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  1. Gotta ask.... I figured the gist of why people are mad without getting spoiled by the story.... is it as bad as they really say it is?
  2. So Tom DeLonge pretty much said don't expect the AVA album until the fall Also don't expect Rebel Girl, Kiss & Tell and All That is left on the new album
  3. I might be a little late here but who the fuck is this yungblud kid and why did Travis agree to ruin What I Got with this kid? what the fuck is Travis doing?
  4. https://instagram.com/stories/johnfeldy/2291171177333243099?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=bv0lc83k3pml this sounds really good
  5. does the intro remind anyone else of I'm Lost Without You?
  6. I really like it, I'd rate the recent songs as Kiss & Tell, All That's Left Is Love and Rebel Girl in 3rd
  7. It's Wednesday, shouldn't the new song been leaked by now
  8. great cover, he’s done other ska version of blink songs and other bands
  9. No they only sell shirts but they've gotten pretty angry yelp reviews by people walking into their flagship store expecting cupcakes lol, they do a bunch of crossovers for various things with bands, Marvel, Disney etc general Pop Culture stuff. Blink is probably not making anything off the design but he would have to reach to them first to get the ok to make this design and sell it by their managers
  10. Yea, I mean they're a great brand. Their t-shirts and clothing is top quality and pay what you get, their shirts are ultra soft, not shitty heavy cotton that most bands put out.
  11. The owner used to play in a hardcore band
  12. Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing brand based out of Boston, they make a lot cool crossovers and their t-shirts are top quality. Their logo is the Cupcake crossbones which may have seen before.
  13. I figured this deserves its own thread as quick grab for anyone that wants this t-shirt below as these shirts are very limited. https://johnnycupcakes.com/collections/all/products/bake-182?variant=32202044080214
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