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  1. Slow down man, I think Tom's releasing a couple of movies, novels, albums and alien podcasts in between.
  2. You cannot seriously believe Mark will give a single shit about what one "fan" has to vent? He will say thanks and forget two seconds later.
  3. Have blink announced any dates after the album drops?
  4. Also aren't the guys blink bring onstage playing atst? Although entertaining, the song's not quite complex. But hey, they are all better than Skiba, sure.
  5. What is your obsession with right and wrong?
  6. I like it but the chorus is repeated so many times that if I listen to the song once it feels like three times.
  7. Album title is a shout-out to the writers and producers involved.
  8. Someone ask Rick Beato for help on this debate.
  9. I think all guitars on tmtats were redone in the studio but I might be wrong.
  10. They need a lot of other things. Three committed members, one producer and the desire to make a genuine blink album.
  11. But surely they have the ears to know a song will not work live, don't they?
  12. All these producers, co writers and whatnot, can't they have the balls to tell the boys some songs will not work live? What's the point of shooting yourself in the foot by butchering your lead single live?
  13. Tone down the blinkbot stuff no need to slap it around 100% of the time.
  14. We settled oasis vs blink a while ago but how about oasis vs blur?
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