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  1. heater


    I turned the game on thinking Dame & CJ we’re going to be making fools out of those young guys to see about the exact opposite. So crazy!! I was in & out of sleep most the game because those late West coast games start right around my bedtime, but I woke up during the 4th & sat up in bed so I wouldn’t miss it. Total shock & gives me some hope that this season may be a bit more exciting for me than I thought.
  2. heater


    That’s awesome! I may have to start betting a bit myself, I have a FB friend who seems to win quite often sports betting too. Do you typically win more often than you lose? I have a few family members who are definitely addicted to gambling & they lose MUCH more often than they win....but they throw their money away in slot machines, I won’t do that.
  3. heater


    I get it, I was just kidding....mostly. 😂 But yeah, I don’t really bet, but I wouldn’t be betting on them this year either.
  4. heater


    Absolutely unforgivable.
  5. heater


    Yep. Last year...Curry, Klay, Dray, KD & Damien Jones. Crazy, crazy.
  6. Got Luigi’s Mansion recently, but haven’t had a chance to play it quite yet. My husband & daughter are both loving it so far, tonight I will steal one of the Switches so I can try it out. Can not wait.
  7. heater


    I’m beyond sad right now. Definitely not playoff bound this year now.... the only bright side....he should be back around the same time as Klay next year.
  8. heater


    Can’t stand the dude, made me like Westbrook a bit more & I’ve never liked either of them. But Russ was out there making shit happen (that drive to the basket & dish out to Tucker for the 3 was killer, I hated loving it) while Harden was just looking to head to the free throw line. Ugh. & go Warriors!!
  9. I don’t even remember much from the movie, I was just so young...but I remember the reoccurring dreams I had about him killing me for YEARS afterwards. Have never actually made a serious effort to watch another one of his movies, no interest...not trying to bring back old nightmares. 😂😂 nothing has ever scared me like him & I know it’s completely irrational, but it’s seriously scary to me...can’t even help it.
  10. So. I find all the other main characters funny & I can watch the show....I’ve just always disliked Jerry Seinfeld & I honestly can’t even give a good answer as to why. Oh & IRL Michael Richards...Kramer...can fuck right off with his racist ass.
  11. heater


    We’re going to have an off year after getting a nearly completely new young team, losing KD & Klay being on the bench for the season....all the Warriors haters are out in full force & I find it hilarious, love this year all you want, next year we’ll be back. And KD didn’t sabotage anything for the Thunder til after they lost, the Warriors just got their shit back together. KD did however realize that winning was impossible with Russ after being up 3-1 & still not being able to pull it off.....& apparently decided to follow the old saying “if ya can’t beat em, join em”.....which is a soft cupcake move more than a killer snake like move. He came and coasted to 2 rings with an already proven team....KD is a baby.
  12. heater


    Of course he will & of course he was....but IMO he’s the best talent in the NBA today with almost zero chance at grabbing a ring before he retires. I just feel like something about his personality isn’t ever going to let another star shine as bright as they should be able to. Not that same sense of selflessness Steph just showed when KD showed up in GS. We’ll see though. This year could prove me wrong, but I will be surprised if he & Harden get it together.
  13. I watched Nightmare on Elmstreet when I was like 4 because my aunt’s ex-husband was the worst babysitter....still can’t deal with Freddy, ugh. Halloween is awesome, til someone shows up in a Freddy mask....I’ve left more than one party because of that nonsense. 😂😂😂
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