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  1. Wasting Time. Should've been gone a few rounds ago IMO.
  2. That's partly why I wanna go for M+M's (Carousel does that chord progression so much better too) but I think from the second chorus and onwards of Wasting Time, it starts to go downhill. Nearly the whole second half of the song has that palm muted note and the guitar doing the same thing over and over. Although M+M's is repetitive, I feel like it's not as repetitive as Wasting Time. I do agree Wasting Time has one of the best blink riffs, I just feel the song isn't as structured as well as M+M's.
  3. I'd vote for M+M's but it's structure is better than Wasting Time, which I consider quite repetitive. Wasting Time does have a fucking great riff so it's a hard choice. Gonna vote for Wasting Time.
  4. Gonna vote Cacophony. Toast and Bananas is my favourite song on this album. Can't have that going.
  5. Can't vote out Cacophony yet. It's better than Romeo + Rebecca.
  6. Long Lost Feeling is up there as one of the best post-reunion blink songs IMO. Los Angeles, Bottom of the Ocean & San Diego are pretty amazing too. Never understood the hate for Los Angeles either.
  7. Nah, I can't vote Fentloozer. Such a good song. I think Ben Wah Balls shouldn't go yet. Think I'ma vote for Does My Breath Smell? cause it's my least favourite out of all the available songs.
  8. This thread has made me listen to Cheshire Cat again. I always did like the album but I've only just realised how damn good the album actually is. So many great songs. Carousel is a live staple. M+M's has a great riff and is just a great song in general. Touchdown Boy is so good. My personal favourite is Toast & Bananas. Cacaphony sounds like their first ever experimental song. Peggy Sue and Wasting Time are classics. Sometimes is probably the most punk blink song there is. Blink really were great songwriters from the very beginning IMO. Such a shame 21 Days isn't part of this album.
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