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  1. Suppose it will be self-produced?
  2. Yeah but can you really blame someone for not wanting to be a part of something? Sure, he could have played it better but in the end it was obvious blink was not his main thing post reunion.
  3. I literally thought it had to be connected to Tom somehow based on the logo, so I went through their website just to look for his name.
  4. There is no universe, where Nine is a better album than Untitled, in whatever sense you would like to compare them. One is born out of the desire to push the boundaries of your music, to put yourself out there, doing something new, exciting, fresh and breaking barriers. The other was written by 20 people and was made because they had to release an album. As a standalone release Nine is ok but please get it together and never compare the two.
  5. Nine better than Untitled? Come on...
  6. Yes, Dogs Eating Dogs was cool.
  7. This has nothing to do with what I said.
  8. Again this useless comparison of musicians' current output to old albums they try to emulate. You cannot write a new Enema or TOYPAJ because the times have changed as much as the people involved (and listeners) have changed. You cannot recreate 1999's vibe in 2020 - on an emotional, cultural or technological level (because they would use feldmann, for example).
  9. I heard their sound engineers are meeting up in the park, exchanging pro tools tracks in an attempt to recreate the neighborhoods collaborative magic.
  10. Shame they couldn't forget this and separated at a point, where what was next for them was so so exciting. It is hard to choose, both bands represent different moments in time and are associated with a different kinds of nostalgia, which I can't compare.
  11. Wait till this becomes a nine deluxe double album with 100 songs for blink to choose from.
  12. It's not like Billy Joe was kicked out, replaced and then returned to form a 4 piece. Green Day's situation is/was nothing like Blink's.
  13. I wouldn't believe this even if I saw it.
  14. Imagine a reunion with tom, where blink acts like cali, nine and whatever else was inbetween do not exist and they rock a greatest hits setlist.
  15. Yeah talk about awkward interviews if they became a 4 piece.
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