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  1. sounds like My First Punk Song but with Mark.
  2. All alone, stuck at my haunting home Life is unfair, I wanna be free again Cant deal with my thoughts anymore I wanna get wasted with my friends at the walmart store Skiba screams anything with "Oohhh" I wanna be free all over again till the end of a song. There you go, we have Parking lot part 2.
  3. i don't know why but after 10 spins this trash sounds pretty sweet, something about that techno vibe. actually like that gang at the end. too bad they didn't finish it properly.
  4. def. demo from a cali session, seriously how many times Feldmann's gonna use that adams song riff, it's not even funny anymore. do u even listen blink Feldy?
  5. green day was just popular, but everybody wanted to be like blink, thousands of ppl started a band cause of blink. everyone wanted a strat or play like travis or make a sweet and easy bass lines like mark does and just have a great time. besides, mark, tom and travis were and still are a hugely likeable persons with strong charisma, they are absolutely were like a pop punk heros to everyone. nobody says "i wanna be cool just like tre or mike". ppl were more close to blink cause it's always felt like they are your bestfriends. green day became a stale boring piece of crap, sometimes with great
  6. gave it a two days spin. song is actually a really well balanced. it's not amazing, but it's a cool little tune, normal voice, great intro, bridge and i agree, "Ahhs" fits like they should. in an album sence, it works.
  7. Im calling it this is actually Mark himself.
  8. so Skiba was invited to the studio after all. 1:10 mark.
  9. typical CS song, pretty harmless collab. diggin' it though.
  10. lol that riff. sounds like shit. skiba probably has been busy making that 3 notes riff all week while blink were preparing to rock out with chainsmokers.
  11. sounds so bad but felt so good. love it.
  12. Me, personaly, was very sceptical about a new realese, but my god, im surprised, finaly we got tracks that sounds like a good mix of hoppus and skiba, and in general fine songs. Good job, blink.
  13. Helen drinks vodka to calm down herself, she cant believe how epic black rain is.
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