’s bc we’re book readers. Read da books Jan.
  2. Ygritte is beautiful. When you get to the scenes where Daenerys is riding a dragon, maybe you’ll feel differently. I know i did haha.
  3. Show Jorah is hotter than Book Jorah! She should’ve forgiven him. Her dismissing Jorah and sleeping with Daario happens in the books too. I like that she has flaws like everyone else. I think a lot of fan worship is bc a) Emilia Clarke is hot and b) dragons. But also in the books GRRM isn’t handling the pacing of her storyline well either. I think if her storyline were handled differently, more readers would enjoy it. Can you tell that I have a lot of beef with this series? I’m a huge fan, I promise. 😂 He had the broad strokes of the characters’ endgames in mind and passed them along to D&D, but he didn’t/doesn’t have the details worked out.
  4. The books are similarly brutal and nihilistic. But the sex and violence are not as glorified bc it’s not visual like TV is. The addition of sexual and violent themes in the show which weren’t in the books speaks to that I think. I was pissed about Oberyn too. Pedro Pascal is hot af. Show Oberyn surpasses Book Oberyn for sure. I love these shows for these reasons too. Lost as well. GRRM confirmed that the part of the ending that a lot of fans are pissed about is also in the books. Which doubly pisses me off haha, because I don’t think it’s a good ending regardless. When you get to the ending we can discuss. ^^
  5. GRRM originally envisioned the book series as being 3 books, with the last book being called "A Time for Wolves". Even though there are multiple characters and POVs in the series, the Starks do strike me as being the protagonists. They're 6/8 of the POVs in the first novel and 5/9 in the second. Granted the number goes down because the list of POVs expands and Ned/Cat/Robb die, but I think they're heavily focused on for a reason. The only problem is that apparently plotwise it's impossible for GRRM to execute anything like he did up to The Red Wedding. imo the only world in which GOT passes BB is if GRRM had finished the books on time. When it comes to having a well-thought-out ending, GOT just cannot compete with BB.
  6. Yeah same. That’s why I think “it’s how the medieval times were” only applies to a certain level/amount of depictions of violence. Some people say there shouldn’t be any violence depicted, but I don’t agree with that take because I do think it fleshes out the world. GRRM generally writes women pretty well (I think Catelyn and Sansa are his best-written female characters) but there are times when it gets iffy (Dany and Drogo). Season 5.
  7. There's a fair argument to be made that it's pretty gratuitous at times. (The fanboy response has always been "but that's how medieval times were".) There's an upcoming scene with one of the female characters that wasn't in the books and made a lot of people angry.
  8. Seriously. And with the amount of money they've all made that they could then invest into making the games on a longer release schedule, they have no excuse for the glitches and whatnot. How's the game running for you?
  9. Most definitely. Taylor is prob the most capitalist popular artist we have rn so her response was/is no surprise. Not trying to be a hater though, her business/marketing sense is p astonishing imo.
  10. If enough Swifties develop class consciousness, it's over for Ticketmaster.
  11. I recommend comparing the specs to the requirements for your fav games before purchasing, but hopefully it's a good fit!
  12. I've never heard the fan. Nothing like Cyberpunk haha, but something like Red Dead 2 runs decently. as does AC Valhalla. I mostly use it to run older games though, like games that came out a decade ago or longer. But it does run the most recent Pokemon games on emulator pretty well. I'm not a hardcore gamer either, so keep that in mind. what do you play?
  13. I have this one and I love it. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/p/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-gaming-laptops/ideapad-gaming-3-gen-7-(15-inch-amd)/len101i0043?orgRef=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F Was recommended to me by the IT manager at work, who is also a gamer, so I trusted his opinion.
  14. Nasa


    It’s more introspective than the last two books in the series especially, but I enjoyed it. I’m reading A Dance with Dragons now too.
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