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  1. @daveyjones dammit may not have been a "radio" hit but that song is iconic and monumental in terms of what it inspired and how much it was liked by punk rock lovers it will always be an unforgetable classic and be a huge part of blink dna
  2. i do and ur right that humans have all that, but urs(contradiction) is off the chart
  3. option 1: davey jones(for having contradictory musical taste) option 2: tom delong(for not being there so that blink can b blink and not matt-blink)
  4. when theres the cracking noises and the hold on riff starts, when Joel says "all the things we talked about, you know they stay on my mind" with that deep music in the back the palm muted guitar in young and the hopeless that sounds so big and like a big fan spinning totally fitting the colour and theme of the song that beautiful acoustic riff at the beginning of emotionless with that dark and rainy day feel with that bit of golden light shining in theres of everything on that record fast slow up down it talks about so many interesting life stuff in ways that realy gets you and that cuts realy deep every song feels like another chapter in the book thats the signature of a masterpiece
  5. thats a terrific album and john felldman worked on it im not on the "hating petite charlotte is kool" lol hating good charlotte.. ahah grow up already
  6. i think my brain had picked up on the similarity without it thinking "humm did mark had this as an inspiration for whats my asian man
  7. its unfortunate that the rest of the footage they have is sitting on some shelf somewhere unused unseen
  8. a bit of nostalgia from one of the least praised place in the world
  9. would be harcore if the water version of m&m was mendale too if it wasnt of that short clip of it on youtube there wouldnt be too many tangible proofs that it ever existed CORECTion: i meant this this video will give u that mendala feel
  10. lol at when mark says he can look at these artsy photo of naked womin cuz its art ahhah i do that, on pornhub.cum
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