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  1. It would be with a half decent manager.
  2. He's just got something special and bought such a different dynamic to the squad. Will be interesting to see what happens when Partey gets back fully fit. Havertz really played well last few games too.
  3. Declan Rice is fucking phenomenal. What a player man.
  4. Bucko

    Brittany's song

    I'm so sorry for your loss
  5. It's just the same song written over and over again. Honestly Warning was the last good Green Day album.
  6. Genuinely, Skiba era Blink released better records than Green Day in that time period.
  7. Shit, this was meant to send to my wife. 😐
  8. These cunts rate California higher 😄
  9. Look at the interview they did too ffs
  10. Genuinely impressed you could find it haha
  11. This song is utter garbage. They're so stale and unimaginative as a band. Billie-Joe already used this intro for the interrupters too.
  12. I don't know if this is a wind up or not, but this is the state of their fan page, fucking aol had a better site in the 90's. https://iorr.org/
  13. The sad thing is, their fan base are too old to hear it properly.
  14. "The Rolling Stones are on the way to marking a huge career milestone as their brand-new album, Hackney Diamonds, storms ahead to Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart. Currently outselling the rest of the Top 10 combined, Hackney Diamonds – the first album of original material by the Stones in nearly 20 years – has already managed to accumulate over 55,000 chart units over the weekend. " Pathetic from us Brits.
  15. It is ignorance, but I can't lie, I didn't think he was THIS good. Instrumental in all that has been good with Arsenal this season. Big game player too, seems to thrive on it.
  16. The single one more time and anthem part 3 are on track to enter top 40 again this week. Chart update as them at 31 and 32
  17. ANTHEM PART 3 - 9.5/10 incredible DANCE WITH ME - 10/10 This, WMAA Dammit amd Feeling This are the mount Rushmore of pop punk anthems. FELL IN LOVE - 7.5/10 this song has unbelievably grown on me TERRIFIED - 8/10 could be a grower. ONE MORE TIME - 8/10 the ballad of blink-182 🖤 MORE THAN YOU KNOW - 8/10 TURN THIS OFF! - 9.5/10 their best joke song for me. Love it. WHEN WE WERE YOUNG - 8.5/10 EDGING - 8/10 YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE GOT - 9/10 BLINK WAVE - 7.5/10 BAD NEWS - 9/10 HURT (INTERLUDE) - 7/10 TURPENTINE - 10/10 FUCK FACE - 6.5/10 OTHER SIDE - 8.5/10 CHILDHOOD - 7/10 OVERALL - 8/10 the perfect comeback record, has a bit of everything and I love that.
  18. I think it's because it's like no Blink song we've heard before, it's completely different yet so fucking good. That being said, the thing that elevates this iteration of Blink above any other band is they can put their hand on anything completely different, yet make it sound so familiar and Blink.
  19. Can't stop feeling like it should be a Panic at the disco song. Could totally imagine Brendon's voice on this
  20. It's too hard to settle on a favourite right now but I'd say my top 5 as of right now is; Turpentine, Anthem Part 3, Dance With Me, Bad News, You Don't Know What You've Got
  21. Yeah to be honest. This one falls a little flat for me too. I feel that this and Childhood are the 2 I won't actively seek out to listen too, but that might change over time.
  22. Tbf I thought Anthem was going to be my favourite. Then after first listen of album I was like fuck me Dance With Me is actually so good and now I'm on Turpentine and Bad News benders. Other side too. This is honestly front to back a fucking great album.
  23. Think I voted too soon, Dance with me is such a fucking great song though.
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