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  1. Oh definitely, but it's the fact it's above the mixing desk set up rather than out of the way in the corner or in another room haha
  2. i'd actually love it if all song titles had some kind of dick joke reference but all the songs aren't related to the titles at all. That's the only way I don't mind Edging as a song title haha
  3. Can't help but crack up at the security footage above the whole mixing desk set up. Never seen anything like that before haha
  4. I've always liked the MH title and other titles with a backstory like Natives haha but you're right. i do think Edging would've been a good album title though. I ain't the biggest fan of the Hard at Work name that's been rumoured. It just don't click as well as Enema or Take Off
  5. I've still been listening to it. Love the bridge
  6. Tbh, Black Rain & No Heart to Speak Of couldn't sound more like Skiba songs if they tried. They wouldn't sound out of place on Alkaline Trio albums (especially if they weren't as overproduced). Mark might've sang on parts of them but they're definitely Skiba songs and great ones IMO. Black Rain was the track that Skiba took complete charge of as well based on the interviews around that song. It's a shame blink didn't have more Skiba songs though
  7. The verses and pre-chorus of Hey I'm Sorry is proof that the +44/Alkaline Trio type of sound would've been amazing for blink. Can't stand the chorus though, it's got Feldman's prints all over it
  8. That song was ass but i do remember hearing about this being one of the first singles before Feldman came on board. It would've interesting to know what the blink version sounded like. It most likely would've been better as a blink song but I still think it would've been a bad blink song The other NOFX song that was recently released "Darby Crashing Your Party" is a fucking tune though
  9. Fucking hell, the thought of blink playing Kaleidoscope live turns me on one of my favourite ever songs
  10. I've always felt blink need to play the hits but not all of them. Songs like All the Small Things, WMAA and I Miss You are obviously the big 3 and they're the ones that always need to be played no matter what. But I also think songs like Feeling This, Adam's Song, Not Now and Dammit need to be played, not because they're singles but also because they're fucking great songs. So that's 7 singles there. Not to mention an 8th single in Edging will be getting played and that's a song that seems to be a hit as well. 8 singles are definitely enough. I'm sure there will be another single from the upcoming album which will make a setlist featuring 9 singles. Then there's songs that aren't singles but they're still popular enough like Dumpweed, Mutt, Everytime I Look For You, Carousel, Aliens Exist & Going Away to College. So it's not exactly like non-casual fans are gonna be bored hearing blink. They really don't need to be playing First Date, Man Overboard, The Rock Show, Stay Together for the Kids, Down, Always etc on every tour
  11. I love this rare video. Cracks me up seeing Scott playing the drums under water i dunno why
  12. That's really bad IMO and doesn't even sound like a self-titled song
  13. I always used to think he was just parodying Tom until like 3-4 years ago when I realised that oh shit he does actually have a creepy obsession towards Tom
  14. Yeah I agree, I always thought that song and First Date were huge songs. Just on a tier below ATST, WMAA and I Miss You when it comes to popularity. Would've expected them two songs to be way higher on the charts Also would've expected WMAA and I Miss You to be way higher too tbh
  15. Yeah, I remember this. I was supposed to be seeing blink in 2011 with You Me at Six supporting them but blink rescheduled it. They explained they were too busy recording the Neighborhoods album as a reason for delaying the tour in UK and Europe. I was happy waiting a year though so didn't care about being refunded. You Me at Six were replaced by All American Rejects because of this whole situation but wasn't bothered which ones supported blink haha
  16. My brother bought me tickets to one of the Manchester shows. i'm hyped As for the BCR & +44 songs at a blink show, it'd be cool hearing them but it'll never happen. The only one I could happening one day is them playing Elevator. They've discussed that years ago in an interview and seemed to be pretty open about playing Elevator although it it never happened.
  17. I remember hearing this 2 years ago. Glad it didn't make the cut though. I just remember thinking yet again they make use of the Adam's Song riff and that the weird werewolf noise or whatever was just laughably bad. The songs they used for Nine are so much better.
  18. Ha I just had to listen out for it because I never noticed it before. Good catch. It sounds like they decided to have that drum roll muted a couple of bars earlier then have it fade in at that moment. I noticed the guitar cutting off for When I Was Young in the bridge but hard to tell if that was an artistic choice or a mistake in the recording process. When I record my music I notice every mistake there is and these guys are professionals so I have a hard time believing they didn't notice it. Always thought it was an artistic choice and a bloody weird choice at that.
  19. I think a lot of the upbeat sound and immature humour is Mark & Tom just learning to have fun as friends again. They never had this kinda fun during the reunion era and their relationship back then was still a bit weird. Blink will return to the more darker & serious kind of albums in the future. but right now they're just having fun again which is needed IMO. It's only one song released so far too, so for all we know the album could be dark & serious. Tom has said a lot of the songs are progressive too.
  20. looks like something from the Gotham tv series haha, but I don't think it is that holy shit does tom's guitar look great though
  21. This definitely is a thing where I live but not for the reasons in that video. Where I live, a lot of dudes that are around 40-60 can't stand blink. They're like the typical dad rock types that love Foo Fighters and also like Green Day. Blink were always put in the same sentences as the boy bands from that era except they just happened to have guitars. Not so different to what a lot of people thought of Busted really. They never really listened to blink's catalogue either. They heard ATST and judged them off that one song and didn't take any notice that the music video was a parody and tongue in cheek (hilarious cause it's so obvious it's tongue in cheek). If they listened to blink's pre-Enema stuff or songs like Adam's Song or blink's smiley face album then they probably would've appreciated blink. I remember once playing Up All Night to one of these typical dad rock types and he was like wtf? This is blink? Since when were blink good? It definitely is a thing in my hometown haha
  22. Yeah tbh this song could easily belong on DED. Have to remember that EP had quite an upbeat sound. When I Was Young, Disaster and PLG were all quite catchy poppy songs with a slight AVA twist.
  23. I like this. It's not an amazing song but it's just the kinda song Mark & Tom need together. Just getting into the studio learning to have a good time together again. They can get back into all the experimental darker shit on a future album. Love the little octave chord parts in the verses. So simple yet so fucking catchy and effective. I do think the bridge is mixed a little bit weird. But least it's the first vocal bridge of a Tom/Mark song since 2003. Their voices always sound so good together.
  24. I'm happy that they don't seem to be doing that progressive darker new wave thing they've been doing since 2003. it's my favourite sound of blink by far but they needed to learn to become friends having a good time again. This kinda direction is needed for all 3. It just didn't work on California at all.
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