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  1. Oliver I have been laughing at your posts for years now, I'm convinced you are going to reveal yourself as some decades long prank.
  2. Does anyone have a link for the new EP please I missed it on YouTube Don't worry found a copy!
  3. Did anyone manage to rip this? it's down now don't worry found a copy
  4. The Knife version is the original
  5. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxzD7NmZNjE&list=FLqb9N0lUA086FcLAYmkzVww&index=1
  6. yocoxy

    Tigers Jaw....

    Just got into these guys last week! can't stop listening to them!
  7. first year i don't actually want to go
  8. Say Anything are amazing and I can't believe they opened for AVA. Would love to see them live. anyway.... Oasis - had a few average songs but the rest are sooo boring I can't actually listen to them Beatles - again few good songs but really really don't get them Libertines - god awful Can't think of much more at the moment Have you heard Comfortably Numb? Probably their best sample song that isn't overly trippy. But I think they are only super popular because they basically pioneered the psychedelic genre of rock that influenced bands like Radiohead and Tool. I mean who else would write an entire song about a garden gnome? LOL Now thats a sig! As for Say Anything i saw them open for AVA and they put on a good show, they sound better live then on record IMO, i didn't like much of their records when i listened to em. Hell there were more Say Anything fans at the AVA show then hardcore AVA fans. All Time Low- Just don't get the big deal about em.
  9. definitely. he's the only other member who seems to be able to actually join other bands (although he just seems to quit them to go crawling back to AVA). and matt (ava-bass player guy) appears to just go from one rich famous guy's band to the next (30 seconds to mars). david kennedy clearly can't do shit because he sucks. aside from that, i'm not a fan of atom's drumming at all and i have no idea what this band will sound like but i already know that it won't be better than Skiba's stuff he did with Heavens. are you kidding?!? the Heavens album was brilliant! wasnt much of a fan of the song patent pending or dead end girl, but the majority of that album was awesome did you even read what i said? i said i know it won't be better than Heavens. that means that i very much enjoy Heavens. do you intentionally sound stand-offish
  10. Agree completely with both statements here.
  11. truth. i really hate that mark doesn't scream that "you'll cope with disappointment" whole part in stockholm syndrome anymore. really sorta kills the mood. when tom screws up, to me, it just sounds funny and is just sorta kinda part of the experience. tom screw ups are just fun but whatever. bring me new album. yeah i always thought the same. it totally kills this energetic moment I'm glad he doesn't scream that considering they aren't even the right lyrics.
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