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  1. A Question of Lust has some of my favorite chord changes of all time.
  2. You know what’s canned? Stealing /stolen/ jokes about MGK and Megan Fox from Twitter 😴😴
  3. nice to see that Panic's only good song made it into the competition. that being said, it's gotta be I Miss You for me.
  4. I saw Slaughter Beach Dog live a few months ago, they were great.
  5. (That being said, I really like I’m Not Okay but this Finch song is great and feels more emo to me.)
  6. MCR is textbook emo for kids born in the late 90s and later. Just goes to show how different generational perceptions of genre can be.
  7. Helena’s chorus is top notch and such a satisfying listen from beginning to end. Easy choice.
  8. can we do a best pop punk album bracket at some point?
  9. damn, i love The Middle, but Fat Lip is a genre-defining song, i feel like.
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