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  1. Absolutely not. Especially when he sings in the lower register.
  2. If anyone has the song, I'd appreciate if you sent it my way 👉👈
  3. Damn, I'm just a few minutes too late
  4. Why is Justin tweeting about pizza instead of the new song? lol Here's the song btw:
  5. I have it if you want me to drop you a link.
  6. Chrisx37


    Yeah, it's really surprising and disappointing. I wonder how many of them feel/have always felt that way. It sucks knowing the people we thought were active voices in fighting racism have those same views themselves.
  7. Adam's Song is back lol, but it works better here than on something like Don't Mean Anything. Also, this song is BASSY. Caught me off guard first listen. I wonder if this is off Nine Deluxe? Either way, hope we get a high quality version soon.
  8. While I don't agree with Parking Lot being better, I do think a majority of Nine is better than what Tom has put out so far.
  9. I thought I was the only one. I love Church on Sunday but that one part just throws everything off.
  10. I've listened to them this year more than any other band with the exception of blink and I still feel like I've barely scratched the service haha. Hopefully that Dip in the Ocean cover leads to some more music! By the way, did you get your name from their song or is that coincidental?
  11. These guys are amazing. I started listening a few months ago and I can't believe I've missed out on them for so long.
  12. You're doing amazing things for blink fans and for a great cause too.
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