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  1. I didn't listen much to the Scumbag song before these songs dropped, so it's more like 4 new songs for me. Gotta say I'm enjoying the new stuff. So far I'd rank it: 1. Not Another Christmas Song - music video makes it even better, love how playful the song is. It's the cherry on top to blink's great 2019. 2. PS I Hope You're Happy - A couple annoying things in this one (title, Chainsmokers guy sounds like he's gargling water in prechorus because of autotune, tone of "I won't be sad for the sake of it" sounds like he's pouting or something), but the rest of the song is a really nice listen and I like Mark's vocals. Yeah it sounds like I Miss You but not like a blatant rip-off. 3. It's All Fading to Black - Lower register Mark sounds good as usual. Not exactly the biggest XXXTentacion fan but song sounds decent and I need to listen more. 4. Scumbag - Verses sound a lot like Strange Love. Song is ok and Mark's feature makes it a little better. This one might have the most potential to grow on me because of the chorus.
  2. Classic blink Christmas vibes, what could be better? Great song and fun video.
  3. Chrisx37


    -Lakers are doing a lot better than I thought. -Clippers are still my title picks. -Doncic is going to win MVP at some point. Smarter than most of the league and he's only 20. That's amazing. -Celtics are so much better as a team without Kyrie playing hero ball and dissing young players. -Melo is not going to save the Blazers. They're already dead last in assists and now they get to stand and watch Melo drop their FG%. -Rockets are off to a way better start than I thought but with Westbrook + Harden I still can't see them getting beyond (maybe) the conference finals. Also, went to the Spurs-Wizards game last night (first Spurs game since 2014 I think!) and man, our defense is so bad. It's so weird and upsetting as a fan to see them continue to use these lineups while young guys (Lonnie, Derrick White, Metu) get too little or no playing time. I wouldn't mind a reset at this point but I doubt any serious change will happen. Ah well, we were due for this at some point, right?
  4. I think a lot of people here just bashed Alex and All Time Low as the run-of-the-mill pop punk they thought new blink sounded like without actually listening.
  5. Yeah. In the quiz they put "Allen" and that was the "one little lie". I had a feeling it was Allan but I have no idea why.
  6. Behind the scenes: You had to take a quiz on their site to get the link, but here it is if you don't want to Google Alex's tattoos or Mark's middle name.
  7. I'm not sure if Simple Creatures reads texts you send them, but I said "SEND ME THE HOPPUS BABY" and got this response (don't know how to embed image sorry) https://ibb.co/p43YrQ8
  8. "Need a Travis that I can train. Need a Hoppus that I can train" lol
  9. Went to Twitch for another reason and I'm graced with Matt singing I Miss You on the front page. And now they're doing Dumpweed!
  10. Really enjoying this album still. A new song seems to be stuck in my head every day. Was Run Away today, Heaven yesterday, On Some Emo Shit the day before. The gang really outdid themselves.
  11. Mixing was bad. I don't know if it was the stream I was watching but the audio randomly dropped for a split second. And some parts the instruments were too loud for a few seconds and they'd have to adjust it. Still, Matt sounds good, especially on First Date.
  12. Agreed. I like his review format. He definitely lets his bias get in the way sometimes but he gives some solid points and he's introduced me to some new music.
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