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  1. Happy birthday to Dany, the account from 07, funny Chesh bashing topic in his recent posts 

  2. Heaven I didn't even remember this song existed. Sounds like a bad +44 b-side AVA Heaven on the other hand is an amazing song
  3. I like that littleredguitars guy too! Seems like a nice dude in his videos. I never interacted with him on here. Maybe you guys annoyed him lol, but the jokes about him always make me laugh. He bought one of Tom's old guitars from the Dude Ranch and/or Cheshire days. Its one of the well known ones we've all seen. Cool stuff
  4. I don't agree with California being a nostalgia album. Half the songs stink and the ones I like are just good songs, many of which sound nothing like old blink-182 such as "No Future" or "California". Also the production sounds nothing like Enema or TOYPAJ. It's more poppy but that doesn't mean they're copying their old sound. It's just what they do
  5. St. Jimmy I mean The Only Thing That Matters
  6. I wonder if Tom was sleeping with Marie back in 2005. What a coincidence that all these weird uncommon names rhyme with his new girlfriend's name. "It Hurts" has taken on a new meaning
  7. Hopefully TTS files for bankruptcy sooner rather than later. I'm so mad at everyone who bought those scam stocks. Don't forget that their website says they will be developing technology. Does Tom think he is Elon Musk too?
  8. Yeah I feel the same about SBM, I like a few songs from that one, but it just sounds off to me. Deryck went too wild with vocal effects, pianos and the songs weren't that great. The "making of" vids on YouTube were awesome though. Hey does anyone else remember that Chuck b-side Subject to Change? It's basically a combo of No Reason + Underclass Hero. I love the Underclass Hero album, but that didn't help it's reputation when the lead single reused a chorus from a b-side on the last album.
  9. Well technically Transvestite and Family Next Door should be considered the real Buddha since it came first. Those 2 songs capture the essence of blink to me lol. Hilarious stuff Also the Girl Next Door is a cover and wasn't on the original Buddha. I'm surprised the wannabe lawyers haven't voted it off yet. Fake fans! After all that, I'll vote Time
  10. Strings Shitty song and shame on you guys voting Transvestite. That's one of the funniest blink songs ever. It's still a real song, it's not like Family Reunion or something
  11. I'm totally fantasizing about NWO and Freemason tattoos covering his chest, abdomen, and back
  12. Yeah it's weird for a guy who lives in California to not be seen without a shirt in 20 years. I'm curious if he has any new tats we've never seen, or maybe there's bad scarring he doesn't want to show. I totally forgot about that until now
  13. Does anyone know what the most recent shirtless pic of Tom is?
  14. I have a feeling you'll encounter your hero Chris Hansen one day..

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