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  1. Mark looks like he should be in a 90's ska band!
  2. He looks so much better than he did last season and he was pretty handy then. Blew a bit hot and cold, but so far it looks like he's ironed out his mistakes more often than not. His turn and shot early doors on Saturday was sexy as fuck, such a shame it didn't go in.
  3. He looks every bit a Prem striker. Fucking hope we can keep hold of him in January and hopefully for the next couple of seasons. Trying not to get too carried away with all the local media/fan groups saying how brilliant we look because the barcodes were fucking atrocious, but we did make them look bloody silly. Can't wait to get big Zimbo back in defence, Hanley is a reasonable backup but he just isn't good enough to rely on.
  4. Pukki announcing himself to the Prem with a hat-trick Absolute worldy for his first today, was sat behind the goal as well, fucking beaut. Fucking love the bloke 💛💛💛
  5. The new hoody and tee shirt are absolutely fucking disgusting. I don't know why I'm surprised.
  6. I'd be absolutely fine with that! We just need to sort out our defence (Hanley is arse, can't wait until Zimmerman is back). We've got a solid starting point to progress from and without spending any real money at all, things are looking good now 😁
  7. Is this a sly dig/joke at Norwich? 😉
  8. Recently smashed my way through King of the Hill again, the Toast of London. Now working through What We Do In The Shadows and following that up with Year Of The Rabbit. On a bit of a Matt Berry binge!
  9. Understandable cynicism. In years gone by we've made expensive panic buys without any really thought (Naismith, Van Wolfswinkel etc) and tried to survive on a hope alone. Clearly not a sustainable model to follow. We're much much better run now and we've made some solid new signings in Roberts, Drmic and Fahrmann to provide competition and back up. We've also retained the bulk of the squad that did so brilliantly in the championship last year on long term contracts, it's no coincidence that Aarons was linked with Spurs, United and Arsenal. Buendia is an unbelievable talent and if Pukki can continue his form last year, we'll be fine. Not sure about this Amadou fella we signed yesterday, he seems to only be with us for the Premier League rather than the club* but if he does a job that's fine and I guess that is something we'll have to get used to if we survive and push on in seasons to come. *Almost all the signings we've made under Webber/Farke have said that when they came they were sold on the vision of the club and the 'feeling/vibe' of the city. The combination of Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke is the best I've seen as Norwich fan, even more so than the fun filled days with Paul Lambert. They both really genuinely seem to have a love of the club and the city which is such an important thing to the fans. Rather than spunk money on reinventing the wheel (Sheffield, Villa, Fulham) we've been clever and astute I think, not rocked the boat. My only concern is there's a significant amount of Norwich fans who think we are big club and deserve to be top half of the Prem, and if we're not immediately challenging for those positions, they'll be on the back of the team and the manager which is always a worry. Time will tell, whatever happens, it should be fascinating and entertaining season.
  10. Predictions 19/20 Top Four (In Order) - Abu Dhabi FC, Liverpool, Spuds, Chelski Relegation - Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton Top Goal Scorer - Salah/Kane Best Signing - Worst Signing - Scott Carson Surprise Package (team) - Norwich (Seems obvious since I'm a Norwich fan, but we've flown under the radar an absolute treat) First Manager Sacked - Steve Bruce Fa Cup - Abu Dhabi FC League Cup - Abu Dhabi FC Europa League - Valencia Champions League - Juventus
  11. Piss off! We've tied him to a 5 year contract anyway 😁
  12. Fuck no. Imagine this being the first single, enjoying it as we are and then having the turd that is BIOMY curdled out afterwards... Fuck no. Start shit and work up. Each new song is better than the last for me. Not saying they're great, more that they suck less than I was expecting.
  13. I don't like it, but it kind of makes sense. Long time fans are in and around their 30's, and most likely getting married, having kids, getting divorced etc. No disposable income. The tweenagers they're so desperately trying to accommodate have no responsibilities and too much disposable income. They're literal walking bags of cash and Mark and Travis have dollar signs permanently stuck in their eyes. That's my take on the shite merch anyway.
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