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  1. yes, my high school band played shows with them. i remember they played one of their first shows with us at a church in maryland and 80% of their set was blink covers cause they only written like 1-2 songs lol.
  2. its almost as if mark wanted to do something heavens esq...hopefully the rest of the songs are better but i cant trust anyone from ATL. really wish blink never latched onto them.
  3. all time low blows donkey balls, so not surprised here.
  4. its near seattle and ill be in the city on the 21st. i can hit a few shops around to see if it distro'd for you. im honestly interested to try it as well. label looks tight.
  5. https://untappd.com/b/triplehorn-brewing-brink-182/2546185
  6. neighborhoods is the worst blink 182 record by a long shot...change my mind... 

  7. was at the game last night. tickets were cheap cause they moved it last minute to LA from mexico city. insanity. plus I had goff, kelce and hill starting on my fantasy league. put up 199.09 points this week and went into last nights game at 62 points. i would REALLY love to do a league next year with this board. who would be down?
  8. if you support kanye in 2020, does that mean youre a trump supporter? 

  9. think im gonna dig this record out and spin it tonight
  10. still amazing to me this record was written, recorded and released in like 2 months.
  11. this show has won numerous awards. season two coming soon cant waitttt.
  12. just so you know, these status updates are public. 

  13. so happy iran won. maybe they have a chance..but probably not lol (obviously they won in the most crazy circumstances, but ill take our first final win in 20 years lol)
  14. whens the first match. today, right?
  15. jesus christ, what is happening here? I went to this performance, I was feeling absolutely horrible and shitty and seeing blink put a smile on my face. It was free, they sounded great in person. KOTW did sound a little empty but other than that I think they did a great job. A mix on a video is way different then how they sounded in person.
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