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  1. use general discussion.
  2. hes been live streaming on IG more recently, so thats been pretty cool
  3. really not a fan of the song at all. way too poppy and polished. i listened on spotify and then violence played right after and it was very clear how polarizing the sounds were. im starting to stop trusting mark when he says "this will be as close to untitled as its ever been". thats a lie.
  4. they only have one other song out right now, so they must be real real new, but here it is for the lazy. this song also fucks
  5. This band fucks Artist: Breather Song: The Blue Album: Single (2019) Hometown: London, United Kingdom Website: http://breathermusic.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/breathermusic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/breathermusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/breathermusic
  6. BIG FACTS yeah..ill believe it when i see it. how many times have you claimed to "leave" only to come back a week later? weak shit. what a fuckin mess this has become.
  7. or just dont react to it at all. once he realizes it doesnt even bother you it stops being fun for him and it stops. maybe you should take another break from this place.
  8. its like the jacey era all over again
  9. i love paris 

  10. this is 100% just ghent pretending to be leo.
  11. then problem solved lol
  12. sus youre not my dad
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