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  1. Love how Mark didn’t give a shit about running around naked in the streets but gets all awkward when he has to dance.
  2. Yeah I’m gonna trust the real pilot on this one.
  3. Not feeling any hype for a new blink album to be honest. I’d be more happy with some new side project stuff coming from Mark or Tom. Wish Mark would just drop Blink and focus on +44. But instead he’s focusing on making the most money and just using Blink’s legacy to do so.
  4. Who gives a flying crap about Rey being powerful with the force without having received training. Honestly, we know already how Jedi are trained. We've seen Luke getting trained in episode 5. Do you really want to waste way too much time in another movie seeing Rey getting trained the exact same way that Luke did?
  5. Happy that Courtois got the golden glove, well deserved.
  6. Welp there goes the golden glove.
  7. Still proud of Belgium’s performance during this cup. Looking forward to 2020, think they make a good chance of winning it.
  8. This is gonna be a pretty useless match but man I always enjoy watching the Belgian boys play.
  9. Wow what a match. Croatia played superb after the first half, absolutely deserved the win. Sucks for England, i truly feel your pain. Much rather had seen Belgium play England in the finals, but let’s play a last great match and end the Cup in style.
  10. Holy crap marvelous goal from Croatia. England less good second half.
  11. Dude wtf, we Belgians should take the defeat with class. They beaut us fair and square. There’s always a winner and a loser, unfortunately for us we were on the wrong side today.
  12. At least Belgium kicked Neymar out so they are all the real MVP
  13. England is gonna have it tough against France. France is playing very defensively and it’s not great football to watch but it appears to be effective. For football’s sake I hope England scores quickly against France.
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