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  1. I couldn't make out a single word that she said lol
  2. After several listens, I gotta say this song is fantastic and I hate saying that but it is.
  3. I don't even wanna pre order this album but I do like that neon sign but I can't justify paying $250 for it, Also it says its a "tube" sign and not "glass" anyone know the difference?
  4. it took 7 people to write a 49 second song?
  5. jesus christ, watch On Some Emo Shit be the best song i guess
  6. is the Neon sign worth the $250? And does anyone know the difference between a Tube or a Glass neon sign?
  7. I’ll pre order this if they have a Neon sign light thing
  8. I’m ok with this, I need followers 😂
  9. September 20th, we all gonna be on some emo shit when this new album drops 🙄
  10. Ok this song is pretty much Disaster with Skiba on it
  11. Someone needs to make a meme of the girl and guy in bed, with the guy wondering why blinks 8th album is called NINE
  12. Angels & Sekret Creatures is basically what this song is. I kind of like it?
  13. While I enjoy the new song, I’m back at listening to Natives and damn. Neighborhoods is really underrated, lyrically that is their best album.
  14. It was also the day Neighborhoods got released
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