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  1. so Skiba was invited to the studio after all. 1:10 mark.
  2. typical CS song, pretty harmless collab. diggin' it though.
  3. lol that riff. sounds like shit. skiba probably has been busy making that 3 notes riff all week while blink were preparing to rock out with chainsmokers.
  4. sounds so bad but felt so good. love it.
  5. Me, personaly, was very sceptical about a new realese, but my god, im surprised, finaly we got tracks that sounds like a good mix of hoppus and skiba, and in general fine songs. Good job, blink.
  6. Helen drinks vodka to calm down herself, she cant believe how epic black rain is.
  7. Dude, me and Helen are shaking as fuck, hit me up with link please.
  8. Famous buritto, thats who
  9. all their new stuff sounds dull as fuck live, no emotions at all.
  10. definitely has an "Always" vibes. just a silly video, nothing else to say.
  11. God damn, didnt expect it to be that good, finally a good mix of hoppus and skiba. So awesome.
  12. never listened those two acts, but liking this mix. adams song drums fits very good.
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