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  1. The edging in this thread got me like 👉🏻🥺👈🏻 please send
  2. Why am I seeing screen shots of some merch that isn't showing up on the website, like the plushie for instance?
  3. count down would be for the single release i think
  4. I hope today isn't just them announcing that rumored tour with 21 Pilots, and also I hope they don't tour with them cause 21 pilots would be lame
  5. Also i'd assume there will be pre-orders bundles with merch available today?
  6. I think it would be awesome we get 2 songs this week and a 3rd at the beginning of October, that would give us 4 songs (assuming Edging is on the album) out of 17 tracks (rumored)
  7. C’mon guys, at least the editing team is taking their job more seriously than the MCU
  8. "I won't even edge myself on pornhub anymore, blink ruined that fun for me after today." - Some guy from reddit probably
  9. I kind of enjoy that blink isn’t do any kind of press this time around, its really doing them favors i think. also for a band on a major label, they certainly are acting more like an independent band which is pretty cool, or that the label just doesn’t care about them anymore lol
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