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  1. Can Ava even be considered a current band with their 3 songs in 2 years? They haven't released an album since 2014 and toured for 2 months in that entire time frame.
  2. I waited until YouTube uploaded it, the honest way! What an awesome song, it really sounds like NOFX, Mark even reminded me of Fat Mike at the beginning. Also why is everyone concerned about Skiba? Am I crazy to assume the guitarist of the band was the one playing guitar in this song?
  3. How does every new blink song release exactly 1 day early every single time? Once I saw Friday, I knew that meant Thursday. Then we have to play the YouTube game where the song gets uploaded 100 different times after being removed within 30 minutes
  4. I bet once Tom returns, there will be a group of fans wanting Matt to replace Tom!
  5. Unfortunately it's very possible that his passion is going to drain his money! I can see them doing that idea they told us about where blink, Ava, boxcar, +44 would all play. This would also allow them to include Matt
  6. Since I'm banned from reporting posts, I'll have to tag my pretty little girl @Patient #48273 to remove your post! Unless we're allowed to say anything in an edited post, in which case, noted!
  7. If Tom ever comes back, I'm going to heckle him during the concert. I'll yell things at him from the front row. Stuff like "Ava sucks!", "Stop Yodeling." Only if he's not performing well. It might be best for him, all those TTS yesmen are getting him nowhere.
  8. To me, Nine is the worst blink album and California the second worst, but the live shows do sell out and funny enough the Nine tour show was better than the Cali one. They got creative putting Travis front and center on the stage. I don't care if they use writers. I'd prefer they don't, especially if it meant Tom coming back, but Tom wasn't coming back either way. He had to quit because he can't commit to anything and has time for nothing. They went on hiatus in 2005, barely recorded in the same studio for Neighborhoods, made DED in the studio in less than a week, and then 3 years later he still has no time. Losing the most important member in a trio and still having success actually adds to their legacy, or at least it does for Mark and Travis.
  9. I've only skimmed the article, but I don't think it has a cult appeal. It's pretty much consensus that it's the best album by them, along with the Blue Album. (It's always those 2, flip a coin, 1A 1B then everything else). I know why Rivers says that though, but it's not the only album in history to get popular years later. Also, adding to this blink discussion, I don't think they ever crossed a line into the more gross category like Weezer. Blink isn't really sexist in the same way I'd say they aren't homophobic. They kind of used it as their shtick, but it was never mean to anyone. They had beastiality and incest references too. It's just kind of what they did, but mostly humorous.
  10. Tom uses that technique in some Ava songs, I really like it. I'm trying to think of other blink songs he does it in. I haven't gone thru every song but he does it in 21 Days and Always Also that guy totally looks like Tom on the MCS cover
  11. Ha I had no idea they still made DLC for those. This is the first time I've heard any instrumental track in the Skiba era
  12. How the heck did that guy get these? Must work close to the band or something. There are some crazy vocal effects in that song I never noticed. I like when Skiba's echo is slowed and pitched lower like a fat guy lol I know pretty much all the blink singles from the Tom era have the separate tracks since they were in Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Some other tracks too, in addition to +44 and Ava possibly
  13. Being on a music video shoot must be awesome. Is it like a concert atmosphere with a +44 CD playing in the background between shooting and everyone's a fan? Seems like it would be funner than tv or movie with just random people.
  14. When you think about it, a share of this website is worth more than the TTS shares since you can't even sell those!!
  15. Hopefully the prime minister is able to increase everyone's dole payments. A lot of the board members could use a night out in 2021, watching blink play.
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