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  1. Hey Leo do you have any favorite bands besides blink-182? Is pop punk your favorite genre?
  2. Yeah I know but everyone is just going to talk in circles and nobodies mind is going to be changed. The Hoes lyrics have racism and bad sexual stuff. They talk about raping sluts too, if you want to discuss that next lol. Actually, Im imagining you in a courtroom after I sue you for libel
  3. Oh right the criticism will stop lol. Who cares..its his 3rd language, his bands' lyrics are offensive on purpose and that isn't going to change. He already explained his use of the words, just drop the subject and he won't say it anymore! I can't imagine trying to boss around a grown man who lives in Ukraine or Germany about his use of the english language with his friends.
  4. They are totally different. Yeah they are colorful and there's a couple of buildings, but that's it. That's like saying every black+white sleeve is the same
  5. Yeah the T-shirts have been especially horrible. I don't like the fonts and colors they use on most stuff. The hoodies are the only clothing that I think look good I love the posters though. I think those are by far the best merch blink has offered since the reunion. The bunny dolls are cool too Also @Ghent can you make it so I can PM you?
  6. What do you think about women who don't shave their armpits?
  7. Thanks that's what I thought, it's a great song, great EP! That's so funny and true about Jen. Everyone here thinks they broke up too lol. She might have kicked Tom out of his own house
  8. I just found this official remix by Aoki of the latest blink/aoki song. I don't like it that much, the original is better, but the vocals sound great!
  9. I love all the people hating on Leo and saying they dont care, but they all have at least 10 posts in this topic
  10. Have him wear his Boomer wig What's his favorite album? Best guitar, pedals for blink 182 and Ava?
  11. That's pretty funny how everyone thought there were high odds of it being fake. The thought crossed my mind too. Leo is pretty easy to reach on social media though 🖕🧓🖕
  12. How many times have you been Boomer for Halloween? Did you invent porn-punk?
  13. An armchair lawyer, an armchair psychologist, and an armchair doctor walk into a Leo Dehoe concert.
  14. I hope Leo gives a sick disgusting answer and you all get triggered
  15. Im not interviewing a politician for a New York Times article, its for Leo Dehoe. I'm sure you guys will love his answers! Get your safe space ready!
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