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  1. I know! He was probably just using it as a topping for his ice cream JK not only is it bad, but it can't be good for his already damaged vocal chords and weak singing
  2. I always hated how they and other blink groups watermarked bootlegs and various rips. Its copyrighted material... Bootleg trading was so stupid. What a waste how many unaltered videos still haven't made it to youtube. Instead, they are on some nerd's hard drive.
  3. I was listening to Last Train Home over and over last week. Some of those Cali Deluxe songs are good to listen to for a few days then its onto something else.
  4. Haha idk dude everyone used to make fun of this performance. The yooahs and yodels. I personally think its OK and maybe its not as bad as I remember. His worst years were actually prob 2011-14?
  5. I dont bring it up at all. If 3-4 people always bring it up, take it up with them. I get criticized when I ignore it and when I address it so what do you want? You realize its sarcastic joke posts from 3 years ago they reference right? On a blink 182 forum, no less. A band who has songs about fucking dogs and their moms and grandpas. Or are you one of these stupid fake detectives that think they actually have a criminal in their grasp? Get a life and stop defending a serial spammer and SJWs with no job. I actually agree with you they shouldnt bring those subjects up, but its not my fault they cant help themselves. The mods should ban them from making off topic jokes. They do it if I said "Oh 2003 is my favorite album." Like, how is that my fault?
  6. Hahaha how did you read his mind?! Yeah Im worried about his voice. Especially as the tour goes on. I hope its not Ava 2005 bad but we'll see
  7. Do you guys just call everything creepy? How are Ava's lyrics creepy? If anything, they are sometimes lame, cheesy, or cringey.
  8. They don't exist anymore and they sure as hell weren't sold for a profit. My sources are the posts on this forum. Lots of member have confirmed it. Btw I'd love to see her tax returns. You wouldn't happen to have access to them?
  9. Well they all went out of business lol. Also, I was wrong she never worked. She worked at McDonalds before she met Tom, and then ran businesses Tom funded and caused them to go under.
  10. Haha no but the poor guy wasted 6-7 figures on her failed businesses and she's still angry at him and now he's sleeping on a sofa. Its still shocking to see it happen to a millionaire. Jen never worked a day in her life. Also, guys I wouldn't go around bragging how you're only into 40 year old women.
  11. Jen is a brutal woman. Takes his house, his money, his kids, his dogs. Lol what's next?
  12. Blink just love changing history these days. They mix up self-titled and untitled. They also claimed for years Buddha was just a demo, not an album. Now it counts as an album
  13. I like the timing of the song coming out a few months before Star Wars Episode 9
  14. Well from the recording, you can't notice anything. So I wonder how bad he could have been. If the audience cant hear him, why would he be so loud in the bands' ears?
  15. You would think a forum of people obsessed with child predators and creepy behavior would have something to say about the recent Travis story. Not a peep from the 4 or 5 phony detectives 🤔
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