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  1. So the obvious conclusion here is that the girls of this forum have listened to too much Simple Plan in their lives.
  2. This post is more condescending than any of the song’s lyrics.
  3. Hm I disagree with this. About the “hey kid” part, I interpret it like he’s talking down to a naive version of himself, which is what people tend to do when they feel down. But it was probably not intended like that lol.
  4. Much better than BIOMY, thank god. Travis is killing it, and I actually like the lyrics a lot as they are relatable. Also, finally a Mark only song. Glad Matt didn’t kick in to ruin the song.
  5. Is it worth buying mario maker 2 if you're not really interested in spending a lot of time creating levels?
  6. Well fuck you too young lady. I love you btw.
  7. How about people get less defensive about whether or not other people like/dislike things they like/dislike and just respect other people's opinions without getting triggered as fuck. That would be nice.
  8. Still don't like how Matt's screaming is way too loud in the final mix. It weirdly drowns out all the other sounds.
  9. It sounds good yet it feels unfinished and a waste of time.
  10. Did they really tease 11 seconds of a 49 second song? Hope it's not true because it sounds good.
  11. I feel like all these people who get triggered by that little Tom interview have been living under a rock for the last ten years.
  12. Not sure how Matt didn’t realize it’s 2019 and he can’t write any of that type of jokes anymore without getting massive hate from the internets.
  13. True, I probably worded that incorrectly. Having nothing do to could be a trigger. But that would mean there’s another bigger underlying issue why someone could become depressed. Maybe the fact that someone has nothing else to do makes him focus more on the negative things that could trigger the depression.
  14. Agreed, I don’t think Tom not being in the band is the source of his depression either. Just saying he probably misses the dude.
  15. True, but Mark even wrote a song about why he’s sleepless at night. Long Lost Feeling, it’s from that album you like so much.
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