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  1. not interested in a EOTS tour unless Tom is on the tour
  2. Atom probably has some tour dates with Against Me which is probably why he didn't do it
  3. The album was ok, i only really liked Punk Rock Saved My life
  4. $175 for a meet & greet is not bad
  5. So when do you think guys think they will announce the album? I’m thinking tomorrow since thats when their VIP tour tickets go on sale
  6. Banner Pilot, Iron Chic and Spanish Love Songs are some of my favorite bands right now
  7. the pink smiley face shirt is cool
  8. The general public isn’t reacting to this song very well
  9. at least the lyrics are years better than putting up a parking lot
  10. the verse is really good, but the chorus kills it for me, they should've made that heavier sounding and not so poppy.
  11. Rebel Girl > Blame It On My Youth
  12. meh, the verse sounds good but the chorus sucks.
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