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  1. I just saw on reddit that Mark and Tom don't follow him either, of course this doesn't mean anything, even though people there are worried. I can't blame Mark and Tom, all his IG stories with KK are 😷
  2. Now that I've listened to the album 3 times, I gotta say that it flows really well and I am enjoying it so much. Maybe I'll change my mind after a week, as I did with California and Nine, but it's a nice album to have in the background. Am I becoming a Tombot??? 👀
  3. I know. I could listen to Rebel Girl and Kiss & Tell 10 times in one day every day and I still wouldn't get bored, but I knew this album wasn't gonna live up to the expectations set with these two songs.
  4. Automatic is really great and it could have been an even better blink song.
  5. I don't even have time to breathe lately because I'm working at all hours, but I'm listening to the album now and I started from the 3 songs I hadn't heard before (it's midnight here). Timebomb was supposed to be the best song on the album according to a lot of people online, but it's a let down. No More Guns is definitely a song you wouldn't expect to hear from AVA, it sounds like modern Green Day. Fire In A Nameless Town: the chorus is cool but the rest is very meh.
  6. It's Meet The Barkers all over again. How Travis was with his ex is exactly how he is the Kourtney Kardashian.
  7. Elisa

    Against Me!

    I worked ~40 hours in 3 days and Cheshire Cat, Untitled, TOYPAJ, Searching For A Former Clarity and Alkaline Trio's discography kept me going.
  8. Yeah. That "be yourself" was never blink to begin with.
  9. On a new interview Tom is kinda blaming the blink break up on Jen 👀 Source: blink italia on twitter (they posted two videos of this interview) and facebook
  10. It got on my nerves too. All I want to hear is that chemo is working, but I hate that he's the one telling people that chemo has worked "wonderfully" when Mark himself won't know that until the end of the month.
  11. If they scrapped the skate punk and the BCR song from the album, I'll be extremely pissed off. Reading that interview last night though, I think Euphoria is probably the song that sounds like BCR in his head, since he said that it was written trying mix pop punk with a post-hardcore sound.
  12. it sounds like another mistery for us to solve
  13. I think we are still a big work in progress. Mainly from a defensive standpoint. We need to be better on the backend if we want to clinch a UCL spot this season or let alone fight for the Scudetto. Spinazzola should be back by December/January unfortunately, I'm sure as soon as he comes back that will significantly improve the side both on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, but in the meantime we need to work on the midfield. We don't have a good DM and we can't get away with it all the time.
  14. MGK's bodyguards realising they might have to push away Conor McGregor
  15. Things you love to see on a Sunday evening! I still can't believe we are a Mourinho team now, we haven't had this team identity in years. I know that we didn't play a great game tonight but I'm loving this Roma. And when you see Mourinho sprinting across the pitch like that, how can't you love him?
  16. I would add When I Come Around to the list. I've been listening to it a lot lately (I haven't done that since high school I think) and it's a definitive Green Day song.
  17. No wait, wrong section. I thought I was replying to Jan's new pop punk thread.
  18. I've been listening to Dookie on a loop lately, it is such a feel good album.
  19. I had no idea they divorced. Brad Pitt is also going through the same thing (divorce + being accused of abusing his children) if I'm not mistaken?
  20. Wow! I don't have blueberry jam, but I think they just use it as a topping? Might fuck around and have them for breakfast tomorrow 👀 Alpenliebe.
  21. I've never had kaiserschmarrn but it looks so delicious 🥺
  22. Hahaha this is how I picture you visiting Italy (turn the subtitles on)
  23. Thanks Scott, I'm not watching anything at the moment, so I'll check them out!
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