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  1. yeah for a lot of stuff sure but music? nah
  2. The awful trend of people making video "reviews" edit - music video reviews that is
  3. They are grumpy towards certain music and will hate it. I've seen some reviews but most are without a score.
  4. The album is growing on me, this is a step in the right direction. Weird single choices set wrong expectations.
  5. Thats a good tour lineup nevertheless.
  6. There are so many gems in there. Fuck, I like how mature blink sound.
  7. Or, you know, they just spoke on the phone and that's it.
  8. I feel this way about Darkside. I love it though just think chorus is repeated too much.
  9. blink 182, their singles and the actual direction of the album, what a love story.
  10. C'mon, Lil Wayne's not enough for you? You heard Tom, being punk is not about the music genre, it's a state of being.
  11. Maybe they can write a decent album on their own means the three of them. But wanting to stay relevant means reaching for outside help and ultimately it all feels less genuine.
  12. mark and travis called tom's bluff and now he's genuinely out of blink, of course he's hating a little. he has his ego, of course.
  13. * Oliver saying he will no longer spam threads, sees a video of matt on soundcheck, makes a clip to show he's better.
  14. blink work with 20 songwriters while tom has one other musician and one engineer on hand, hardly the same
  15. Heard it now. Expected more after you cranked it up to ten.
  16. Check the behind the scenes video, maybe you will warm up to it a little.
  17. Oliver peaked around the release of his proof video.
  18. I don't mind the video, some guys bitch too much.
  19. God forbid that bands evolve. Or their fans.
  20. Slow down man, I think Tom's releasing a couple of movies, novels, albums and alien podcasts in between.
  21. You cannot seriously believe Mark will give a single shit about what one "fan" has to vent? He will say thanks and forget two seconds later.
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