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  1. Time Bomb sounds the best by far out of all the new tracks. It's definitely got the classic AVA sound but that song is really good. Obviously I'm judging it off the live clip but at least it's a full clip rather than 15-20 seconds. I'm liking how Losing My Mind sounds from both of the clips I've heard.
  2. I'm loving the clip but I loved all the clips of the rest as well. I've not listened to Restless Souls since the week it was released and Euphoria just never stuck with me.
  3. For some reason that Kadarshian post reminded me of a South Park episode
  4. Yeah good point about the Love Part 1 album. Flight of Apollo has similar vibes with the post hardcore styled riff and that space effect as well but despite that, both songs sound completely different
  5. Always rated Up All Night but it was a strange choice for a single as it's not exactly a catchy and chart topping type song. I also didn't get too much AVA vibes outside of that spacey effect in the verses. Literally everything else in the song sounds like blink & BCR to me.
  6. Haha, I actually wondered why that was crabbed too 😂
  7. Honestly, I thought the album was good during the first 2-3 years since it had been released. It had great songs but also had some awful songs that I didn't think blink were even capable of. Since the release of Nine, I've realised that California is trash (for me personally anyway). I thought songs like Bored to Death, Last Train Home, Misery, Hey I'm Sorry, 6/8 and HISALP were great songs. The Only Thing That Matters I disliked at first but it grew on me kind of. Now I just find that and the other songs I mentioned generic or boring. They're not awful songs though. The only songs that stuck by for me to this day are Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Lost Feeling & Bottom of the Ocean. Those 4 songs are fucking quality. As for the rest of the album, I just think all the songs are terrible or they have something that ruin the whole song for me (lyrics of KOTW & gang vocals of Left Alone). So basically 4 songs out of 27 were smashed out the park for me. That's a piss poor record and blink are capable of so much more, even with Feldman as the producer. Nine already proves this to me. I'm a huge fan of Nine, so I've been way more harsh towards California than I had been previously. Still, Nine has it's awful songs but it's got way more good songs than California. I'll always stand by one opinion though; Hey I'm Sorry probably might feature my favourite ever blink verses. Such a damn shame the chorus fucked that song up.
  8. Nearly all the blink albums share the same star signs haha
  9. Definitely agree! The Love albums were boring as hell.
  10. If there's one EP that was basically all Ilan, it would've been that Stomping the Phantom Pedal whatever it was called haha. Always found that EP so random.
  11. Also sounds a bit like I Miss You's chorus as well haha.
  12. I mean songs like Tremors & Tunnels basically sound like classic AVA. It's true that Ilan Rubin has pushed Tom's direction for AVA loads but Tom is still the guy in charge of the whole thing. The Chasing Shadows EP doesn't even have Ilan on it. Or does it? I can't remember. Rubin is basically AVA's Mark Hoppus. His brother on the other hand might be the producer, but he's just a yes man to Ilan & Tom. He's basically Chris Holmes. Some of the video clips of the new AVA songs sound like Boxcar Racer and there's one riff that sounds like a typical AVA riff with skate punk drums on. Tom is still clearly the main guy coming up with all the ideas. Ilan just happens to be pushing him the way Mark used to. Feldman on the other hand is a producer actually writing songs with blink. Skiba is basically playing the Jason White role from Green Day back when he was listed as an official member. It isn't as black and white as saying Aaron Rubin is writing songs for AVA simply because he gets a songwriting credit. It's clearly obvious the songwriting processes for AVA and blink are completely different to each other.
  13. Fuck, I just got home to this news. Hopefully he's gonna be ok. Dude is a huge inspiration to me.
  14. The guitar tones and playing styles would be completely different. You can tell the difference in who's playing the guitar even if they play the exact same thing. Dogs Eating Dogs is a typical +44 sounding song but it sounds like Tom playing the guitar, compared to songs like MH, Hearts All Gone, Kaleidoscope & Fighting the Gravity.
  15. Tom playing guitar on the whole song would make it better too.
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