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  1. I heard Noel is taking a break so the Oasis reunion is on hold for now.
  2. What was Matt gonna do in that song anyway? There is no guitar in there.
  3. If I was a friend and a bandmate with someone and get an email from their manager, first thing is pick up the phone and ask them personally. This time around I don't think Tom changed his number.
  4. I hope Matt is collabing with Tom right now.
  5. To the stars... maybe if you invested...
  6. Plot twist - bsb parody blink in a song video. Would be fun to see.
  7. Well, they are still a huge name so no surprise. I like nine a lot but as mentioned in the other thread production is sub par. I am unfamiliar with feldmann's production values outside blink but certainly not a fan from what I hear on cali and nine. Blink can do with someone to challenge and push them to stand out, not go with the flow of what is modern today. Up
  8. Ixidor

    Nine Criticisms.

    One reason is to possibly mask the lack of good riffs by blending everything. Bit again getting back to the heaven demo, just the sounds of separate instruments were more appealing to me. I was able to distinguish little licks here and there that I missed in the official release. And the song sounded more organic and genuine that way.
  9. 1. We 2. Don't 3. Need 4. To 5. Whisper 6. Hallucinations (mark remix)
  10. Ixidor

    Nine Criticisms.

    Modern production on the album is a no. Sorry but that is too polished and wow some 100 people were involved in the album like seriously? You can barely distinguish any instrument it is all meshed together. Heaven demo illustrates that a more raw sound suits them better.
  11. Pitchfork are predictable when it comes to certain types of music. No matter what the album sounded like that was gonna be the score. They gave Cali 5.5 so there's that.
  12. Just by looking at the thumbnail I know I will not ever watch this guy.
  13. The modern producing is doing the album disservice. It would have been nice to be able to distinguish the instruments.
  14. yeah for a lot of stuff sure but music? nah
  15. The awful trend of people making video "reviews" edit - music video reviews that is
  16. They are grumpy towards certain music and will hate it. I've seen some reviews but most are without a score.
  17. The album is growing on me, this is a step in the right direction. Weird single choices set wrong expectations.
  18. Thats a good tour lineup nevertheless.
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