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  1. nothing inside is a fucking tune.
  2. Man, I'd love for blink to release every single isolated track they've ever created. It's great hearing the ones from the Rock Band games.
  3. There's been quite a few great pop punk/punk rock albums in the last decade IMO, but MGK ain't one of them. He had like 2 good songs on his. The rest were just boring for me. I'm outspoken about my love for Nine. Thought that was a great album, so I consider that one as one of my favourites. blink-182 - Nine Creeper - Eternity, In Your Arms Bad Religion - Dissent of Man Hot Water Music - Light It Up Wonder Years - No Closer to Heaven (my favourite of the last decade) Trophy Eyes - American Dream Three of those are older bands, one of them is just over 10 years old and an
  4. Funny story, when I was 10 I was a big fan of her music and we had recently gotten a computer. My mum told me about this software called Kazaa and taught me how to download songs using it (we haven't downloaded songs illegally for over 13 years as we now know the effects of it). I downloaded music from most of my favourite artists at the time. This included basically anything that was pop punk/pop rock sounding, even as far as Busted. When it came to Avril Lavigne, I tried downloading her song called Naked. When it finally downloaded, I double clicked the file and then I got a nude photo
  5. I don't like her either. Her song "Together' is a guilty pleasure for me though.
  6. Sex Pistols would be good for that doc. I'm sure one of the reasons they became famous in the 70's was for swearing on a talk show on live TV and swearing at that time was pretty rare on a live broadcast.
  7. Haha, I can't believe I never noticed that
  8. If we're actually being serious about that question, we all know it was probably Princess Leia. Although I feel bad about saying that due to the death of Carrie Fisher, bless her soul. She was a sex icon throughout the 80's and 90's though, because of her outfit as Jabba's slave in ROTJ and I swear Mark has mentioned having a thing for her when he was growing up. Hell, he even wrote a song about her for Dude Ranch.
  9. I had the same opinion as you on this with that 11 minutes song except with Yungblud. As soon as I heard Yungblud singing, I had to turn it off. Halsey I didn't mind. The MGK song called I Think I'm OK was great until Yungblud started singing.
  10. I think people are ignoring the hard hitting question. I wanna know what the fuck Mark's opinion is on the last season of Game of Thrones.
  11. Seen posts on this thread about Gremlins. I've never seen it. I know it's hyped up to be pretty good though.
  12. So Skiba has been in the band longer than Scott was then. Really weird now that I think of it. When in 1998 was Scott out of the band?
  13. Yeah, I guess that's the only way it makes sense. Weird to think Travis has been in the band longer than Tom if that's the case haha.
  14. Has Travis really been in the band longer than Tom? And Skiba longer than Scott? Tom: 1992-2005 (13 years), 2009-2015 (6 years) Travis: 1998-2005 (7 years), 2009-2020 (11 years) Scott: 1992-1998 (6 years) Skiba: 2015-2020 (5 years) In total, it's 19 years for Tom and 18 years for Travis unless I'm missing something? I'm aware Skiba is 6 years in like 2-3 months though. edit: Fucking hell, the reunion was 11 years ago. Feels like it went by so fast. The hiatus from 2005-2009 seemed to have lasted forever.
  15. Oh the first Terminator is damn good too. Obviously it was released in the 80's but man I love all the retro 80's vibe in that movie. Even the car chase scene in that is amazing. I do think the stop motion part at the end looks a bit dated but it still looks better than the terminators from T3 and onwards. The beginning of T2 when it shows the full endoskeleton looks awesome. Dark Fate gets a lot of hate but the Judgement Day scene at the beginning looks awesome too. Definitely the first one! Man I loved that movie when I first saw it. So bad ass. It's very late 90's though. Chara
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