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  1. Was this in TFBYM? I haven’t read that book since I was in Grade 10 like 15 years ago.
  2. When we’re they trying new drummers out before the EOTS demos era? They were with Scott til then , also Scott is on the pic of the tape shown.... I don’t buy this.
  3. Apparently it's being streamed from the Linkin Park website.
  4. He posted yesterday that he was typing all day and we would understand soon or some bullshit like that. Has anything he's been hyping up in the past like 3 years come to fruition at all? :s ..... Other than Sekret Machines VOL 1.
  5. Mark is SOOOOOOo boring on Instagram holy fuck. He trashes Tom for being obsessed with Aliens but he's probably got like 10 pics of Stonehenge that all look exactly the same. I legitimately think hes such a dull online personality in his old age... I LOVE Toms posts, His "Hey" posts make me laugh every single time. Travis has his moments where stuff is great on his IG, and some things that are meh ... But He's at least interesting when he's not blowing spit bubbles lol. But yeah, Mark.... I think the whole being funny thing is just forced now, he's not funny at all anymore.
  6. Thanks! .. And yeah, I recorded that in my living room in like 3 hours lol.... I don't have big studio money kicking around unfortunately, gotta roll with what I've got.
  7. Hey folks... I wrote a new song, I haven't written in a long time, nor recorded anything... so, this is kinda fun for me. Let me know what you think!
  8. I have actually been with a couple girls that could name most blink albums and songs... There was one, it didn't end well though... That could name all the albums in order by year, including EP's ... She was HARD into Travis, and could play blink on the guitar ... Anyways, it totally made me HARD into her..... heh.
  9. It's actually something Travis Barker has always said.... But you'd know that already because you're on a blink-182 fan site. Also, speaking of dangerous... Be careful with that eye liner bro.... Shit can sting in the eyes a little bit, it's pretty dangerous to put on sometimes..... Only the biggest tools can do it properly. And furthermore... I love eating Doritos and beating off, don't knock it till you've tried it. Sometimes I switch it up to Smartfood or fried chicken ... Depends how the day is going.
  10. I never thought of this, But Feldman on leads and vocals... now THAT.... That would be an interesting line up that ALMOST... ALMOST may help me stop thinking about Tom ... but I doubt it. It would still be interesting to hear Mark, Feldy and Travis though.
  11. Most specifically on the next album I'd like to hear a whole lot more Tom DeLonge, and absolutely none of Matt Skiba , I'd like some catchy lead rifts, better lyricism ... and for them to stop making lazy music videos/music videos in highschools or with teenagers in it. I'd also like Feldmann to not be in the picture, at all...Thats what I want.
  12. In the documentary where he drops the camera stuff in the back room hahaha.
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