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  1. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Although I think blink should play ATST and I Miss You since they're the two biggest hits. I've always thought bands only need to play about 5-6 hit songs live. Feeling This, What's My Age Again & Dammit are definitely the other ones that should be there too. I'm ok with them playing songs like STFTK, Down & The Rock Show if they ever improvised and made the songs longer like they did in 03-04. Those 3 songs were fucking great with improvisation.
  2. I find Enema better than TOYPAJ. Although fantastic instrumentally, songs like Anthem Part 2, Give Me One Good Reason, Story of a Lonely Guy, Shut Up just don't do it for me cause of the song topics. Feels forced. Just like California. Enema of the State is more honest to me. And the singles of Enema are way better than the singles of TOYPAJ in my opinion. Smiley face > Enema > Dude Ranch > Neighborhoods > Cheshire Cat > TOYPAJ > California
  3. I think the song is good but it's generic Sum 41. Nothing new, nothing special. Felt the same over the last album too. Think they're going the same route as Green Day and the Offspring. They're becoming their own generic versions of themselves.
  4. I've always liked Speedo. Never had a problem with any of his posts.
  5. I'm rewatching Game of Thrones again but it's taken me just over a week to watch the first season. Still on episode 10. I couldn't binge watch anything the whole day. This is also the first series I'm gonna be rewatching. I don't tend to watch a series again after finishing it. I watch movies again but not a series.
  6. Yeah, I feel the same about the Walking Dead, but I still enjoyed it up to the end of season 6. After that, the storylines started dragging. That Saviours story went on for far too long IMO. I don't care for any of the characters anymore either. So many of them just turn up from out of the blue without character development and the writers make out they're a big deal. I want actual character development returning. Michionne, Carol, Daryl, Eugene, all of them grew into the characters they are now. Definitely agree with this. That last episode was one of the biggest fuck ups of all time IMO. Last season had so much potential and some good ideas but none of them just went anywhere. Didn't like that forced religion thing that was going on in season 6 and I can't even remember who the main villain was in season 7. SPOILERS Found that kid serial killer really interesting, especially when Dexter tries to teach him his code. Could've had a similar ending to the Dark Knight Rises, with Dexter getting caught out and running away and this kid replaces him. Like Batman running away and the ending hints towards Robin replacing him. But nah, the writers just wanted to fuck up big time.
  7. The way they describe it though, you'd think the songs are full fledged. I've had hundreds of song ideas too. But it's more like riff ideas or melody ideas or a drum beat but I've only got about 25 songs I've ever completed in the past 5 years, but I blame uni for slowing me down haha.
  8. I'd prefer it if they just write 10-15 songs and improve them to be the best they can. Writing 50 songs just sounds stupid to me. Just means there isn't enough focus for all the songs, including the 10 songs they'll choose.
  9. Tormund has fast become my favourite character. It used to be Jorah and the Hound but Tormund is just great. "I'VE ALWAYS HAD BLUE EYES!" "The big woman still here?" The face he makes during that last quote is fucking priceless.
  10. Haha, i thought you literally hated it. Do you like any other songs from that album? Or any you consider solid songs?
  11. I think I Miss You is a brilliant song. So damn catchy. I think for us blink fans though it's one of the worst songs on smiley face, which isn't an insult to the track because I literally adore every song from it. But at the same time, if that wasn't a single, then most blink fans would be considering it as one of the top 5 blink songs or something. That's the problem with singles. For the hardcore fans, they're overplayed. For the casuals they're amazing. I have the same exact opinion of All the Small Things. Brilliant song but overplayed single, so most hardcore blink fans are bored of it.
  12. She got the lyrics wrong in the chorus though! Head instead of yead?
  13. Yeah, I agree too. Difference with Snake Charmer & Fallen Interlude is that they were pretty minor. Yelawolf turning up on PLG was way too much. Would've been better if they actually had written a song with him in mind rather than copying and pasting a verse like Ghent said. It seems like the band sucks up more to Travis than before too. Feldman was even calling him the best drummer ever constantly.
  14. I think the best case example of Travis taking charge is probably the Fallen Interlude. That song literally was written to include some rapper doing some weird line at the end and Travis doing his shit on the drums. I don't think Tom played guitar on that track either. But the song worked so so well with the album and the vibe of it. It just worked. Another decent example is the outro of Snake Charmer. If I remember correctly, that outro is all him pretty much. All his ideas. He's definitely capable of coming up with good shit when he takes charge. But if he's bringing in rappers then he really needs to think carefully. How can he use them? That Menno dude was hardly there yet still so effective in the Fallen Interlude. I think their kids being involved could make a cool idea, just it wasn't done right on the California album. SOOHM was only there because of the bridge that one of his kids played on. It worked better on KOTW when Mark's kid did that yell, just a shame the lyrics of that song are trash.
  15. I don't mind them featuring a rapper as long as it actually suits the song. The rap verse in PLG was just so out of place. The lyrics seem to contrast with everything Tom wrote and the song as a whole just shouldn't have any kind of rap in it. It's not that kinda song. Should've kept that bridge as an instrumental, similar to Adam's Song and let it build up.
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