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  1. I wasn't going to, but the hate here doesn't make sense. They're a very solid band live, genuine guys with huge punk and hardcore influences and Brian is a great songwriter. I'm really looking forward to hearing what their next album will sound like.
  2. i refuse to participate in a conversation where we talk shit about the gaslight anthem, their first two albums and the EP the senor and the queen are perfect
  3. Hefe from NOFX said on IG that they're selling this on tour:
  4. I remember a tweet from Mark where he said something like "Skinhead Rob is the kind of friend who I also think might someday stab me" lol
  5. The world needs more people like Mark, Skye and Jack.
  6. haha you're probably not wrong
  7. It was only two weeks ago when the South American Lollapalooza was hinting at a 2023 show with Tom, but now they're talking about a Mark, Matt and Travis show: https://www.facebook.com/100044421460052/posts/pfbid037k5VFzs6EjiJGEbUpdj5yZhMgFeytjHVFKcESmhcnBAPFMpowcGvpsfCiZqVWBwFl/
  8. Not every show needs an epic finale. It was bittersweet, felt like closure was earned, and everything just ends. That’s just how it is. And just because it was Saul’s last season doesn’t mean they were gonna forget their integrity to the writing. Slowburns and subtly.
  9. I read that the actors said it's an unconventional ending, but it's definitely a tragic ending to me. I don't know if it's death or jail or whatever else. It's just going to be sad.
  10. Any predictions on how Better Call Saul is going to end?
  11. Dr Grande sucks so bad though and has a habit of doing videos without getting all the info first and sometimes he’s blatantly wrong about the facts of the true crime cases he talks about. I've seen a few videos of his and he loves to blame the victims, especially if they are women, and he just confirms what people think/strokes their ego. I never understood why people like him and put him on a pedestal.
  12. With MJ at the very least you have creepy unhealthy codependent obsessive relationship between an adult celebrity & child celebrity that includes sleepovers. Sleeping in the same bed, having vacations with MJ and all the other creepy stuff will never be okay. At worse we have full blown sexual abuse.
  13. Let us know how it was when you've read it
  14. The book never came out and I don't think this is how you do research on CSAM, but it looks like he was investigated thoroughly.
  15. No one believes that of course https://ultimateclassicrock.com/pete-townshend-child-porn-arrest/
  16. I think he used his card to buy some CSAM and he was arrested and put in the sexual offender registry. He has always said that he was doing a research for a charity or something. Maybe he'll actually talk about it in his book.
  17. I didn't mention it because it's on all streaming services, but I fucking love Tom's voice on that song.
  18. 2027, if we're lucky
  19. they're still the only band in the world that straight up refuses to re-release at least one album (Dude Ranch) with some demos or unheard songs (we all know that they don't have extra songs from the EOTS, TOYPAJ and Untitled sessions, but we know we're never gonna hear the Dude Ranch demos either 😥)
  20. haha thanks! I think this happened on the Crimson tour because that was the only time they went on tour together. Crimson was a big departure from their sound (at the time) so it made sense that they wanted to be as true to the album as possible and they needed an extra guitar on some songs. They could have had the guy on stage though instead of keeping him hidden behind the amplifiers. I even went to the Crimson tour, but I was 16 and it was my first alk3 show and I was so stoked to see them so I didn't hear the extra guitar; I'm pretty sure the other times there wasn't another guitar though because it was just Skiba doing his rhythm parts.
  21. they're just giving you a hard time diddy, we all know that it's lame but i believe his average fans don't ever care about the fact that he's on stage with a guitar. I didn't know that rumor about Skiba @Kay, did LJG say that in one of her books? I've been meaning to read Tranny since it came out but I always forget to buy the book. I've seen Alk3 live 4 or 5 times but they didn't sound like they had an extra guitar in the mix.
  22. I was at this show in 2014 and the setlist was pretty much perfect, I would just swap the Misfits cover (which was actually great) and UAN with Pathetic and Apple Shampoo/Wasting Time. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/blink182/2014/o2-academy-brixton-london-england-43cefbff.html
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