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  1. Yes, Dogs Eating Dogs was cool.
  2. This has nothing to do with what I said.
  3. Again this useless comparison of musicians' current output to old albums they try to emulate. You cannot write a new Enema or TOYPAJ because the times have changed as much as the people involved (and listeners) have changed. You cannot recreate 1999's vibe in 2020 - on an emotional, cultural or technological level (because they would use feldmann, for example).
  4. I heard their sound engineers are meeting up in the park, exchanging pro tools tracks in an attempt to recreate the neighborhoods collaborative magic.
  5. Shame they couldn't forget this and separated at a point, where what was next for them was so so exciting. It is hard to choose, both bands represent different moments in time and are associated with a different kinds of nostalgia, which I can't compare.
  6. Wait till this becomes a nine deluxe double album with 100 songs for blink to choose from.
  7. It's not like Billy Joe was kicked out, replaced and then returned to form a 4 piece. Green Day's situation is/was nothing like Blink's.
  8. I wouldn't believe this even if I saw it.
  9. Imagine a reunion with tom, where blink acts like cali, nine and whatever else was inbetween do not exist and they rock a greatest hits setlist.
  10. Yeah talk about awkward interviews if they became a 4 piece.
  11. Could be but I don't think such details will ever be disclosed. Overall, the whole Tom departure and settlement will likely never go public.
  12. Production is doing blink a great disservice. Cramming all instruments together leaves a feeling that songs have no room to breathe. Any decent or great idea is going to suffer in such environment.
  13. I am here for the argument and don't mind it. The fact that after three albums there is no Matt only song says enough about his status in the band. And it is a shame because it seems that blink nowadays tries to be that nostalgia, back to roots act, at the expense of creativity. Are Mark and Travis scared that a Matt only song will ruin their legacy or something? Reality is, the more you dwell on this the more awkward it looks. But I guess the producers might have a hand in this, who knows, it is 200 people working on 10 songs. I went to Wikipedia and checked who's involved in each song o
  14. @Russel Coight After three albums worth of material, point me towards the Matt songs. Perhaps I am mistaken and can't remember the tunes.
  15. There is no Matt music in general anyway.
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