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  1. I love that butter pancake guy! I also love the guy at the beginning of Ben Wah Balls talking like a 1920s person or something and then yelling oi-oi or whatever lol
  2. I've been meaning to say this for a while. You have a great voice for podcasts, and a bad voice is a total deal breaker for me. I can't listen to radio shows or podcasts with guests or hosts with annoying way of talking. That's why I can't listen to blink-155 for example, they are too typical radio hacky. I like your pace since uppity fast loud talkers hurt my ears.
  3. I'm not great at questions, so reword or ignore them if they make no sense or don't apply to him. Merch questions: -Favorite ideas/merch items that didn't get approved or didn't end up for sale for whatever reason -Any guidelines or recommendations regarding the use of the smiley and bunny logos -Why did the band stop selling more simple looking apparel (just smiley logo for example in 2009) for more out there and artsy ideas. Do those sell better? -Routine for coming up with ideas for posters, t shirts, etc Atom: can someone ask him a technical or equipment question, what Tom wanted for sound/style etc. I don't know much about drums but hopefully one of you board members knows what I'm talking about. What does he recall about the Famous Burro incident outside the restaurant? Does anyone remember what I'm talking about. I forget if it was Atom or Tom who got pissed at him for stalking them lol. Maybe u don't want to bring this up but I remember an old YouTube video involving him and someone from Ava
  4. Wtf is going on with this voting. Are you people purposely voting off the best songs. Let me guess, the word "ret*rted" is politically incorrect, song must be voted off just like Ben Wah Balls! Fentoozler
  5. Those aren't even signatures. Someone wrote "Blink" on the front and "WTTU" on the CD and booklet. Wtf!!
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, there's a bootleg available of one of the 2 real shows this was supposedly recorded from. I've always wanted to hear it, if someone can post it. I wonder if all those bonus jokes are from real shows or just re recorded in a studio
  7. Fentoozler I wish the feminists would stop trying to remove Ben Wah. There's a few other average tracks to remove first
  8. I've always preferred the Buddha versions of those songs, so my voting will be targeting those. Fentoozler
  9. I'm an OG, you're a teenybopper, my votes for this album should count for double!
  10. I'm starting to see who the real blink fans are. How can you vote Ben Wah Balls. Funny parts, good riffs, fast and slow parts. It's a real song, not a pure joke like Happy Holidays or Fuck a Dog Strings sucks and blows
  11. Is it safe to assume Rob Perelman gave or sold them to Chesh? Rob commented on one of the 10 second demo clip videos. (Typical bootlegger behavior btw, showing off.) This also makes me wonder how foreigners have possession of such rare blink audio and video. Chesh and Pedrinho (the guy who watermarks videos, rendering them unwatchable) are from random countries. Is there a backstory to how they got into this? And what is their endgame, do they plan on being buried with their bootlegs?
  12. Wow, that's a name I haven't heard in a LONG time. He was one of those douche bootleg guys who withholds files from everyone even if you offer money. He probably does have those demos lol
  13. Don't be surprised if it ends up on eBay lol. I'm fascinated by the guys life. He obviously doesn't work, but he also couldn't have won the lottery since he tries to make money by selling blink merch online. No millionaire would waste their time to make a couple hundred bucks. That's good to know he pays for most of the shows. That's what I've always hoped, but I know he gets free admission sometimes
  14. Why doesn't Mark just say "probably not" "Maybe" my ass, it'll never be played. Unless it's a full Dude Ranch show for some reason. Without Tom, what's the point
  15. Leo Dehoe is a better man than Burro. I swear he has pics of Mark cheating on his wife or something. It makes no sense. I'm willing to bet that he is part of the reason Tom won't come back. Tom doesn't want to bend over for a creepy super fan, he wants him to pay his admission fair and square like the rest of the fans. We all know he has multiple copies of every variant of Nine. Glad blink comped him for something he already owns 5 of
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