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  1. Yeah, this. It has the same strumming pattern as Adam's Song and Stay Together for the Kids. It has similar sounding guitar tones. The chorus of BTD is the same style as Stay Together for the Kids but using that I–V–vi–IV progression rather than what STFTK uses. Put Bored to Death as track number 7 on Enema and it'll easily fit there just as well as Adam's Song. Could also replace STFTK with Bored to Death on TOYPAJ, and it'd still fit there in my opinion. I remember a lot of people that heard the song before release comparing the song to Adam's Song & Stay Together for the Kids.
  2. Yeah, kinda although I feel like BTD is much more closer to Adam's Song & STFTK than Everything's Magic is to Anthem Part 2 haha. I would've never batted an eyelid at that song being on Enema & Take Off. Like it's still clean guitars in the beginning and verses then power chords with some high gain on them for the chorus. Everything's Magic is just a complete AVA song with a similar sounding riff to Anthem Part 2.
  3. To me it's like a poor mans Adam Song with a drum & bass beat haha. I do like the song though but it's not even close to the level of Adam's Song.
  4. Yeah, I do agree that fits on TOYPAJ to a T. She's Out of Her Mind and Bored to Death remind me of Enema a lot too. Parking Lot would fit on TOYPAJ if not for the gang vocals. Outside of those 4 tracks, the California stuff didn't sound like classic blink at all to me. If they're gonna do that sound though, I really hope they're much better songs. TOTTM and BTD are the only ones I actually think are really solid songs. I have a feeling the EP is gonna have a different sound for nearly all the tracks though. Literally every song they've been doing since Nine has been pretty different I thi
  5. Hopefully they do what they did with those AOL sessions or what MGK and Travis recently did.
  6. I've noticed there isn't much pro shot footage of blink from the TOYPAJ era. I know there's songs like Anthem Part 2 and the three singles of the album that had pro shot footage for TV, CD's, DVD's or whatever but I can't remember seeing them perform any other songs that were pro shot. They did play Reckless Abandon a lot but if I remember correctly all the pro shot footages of that song seems to be from the smiley face era and onwards. I'm aware blink did play the majority of the TOYPAJ album during 2001 and 2002, but all I ever see on YouTube are shitty videos recorded by fans usin
  7. I'm pretty sure Tombots also think Tom's movies are crap. These movies, franchises, books and all are basically just Tom's passion projects that are for Tom's frame of mind more than anything. I've never heard anyone on these forums get excited or talk much about Tom's projects outside of music. No one cares including the Tombots. Now his music? Yeah, people get excited for that.
  8. Get yourself watching the Boys on Amazon Prime. I'm pretty sure you'll love Karl Urban's character.
  9. I'm one of the few people that actually liked episode 5 of season 8. Think that's the worst rated episode ever on GOT. The problem with the episode is not so much what happens in it, it's more what happens before it. It was so fucking rushed. If there was like 5-6 episodes before that where Khaleesi is starting to become more and more evil, then that episode when she finally lashes out would've been perfect. I also remember when Jamie Lannister was captured and it took him and Brienne AGES to get back to King's Landing. Maybe a few episodes? Yet in the 8th season, one guy or an army trave
  10. I still don't understand why it had to be 6 episodes. Season 7 I thought was great despite being shorter in length as the previous seasons. Season 8 felt like it needed 10 episodes though. It started off pretty strong with it's first 2 episodes although they seemed more like filler episodes to me. Then starting with episode 3, the writers somehow decided to just take a huge stinky shit on their own work. They built everything perfectly. Everything was set up bloody perfect. There was the expected fight with Jon Snow & The Night King, Cersei reaching her demise, the Cleganebowl and the
  11. Is there any old threads with him posting? Not sure how to find them.
  12. Yeah, I could've phrased it better but the guy in the thread that's arguing with Oliver, everyone in the thread keeps referring to him as Jon. So I was wondering if that was the Jon from the guitar cover videos on YouTube. I've heard about Jon being a board member here before as well.
  13. Nah, I know it's Oliver, I'm on about the other guy. People keep saying Jon.
  14. Never knew that thread existed but that's a fucking classic. I honestly thought the guitar was some kind of birthday cake from looking at it originally. I love the part about his camera being broken and then he uses some other image to prove that he's fixed the guitar only for the posters to catch him out. Is that the Jon who plays the blink covers on YouTube?
  15. This! I wanna know what's been said haha
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