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  1. Tom gave himself some wiggle room to delay this. Those other 5 songs might not be sent in for months. The bots will have excuses ready, claiming the artwork or some basic engineering task will take all summer.
  2. In the spring of 2009 Tom said the new blink single would be released before the summer tour
  3. Hey I bought this in 2006 and it's the only signed thing I've ever bought on ebay so I can't be 100% sure. It's from a signing in Times Square, which the seller included pics and a lanyard, so if it's fake I'm pretty sure they actually attended, but then wrote on another CD.
  4. No I'm talking about Speedo obviously, he takes way too much adderall, I can tell
  5. It sounds crazy, but MGK might be better than half the mid 2000s pop punk bands. It's like in the NFL when Patrick Mahomes played 1 year, but you already knew he was one of the best ever.
  6. Wow Speedo likes torturing live animals and poisoning the water supply, what a great guy

    1. Brad Religion

      Brad Religion

      "Wow, Speedo likes torturing live animals and poisoning the water supply, what a great guy!"

      You need a comma after "wow" and punctuation at the end.

  7. It is, but Tom can't afford a lawyer
  8. No, by elitist boomer dinosaurs As for the top 10, I wouldn't be offended if someone included blink 182 in 3 spots. With Scott, Tom, and Matt
  9. This is a funny convo because I've been told for decades that Green Day and the Ramones are REAL punk rock, not that pussy pop punk garbage
  10. Does anyone have information if Jen has a boyfriend or is she still single?
  11. We should all play Halo sometime. Each game is only $10 on PC

  12. MGK is a long time pop punk fan, there's a video from 2011 where he met blink 182. You can stop lying about him being fake
  13. Tom better hope that Monsters in CA movie makes some money back this year because I don't have much faith in their film division. He's no better than a degenerate gambler at this point, throwing away millions for nothing. I wonder if the sexists will argue with me on this again. How dare a woman leave her marriage after husband loses $10M tee hee no big deal! It was a civil separation!
  14. Of course that idiot Aria made him a mod. Doesn't surprise me one bit. The old school mods/admins from this place suck. Anyone who chooses someone like Speedo (or Jan hypothetically) for a mod has poor judgment. No offense!
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