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  1. Those verses just kill the song. They should've just let the guitars hit hard after the intro like they do for the verses of Valkyrie Missile, Adventure and Mercenaries
  2. Just heard the track and can say that it's the most disappointing song i've heard from Tom. It was full of potential. The intro was sounding great. The live version of the track was great but in the studio version, the verses are way more synth based. Can barely hear a damn guitar on it. The live version has way more of an edge to it and it's more "rock" sounding. If they stripped down the electronic & synths in the verses and had the guitars & bass way more louder in the mix, the verses would've been just as good as the verses of Adventure. Everything else in this song lives up to the hype. The chorus is great. The bridge is great but the choices they made for the verses make the song a let down IMO.
  3. yeah, I agree 100%, especially considering that 2 of the songs came out 2-3 years ago 😂 If it wasn't for those two tracks, then I wouldn't be bothered that the album is only 10 songs
  4. I'm sure i've read somewhere on Reddit about a deluxe version of this album? Would make sense for releasing so many songs before the album release
  5. Nickelback have some solid tunes. Never understood the hate for them but they aren't an amazing band or anything either haha.
  6. Oh yeah I rate the Apologise song. The original though, not that crap remix one or whatever it was with that Timbaland guy haha
  7. Can't stand these types of bands. OneRepublic is another I just dislike.
  8. No clue where it came from, i only came across it for the first time in my life like a year ago. A video like that should have way more views haha
  9. I'm surprised this blink interview hasn't had more attention. Laughed my ass off when I first saw this
  10. Agree that it's all subjective haha. See I enjoyed the first two AVA albums outside of some long intros, repetitive verses & outros but couldn't get into the Love albums haha. Dream Walker was such a pleasant surprise for me. It felt like Tom went back to basics a bit more with that album but was still pushing himself towards a new direction. I was kinda getting bored of the typical AVA sound from before. Then the Chasing Shadows EP I thought was quality.
  11. It just shows how diverse the album is I think. I can't stand Spellbound but I find Rebel Girl catchy asf haha. Euphoria and Restless Souls are just ok songs to me, Kiss & Tell is slightly better than those songs for me but Losing My Mind is quality. I know for sure I'll love Time Bomb and Automatic sounds good from the clip I've heard. There will basically be songs for everyone on this album I think.
  12. I definitely agree Tom needed a change up. He does need someone to bring him back down to earth again when it comes to recording music IMO. It's why i rate Dream Walker over the other AVA albums. I just don't want Ilan taking charge of the songs if that makes sense as Tom still has great ideas. On Dream Walker it seemed to be more balanced, but this album seems to be way more Rubin centric.
  13. This 100%. That clip shows he can still write a good BCR styled riff. He's proven it in blink and AVA countless times. But the verses of that clip sound a bit more typical AVA. Still sounds great though.
  14. if ya check out the part from 0.50 and onwards, that's the track I'm on about but fuck it sounds good. I was really hoping for it to be on the album haha. Like I said I know it's basically a short clip and it's hard to judge from short clips like this but I can't help feel that idea is better than anything I've heard from Lifeforms. Then another song from 1.33 all the way to 2.59 sounds great too. Sounds like a skate punk version of AVA. It's a crime if those two songs aren't album but if the song from 0.50 and onwards isn't on the album then my guess is that it's the recent BCR song Tom was talking about. I do agree with your whole post though. Most AVA songs fall flat but they still have so much shit I enjoy. Literally every single song from AVA has moments I like. They've always had cool guitar parts and a lot of it is due to Tom's guitar playing too. If I wanna hear Ilan play guitar then i'd just listen to his solo project, but his solo band ain't for me. Tom overrates the guy and Tom is the better songwriter by far. Tom should always be playing the riffs as well as the rhythm guitar parts for AVA but unlike blink, AVA has a second guitarist so I'm ok with Ilan playing some rhythm guitar to beef the songs up more. It should probably be David playing the secondary guitar parts though since he's the actual second guitarist in the band. If anything though, I don't really care too much about that part since David has always been more of a touring guitarist for AVA.
  15. I've criticised blink for doing this in California & Nine and I've given Tom a pass due to me feeling that Ilan's spot in AVA is a different situation compared to Feldman & blink. I can't help but feel Lifeforms shares similar flaws though. Sounds like Tom hasn't even recorded a single guitar part for this album. He might've wrote the guitar parts but I wanna be hearing him actually play it. Just let Ilan stick to the drums. The brothers are quickly become the main guys in AVA now. Tom's role now is almost like Patrick in Fall Out Boy. Looks like every single clip is out too and none of them have that skate punk AVA styled song that we heard from like a year ago or that BCR styled song. Tom is mental if he's chosen songs like Euphoria, Spellbound & Restless Souls to be on the album over those two. That BCR sounding song must've been the BCR song he's recently been talking about because that's the only thing that makes sense for not being on the AVA album, as it sounds way better than anything I've heard so far. I know it was a 20 second clip or something, but there's just no way that the rest of the Lifeforms songs are better except maybe Time Bomb. That's my opinion anyway. This album is literally gonna be AVA's version of California (not in the sound but the recording process). There will be some awesome songs but there will be loads of shite as well. Time Bomb does sound awesome though. I've loved every clip of it and I love what I've heard from their live performances. But man, this album is gonna annoy me as much as California did.
  16. Dream Walker is just a better album than California. Lifeforms will probably be better too. But Nine is better than anything AVA have done in my opinion.
  17. Yeah this was one of my beliefs when everyone was guessing Tom was crazy. I mean Tom is crazy in ways but I don't think he's insane or anything. Maybe naive and that's why I think although Tom is involved with all of this shit, he's been used to give out random information to take the attention away from what is actually happening. Although off topic, but I just remembered Tom being involved with free mason stuff. Does anyone know if that's still a thing with Tom?
  18. Automatic sounds great. This is gonna be such a weird album. Some songs are great then some are utter trash.
  19. I'm listening to Spellbound right now. There's way too much going on. The song needs to be stripped down a bit. Not a fan of the chorus either. yeah, i don't like this song. Sounds more like an Ilan song that Tom just happens to sing on. Kiss with a Spell has similar vibes to this and that's just a way better song IMO.
  20. This is the song I've been waiting for. If that song doesn't make the album, then wow. The only thing that would make sense leaving that off the album is if Tom has secretly been working on blink songs with Mark & Travis in the last 2 years. The song from 1.49 and onwards also needs to be on the album IMO.
  21. Yeah, I'm not a fan of how this sounds. I remember hearing the clip of this song earlier in the year then when Losing My Mind was released, I thought that was the clip. I just assumed they had rewritten the song or improved on what was on the clip or something. Turns out both are completely different songs. Hopefully the full song is good but not getting my hopes up on the clip. I just wanna hear Time Bomb and that Boxcar Racer styled song that was on those old clips.
  22. From 1992-2005 I would've said the Beatles had a similar history to blink. They both had bitter break ups and both bands have dealt with death. I've always thought of blink as the Beatles of pop punk music as well, especially considering the progress blink made with each album (much like the Beatles did).
  23. Yeah, I was unsure of the song because of this exact part. It was just unpredictable and I couldn't tell if it worked with the song or not. After listening to it more and more and getting used to hearing it, I think it actually fits in so well.
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