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  1. There's typos in the Neighbourhoods booklet?
  2. Where has this 'Happy Days/Generational Divide info come from?
  3. Tom looks properly feminine here, like he's wearing make-up even though I know he isn't
  4. I swear anytime a new TV show/film gets massive ratings on iMDB it's because it's new and exciting and people are too thick to rate it objectively. Pisses me off. I guarantee in 6 months time, most people won't think it's as good as they rated it now.
  5. Away at Liverpool on opening day/evening of the new season. Hopefully they'll still be hungover from the champions league, and hopefully some big injuries from the pre-season game against Schalke on 6th August and the Community Shield against Abu Dhabi FC on 4th😬
  6. The title track is one my all time favourite songs. When suits going wrong for me, listening to the whole album culminating in that song does absolute wonders for me. It never fails to give me very literal goosebumps
  7. Thought he was one of the few you liked, my bad sir
  8. Just seen it's been officially confirmed Ander Herrera is off, anyone got @scotton suicide watch?
  9. BIOMY feels a shade more sincere and isn't a bag of nonsense (tigers in trees etc). Not to say it's a great song, but I am enjoying it more than BTD.
  10. Can't see that happening. Mark and blink are way too safe to do something as daring as that. Come on man, keep up!
  11. Anyone wanna hook me up? Not got access to iTunes at work and I have a Samsung πŸ‘
  12. Just added you too (hope that's cool!) @2point5 wanna add me? 2594 9499 5507
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