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  1. Currently watching Grace & Frankie. So damn funny. I cannot wait to be an old lady, do what I want & not give one single fuck about how people feel about it. Also just binged that Aaron Hernandez docuseries...craziness!
  2. Sounds like part of my husbands birthday gift, if he doesn’t buy it for himself before then! 😂
  3. heater

    My first time thread

    Someone referenced them the other day by name & it’s gone from my brain again already. 😂 A quick google just helped me....Columbia House! That’s how I got all the good music when I was little.
  4. Classic. Favorite movie in high school & still so good to this day. Yes it was & I was so excited to see it was directed by Olivia Wilde too, I’ve always loved her.
  5. I only made it to season 3 of GOT & then my husband started watching ahead without me because he could not wait & we just weren’t finding time to watch together. (One of us almost ALWAYS falls asleep before the kids are all out for the night 😂) He watched the whole series & loved it, I opted to wait & binge it someday...still have to do that. I’ll probably wait til summer when I have more time & can watch the entire thing in like a month.
  6. You only seem slightly obsessed with Toms new gf....
  7. heater

    Blink Beer

    I think you skipped the next sentence where he explained why he liked it. Reading comprehension fail. Lmfao. I doubt I’d like this at all, never have I ever found an IPA I actually enjoy. Tried many while I was bartending years ago, now I always skip them...just not my thing.
  8. I only called you hateful & you’ve been harassing me about it ever since. Wish granted I suppose.
  9. I wasn’t aware you have to be related to someone to recognize when another person is talking dumb shit about them...hmmm, news to me. You said some hateful stuff& got called out about it....by members other than me as well....get over it man. And idk what you’re going on about in that second paragraph...Clarke? I wasn’t around when shit went down with him & I have no idea who is still friends with him...wasn’t sticking up for anyone really, just calling you out for being hateful & wanting Jen to be harassed. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now that you got called out by multiple people it was a joke, okay man...if you say so.
  10. I was just watching him freestyle, so good, far too young...so sad. & a big FU to Yellowcard, heartless jerks.
  11. Because they think you’re crazy? Based on the BS you’ve posted in the last couple days...wanting Jenn to get a ton of hateful messages (& then walking it back when you were called out)...I’m surprised you weren’t talking about yourself. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. I said this 4 hours before you went on your rant about how no girl would ever be okay with rounding to the nearest year.... Well, it won’t be officially 10 years for us til July...but because it’s almost 2020 & we met in 2010, I just round it... 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ 2 years married in July too. Lol, bad rounding, 1 year & 5 months = almost 2 years to me... we’ve been together for so long, I’ll round up as soon as I feel like it. So yeah, you’re definitely wrong about this one Oliver.
  13. “Tossed his family in the trash.” Seriously Oliver? Divorce means separating yourself from your former partner, not your whole family, not your kids. Omg. Someone else posted earlier about his kids just being on tour with him too. You definitely do seem quite upset about it...is it jealousy? Maybe....idk, but it’s certainly odd.
  14. Yeah, trying to decide what happened in their relationship & what split them up is just so odd to me. We won’t know. We can scour the internet & try to look for deeper meanings in photos, but we won’t figure it out. No one except Tom & Jen will ever know what went on & they each have their own versions of their truth too. It can be hard to know what happened between two people you actually personally know unless you’re right there living it with them.
  15. I don’t think this can possibly be directed at me, right? I’m in no way trying to defend anyone, just pointing out that none of us can possibly know what split them up & it’s silly to judge either one of them for how they handle things afterwards. Being mad at either one of them about their relationship is just weird. Yeah, I don’t get off on watching others be upset...so I don’t get it.
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