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  1. someone on VC said the 20th anniversary enema pressing from the band is fully censored LOL
  2. damn this actually aint bad
  3. sad that i like this more than the actual video
  4. if they actually got these dancers, the video would have be incredible.
  5. If someone told me this was a target commercial for back to school shopping, I wouldn’t think twice.
  6. What a cringy video. I did get always vibes but wtf is the deal w these kids doing fortnite dances. I don’t know how anyone from the blink team sat down w the treatment and was like “this is the one, guys !!!” Looks like their video budget was like $30.
  7. love me some dave chapelle. didnt even realize he had something new out, so def gonna peep it.
  8. i think im going on 19 times or some stupid shit, ive honestly lost count at this point. first time was big day out 1999 sydney (had no idea who they were really), second time was mark tom and travis show sydney australia. couple notable ones tho were dolla bill tour and the first show with matt at the roxy in west hollywood.
  9. damn, stoked on that ! and only two months away.
  10. not the worst thing in the world.. id honestly be down to hear a re-recorded "greatest hits" with matt. think that would be interesting to hear. if you told me in 2003 when self titled/untitled came out that blink would be collaborating with lil wayne on a remix of WMAA and a full US tour, id tell you to quit smoking crack.
  11. yeah i was gonna say.. we assume walts dead, but i think they left it open ended as to if he really is or not.
  12. Proper dose was great... but the beer Horus released to go with the album, also called proper dose, was INCREDIBLE.
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