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  1. thongrider wins because he actually put in effort and covered the songs and kept up with instrumentals of the blink songs, whilst not giving me a headache cause i could actually hear everything...i actually enjoyed dammit and shes out of her mind.. if blink called thongrider today to fill in, i think he could do it. better than skiba? nah. if blink called oliver today to fill in, i DONT think he could hang.
  2. i just saw this comment. i update with my tour schedule as an opportunity to meet up with blink board members and offer people guest list to my shows. if you have a problem with that, dont look at the thread. ive already met your bitch ass anyway and dont ever want to do it again.
  3. youre way too old for this shit man. why does it matter?
  4. speedos constant posting in general gets old. its fucking annoying. not sure why hes even here.
  5. im unlocking this cause i need to know... why is the quality of this video from 2 years ago way better than what was live streamed? also, why the fuck has oliver been arguing that hes better than skiba for 2 years straight? thats seems crazy.
  6. theres never been a time more relevant than now for this gif in relation to this topic.
  7. oliver are you using a potato to live stream?
  8. dont want to read thru 11 pages.. when is this going down?
  9. i Pm'd you about this weekend 

  10. at the end of the day, does it really fucking matter? who really cares? theres so many more important things to worry about in the world these days. that said, ive always referred to it as self titled. honestly self titled and untitled seem like the exact same fucking thing.
  11. happy days knowing this guy was full of shit.
  12. It’s meh imo. I was bored with it after the first 90 seconds.
  13. this thread is pointless now. not even worth checking anymore.
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