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  1. I can merge the accounts for you if you like.
  2. Did you log into your other account just so you could like your own post?
  3. I would have guessed his feet would be bigger than that.
  4. We should do an MGK vs. Limp Bizkit poll.
  5. Yeah, where is that question even coming from?
  6. Amnesia was a little bit successful in Canada, but nowhere near as big as Tubthumping.
  7. Your opinion keeps getting worse and worse. The joke tracks are amazing.
  8. Diddy: MGK is completely irrelevant in my life. Also Diddy: *spends all day talking about MGK*
  9. I've also seen a recent picture of him picking up Papa John's for dinner.
  10. I was talking to Oliver earlier today.
  11. I just want to know how to refer to you in the third person! The latter part was (mostly) a joke.
  12. @scoobs what are your pronouns? I'm asking so we don't misgender you when we talk about you behind your back.
  13. I'm not convinced this era of pop punk will be remembered.
  14. I'm glad you're finally Chillin4alivin.
  15. I don't think you get what I mean. I know you don't respect him, but I think your interpretation of his work and what he aims to do with it assumes more seriousness than is actually intended. Just like how any adult trying to take First Date, Reckless Abandon or Give Me One Good Reason seriously would be be put off by them.
  16. I think you just take MGK way too seriously.
  17. Unlike Tom Delonge writing First Date when he was 25 years old and engaged. That was the height of authenticity right there. A lot of pop punk musicians pander to kids. Sometimes it's awful and sometimes it's great, but it's not authentic.
  18. They weren't married, but yeah, another woman he knew ended up at the bottom of a set of stairs lol.
  19. Yeah, the owl theory is super out there, but also oddly compelling. Like, it just doesn't make sense to me that you could beat someone to death by hitting their head, but not cause skull fractures or brain injuries.
  20. But boomer vibes know no bounds.
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