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  1. Still find Halfway There forgettable and meh. Shipwrecked In Atlantis was half decent but that's about it. Night Driver absolutely shits a over this one...
  2. Looks like an awful cd that. Yeah, the streaming age is ace for convenience but I'm still a cd guy myself, I rarely actively play CDs, but I always buy them for bands I really like as I love having a proper physical item
  3. I'm actually a little surprised that Tom hasn't farted out an AVA Greatest Hits album with extortionate bundles as a cheeky little cash grab. I can only assume he knows that there aren't enough decent tracks to make it worthwhile. A Greatest Hits EP would just be embarrassing
  4. April fool? Doesn't Trav has a fuck load of tats on his legs?
  5. I've been getting massive Night Driver vibes too, glad I'm not the only one
  6. Absolute joke. This United game is dull as fuck, I'm actually falling asleep
  7. @NJansaid TBF, I'm not American, I'm in the UK. Unlike what seems like 90% of the UK, I hate the Pats. Back on topic, it's fucking amazing being a Norwich fan right now!
  8. Cheating scumbag and the league has had a massive habit of changing rules to protect him. Basically I just hate the bloke
  9. Still find it forgettable and meh. All it really did was make me put Night Driver on again
  10. To be fair, I think I trust travs statements more than marks, mark spouts bollocks almost as much as tom 🤷‍♂️
  11. Can't find anything about an AVA tour, got a link there bud?
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