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  1. Agreed. I like his review format. He definitely lets his bias get in the way sometimes but he gives some solid points and he's introduced me to some new music.
  2. I actually like the length of Ransom. It's like a short story with a twist at the end.
  3. Ransom is a fucking great song. Early favorite for sure.
  4. I'm mixed after my first listen. I'm definitely gonna let the songs sink in more before saying it's the 3rd best blink album like I did last time haha. Still, so cool to see positive reactions all-around here. Nothing beats album leak day. First impressions: The First Time is awesome. Heaven actually sounds like +44 meets AK3 (!). Black Rain and No Heart to Speak Of are standouts. Ransom is a fun little song. Remember to Forget Me is the worst song imo. I'm so glad they experimented more instead of giving us generic songs like the ones on Cali. For example, I wasn't very into On Some Emo Shit, but the outro was phenomenal and now I want to come back to it. Speaking of which, the outros on some of these songs are some of the best points in the album. Reminds me of +44. I still think they can and should push it more experimentation-wise, but it's a step in the right direction and I think a lot of it will grow on me the more I listen.
  5. I'm really into all 3 bands too. Exciting stuff! Didn't expect all 3 to put out new music and announce new albums today but I love it. I think I'm 2/3 on the new songs, with Green Day at the bottom. Hopefully I can catch them next August in DC or Philly.
  6. Seriously. I enjoy this site for the news and discussion of my favorite band, but he's single-handedly making me not want to come here. Can imagine it's the same for some lurkers.
  7. Not feeling this one. I'm down for poppy music if that's what they want to do, after all no band should have to stick with one genre. I enjoy Paramore's older and newer stuff. But this doesn't really seem genuine. It feels more like they're following a formula instead of writing stuff they care about. I still like BIOMY and I was all over Cali when it released, but listening to post-Tom blink and Neighborhoods/DED there's just no comparison for me anymore. It makes me sad when they talk about how personal the music is to them, only to hear that Feldmann came up with the chorus and that they followed a "first thought best thought" formula. I'm just confused as to why they're going this route. They brought on Matt Skiba, who's a talented musician/songwriter, and basically have him yell choruses while they unnaturally overproduce his voice. Imagine if they had a hands off producer who let them develop songs on their own. Why wouldn't they want to do that at this stage in their careers? They know what they're capable of without outside help. My best guess is that they really want songwriters to help them cater to the teenage demographic. But again, why play to popularity at this point? I really thought Mark prioritized making music he loved over that kind of stuff these days.
  8. Some of the stuff you see here is just sad
  9. Chrisx37


    Just the Patty Mills highlights haha
  10. This actually grew on me a lot. Still not the biggest fan of Wayne but it's tolerable at this point. I love the new vocals from Mark, and I'd be interested in hearing other older stuff re-recorded with Matt because they really nailed this one.
  11. Really cool to hear the re-recorded WMAA parts. The mix with Wayne doesn't sound too great though.
  12. I'll take the fall so @Speedo doesn't go to prison
  13. Yep, I realized that too and you can download it with a converter online. I've got a drive link if anyone wants me to PM them
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