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  1. sorry, ive been keeping mothballs in my pockets 

  2. oh boy, this whole DED thing is a whole debacle of fuckery on sandbag and sandbag UK's part. I ordered 1 of each color, plus an extra black/white swirl across 2 orders... compiling a timeline of how this all transpired... cant wait to update this thread with. sandbag should be ashamed of themselves lol.
  3. lol the only person calling her ugly here was a female, cat aka sharks.
  4. Happy 20th, Blink 182 online. You're almost old enough to drink in the USA! 

  5. blink recently released new merch with the old school bunny on it, so they seem to be fine with using it currently. source: i bought the navy dad hat with the old school bunny on it
  6. Its not white vs black.. its everyone vs racists. 

  7. page 4000..wow.. i stumbled across this adams song cover and loved it. im sure its already been posted, but whatever.
  8. looters are not the same as protestors 

    1. Speedo


      I like that a lot of protesters are fighting against the looters and rioters. There's no quicker way to ruin a movement and message than to use it as an excuse to be a scumbag.

    2. n i k u
  9. may 23rd was the 10 year anniversary of lost ending, and ive been doing a rewatch. such a damn good show
  10. Beautiful day in Southern California. 

  11. stay safe. stay vigilant. stay healthy. 

  12. can we please bring back the spoiler option on posts? why was it removed in the first place? 

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