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  1. agreed ten fold. @ChuckDee hope you stick around.
  2. Rewatched this for the 20th time and I must say this may be my favorite movie of all time. really happy I got a chance to see it imax, 70mm and regular digital in theatres.
  3. 1 hour until this drops. So stoked.
  4. I love that they literally mailed letters. Oh how the times have changed.
  5. Incredible. Y’all never cease to amaze me. hard to argue this ain’t the best place to come for blink info.
  6. Just saw it posted up on reddit a few hours ago and wondering if this is new to surface ? Honestly in the 20 years I’ve been a fan I’ve literally never seen this letter. would prob be good bit of content to put on the twitter/Instagram. I bet mark would respond to this.
  7. Yeah it’s really really good. Nothing ground breaking cause they are sticking w the same sound but at least they are consistent haha. The writing and guitar work is really really good. Catchy as fuck too.
  8. Anyone here listened to the new record ? Prob some of baysides best work in a longggg time.
  9. n  i  k u .


    truly feel like she gets slept on cause she’s living in the shadows of Billie eilish. anyone here a fan ? She just dropped a New ep and it’s great. I believe she’s German/dutch but grew up in Canada.
  10. someone on VC said the 20th anniversary enema pressing from the band is fully censored LOL
  11. damn this actually aint bad
  12. sad that i like this more than the actual video
  13. if they actually got these dancers, the video would have be incredible.
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