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  1. Chrisx37


    That was nuts. For once we're going into a season with some parity in the league. Clips have to be the overwhelming favorites now with that defensive core though, yikes.
  2. Makes sense honestly. It's not that Matt doesn't care enough to learn the parts, I just think he's nervous playing in a band as big as blink. It's no excuse, but I kinda feel bad for him.
  3. Chrisx37


    WOW the Nets cleaned up. KD, Kyrie, and DeAndre. Who knows how good KD will be after that injury though.
  4. Dang, they didn't do the bridge. That's disappointing.
  5. Drug has grown on me but it still sounds kinda generic. I don't get that from this song at all, sounds good.
  6. Oh hey they actually answered my question! Thanks for the summary on the other page btw!
  7. Chrisx37


    Dang that sucks, was hoping KD would get to play out this one. Hopefully it's his calf and not achilles.
  8. Just one Cali song on this tour. From another tweet sounds like 0 Neighborhoods songs.
  9. Chrisx37

    E3 2019

    I probably didn't do it justice, but it's certainly not for everyone haha. Nah, you can add other people and go to each others' towns. In the past they've had up to 4 in a town at once, but I really hope they change that for this game.
  10. Looking like it's tour-related with the use of #Enema20, but who knows.
  11. Chrisx37

    E3 2019

    To some people it is haha. Haven't played Sims but from what I've seen Animal Crossing seems a lot more fun.
  12. Chrisx37

    E3 2019

    It's a life simulation game where you move into a town with animal neighbors (hence the name) and customize it however you want. You can also customize and expand your home, participate in events (some are game specific and others are based on actual holidays), catch bugs/fish, etc. It's a really nice game to relax with because there's a lot you can do with it. You'll get a better idea if you look up Animal Crossing New Leaf gameplay (the last mainline game released).
  13. Chrisx37


    The last person you want to guard you while you try to work your way back from injury is Kawhi, but this series just got a lot more interesting.
  14. blink on KROQ tomorrow @ 9 AM Pacific time. Wonder if we'll get an album announcement the same week as a Simple Creatures song.
  15. Chrisx37

    E3 2019

    I too only care about Animal Crossing. Played it since 2006 and I need it back in my life.
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