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  1. If Tom gets back and blink get rid of the songwriters/producers, I can see Matt having a bigger role, provided he stays as a rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist. I would be interested in such an arrangement but not holding my breath.
  2. No reason why BIOMY won't fare well in the charts. Industry is moving towards forgettable, bland pop songs more than ever and this one is somewhat catchy.
  3. I don't wanna force it but question comes in quite naturally - is this really blink? With Matt coming in, people were still kind of willing to accept this is some sort of a genuine attempt at blink but having external teams of people, pop people, write, co-write or whatever the label is, is too much for the majority of the fanbase. Surely not for the average Joe who likes ATST and WMAA, though. He would not care if blink turned into Fall Out Boy. But most people on this board do.
  4. It still seems surreal that blink are using other people to write songs for them. It is way beyond me why they would do this. I get it, maybe they are out of ideas (excluding Matt as we've not seen his real input yet) but still going this route is not what I ever expected. Feldy put the starting point and now they are expanding the number of people involved.
  5. What's wrong? And what's this sudden love between mark and Tom?
  6. There's not much rock in BIOMY but hopefully we will hear a guitar in the album.
  7. I still can't believe Mark and Tom couldn't cross paths in the studio during their two weeks of actual recording together to tape trading vocals for Heart's All Gone.
  8. Let's be honest, the majority of people have been waiting for a true successor to untitled since 2009, which we will probably never get.
  9. Up All Night is looking like an instant classic nowadays.
  10. I find it strange both Mark and Tom were referencing Spotify and a certain playlist in there but hopefully they are moving on from the latest split and are in good terms now.
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