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  1. Lmao!! Yeah you might hear it more than the F word from blink's set, enjoy! Will you be wearing earplugs or some device to censor Weezy's language??
  2. Probably a DJ. I'm curious if he does any songs from his "rock" album where there's guitar. I'm also curious how blink fans will react to the n-word being said dozens of times
  3. Working for the TTS Academy sounds like a dream job. Tom is paying multiple guys 6 figure salaries to do absolutely nothing. Nothing will be accomplished besides a few grainy worthless videos being declassified. No aliens, no new technology, and no way to actually make money besides scamming people to donate.
  4. This is great news! This is already better than the California tour. Better setlist and Lil Wayne > ADTR
  5. It's not a real Enema 20 tour. They did it for a few shows and recently just made this random announcement how they are going to do it for every show. The posters and promotional pictures make no mention or reference to EOTS
  6. I don't think it was planned this way. It's a cover for the fact that their album isn't done yet and they have to change the setlist somehow and sell these super expensive tickets.
  7. They already play half the Enema Tom songs anyway. Mark isnt going to destroy his voice singing 24 songs a night. Ill take Mutt over some California song
  8. Enema getting played in full is awesome. Idk why anyone would complain about it besides obviously Tom not being there, but that applies to every show anyway. The ticket prices are just too high. Lil Wayne is a much bigger name than ATL or ADTR so it's justified, but still a huge increase over the last tour.
  9. The show didn't sell out: it's OK the tickets were more expensive. Skiba butchers guitar intro and lyrics: well at least he isn't drunk. It was an honest mistake. Skiba uses wrong effects on song: he did that on purpose. Skiba wears stupid ugly hat: he has great style, I've seen him wear crazier things before.
  10. Yeah there has to be a better melody than the one they chose. Its like the audio version of the uncanny valley. It literally causes a cringe reaction when I hear it
  11. The only thing I don't like about this song is the repeating of "blame it" or "blaming it".. Its very jarring to my ears
  12. Matt Skiba is a better live blink-182 guitarist than Daisy Ridley(Rey) is at acting
  13. The problem with Matt (and Tom later on) is the horrible guitar tone. Wtf is he thinking using a jazzmaster and horrible distortion effects? Sometimes using the wrong effects on the wrong songs too.
  14. Unfortunately it's true. Whether or not they will admit it in this thread is another story.
  15. Don't bother arguing with these idiots. They think the old trilogy sucked and like the new movies better. That says it all about their taste in movies.
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