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  1. Mark is asking fans which deep cuts they want to hear. He said they won't do The Party Song because the reaction hasn't been good.
  2. Chrisx37


    Could've been us 😪
  3. Chrisx37


    Another series, another Harden choke. Isn't this like the 4th time in the last 5 years Houston was eliminated by GS?
  4. Just got a notification for Brooklyn Vegan's review of the song. He was not impressed.
  5. I expected Mark to barely even mention Tom ever again so this is farther than I thought we'd get.
  6. It sounds so good when Mark comes in with "Endless summer stretching on and on". I know "it's a fun summer song" is seen as a copout here but man, this song brings some nice summer vibes.
  7. I love the intro and verses of this song, not so much a fan of the chorus and especially the bridge (which sounds too much like Imagine Dragons for my liking). But I like it a lot more than most of California, which has fallen off for me in the last couple years. I prefer the production and lyrics to Cali for sure. No Adam's song riff, no lyrics about losing the war or whatever, no nananas. It's actually a nice summer song. I listen to Fall Out Boy and Panic and I don't hear the resemblance at all.
  8. Looks like it'll definitely be 7 AM PST like Travis said. I'm guessing the video will be up on their YouTube.
  9. Chrisx37


    3-1 returns!
  10. Exactly. He literally said blink was something that "paid the bills" while being a pain in the ass to get in the studio. If he had stepped away from blink on his own accord to do his own thing, I'd have a little more respect for him. But he had to be pried from the band, then kept posting to Instagram about them to stay relevant, and now suddenly he's a "free spirit" who had to step away from the thing he loved to follow his dreams? I have much more respect for Mark and Travis for keeping his name out of interviews than I do for Tom and his ego.
  11. Chrisx37


    There will never be another Manu Ginobili.
  12. Oh, yep just got the email lol
  13. That's what I guessed. I sent them an email for the hell of it Edit: Just saw Mark tweeted the same thing yesterday
  14. Their YouTube channel posted an announcement saying "Simple-creatures@truefans.xyz". Idk what it means
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