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  1. Listening to the whole album, its my favorite NFG release since Catalyst, it just feels like a throw back to the pop punk of the early 2000’s
  2. I’m surprised no one made a topic on this yet new album, out May 29th. Track List: 1. Shook By Your Shaved Head 2. Greatest Of All Time 3. Double Chin For The Win 4. Nothing To Say 5. Stay Awhile 6. Himalaya 7. Same Side Sitters 8. Like I Never Existed 9. More And More 10. Do You Want To Settle Down 11. The Way You Deserve 12. Trophy 13. Scarier Than Jason Voorhees At A Campfire 14. Birthday Song But Not Really 15. Slipping Away oh yea and Apple Music in New Zealand/Australia fucked up and leaked the entire thing yesterday 🤣
  3. Anyone a fan of this band? They have a new album coming out February 7th called "Brave Faces Everyone" In the meantime I highly recommend checking out their album "Schmaltz"
  4. LOL first time i heard this song, I was thinking to myself this would be the best song Tom ever wrote and then it wasn't. I do like the like song is some aspect but it sounds closely like Tom that I just can't
  5. When I checked it 5 mins ago, Dammit wasn’t there so I and now its there
  6. I just checked the setlist, did they really not end with Dammit?
  7. this sounds like nothing on Nine and therefore I think it sounds better than anything on Nine. This song sounds the most natural they wrote together.
  8. That looked like they just filmed them Friday in Brooklyn and slapped a demo version of IRWIHY
  9. has there been pictures of the neon sign posted yet?
  10. 1. Cynical 2. Heaven 3. Pin The Grenade 4. San Diego 5. First Time 6. The Only Thing That Matters 7. She's Out of Her Mind 8. No Heart To Speak Of 9. Left Alone 10. Last Train Home 11. Hey I'm Sorry 12. Long Lost Feeling 13. No Future 14. Misery 15. Bored To Death
  11. Yo st vitus is tiny as fuck. A hole in the whole metal bar, if I wasn’t seeing Free Throw i would be there right now
  12. the NY show? I was there, and I agree the crowd were kind of creepy weird. Also a lot of people saying things like "Fuck you TOM"
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