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  1. judging by the lyrics, this is gonna be a very personal album for Fat Mike.
  2. the lyrics are fucked up, but Travis killed those drums
  3. Fat Mike dropped the new Cokie The Clown single today and the album comes out April 26th. Travis did all the drumming for the entire album April 26th, 2019 Track Listing 1. Bathtub 2. Fair Leather Friends 3. The Queen Is Dead 4. Swing and a Miss 5. Down with the Ship 6. Negative Reel 7. That Time I Killed My Mom 8. Fuck You All 9. Pre Arraigned Marriage 10. Punk Rock Saved My Life
  4. Wow, I never been more excited for a new AVA album before in my life.
  5. I don't think Matt would take any offense if Tom was to join blink again, That dude is humble as hell
  6. the song is the best thing they released since Crimson
  7. bojangles


    eh, it was a distasteful joke but I'm still gonna listen to them and see them every chance I get. This is also nothing new to them. I look at the joke no different then joking about 9/11
  8. see Blink can actually play all their singles and throw in their deep cuts. Hopefully this makes Mark realize people do enjoy longer setlists
  9. when did this site become tumblr?
  10. Out of all the blink kids, i feel like Tom’s grew up the most normal.
  11. It nice to and weird to see they aren’t opening with Feeling This anymore
  12. Honestly at this point I’m more interested into hearing what AvA has to bring than blink.
  13. the drums sound exactly how they do on California to
  14. Reading that interview and the recent interviews its interesting seeing how different in tone they were towards Tom. They were definitely more bitter then and now they seem much more mature and at least on Travis' part seems to respect and talk highly of Tom. also was Rick DeVoe still their manager during the self-titled era?
  15. Can we just talk about the new album? It's fucking incredible it sounds like the album in between Let It Enfold You and Still Searching. Some of Buddy's best lyrics
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