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  1. That's a good point. This could be their most out of control tour since the 90s. I think he would have a blast. As long as Mark doesn't cockblock him
  2. Does the fact that the guy died in June 2018 change anything for you guys? Is there any info when this was planned or recorded etc? I do find it funny how Mark jumped on the bandwagon last year attacking FedEx for supporting the NRA and then supports this guy lol
  3. That video is awesome best since the old ones! Why would people suddenly expect Matt Skiba to write Tom style riffs when he never has and use it on a random Christmas release
  4. It's as if they want the band to issue a public apology for not making the 2nd coming of Dark Side of the Moon. The haters are out in full force today. Bunch of miserable Scrooges need to get a life and don't even come at me with some lame one liner.
  5. I think I've only ever seen 1 for sale. The poster is a bit easier to find, as I've seen those sold alongside the regular version of Short Bus. There's one on eBay now, but it's over priced and been up for a while. It comes with that old rare blink sticker too. Correction: that eBay listing got me confused. They are just selling a group of items that didn't come together, the poster is from Buddha, but my other point still stands that I've seen the Short Bus poster for sale often enough.
  6. Oy vey. All you need to know about the people who obsessively attack me is that they spend a total of zero dollars on blink 182. They post all day every day, yet they don't buy merch, don't buy CDs, don't go to shows. And conveniently ignore facts and posts that don't suit their argument. 50,000 posts combined. Zero dollars spent
  7. Mate you need to move on from old jokes. How am I doubling down? Guys like you say everyone's a pedo. You've called guys pedos for liking women in their late 20s and 30s. I laugh at how you expect me to take Speedo seriously. Why don't you just say nothing in the first place and stay on topic. It's been 3 years, time to move on Lol I agree about Patient being a puppet
  8. Lol language? Ban me for what? My last post was about a blink 182 song and 2 morons call me a pedophile. You're the same guy who complains when I don't respond to them. Then when I do you cry to Patient and Ghent for a ban. Pathetic drunkie. You 2 should be banned for spam, if anything.
  9. Sorry I'm not a granny fucker, go jack off to the Queen of England
  10. Just because a song has some Ava elements and overused blink cliches doesn't mean it's bad. My vote, Up All Night, for example just plain sucks. Things that are bad about it: the riff, verses, melody, chorus, bridge (every song from this era had this problem). The prechorus is nice though It deserves extra hate for being the lead single. It confirmed every fear I had about the new era of blink
  11. I actually had Kay as one of my suspects lol. Even more so now. It just seems like an alt account which means they could vote twice which is rigging. Plus the coin flips and other evidence. I'm surprised Im the first to say this...
  12. Whose alternate account is this yoda guy? There's no way someone is this obsessed with rigging song lists
  13. I can't wait for the self titled election. The final 3 will be The Fallen Interlude, Here's Your Letter, and Anthem Part 2 live in Chicago
  14. I wish we could hear casket in the mix. Glad they included it in the booklet though, and Tom would sing it that way live.
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