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  1. American bands treat Europe as one country so they'd never have just done the UK shows if its the mainland ones causing issues, not worth the travel.
  2. Found a rip of the recent ava live stream full show
  3. I have a ticket for that AVA live stream replay trying to cap it but its drm protected anyone able to help?
  4. Thanks, wanted the washed t shirt but they only have small and xl left
  5. Did anyone manage to get any of the limited edition TOYPAJ merch managed to get the faded t shirt in a small hoping theyd run big but it's way too small. Looking for a medium or large if any one wants to swap/sell.
  6. Almost got the faded hoodie but sold out whilst going through checkout
  7. Surprised how cheap it is tbh
  8. It was their first ever headline show, they played that 'give it a name' festival at earls court earlier in the year.
  9. Most famous members are Oliver, Niku, Rory and Aria
  10. Remember seeing you at an AVA gig at the electric ballroom and recognising you from here. Thought it would have been weird to approach you though😅 must have been 2005 or 2006
  11. Anyone mind pming me the adventure demo please, used to listen to that on repeat on the bus to college
  12. Respect for not saying Brit. I pronounce it carnt so not sure what you're on about
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