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  1. Nahh, nothing beats I Won't Be Home For Christmas! Fucking love that track because the lyrics are just so hilariously miserable. I love that kinda humour.
  2. I do agree with you except for two songs. i like Quarantine outside of a couple of dodgy lyrics. I like the XXXTentacion song as well. The rest are all utter complete trash though. Would rather listen to Parking Lot, Wildfire and Don't Mean Anything over them. The Xmas song was ok but Boxing Day was way better.
  3. Even though they're repetitive, I do like their signature sound. Like i just know it's an Offspring song because of the vocals, guitars and drum beats. And man, their woahs fucking rock. Funny I say that cause I hate them in blink haha.
  4. I think a lot of it is the mixing on the streams or videos we watch. When i saw blink live in person back in 2012, they sounded good. Wasn't anywhere near as bad as what the streaming & videos were in that 2009-2014 period. I imagine it's still the same now, where they sound decent in person but the videos & live streams of their shows sound trash. It can't be Skiba's guitar cause that sounds great on that Alkaline Trio live performance video haha.
  5. i'll never understand how blink can't get their live guitars, bass and drums sounding this good. Skiba's guitar sounds awesome here. Sounds like shite on blink's live shows. Honestly it makes me think it's to do with the mixing for videos or live streams more than the set up. It was the exact same problem with Tom in the band too.
  6. Yeah don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Nine even if they did hire a bunch of songwriters to help out. They at least experimented a lot more than they did on California, But there's no point in having songwriters when Mark & Skiba on their own can actually write amazing songs with clever lyrics. I don't think they'll write the way they did again unless Tom comes back and although I can see him coming back again one day, that's not happening any time soon IMO. Mark just won't allow it until he knows 100% Tom can commit to recording an album as a band.
  7. I just wanna hear a blink album with no other songwriters involved and with no producer telling them how blink should sound. Just Mark, Travis & Skiba writing and recording their shit, then taking it to a producer that'll help improve those songs instead of telling them to start over from scratch. Would be nice hearing some songs with Skiba taking charge and hearing bridges that have a balance with no vocals & vocals.
  8. Definitely both I think haha
  9. See I like bands to actually progress with their sound rather than sound the same. I think that's why Offspring never caught up with blink, Green Day and AFI in the early to middle 2000's. If they're gonna be sounding the same after so many albums, I'm just gonna prefer the earlier albums of that sound. I love punk rock loads but most of the 90's bands just never had more variation with their sound. It's why I can never get into new stuff by Rancid, NOFX, Yellowcard, New Found Glory etc. edit: i say all this yet I love Bad Religions Dissent of Man album haha
  10. I've always loved that the Offspring kinda know that their hit singles are meant to be like that. Still, I'd take Cruising California any day over Katy Perry or whatever chart music was in 2012 haha.
  11. Yeah, that is true. They pretty much sounded the same for their first four albums. I think because punk rock of the 90's didn't explode until 94, it was always gonna be a fresh sound for the mainstream audience. A lot of bands do sound similar for their first few albums before they progress a bit more too.
  12. I don't feel like it's samey but I feel like they've been trying to replicate Americana ever since that album's release. All of the albums since have had that upbeat/joke kinda single similar to Pretty Fly. Original Prankster, Hit That, Stuff Is Messed Up & Cruising California are those kinda songs, not so much in sound though. It's the same with the Kids Aren't Alright. They've basically have had that rock/punk rock kinda single for each of those albums as well. It worked for Americana and it was still kinda fresh for Conspiracy of One but any time after that, they just never progressed. I feel the same way regarding Green Day. They tried remaking American Idiot with 21st Century Breakdown and it was still kinda fresh back in 2009. Then they just kept repeating themselves over and over for their trilogy albums. They still never progressed with Revolution Radio. I'll admit that their new album is completely different to anything they've ever done though, but it's hard for me to listen to that. I swear that album is shit for the sake of being shit haha. Outside of their new album though, they've been repetitive for about 15 years and the Offspring have been repetitive for over 20 years now. It's why I prefer bands like blink, AFI and Sum 41 as they just keep sounding different nearly every album. Although Sum 41 have been stuck on their sound for two albums straight. The last album I enjoyed by them was Screaming Bloody Murder.
  13. Yeah, that's how I kinda feel about them although I do feel like ever since they changed drummers from their well known line up, the band hasn't been the same. I'm not sure how much of an influence their drummer had on their sound though. It's weird that Atom of AVA & Against Me was in their band. i remember liking the song he was the drummer for.
  14. Yeah, it's just strange to hear that song as one of their popular songs. To me, it's like one of their deep cuts haha. It's like She's Out of Her Mind by blink in that sense. Spotify would have you believe that's one of the popular songs, when in reality (from where I live) no one has heard of it, it's never been played on the radio and it's music video has never been shown on TV or anything. Even on social media, I've never heard anyone associate blink with that song. Feeling This has less plays yet that's one of the famous blink songs. Most people know it, it was on the radio loads and I remember it on MTV loads. Hell, I've heard people talk about Darkside where I live and have even heard that been played on jukeboxes on nights out. Around here, that's the new blink song and a few people know of it. But I've never ever heard anyone talk about She's Out of Her Mind.
  15. Conspiracy of One was their last decent album but after that, they just never progressed the way blink and Green Day did IMO. Their last awesome song for me was Hammerhead but the album with that song was just so average and boring. All they needed was another huge album on that American Idiot/Smiley Face level of progression, but they just kept repeating themselves over and over. No idea how the song You're Gonna Go Far Kid is their most commercially successful song though. I've never heard it on the radio. I've never seen the music video for it. I've never even heard anyone talk about it. When people talk about the Offspring, they seem to associate them with songs like Pretty Fly, Self Esteem, Why Don't You Get a Job? and Want You Bad, yet somehow You're Gonna Go Far Kid is their most played song on Spotify and had huge success on the charts.
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