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  1. This song is the best song under the Skiba era of blink. Or almost should I say. Fucking 49 seconds. What a joke. Sounds so fucking good too.
  2. 49 seconds is a disgrace. Usually I wouldn't mind but they've released a lot of trash in the past 3 years. Worst thing is that it sounds good. Had the same opinion of Brohemian Rhapsody. That was the most blink sounding song out of the California songs and they wasted it on a short ass joke song.
  3. What's the shortest blink song that isn't a joke song? Sometimes? I mean blink used to be a full on skate punk band. But they ain't releasing 49 second songs in this day and age unless it's a joke one.
  4. Those 13 seconds sound fucking quality. That's what I want from blink. That dark, raw, aggressive sound with +44/Trio elements. Sounds like +44's take on a skate punk song. Downside of it is this song is probably gonna have some form of woahs, nananas, ohhs & gang vocals and that's what will make me annoyed. Will wait until the whole song is released to judge it.
  5. I like all three new songs but at the same time I feel like they don't do much for me. It's starting to become generic Sum 41 for me. Would rather hear something refreshing than similar stuff they've done in the past.
  6. I hope this song isn't about some anthem youth crap about the divide between adults and teenagers but the title of it makes it obvious that it is.
  7. Matt kinda looks like Tom there.
  8. I never trust anything the blink guys say about when their albums are released and their descriptions of how their songs sound because it's always the complete opposite of what they're describing. We're still waiting on that 2nd +44 album that Mark confirmed by posting a photo of the contract with the record label in 2008. We're still waiting for that solo Mark Hoppus album that he confirmed in early 2009 despite the fact blink had been meeting up since October 2008 talking of a new album. What about Nothing + Nobody? And +44 wasn't meant to be broken up either. Blink was just meant to be his priority but there were so many times blink were doing fuck all and he could've worked on +44 shit. Don't forget all the shit he used to say from 2012 and onwards about a new blink album. Delaying it year by year because he didn't want Tom's low amount of effort being known to the public. Neighborhoods was confirmed in 2009 but released in 2011. Mark also lied about not seeing Tom about 2 years ago even though Tom said they met up and talked. Tom also has his bullshit too. That Love movie took years to get released. I'll also say that his interviews right now about this 24 month plan is utter bullshit too. The new AVA album will 100% be released way before that movie is ever released no matter what Tom says. We won't be seeing that movie for about 5 years. He also talked about blink releasing EP's once or twice a year rather than an album. He's talked about the return of Boxcar Racer. He's talked about how AVA is the same as Boxcar Racer. Plus he's hyped up new blink albums for years as well. All of them are utter bullshit. Both Mark & Tom are just as bad as each other when it comes to talk of new music and new projects.
  9. No studio version of their A Letter to Elise cover like Another Girl Another Planet. And them breaking up at their peak. I honestly believe the 2005-2006 album would've topped the smiley face album if they could fix their issues. Could've been the biggest rock band in the world at the time. Like Foo Fighters/Coldplay of the 2000s. Everything Tom had envisioned for AVA was on the verge of happening with blink IMO.
  10. I think because Fighting the Gravity just has a power chord that rings out (and possibly some palm muted notes) it's not as obvious haha, but that tone is still the one that Mark uses on +44 and the blink songs he wrote for Neighborhoods. There really isn't much guitar in that song but I think the tone also sounds similar to that In Transit song he did with Pete Wentz and that 1990's song he remixed for Nothing + Nobody too. That's why I still believe it's Mark playing haha. Easiest comparison is to the DED track which is what Mark wrote most of. That riff and verse sounds like +44 but the tone and the guitar playing style definitely sounds like Tom playing.
  11. No evidence but to me it sounds like Mark playing it. I get the same feeling with MH, Kaleidoscope and Fighting the Gravity too. Weird for Kaleidoscope, cause Tom is singing on it but the guitar doesn't sound like his playing.
  12. I feel the same about all the Neighborhoods songs they played live. Ghost on the Dance Floor sounded a lot less synthy and you could actually hear the bridge, whereas in the album version, it's just complete noise. After Midnight's live bridge wasn't boring. Heart's All Gone would've been even better if Tom had actually played guitar on it and would've swapped vocals back and forth like the live version. The guitar tones of Wishing Well didn't sound weird when they played live either. Up All Night felt more harder and more of a rock song live than the album version. All would've been better songs for it IMO.
  13. Think this one is the worst Simple Creatures song. Doubt I'll listen to it again. Even Drug had a few listens from me and I didn't like that one either.
  14. I don't even know my number for my house phone. I can't remember hearing it ring either.
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