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  1. Fernandes is an absolute points machine for fantasy though
  2. Well that was quite an exciting end to the United/Brighton game.
  3. On the odd occasion me and my mates play, I love trying different, wacky tactics. My favourite is what I call 'aggressive girdering'. Basically, instead of using the girders as a form of defense for my own worms, I use them around other worms to trap them so that they can't hit me and are forced to use/waste a teleport. It's daft, but great fun and pisses people off to no end 😂
  4. Totally agree that he's by far and away the best driver, I just HATE him always moaning on the radio. Obviously that's how you win championships, but it still pisses me off to no end! In respect of him being British, I know he technically is, but the fact he fucked off to live in America means to me that he's not. He's so plastic. Racing in exactly the same car as everyone else would be mint, would love to see that. Shame it'll never happen.
  5. I watch too. Fucking HATE Lewis. Always have. So boring that he wins every damn race pretty much. Obviously he's in a league of his own, just hate him as a bloke. Love Lando, Ric and Russell coz he's a local boy. Gutted Williams have flogged the team, but hopefully they'll be more competitive soon.
  6. Please show me where I have made an attempt to get illegal links. I still can't for the life of me figure out why you waded in so heavily on this, you must have a lot of free time pal.
  7. Good for you pal, nice area that from what I hear. Again, not completely sure how you know the area that I live in, but you seem to have formed your opinion again without any facts. Either way, I'm plenty happy with where I live and would disagree that it's a 'peasants village'. I assume you're not referring to me as a 'fellow Londoner' since I do not and have not ever lived there, but either way not really sure what bearing that has on anyones support for Mark. I'm also not looking to download it illegally, I was just asking if an Apple Music subscription was required or if it would be on Spo
  8. Brilliant! I missed that exchange! I'm all gravy, I won't be losing any sleep over his apparent misplaced anger 🤷🏻‍♂️ thankfully I'm not prepubescent, so I think I'm safe
  9. Oh absolutely, just thought I'd try and help the lad out. Inevitably it's a pointless effort, but it's worth a shot
  10. Really not sure where you've got the idea that I don't have a job from. But to put your mind to rest, A: I have a full-time job during the week B: work nights at the weekend and 😄 live in the UK. So if I wasn't gainfully employed, it's most unlikely that you'd be paying for my Spotify sir. And again, I really have no interest in adding Apple Music to my Spotify, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Playstation Plus subscriptions. I'm quite confident that Mark isn't going to miss me not subscribing. Maybe next time think have a think about what you're saying and ask yourself if you have al
  11. Sorry, where did this come from? I simply asked as I have no desire to add yet another subscription service to the ones I already have and one that I have no use for. I don't NEED Apple music as I already have spotify and don't own any apple products. Now kindly fuck off you Jeffery Epstein wannabe.
  12. Do I have to subscribe to apple music to hear Marks new podcast?
  13. I was at that show, goddamn it was good. I miss those days.
  14. Can't go wrong with this British classic
  15. Norwich player confirmed case of covid. Tested positive after friendly against spurs the other day. Apparently no-one else tested positive.
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