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  1. Has anyone found anywhere to by the CD in the UK that isn't the Simple Creatures webstore? Really don't want to pay the extortionate fees from them directly. Can only find the vinyl in places like HMV or Amazon.
  2. Perfectly fair yellow. Like i said, master of shithousery. He only handled it because one of the Sideshow Bobs was bundling him whilst he was trying to use his arm to jump - I assume Luiz. He's a monster, hope we can keep hold of him for a few years.
  3. Ahh fair enough, I was watching on a foreign, poor quality stream. Just seen the highlights, definitely aimed at Krul. Krul is a complete cunt, but he's one of those cunts you LOVE in your team, but hate to be against. Absolute master of shithousery Yeah, definitely not a penalty. Good ol' VAR.
  4. Well...seems I missed what appears to Onel at the top fully in the box. Fair enough. But there is also an Arsenal player in the box so should it have been retaken? Max at the bottom didn't have his foot on the floor in the box (not sure if that's a rule?) but he the was the one who cleared the ball after the save, to me he's simply reacted quicker than the Arsenal players... but likely I'm just being biased! Very poor taste from Aubamayang to 'shush' the Norwich crowd on the retake, just celebrate and move on.
  5. Not a single Norwich player had their foot in the box when the pen was taken. I don't think an Arsenal player did either. VAR is completely ruining the game. Look at Tyrone Mings, didn't celebrate at all as he assumed he was off-side. It's a fucking shambles, robbing the fans of a game and the emotion.
  6. VAR needs to die in a fucking fire. Absolute shithouse cuntery.
  7. Bolliocks. Emery gone 2 days before they come to Carrow Road. Had hope we could do them, now they're likely to actually start playing again.
  8. Interesting line-up for United this afternoon, good to see so many youth player out, hopefully they'll be good enough to force their way into the squad and shake things up a bit.
  9. Shiny! I would love to get the expansions but me and my friends haven't table-topped for best part of a year now so i'm very reluctant to put the dollar down for the expansions. Table stores like that are ace, there's one near me, but I'm almost always at work work when it's open and entirely too nervous and awkward to go play games with people I don't know annoyingly.
  10. Sadly not, worth picking up on DVD or Blu-Ray though, usually sensibly priced on Amazon. Unless you don't want to buy, then it should be easy enough to find on shady streaming sites or for download.
  11. Oh man, I have that! Played it with some friends a couple of times, took us a while to get to grips with it, quite a steep learning curve to get up to speed with.
  12. Most people who have watched it agree. It was cancelled because for some inexplicable reason, when it was aired on TV, Fox showed all the episodes wildly out of order, so viewers were understandably confused as to what the bloody hell was going on, which lead to very poor viewing figures, therefore Fox cancelled it. Fucking wrong'uns. The series itself, doesn't have a 'proper' ending per se, but the film Serenity was written and produced to serve as an acceptable ending to tie up loose ends from the series, but also leaving it open enough in case it was picked up again later on.
  13. Good! I rewatched Serenity over the weekend and it was a lot better than I remembered it being, but I suspect that's likely because I haven't rewatched the series for a few years now. Absolutely agree, nothing will ever come close to it. I have to make sure I only watch Firefly every now and then, I get sad that it was cancelled
  14. It's not the same in any real way, its just a vibe i get, can't really explain it better than that! Definitely DON'T go into it expecting Firefly! And if you don't like it, don't blame me
  15. I've watched Breaking Bad up until halfway through season 4 three times, and checked out each time. I totally get the hype and why people love it, but I just stop giving a shit at the point. Me and the missus have been binging New Girl for the last couple weeks, nice easy after work TV. Going to watch Preacher next as we've both seen half of season 1 before we got together and neither of us kept up with it despite loving it. I'm also watching The Mandalorian when she's out, really enjoying it, it's got similar vibes to Firefly, so that's pretty awesome.
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