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  1. Man, those oldschool pics. Back when it was all about the music, getting yourself out there and going for it. Off... I am starting to lean slightly towards davey nowadays - how can you experience the energy, passion and dedication of the "old" times and then be satisfied with the uninspired, greatest hits era, when something was always delayed multiple times. It regressed into three dudes not getting over themselves to stay in a room and write a proper album for whatever years that went on.
  2. I listen to ava for the Tom guitar/melodies. If blink had any audible guitar it would be great but sadly I can hardly make any instrument in there, they've become too modern for me in terms of the crammed sound they go for. Hope they hire a proper producer next time.
  3. Not trolling really, blink are hardly in their peak but we need to have proper expectations at this stage about their output.
  4. And Tom instead of the third dude, they should try it.
  5. Too bad they can't re-release dude ranch every couple of years - both blink and ava.
  6. You can actually make out the little guitar they've thrown in in that song above. Unlike blink, where everything is so packed together. I wish they went for a more simplistic approach, back to basics, sound wise.
  7. I heard Noel is taking a break so the Oasis reunion is on hold for now.
  8. What was Matt gonna do in that song anyway? There is no guitar in there.
  9. If I was a friend and a bandmate with someone and get an email from their manager, first thing is pick up the phone and ask them personally. This time around I don't think Tom changed his number.
  10. I hope Matt is collabing with Tom right now.
  11. To the stars... maybe if you invested...
  12. Plot twist - bsb parody blink in a song video. Would be fun to see.
  13. Well, they are still a huge name so no surprise. I like nine a lot but as mentioned in the other thread production is sub par. I am unfamiliar with feldmann's production values outside blink but certainly not a fan from what I hear on cali and nine. Blink can do with someone to challenge and push them to stand out, not go with the flow of what is modern today. Up
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