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  1. Well a lot of Italian girls are gonna flash their boobs tonight
  2. Think I’m rooting for Italy for the remaining of the tournament
  3. Great match, well done Italy. Clearly the better team. Prefer to go out like this than to the French last time.
  4. Ghent can I donate some money to your personal PayPal account to help you cover the additional costs?
  5. The rest of the championship is looking pretty interesting. Semi finals will probably be Spain - Italy and Denmark - England.
  6. Indeed! And mbappe not scoring out of all people. Great safe though
  7. Can Switzerland please kick the French out
  8. Completely agree with you. We should have taken advantage of this team years ago. Will have to see how far they can go this championship, but I'm not too optimistic given the teams we are going to face. Yesterday we got lucky for sure. Let's see if it will run out... Was kinda hoping for a Belgium - Holland finale but they fucked up royally yesterday.
  9. Meh we got the job done. Don’t tell me you weren’t a little impressed by Thorgan’s goal.
  10. Oh god, not cancer. I’ve seen it destroy the strongest people I knew. I hope he was diagnosed quickly enough for him to have a chance. Bless you Mark
  11. Finally experienced that Star Wars excitement that was incredibly missing in the sequels. When that X Wing came in I thought no way they would go for it, but then came Grogu's reaction and that's what did it for me. Perfect way to end the season.
  12. Yeah probably, Xbox for multiplats via their game pass service and PS5 for the exclusives.
  13. Missed out on the PS5 preorders but managed to snatch a Xbox series x this morning. Will have to do until the PS5 is back in stock I suppose.
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