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  1. Chrisx37


    Glad to see everyone here also hates Harden. I saw some explanation from a ref that his stepback was legal because of a "zero" step. The league just lets him do whatever he wants. Also AD to the Celtcs in the offseason makes a lot of sense. I'd also be down for him and Giannis to team.
  2. Chrisx37

    American Football. NCAA/NFL

    Not a football fan but that overtime rule seems kinda unfair. Why do the Chiefs not get the same chance to score a TD just because they lost a coin flip?
  3. Chrisx37


    To me it seems like the Lakers are just trying to get ready for the season after this one. They're bringing in a bunch of guys on 1-year deals. Then next summer they can sign a max free agent (Kawhi) and make a run with a more well-rested than usual Bron.
  4. Chrisx37


    Yeahh this is pretty fucked up. I think he even took a pay cut to give the Raps flexibility with free agents.
  5. Chrisx37


    And so the Kawhi drama comes to an end. It was so annoying last season seeing Kawhi ruled out before each individual game because it made it seem like he was coming back. And I defended him whenever reports talked about friction, but after all that I've heard from his uncle and how Kawhi lets him control him, good riddance. I'm just sad we lost Danny Green too. I guess it makes sense for Toronto. Gives them a year to try to make the Finals, and if somehow Ujiri works his magic, this can last longer. And if Kawhi bolts (he will), he can rebuild. Not sure about the Spurs, but if you can get an All-Star for a 1-year rental, you have to do it. Even if I can't see the team contending for a title, I'm excited to see the DeRozan-led Spurs and what they can do!
  6. Chrisx37


    Ohhh boy
  7. Chrisx37


    That was one of the worst Playoff games I've ever seen lol
  8. Chrisx37


    Dejounte Murray made the 2nd team though! This kid has a bright future. I'm excited.
  9. Chrisx37

    The blink-182 Safe Space

    The vocals sound so clean! And also, even if it's not my type of music, I can't deny it's catchy.
  10. Chrisx37


    Wow! First game of the Playoffs that actually surprised me. I still say Dubs in 6, but at least now it's interesting. Please though let the Celtics win tomorrow. I can't stand Lebron being in the Finals again, especially with this awful squad.
  11. Chrisx37


    Probably. When you don't have your two best players and the other team has LeBron you probably aren't favored. But people thought the 76ers would kill them too. I believe in Brad Stevens.
  12. Chrisx37


    I don't want to root for the Rockets or Warriors. The Celtics are my only hope. At least they have the coaching advantage over everyone.
  13. Chrisx37

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Not thrilled to hear this news. TOYPAJ is one of my favorite blink albums, but the band is way off whenever they compare their music. To me this signals they're going to go the same route as before, where they try to be the "fun pop-punk band" everyone knows them as and end up going overboard on the cliches like last time. I wish they just went for a new sound that actually takes advantage of Matt. But who knows, maybe if they ditch the "first thought best thought" process they'll be able to come up with some good stuff.
  14. Chrisx37


    I'm late but my predictions were: East: Raps in 6, Cavs in 4 (way to win Game 1 Pacers), Celtics in 6, 76ers in 7 West: Rockets in 4, Warriors in 4, Thunder in 7, Pelicans in 6 This Playoffs has the potential to be interesting for sure. Raptors choke all the time so the upset potential is there for the Wizards, LeBron is the 4th seed (and they got smashed in Game 1), Celtics are injured but are best coached, Bucks have talent but underachieve, Wolves are in their first Playoffs, OKC has deep run potential, Pelicans are sneakily good. It's gonna be fun after I get over my team getting swept, haha.
  15. Chrisx37

    AVA General Discussion

    As crazy as he is, I'm always down to hear new material from Tom. Hopefully he actually releases something.