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  1. Tom himself has confirmed he has ADHD which kinda explains why he is the way he is I think although it's no excuse for some of the shitty things he's done in the last 13 years. I too have ADHD and wouldn't even think of doing some of that shit
  2. Everytime I Look For You kicks ass. Best song from that album and one of the all time great blink songs. I've always said TOYPAJ instrumentally is an amazing album but the lyrics in most of the tracks are just bad. They don't seem as honest to me as Enema lyrics do, which was only 2 years before and pretty much has similar subject matters. Hard to explain but something about TOYPAJ doesn't click with me the way Enema does. Anthem Part 2 has lyrics I think are decent in one verse but then in another verse it turns into bad lyrics (especially this bit: corporate leaders, politicians, kids can't vote, adults elect them). Other songs have the same problem. I just feel like Enema doesn't have that problem. I'll always find the lyrics in Reckless Abandon hilarious though. I'm 29 and I still crack up at the "took a shit in the bathroom tub" line.
  3. California is bad. Los Angeles is brilliant though. San Diego, Bottom of the Ocean & Long Lost Feeling are pretty damn good too. I don't listen to any other California songs though. I did love Last Train Home when it was first released but that song kinda got stale through time. Nine is a very good album. Never really understood the hate of it. I think I like it because I lean towards music that's a bit darker and outside of a few songs, Nine is a pretty bleak album. No Heart to Speak Of, Black Rain, Heaven and First Time are great songs. Generational Divide I fucking love as well. I rate the poppy songs more than the ones from California too. I think Lifeforms is a bit better though. Just wish it was a longer album.
  4. born with horns & twin flame are pretty good songs I also rate fake love don't last, 5150 & die in california
  5. Jawbreaker - Boxcar Sunny Day Real Estate - Faces in Disguise Weezer - Say It Ain't So Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness The Get Up Kids - Ten Minutes Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria
  6. I'm sure AFI have released new albums with demos/B-sides of previous albums at the end of these new albums. So they definitely can release songs that never made the cut from previous albums. Although it'd be weird hearing a 10-12 song album with Skiba then all of a sudden a couple of tracks featuring Tom from the 01-04 era. I'm not sure if the rights to these older songs are a thing too. I don't know how copyright works too well but blink's older stuff including unreleased material might still be owned by the record labels from the time. Like I said, I dunno how all that works I don't see blink ever doing it though, simply because Mark has never ever been interested in releasing that kinda stuff.
  7. Turns out I was looking at the wrong post 😂
  8. Outside of like 3 tracks, I've never even heard of these songs and I love pop punk. How is there no Sum 41, Offspring, Alkaline Trio etc? Hell, don't like Simple Plan or Paramore or anything but even those bands have at least one great song.
  9. Looks like Tom is working on more AVA stuff based on his recent Insta post since one of the Rubin guys is there
  10. I'd love to hear a weird blink song with Kanye West featuring. It'd be better to have Tom than Skiba with a song like that though. Tom suits the weird songs a little bit more than Skiba. Kanye is having a huge meltdown recently though. Not exactly sure how his relationship is with Travis either. I don't know the ins and outs of the Kadarshians and I dunno if Kanye was still with Kim when Travis started getting involved with Kourtney.
  11. I've heard interviews from Mark before about how blink has a lot of recorded songs that won't ever see the light of day if they're not released after a certain amount of time. He tends to release stuff not long after he's finished working on it really. I do believe blink were recording music at the time, then obviously shit happened and when enough time had passed, he just felt the songs weren't relevant to him anymore
  12. Definitely agree. He provided what blink was looking for at the time. I don't like it when Tom mentioned the nursery rhymes on steroids thing but at the same time I do see the point he was making regarding Enema I just think Dammit was the first track from blink that leaned more towards their pop sensibilities with their songwriting and I'm sure I've heard an interview from Tom where he had similar thoughts regarding Dammit
  13. 1.31 up to 1.54 fits blink to a T
  14. From 40 seconds up to 50 seconds I get Tom/AVA vibes a little bit
  15. Oh don't get me wrong, I love nearly all the songs from that album. I think the songwriting for that album is quality haha but I'm talking more from a mainstream hit point of view. Maybe that's how I should've worded it rather than songwriting quality. I just feel like it wasn't until Dammit that they figured out how to write their typical hit type of songs.
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