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  1. lol the greenday fanboys at it hard it makes them feel so good inside to tell everyone about how green day is an epic multi-generation mega genre defining band its gotta be almost orgasmic for them to do that in reality they are prety close both have been tremendously huge and are well known they both have writen amazing songs and will b remembered for years to come i think green day has the persona that makes them even more famous and have had prob a little bit more sucess overall especialy with their american idiot era
  2. it realy is a great song, and its great how it ends with a peak of the intro of their first album
  3. hey im sorry needs 2 replace built this pool and down needs to replace the first time otherwise prety good list
  4. he sounds so much like post malone, get original juicy wurld
  5. 21 days is a sick song its one of the best blink song ever released, makes me glad they re-released buddha on cd just becasue of that song its not rare for songs(especialy that sort of striped down raw punk rock of that time) to have a great intro but then as soon as the verse hits its a complete letdown(the band couldnt think of anything as good as the intro for the rest of the song) where this one just keeps on giving and giving
  6. hah dat doesnt even loook like him maybe he was shape shifting
  7. i find it to be a great re-use of that i miss you vocal idea inserted into something that sounds realy differant good artist = copy great artist = not blink at the moment
  8. i just saw the 3-4 seconds of the kiss and tel video lmfao!!! tom owning marky and matty yet again hilarious video much better than some kids running around
  9. lol id tell mark "wtf my mangus, u just wrote all over the track list now u buy me a new toypag digipack limited edition and u sign it again"
  10. id rather not have feldman anywhere near alkaine trio hes done enough damage as it is
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