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  1. Except you're not telling them to calm down? You're getting worked up about something totally pointless and subjective... Why does it matter to you what genre they feel the new song is? I'm not an honorary Brit, i AM a Brit. I was born here, live here and work here. Nothing honorary about it. Again, why did you feel the need to correct them? Is it really something that has an actual and personal affect on you?
  2. He might know football and figure that I'm a brit. That and I called him a womble. I hope he's had a nap and calmed down now. The silly goose.
  3. Mate, you're getting all worked up because a few people don't agree with you about the way you've categorized a new song. I'm not trying to get on anyone's 'good side'. Also, I make one single post and you tell ME to get a life? Yikes. Just an FYI, I'm a frontline care worker for the NHS so kind of have better things to do with my time. Have a good day sir, sounds like you need one.
  4. When he says he 'talked to Mark' he most likely means 'i logged onto that twitch thing and sent him a message that he didn't see'
  5. There was one Bowling For Soup album that was missing in the UK up until recently, and didn't blink not have MTATS on there until recently too?
  6. A - A B - Bowling For Soup C - CORD D - Datsuns E - Erik Chandler F - Fenix TX G - Good Charlotte H - Hives, The J - Jack's Mannequin K - L - Last Edition M - MC Lars N - New Found Glory O - Olly Murs P - People On Vacation Q - R - Reel Big Fish S - Shaggy T - Taylor Swift U - Uncle Brian V - W - Wheatus X - Y - Z - Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer
  7. Yeah, I always try and shop in real shops. Online is fine, but having a proper browse and finding something interesting looking in a proper store is something you can't do online
  8. Picked up the vinyl a few weeks ago, would like the CD to along with it though. Think it might have to be an eBay jobby, never think of looking on there
  9. Oh of course, but that's still 4-5M more than he'd get if he walked away.
  10. He'll never split, like any other manager. If he gets sacked, he gets a fat pay check. He'd forfeit that if he left on his terms. Also, @Scott. did you have fun at Ed's house last night mate?
  11. Amazing! Can't wait to smash it! Although, I suspect I'm going to cave and catch up this week before it's finished.
  12. Aye, it was indeed. I've only watched the first two episodes, I desparately want to catch up, but I also want to wait and binge it all like the greedy motherfucker that I am 🤷🏻‍♂️
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