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  1. Best California Bridge - Misery Best Riff - Brohemian Rhapsody Best Verse - Hey I'm Sorry Best Chorus - Last Train Home
  2. Just wanna say ATST is a fucking great song Overplayed yeah, but it's an amazing song Adam's Song is the best on Enema for me though
  3. Love what you did with the a Letter to Elise song. Robert Smith's voice really suits that blink style which I never expected haha
  4. True, but Tom was a lot more active regarding AVA updates even if they weren't huge on social media back then. He'd always throw in AVA's name at every possible chance haha. I guess Mark was more silent as he couldn't really give an honest answer to the media/fans when he had no clue when Tom would next turn up to the studio or something Aside from that, blink were never quiet during the smiley face album, Take Off, Enema etc despite the fact there was no social media back then. They've always hyped themselves up and I feel like they're like that again. I just think they're in a similar mindset as they were during the smiley face album. All 3 of them are 100% committed to the band as of this moment. If everyone knew blink would be like that again this time last year, they'd be creaming their pants I've just learnt to never believe them whenever they talk about when albums should be released or what deadline there is. I'm sure there must be like 5 albums worth of unreleased blink songs just from the Skiba era alone haha I'm just happy there's no complete utter silence about the band as a whole
  5. I didn't make any mention of them not going to South America I'm talking about their quietness on the recording process of the album
  6. Although they're keeping kinda quiet regarding updates of the album, I still can't help but feel positive about the whole thing. It's completely different to Neighborhoods. People forget how quiet they used to be. They didn't even post a simple photo on social media back then. Tom would make no mention of blink at all apart from maybe once. You'd get one or two screenshots of a Pro Tools/Logic session from Mark in the space of 2 years. There were like 2 videos from Mark too. One of them was him laughing at his voice on that "stop living in a shadow of a helicopter" line and the other one was him just ringing out the bridge of Kaleidoscope. I'm sure Tom posted a video of like 8 demos on his Modlife website which was mostly just AVA tracks, but there were 2 blink songs (one of which was Up All Night and a song which never got released). There was another track that never got released but it was hard to tell if it was AVA or blink. Oh and he also posted a video of him playing Wishing Well on acoustic too and even then no one knew if it was for blink or for AVA. Travis was the most silent out of them all. Aside from these rare moments, it was just complete utter silence in 2 years. For this album, I've lost count on how many photos & videos I've seen of them in a recording studio but it feels like it's over 100 times. Hell, even during California & Nine blink was more quiet during the recording process. They've been hyping this up as much as the smiley face album. Only difference is the smiley face album had those cheetah videos. Another difference is that unlike the smiley face album, they actually released a song during the recording process for this album.
  7. Circle Jerk Pit & Suburban Kings are the only songs from that EP I like from start to finish. The rest all have good ideas but terrible ideas at the same time. Love the verses on Animals then Tom just decided to take an AVA styled shit on the chorus. I dunno what the hell Landscapes was doing on that album. It sounds like a demo for the LOVE albums that Tom just forgot about and happened to come across on his computer 4-5 years later and decided to put it on the album without working on it
  8. I agree most artists are doing it nowadays, but it seems to lean more towards the disco pop stuff from the 80's rather than all that post punk/new wave stuff I haven't heard many pop punk bands do that type of music in general tbh. Blink, AFI and Alkaline Trio seem to be the only ones that have delved into it in the last 20 years really
  9. I just imagined a blink album produced by the character that JK Simmons played in Whiplash after reading this comment
  10. I'd love it if they had more of that Refused stuff they slightly delved into like on the verses of Violence and the bridge of Obvious or the riff of Snake Charmer I always felt like they did the new wave 80's stuff way more than the heavier Refused kinda stuff. I guess that was more for Boxcar Racer though haha
  11. Quality is crap on these vids but he plays the bridge completely different to the actual bridge and obviously it was before the studio version had been released so that was what I expected to hear
  12. It's basically just the most simple lead guitar part ever really but I like it. I guess it has more AVA vibes that you can hear on songs like Some Origins of Fire or something, but I think it sounds better than the clean guitar bridge we got
  13. Yeah, that's my whole point. I still call it improvisation even if they're planned tbh but I agree it's not really improvisation if it's planned either. I just didn't know another word for it I felt what they did live with After Midnight was better than the studio version. It sounded like After Midnight was gonna be this song with the stadium rock vibes that they were talking about regarding that album haha. It ended up being kinda boring and generic The song ended up being up there with one of my favourites though
  14. Yeah that is true. Most of his improvisations are him just skipping certain parts or replacing them with octave chords or strumming less. It's weird. It's like he's lazy then he'll add a cool part in the bridge or outro of the song or something.
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