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  1. This Elon Musk tweet from a week ago sums up my thoughts on all alien stuff, since I used to be interested lol.
  2. It's basically digital collectibles, and everyone selling them is making millions selling them in 1 day. It's a quick scheme Tom would be into, but perfectly legal. You can get creative with them too, like blink could sell an NFT of when Tom sings "Where are youuuu" from the I Miss You video. It's confusing, but the $$ is ridiculous
  3. Wait until Tom discovers NFTs, if he hasn't already. I can see him milking those like nobody has done before. They could be sold as part of album bundles, or anything really
  4. One time I sent you 10 articles that said MGK was pop punk and you said they were all wrong. Now you're using wikipedia as proof?
  5. It's not fair that MGK had to go against Alkaline Trio so early. After defeating a few of the hipster bands and mediocre bands like Panic at the Disco, then people would catch on and see how great he really is. He already has a higher peak than at least 25 bands in this competition Is AFI pop punk? They are kind of similar to Alkaline Trio and didn't make this huge list
  6. Ok boomer. Why do you care if people enjoy tik tok? Judgmental pricks like you have ruined music
  7. you need to read a music history book. you are so misinformed on a lot of topics
  8. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  9. You were the guy saying MGK wasn't pop punk when he started releasing songs last year. Now you're saying Alk3 is clearly 100% pop punk. How convenient!
  10. It's a bias to show "street cred". Band A released their first album in 1998, but Band B released theirs in 1986, so Band B is better.
  11. I did not crab that many people, only if they listed too many hipster bands. And stop asking what bands I like, it's not up for discussion.
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