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  1. I think from time to time there's been pop punk bands that have pretty much nailed the blink sound. The whole intro of this song could easily be in a blink song
  2. This is the only one I like cause it's hilariously true even if exaggerated
  3. I have the same opinion. None of those videos even sounded like blink songs. They just sounded like generic pop punk.
  4. I'm one of the few who really likes Nine. No Heart to Speak Of and First Time are superb songs. Those two are better than the AVA songs by far I think. Rebel Girl has grown on me loads but Kiss + Tell drags on for me. It actually has a guitar riff though, which blink needs way more of with Skiba.
  5. Rebel Girl has grown on me loads in the past couple of weeks. it's so catchy. When it was first released, I thought it was just an average and boring song. Kiss + Tell was always just decent to me, but it hasn't grown on me the way Rebel Girl has.
  6. I do miss the funny and stupid music videos like Dammit, Josie, What's My Age Again, All the Small Things, Man Overboard and First Date. But a couple of the serious videos are great too. Always has a great music video and I Miss You's music video is great too, although I do think that music video is weird as hell. I also think Feeling This has a good video too. The rest of the serious ones are trash though. I just hate it when blink are in the video as just the band rather than as part of the whole video. It's boring seeing a random dude and a random girl falling for each other when
  7. I really wish they'd rerecord this song similar to how they play it live
  8. The ideas are cool and some of them do prove that they'd make great blink songs but these are way too repetitive. That typical chord progression is on every damn song. Gets boring after 3 songs.
  9. This is what I've done with California & Nine too. 1. First Time 2. Heaven 3. I Really Wish I Hated You 4. Los Angeles 5. Black Rain 6. Generational Divide 7. No Heart To Speak Of 8. Darkside 9. Bottom of the Ocean 10. Long Lost Feeling 11. San Diego 12. Remember to Forget Me (BONUS) It's All Fading to Black feat. XXXTentacion Then I've got a playlist that's more like an EP 1. Blame It On My Youth 2. Quarantine 3. Pin the Grenade 4. Run Away 5. Ransom 6. Hungover You 7. On Some Emo Shit
  10. That's true about the dodgy songs although for me Black Rain wasn't one of them haha. Happy Days is bloody terrible. I think California is full of songs like that. Neighborhoods has some dodgy songs but none of them are terrible, so that's why I'll always prefer Neighborhoods over California.
  11. The less said about California, the better. That album is an embarrassing pile of turd outside of like 2-3 tracks. Nine has about 3-4 dodgy songs but the rest of the album stomps California out of the water. It actually sounds like a blink album. Surprised Nine hasn't gotten more love from these boards. I'm a big fan of it. It's as good as Neighborhoods IMO.
  12. I'd like Brad Pitt to play me. He'd have to slow down on the work out routines he does though. I have the slightest beer belly but I'm sure he could pull off my mannerisms and facial expressions without question. If no Brad Pitt, then fuck it. No movie!
  13. Which actor would you want to play you?
  14. I agree with this too. For me it's not so much about the music when a band has a legacy. AC/DC are still huge despite releasing trash for 3 decades. People will always think of AC/DC as the band they were in the 70's. Blink will always be the band they were from 1992-2005 but the bitter break up, side projects, post reunion and Skiba era of blink just adds to all of that. Blink have an amazing story when you think about it. If they were as huge as Queen, then they'd have a movie that's even more dramatic and intense than the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. I've always wondered how they'd deal wi
  15. I'm sure the likes of AC/DC and Aerosmith have released piles of shite for 30 years straight yet their legacies are still intact. AC/DC are always gonna be associated with Highway to Hell and their classic albums. Green Day could release piles of shite for 30 years, like AC/DC and they'll still be a huge band and be associated with Basket Case, American Idiot and other huge hits they've had.
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