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  1. I can't help but feel there's a couple of instruments missing though! The opening synths sound like they're missing that fade in effect for another synth that's used in the actual song. Plus on the last chorus, there's no guitar panning to the right like there is on the official version. Still, I definitely feel like it's an official instrumental with probably a couple of bits missing. It doesn't seem like it was meant to be released either, otherwise I'm sure we would've heard this way sooner. That might explain why there's a couple of instruments missing.
  2. I love listening to these kinda tracks. There's actually so much little details in this song that I didn't even notice at all, which usually is the case with instrumental tracks haha
  3. Not seen this on the boards yet, so I apologise if it's already been posted. I found this on YouTube and this 100% sounds like the official instrumental track. Wish blink released more shit like this!
  4. Trash song/remix whatever it is. I kinda liked the Chainsmokers one at first but that got boring fast plus the singers voice annoys me too much in that song. It's All Fading to Black with XXXTentacion though is pretty good. I was kinda unsure of that song at first but it kinda reminds me of a +44 acoustic demo or something. Plus it's a raw sounding song. it just grew on me. Could've easily fit on Nine as the last track or as a bonus song. Hopefully if blink do release an EP of songs they wrote for Nine with other artists, the actual songs sound like blink songs and not songs by those artists. None of the ones so far hold a candle to All of This & Pretty Little Girl, although in the case of PLG, the featuring part is out of place. Still, the rest of the song is amazing. I really wish they released another version of that song. Imagine the rap part just having an instrumental bridge in the mould of Adam's Song or STFTK. Would've been so much better.
  5. Gotta agree with Kay. I'ma vote for Reckless Abandon. I like Reckless Abandon and it is an immature & ridiculous song in a funny and good way. It's one of the few that doesn't actually have some cringe lyrics like most of the tracks on TOYPAJ cause it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's basically everything that Enema was. I think TOYPAJ didn't pull it off nearly as well except Reckless Abandon. But the song isn't as good as the remaining songs IMO. I probably like it more than Stockholm Syndrome but I can accept that Stockholm Syndrome is the much better song.
  6. Wasting Time. Get that outta here. Not even top 2 of Cheshire iMO.
  7. Yeah, definitely. I feel like it works for them songs as well as BCR and +44 but I can't help but feel that the BCR styled covers he's trying just sound weird after the riffs.
  8. Yeah, I've always felt that guy doesn't have a good idea of how a BCR song should sound. For starters, they never sound like BCR. And his verses all of a sudden go so quiet and just don't fit in well with the heavier intros. I know BCR often had quiet verses and heavy choruses/intros but the quieter verses always worked and fit in well with the rest of the song. His covers always sound like completely different songs too. I get people should have their own spin when it comes to covers, but you should still be able to tell what the song is IMO. If the guy never had the Tom vocals and the description in his titles, then I'd just guess it's one of his own songs. At least with blink covers like A Letter to Elise & Another Girl Another Planet, they sounded like blink-182 songs but you could also tell they were covering those songs. The riffs, melodies and everything were still the same. I do think that guy did a decent AVA styled Up All Night Cover though.
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