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  1. I don’t understand Jon’s punishment. What’s the point of the night’s watch if there are no more white walkers and everyone is at peace with the wildlings? And why are they still acting like the Wall still has some kind of importance when there’s a huge gap in it?
  2. I don’t really mind Jamie’s conclusion at all. In the end he went back out of love for Cersei, and he tried to save her because she was the only person he cared about. It’s not like he went back because he suddenly became evil again. I think their death scene was fitting and I genuinely felt sorry for Cersei when she was scared to die. I didn’t expect to feel compassion for a character that was such an evil person during all those seasons. But yeah this was mostly because of the excellent acting and less because of the writing in the end.
  3. Someone reminded me that just a few seasons ago, Dany locked her dragons in a cave because they burned a child. That decision didn’t age well.
  4. Not sure how they gonna defeat Daenerys now. How are they going to get rid of that dragon? I swear to God if Bran somehow manages to control that dragon with his creepy white eyes, that would be incredibly stupid. Also, they better not let Arya kill Daenerys by wearing Jon Snow’s face. Seems like Jon is her only weakness now. Which is completely stupid because they have zero chemistry whatsoever.
  5. What’s up with the skeleton and zombie themes...
  6. Some people get really defensive about us not being into this new song. No harm in that, but you can’t deny that trolling and blocking fans for telling their own opinions is a bad move of Mark.
  7. Don't blame Mark, he got stuck in the thick mud.
  8. You can never block my shine

  9. It's too late, can you forgive me now?
  10. Nobody listens to the radio anymore, you dinosaur.
  11. Probably because he is a fan of Blink's older music and doesn't necessarily have to like the new stuff?
  12. That fan is just giving him some free advice. Mark didn't have to respond like a dick about it. Fans are the reason he is where he is today.
  13. Gave the song a few more listens so here are my first thoughts. - The intro instrumentals are horrendous, not sure what they were thinking. It feels like Mark tried to go for a Motion City Soundtrack-like intro but completely dropped the ball on that one. Thankfully Travis is working overtime to deliver some kickass beats so i can at least focus on that. - I actually love the verses. They are catchy and sound exactly like Blink. I just try not to focus on the lyrics because the thought that these millionaires are whining about how the first 18 years of their lives were hard is cringe as fuck. - The chorus is ok and quite catchy. It’s just ruined by that dumb “blame it, blame it on my youth” line which completely kills the flow of the chorus. - Never end a song with an outro like that, just finish it with some kick ass riffs for god’s sake. So yeah, the song is ok I guess. I can see why people love it. I can see why people hate it. Personally I think it could have been a lot better.
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