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  1. 1. Smiley face 2. Enema of the State 3. Dude Ranch 4. Neighborhoods 5. Cheshire Cat 6. TOYPAJ 7. California
  2. I'd love the Rock Show and STFTK if they had the longer and improvised bridges they used to do in 03-04. What they did back then kept those songs fresh. Kaleidoscope would be awesome to hear but it'd be ruined by Skiba's yelling. I think he'd sound great on This is Home though. I'd like more Wishing Well. I'd love Natives but I don't think it'd suit Skiba's voice. HAG needs to be played more often. After Midnight would suit his voice too. Always thought MH would be one of those songs that would be great to hear live as well. Basically gonna choose the songs that wouldn't get ruined by Skiba's yelling and that awful clean guitar tone. There will be a lot of new wave style songs since that's what he's done in Trio & Sekrets or songs where he can just sing soft and it'll be pulled off well. Everytime I Look For You After Midnight Ghost on the Dance Floor MH This is Home Wishing Well Heart's All Gone Dick Lips KOTW (Always liked the TV performance they did of that song) Bottom of the Ocean 6/8 The Only Thing That Matters
  3. Dunno why Simple Creatures seems to be getting a lot of hype either. Just listened to the new EP. Thought it was trash. Only song that was ok was NVM but it's a bit boring and repetitive. First EP is better and even Drug which I think is still a bit crap is way better than the 2nd EP. Adrenaline and Ether have been the best songs by far from SC for me. Prefer the new blink songs more than SC.
  4. For me personally, it's way better than Sober, Parking Lot, Teenage Satellites, California, SOOHM, Rabbit Hole, Don't Mean Anything, Wildfire, Good Old Days, KOTW and No Future. Also enjoy it more than Cynical which seems to be a popular song on these boards. Can listen to it more than Left Alone & Hey I'm Sorry which have unbearable choruses & bridges. Also like it just a bit more than The Only Thing That Matters which is a song that I find good. Prefer BIOMY over Misery too.
  5. Only amazing California songs for me are Long Lost Feeling, San Diego, Los Angeles & Bottom of the Ocean. Bored to Death, Last Train Home, Misery, TOTTM, 6/8 & HISALP are also good songs, but I don't love them as much as the 4 I just mentioned because a lot of them have that generic chord progression in the chorus and it gets boring listening to them after a bit. Have to be in the mood to listen to some of these songs too because sometimes I feel like they're just average (especially Misery, TOTTM & HISALP). Then there's songs with amazing verses and pre-choruses but terrible choruses/bridges or ruined by woahs & gang vocals like Hey I'm Sorry & Left Alone. Then there's a song like KOTW which instrumentally sounds fucking brilliant. Even the melodies sound great but they're ruined by bad lyrics. Then there's the average songs like Cynical (never understood the hype for this song on these boards) and No Future (which itself is let down by fucking nananas and gang vocals). The rest of California is just utter trash for me. The 4 songs released from Nine so far are up there with the likes of BTD, Last Train Home etc for me. I get most people love Bored to Death though. It's a pretty damn good song. Just it never had that amazing factor for me like it did most people.
  6. Dunno if you're referring to me but I definitely ain't pining for like 70% of California. Give me BIOMY any day over majority of California.
  7. Yeah, definitely agree 100%. Generational Divide would be awesome if it was 3 minutes. Sounds awesome but those god damn 49 seconds haha. Darkside I think is pretty damn good. Not perfect, but it's good IMO. Happy Days is just solid, just wish the chorus sounded a bit louder because despite the heavier guitars, the chorus sounds just as loud as the verses and it makes it sound a bit boring. BIOMY is one of those love it or hate it songs. I don't mind it though. I hate gang vocals in blink but they aren't annoying as the gang vocals from California.
  8. Nah, based on the 4 songs released so far. This upcoming song could yet have some annoying woahs and nananas and annoying Feldman shit going on. If it has all the usual Feldman crap, then it'll most likely be shite. I get Feldman is still the producer of this album pretty much, but he doesn't seem to be as hands on as he was on California. The 4 songs released so far have been solid IMO. Not what I ideally want from blink as I believe they can do way better, but these songs are an improvement on the likes of Parking Lot, Wildfire, SOOHM, Teenage Satellites, Sober, California, Don't Mean Anything & Rabbit Hole.
  9. The kid beating himself up is still fucking hilarious. Only good part of the video.
  10. If that's the chorus, then there's nothing wrong with them lyrics at all IMO. Just simple and nothing bad like some of the lyrics California.
  11. Lyrics seem to have them simple lines similar to the chorus of Heart's All Gone. Just hope the lyrics of the verses are just as good as the verses of HAG. Lyrically they've gotten better than they were on California IMO. Just a couple of iffy lines but way better than the crap from Parking Lot, Wildfire and Don't Mean Anything. Based on the 4 songs so far, these songs are an improvement on California. Just none of them have been better than the best California songs yet. Shaping up to be a very solid album if they have that consistency shown throughout all 4 of the songs released so far.
  12. Yeah, I agree but apart from that it's still the same kinda video where the band just performs whilst two actors play in a love story or something. I like seeing the bands interact in the video a bit more like Always, WMAA, Adrenaline, Dammit, First Date etc.
  13. The video was shit until the dude starts beating himself up. Wasn't expecting that part. Outside of that part, it's just the generic music video blink have been coming up with for years now. I don't wanna see 2 actors playing a couple in love, as the band plays in a hangar/stage/ or whatever that space shuttle room is in this video. This video is the exact same as After Midnight & Bored to Death, just in a different setting. The best video since 2004 from the blink guys has to be Adrenaline by Simple Creatures but that got let down by the generic story of a loved up couple that the song artists aren't involved with. The idea of them checking out the morgue and hearing freaky noises was cool. They should've had them interacting with the zombies. I always prefer it when a band interacts with the other actors rather than just simply playing. But at least in that video Mark & the ATL guy actually did more than just perform the song, which is why to me that is the best video from any blink guys since Always.
  14. Dunno, I think the beginning of the video is very AVA sounding. Reminds me of how True Love/Love Like Rockets build up. The chorus reminds me loads of AVA too, especially the more recent AVA stuff where Tom started to let power chords ring out rather than constantly strum them. The actual song reminds me more of BCR than anything with slight elements of blink/AVA. I do think the delay on that video is a bit overdone though. I know AVA have loads of delay effects going on but they've never been as noticeable as that IMO.
  15. Not usually a fan of these kinda videos but this is pretty cool. First 30 seconds are a bit boring though.
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