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  1. I don't mind Disaster. I like the intro apart from that overused AVA riff. The bridge is shite and lazy though. Just letting the guitars ring out and then doing fuck all, then Travis doing a simple beat then a drum roll before the final chorus kicks in? Surely they had more ideas than just to do that.
  2. I don't think Travis has been flying to the UK either. He uses boats for his journeys and I'm sure he takes the tour busses throughout USA when blink tour. A boat ride to Australia is a lot more tricky than it is to UK. Saying that, there's ways around it. I'm sure if he took boat rides to Europe, then had tour busses travel to the next destinations, then he'd eventually have a short enough trip to the likes of Japan & Australia by boat. I don't know how travelling works though. I've never been out of the UK.
  3. Won't be surprised. I remember the boards loving it when it came out. I was one of the few that didn't understand the hype.
  4. Haha, SOALG is one of my favourite songs instrumentally. That intro is great.
  5. It reminds me a bit of TOYPAJ, which is why I like it. TOYPAJ is a great album instrumentally. But the rest of the song just reminds me of generic AVA.
  6. Even if She Falls, apart from the riff, that song is just trash IMO.
  7. It's only in recent years when I found out a lot of people can't stand Bon Jovi. Didn't know Eagles were hated but my Dad is a fan of them and I've never heard anyone else really talk about them, so I guess that's why I didn't know about this hatred for the Eagles. I've heard a few people hate on Bon Jovi though. Similar in a way to people's hatred for Nickelback.
  8. Gonna have to go for Built This Pool I don't love TTOTM but it actually does sound like a blink TOYPAJ song unlike the rest of California aside from a couple like SOOHM or BTD (which to me sounds more like an Enema song). And it's a good song too IMO. Built This Pool is what it is, although good, it is a dumb song but California still has way better songs. I also know that Built This Pool was written whilst Tom was still in the band. I remember hearing it on Mark's podcast. It's completely different to the California Feldman styled one. The original would've been way funnier.
  9. +44 is amazing but I'd also put Heart's All Gone, Kaleidoscope & FTG up there too. Also the verses of Hey I'm Sorry are up there. Just a shame that the rest of the song isn't.
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