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  1. Mark was the only one who didnt want to play The Party Song, but Travis and Tom kept going, half of the song been played still, im sure there is a video the on youtube. Doesnt say anything, just a thought. Remember they got back together and were posting a setlists for a rehearsels packed with the oldies, but they kept mostly singles and deep cuts. They had an idea that fans only wanted singles. Stupid. And at that time they didnt give a fuck what to play. It has nothig to do with travis ego (debatable). He let mark and tom decide what to choose. Travis could play enthused 30 times straight every show and he would be okay with that. I blame mark mostly, he thinks it unprofessional to change a setlist in the middle of a show, he is the one who cant add a song because it fucks with a stage production, lol, such a bullshit. Just pause it and play with only a few lights. And of course we had a lazy tom, why practice oldies when you can play singles all the time.
  2. Must be hard to even pick up 10 songs out of 50 when they all sound the same.
  3. it is amazing how one post from tom overshadows anything mark, travis and matt posts combined even after all tom's bullshit. seriously can't wait any longer to hear his take on music.
  4. Ахуеть, Лео подвалил. Чо, когда альбом выйдет.
  5. not a chance that current blink will drop a mainstream approach and all of a sudden it's all agressive and dark. i wonder if all these pop producers do even know that untitled record exists or wyhsb or neighborhoods. all i feel for now is that they wrote bunch of sober/no future and trying to make them "dark" or whatever the fuck they call it. i mean mark and skiba could write together millions of moody, agressive songs, but noone from a producer side can't deliver it so it could feels natural and proper.
  6. it's an ok song. don't really care for SC, but i will be laughing my ass off if this song turns out better than half of the new blink record.
  7. Yep, right where you put a circle on. It is definitely something in there, never noticed it before, must be connected somehow to that behind the ear tattoo.
  8. Never knew Tom had a tattoo done on his cheek&sideburns, since when? photo hosting
  9. 50 songs with the same BTD riff. Fuck that.
  10. How's Mark's birthday going? What you cookin for him tonight?
  11. poor mark. tom was and still the only one who could pressure him to write something decent. nobody will ever come close. it's funny how mark talks about progression, when he never really wanted to do untitled styled record. and he's still insecure about anything he writes. describing SC as a trashy and wierd music, lol - way to go Mark, already making excuses when nobody gives a fuck about SC after a week it's released. well, no tom around - mark doesn't have to try hard. everybody's else making it for him. what a joke. still can't believe he's so afraid to write whatever he wants, when there's nothing really to lose.
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