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  1. Tuesday is my birthday and Friday I’ll have 3 years sober, if blink releases a new song, you can all just thank me.
  2. Not sure to be honest, i found it while googling today lol and figured i should share it
  3. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/664330-blink-182-more-than-youll-ever-know.php
  4. hopefully Tuesday is the day we hear at least a snippet
  5. I'm lowkey annoyed that the 3x i saw them Mark not once did Taylor but did do No Scrubs all 3 times.
  6. Check out my instagram(it’s public) so you can see all the videos/pictures i took from these new york shows https://instagram.com/jbrady182?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==
  7. I was in the pit for all 3 New York shows, heres my ranking UBS for the sound quality and felt like the truest form of fans but also the most rowdy in a good way. Brooklyn is a close second, they sounded incredibly tight, and the crowd was calmer than UBS but also everyone was more relaxed looked like they were probably just tired from working all day, crowd was just vibing MSG - worse crowd, worse PA system too. My guess is the majority of this crowd were the most basic casual listeners or really really rich ppl who bought tickets last minute and most of them were just douchey jock bros thats my review, im basing it off of the crowd cause thats what makes the concert mostly.
  8. They did not play What Went Wrong last night, I was there.
  9. Surprised Mark wouldn’t do Shipping Up To Boston, literally everyone in Boston knows that song.
  10. from Saturday, it took me like a minute to process they were playing Don’t Leave Me lol since I wasn’t expecting it.
  11. Tom's energy is on par with his 2004 energy, its fuckin nuts seeing him move this much. Also question, last night i stood on Tom's side and tonight im trying to decide if I should stand on Mark's side or not. Im also going Wednesday at Barcalys too, the only reason Im hesitant is cause Tom never really leaves his side and I like try to grab photos of all 3 in one shot.
  12. Here's my video of Aliens Exist Tonight ill film Adams Song and either Dysentary or Reckless Abandon
  13. Last night at MSG - They also played No Scrubs in Dammit which i got a video of and Aliens Exist, Im going again tonight so Ill post more tomorrow.
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