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  1. Why do you always want everyone banned for the dumbest reasons. He has leaked blinkumentary clips, we will have to just deal with the spam, which we already do for other members.
  2. That was really good! I like a few Illenium songs, so this is basically what I expected! When someone first posted about it, I just expected a sample. Is this the first time Tom has ever collaborated?
  3. Yeah, pop punk boomers aren't hip enough for social media! btw Hot Mulligan BLOWS
  4. Ok that's pretty funny but I hate when companies pay 20 year old interns to post stupid stuff on social media. That's content I expect to see on this forum lol
  5. Speedo educate us more on the 1-2-1 picking pattern LOL I never learned that technique!! TOTTM = the St. Jimmy ripoff song, just call it what it is
  6. Yeah I forgot about the old pick guard trick. There's been some awful homemade enema things the last year. I can't imagine anyone actually buys this stuff
  7. Hey is this legit? Lol looks ridiculous to me, but the store has a ton like this. For some reason I'm skeptical Mark signed enema guitar (Long ebay link)
  8. Those Tom mini strats are showing up on ebay. There's already multiple $200 ones and now one is listed for $500 lol At least it's a guarantee that it's not forged, I forgot they were hand made, and not something they will make again.
  9. History shows that the Tombots are always wrong in the end. In 2-3 years some mediocre film production by Tom will be released and all of us will be saying the same thing about how bad it is.
  10. Hey I agree, but I'm not wasting any more time on it than the people who are defending it. They assume I'm ranting when I'm not, but that's them projecting their own feelings. They get personally offended because Love has a 5.5 on IMDB. I don't need 5 Tombots to tell me that Tom isn't reading my posts. It's such a spinjob for some of you to say Tom is taking his time and being extra careful. Please let's be serious
  11. Why do you Tombots take it personally when someone points out the obvious fact that Ava and blink fund all this stuff. TTS Academy exists because they sold $3 million in fake stock. They don't make any money and never will. He's actually good at making music, but nope the Tombots hand him millions for another bad movie. When will they learn?
  12. Well I'm concerned for Tom because his priorities make no sense. TTS has lost millions and he does anything he can to delay just playing with AVA. He takes his hobbies to an extreme level. Let me guess, you are a proud stockholder
  13. There's no way Dan was being serious. You Tombots are as delusional as your hero. Tom isn't taking his time, he's WASTING his time. The new movie/tv show will be a flop just like TTS, which pays 6 figure salaries, but they still don't have a single product in sight to offset the losses. Let's not forget his beautiful wife left him because of all of this stuff.
  14. I'm hoping info on the TTS money situation leaks. It's been 3 years since they sold $3 Million in fake stock. I guarantee that money is gone and Tom is wasting his millions from the Hipgnosis payout. He's going to need the new Ava album to help him break even
  15. I like the way the poll results are looking
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