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  1. 7 years is a lot of a gap between the albums to judge. musical scene has changed a lot and dreamwalker was a great shot at the time. but i'll go with a modern ava sound. lifeforms feels more natural.
  2. delonge getting comfy with vocals. he sounds good.
  3. sounds like green day shit. possibly the worst on the album, judging by the chorus.
  4. pre-chorus is the best part, great groove.
  5. продам гараж, дешево.
  6. Losing my mind kinda reminds me of Tremors off a Dreamwalker. This another demo "Automatic" is not promising either. Only Time Bomb demo and some weird electronic/robotic song sounds pretty good. they had like 5 years to make a good album, they've put out pretty cool demos while recording, and out of all crap they choose these generic boring ass songs - nonsense.
  7. Kennyhoopla's EP with Travis is a banger. Seriously, out of all these new artists he's the one who makes it interesting. Travis layed down some solid beats.
  8. Didn't Tom say that they filmed like 3 music videos already.
  9. it's an ok song for ava. the build up idea is not bad and they did the last chorus right with the tempo but if only every chorus had that fast tempo to begin with it woulda been a much better song. typical, but better.
  10. vocals are so low in the mix. can't hear shit.
  11. wouldn't mind a link too please. thanks to my hero.
  12. sounds like My First Punk Song but with Mark.
  13. All alone, stuck at my haunting home Life is unfair, I wanna be free again Cant deal with my thoughts anymore I wanna get wasted with my friends at the walmart store Skiba screams anything with "Oohhh" I wanna be free all over again till the end of a song. There you go, we have Parking lot part 2.
  14. i don't know why but after 10 spins this trash sounds pretty sweet, something about that techno vibe. actually like that gang at the end. too bad they didn't finish it properly.
  15. def. demo from a cali session, seriously how many times Feldmann's gonna use that adams song riff, it's not even funny anymore. do u even listen blink Feldy?
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