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  1. arguably the best blink has sounded live, ever.
  2. dont come to this thread for 4 days and miss half the record lol WMAA
  3. love that mark played along with this.
  4. dude ranch is gonna be a blood bath lol. that whole record means so much to me.
  5. anyone here play pubg mobile?
  6. honestly i just went back and ran through this entire album, and the entire record rips.
  7. @Donald Trump's Bulge do you have a problem with this post? my appreciation was said in sincerity for @Ry-Bread for his help.
  8. id love to hear your experiences, good or bad. specially the bad experience... sincerely.
  9. thanks. i really appreciate your time with this. i would have been really taken aback if their management sent me a fake piece lol he also sent me a signed BCR promo photo in the same box... ill try and see if i can find that one.. may be in storage on the east coast though.
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