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  1. Agreed Yessss I knew all the words before I hit kindergarten & I don’t believe it will ever be able to be overplayed 🤷🏻‍♀️ That opinion is so weird to me. 😂
  2. Oh, and I just watched The Hunt. Not what I was expecting at all. Anyone else seen it yet?
  3. I watched it again already when my husband watched it. So funny.
  4. heater


    @JarJarBlinks Steph is back tonight, just thought you’d like a shout out...since you love hearing me talk about the Warriors. 😂
  5. Yep, definitely country. I could see how it could be said that it leaned towards pop, but definitely an overall country album.
  6. heater


    I just saw that. I figured they’d trade Russell at some point, Steph & Klay will be back by next season to cover the ball handling & 3 pt shooting.
  7. I watch it every once in a while still, definitely hilarious.
  8. Crash is on tv right now, excuse me while I cry all the tears. 😭😭😭 Easily in my top 10 movies. Watched it in theaters when it came out with my mom & best friend & we all sobbed. I now save all the sad movies for home, no need to ugly cry in public. 😂
  9. heater


    Same!! Never has a celebrity’s death ever had this big of an impact on me. This is a tough one. I follow all the sports networks, a ton of the players & watch basketball more than anything else....it’s everywhere I turn & it’s so heartbreaking.
  10. Definitely the girl version of Superbad! So damn funny.
  11. So sad on all levels. Yessss!!! And Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales & TaleSpin!!! The kiddos love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but I switch it to the good stuff when they nap. Yes!! It’s one of my favorites, I watched this most recent season so fast. My gramma is legitimately one of my very best friends & this show makes me wish I was old with her....or she could stay the same forever, til I’m old with her. She’s my Grace, minus all the cocktails & I am her Frankie, minus 50ish years. She keeps me grounded & I bring the crazy. 😂
  12. Currently watching Grace & Frankie. So damn funny. I cannot wait to be an old lady, do what I want & not give one single fuck about how people feel about it. Also just binged that Aaron Hernandez docuseries...craziness!
  13. Sounds like part of my husbands birthday gift, if he doesn’t buy it for himself before then! 😂
  14. heater

    My first time thread

    Someone referenced them the other day by name & it’s gone from my brain again already. 😂 A quick google just helped me....Columbia House! That’s how I got all the good music when I was little.
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