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  1. God damn, didnt expect it to be that good, finally a good mix of hoppus and skiba. So awesome.
  2. never listened those two acts, but liking this mix. adams song drums fits very good.
  3. 0:55 "Turn all the lights down now" - That's 2003 Tom right here.
  4. Why does it bother everyone that Skibas vocal are louder on the mix, he is singing over the same melody, drumbeat, Marks vocal that youve heard 10 seconds ago. I would agree if it was over new Mark lyrics or whatever. Pretty cool little gem, nothing against it, except they fucked it up, musically could be a great different song.
  5. after listening this song like 50 times it makes you think that Mark and Matt are definetly capable of writing a good music together, it sounds so close to what everyone expect them to sound, but at the same time it makes you angry that they choose to write a stupid cheesy pop songs about youth, drinking, parking lots, xanax and whatever crap to attrack a young audience. fucking two grown man at this point of thier career should give a big fuck you to the world and record some great music. this song could be a giant progression from neighbourhoods, like modern version of "Hearts All Gone", but miles better. and what they did? fucked it up big time again. man, they read all the reaction from fans, they see all the comments, they know exactly what fans want but they choose to bend over and write a piece of shit music. i know it's only a 49 sec song, but it is for the very first time sounds like blink 182 version with Skiba. i bet it took them like 5 minutes to write this song but Mark finaly sounds like himself, its not overproduced, its good. i just don't understand what the fuck.
  6. not gonna lie, im digging this teaser, mark finaly sounds like himself, but what the fuck is this - a song only 49 seconds? that's fucked up.
  7. typical SC song. doesn't get on my nerves like listening biomy - makes me wanna choke the fuck out of every blink member.
  8. i bet they are secretly re-recording a bunch of songs, wouldn't suprise me if the album at this stage is full of biomy part 2, 3, 4...imagine mark picking up songs right now out of 50 songs they have - shit, crap, shit... waiting for an announcement of a delay till october, after the tour.
  9. jfc, nothing screams more than "we are trying to fit into mainstream balls deep, so we wrote 50 songs just to see what works, what not". it's useless.
  10. no shit he doesn't care anymore, if BIOMY felt like a quintessential blink song, i'm scared to wonder what are the other 49 songs were. probably the biggest pile of shit.
  11. pretty sure Skiba would be glad to get over with blink. he knows he is barely has a creative input, it's not his style, he made enough money with blink, new fans. he's settled and can do whatever the fuck he wanna do. leaving blink for him would be like a paradise. so either tom is back for good in a 5 years or they could make a deal just one album with Tom and call it a day. Feels like we will get two more albums with Skiba/Feldmann and one album with Tom and thats it.
  12. doesn't sound like blink at all. sounds like a soundtrack to a Disney movie. I can't even judge the fucking song, for a cheap pop song, it's an ok song, maybe better than some of Cali. Still no hook, no melodie, nothing interesting, the same one guitar riff pattern at places, you can barely hear a guitar. Basically, i'm ready for an ablum full of soundtrack songs to Cartoons.
  13. so, we have a song soon to be released with a shitty title and potentialy about a midlife crisis, then a collab with chainsmokers and pharrell, now a tour with a rapper. this is how blink takes us to the new places we've never seen. i'm expecting a horrible guitar tone with the same riff in every song, lots of guest vocals, absolute cringe, generic lyrics about youth, how they all sad, drunk, its all gone + typical feldy songs about having fun, wohooo, like blink only known for that. what else am i forgetting? thank god no nanas this time.
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