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  1. 1. Feeling This 2. WWMA? 3. Aliens Exist 4. The Rock Show 5. All The Small Things (just get it out of the way) 6. Apple Shampoo 7. I miss you 8. Wishing Well 9. Down 10. Wasting Time 11. Rollercoaster 12. Every Time I look for you 13. Not Now 14. Pathetic 15. Reckless Abandon 16. Adams Song 17. First Date 18. Stay Together For The Kids 19. Asthenia 20. What Went Wrong ENCORE: 21. drum solo 22. m+m’s 23. Carousel 24. Dammit tried my best to make this realistic as possible
  2. Between the reddits and Facebook groups, this place is definitely the purgatory of blink fans
  3. Also I’d like to add, I’m glad these forums still exist. You guys might be the most level headed blink fans on the internet congrats. Lmao Ok I’ll go back to lurking the forums until some actual news comes out again.
  4. Damn, the kids on reddit are a delusional bunch. Totally self centered pieces of shit
  5. Honestly, that guy from Reddit who know's someone who knows someone who also knows someone who works at Kerrang should get jumped today.
  6. How much you all wanna bet Tom will be wearing this shirt every night on the reunion tour.
  7. So yea Tom is following blink’s instagram again.
  8. Have you guys seen Funko’s before? It looks like every other Funko there is.
  9. I always liked the classic bunny tee, I also had the zip up hoodie for that design that I used wear all the time. Other than, the untitled shirt has been my 2nd favorite.
  10. Idk if its just me but the verse where the guest comes in, the first 10 second of him singing sounds exactly like Deryck, or some kind of Sum 41 song. Am I the only one hearing this?
  11. As the title says, they broke up and their entire way of going about it reminds me of blink’s break up in 2005 for some reason
  12. Saw them on Friday night in the city, they were great. Radio https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVop68chiDD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Warbrain https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVot0INhQS7/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  13. Great album, Pretender is my favorite
  14. Theres parts of this album that is definitley better than post Tom blink but it stills feels soulless at time. Tho I will say Automatic is better than NINE. I swear all we ever gotten out of the blink camp was a few exceptional songs from each band post Tom, while Matt Skiba is shining and putting all of his energy into Alkaline Trio (ITTC?). I just want the next blink album to be Mark, Matt and Travis with themselves and creating an Alkaline-182 album.
  15. Yea but who wants to do that when they already released 98% album
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