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  1. People are definitely talking about it. https://tedium.co/2023/02/04/why-do-modern-pop-songs-have-so-many-credited-writers/
  2. It's been a growing trend over the past 20 or so years, partly attributed to the way the music industry had to change (wrt revenue distribution) in response to illegal downloads and now (legal) streaming. There are a lot of producers now who won't work on a song unless they get a writing credit, whether they contributed to the writing or not. Obviously that's not the case for all of blink's co-writers and even in the case where the co-writer was a producer, I'm not doubting that there were songwriting contributions. But the system has changed. There are interviews with blink/Jerry Finn where they talk about suggestions he made that certainly would have granted him writing credits in today's music industry.
  3. I pretty much agree with her. I liked the episode, but I expected it to be bigger. Looking forward to next season.
  4. Too late. Your cover's been blown, Pink Misfit!
  5. Yeah, I think it was a pink mask though. Judging by Fap's reaction to your post, it seems like it might have been him.
  6. Of all the board members, past and present, he'd be the most likely.
  7. This would have been funny a few days ago.
  8. The lowest bot in the blink fandom. Even feldybots rank higher.
  9. Until she gets kidnapped by a drug cartel, which is when the story really picks up.
  10. Agreed. Hell, I've even heard of fans being unable to get refunds for some festivals in Brazil that were fully cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic.
  11. This is the Riding in Vans with Boys sequel we deserve. It would be better than the original nqat.
  12. I don't think anyone expected him to go into hiding, but it definitely seems insensitive for him go to a huge event (which he had no obligation to attend) that he would have had to travel for so soon after sustaining an injury that caused so much sadness and frustration- not to mention financial loss- for so many people. It's just a bad look.
  13. You know, they could have easily turned the UFC match PR blunder into an opportunity if they had gotten Kourtney to push Travis around in a wheelchair.
  14. As long as you don't tweet cryptically about it, you're fine!
  15. The film crew from the Kardashian show was probably there and I bet a producer or something made that suggestion.
  16. If you 1) think you're dying whenever you're in serious pain, and 2) tweet cryptically about it, you're a drama queen.
  17. Remember when Travis went to the hospital and cryptically tweeted "god help me " or something and it ended up being pancreatitis? I know that shit can be super painful, but it doesn't tend to be all that serious as long as you get treatment. The man is just a drama queen.
  18. Can someone photoshop a flaming HECK sign?
  19. I don't think their relationship is fake, but maybe they got married in Italy because she really wanted to. I'm sure she cares a lot more about her own wedding than she does about blink's international dates.
  20. Why do you think she cares that much about Travis being able to do the whole tour though? I'm sure she wants a little touring/concert footage for the show, but that's nothing they can't get in the US.
  21. I'm not aware of any concert or festival that allows you to cancel tickets to get a refund, but maybe?
  22. This is one of the biggest issues. Many of the dates are festival shows and fans can't get refunds because the festivals are still going ahead. Not to mention all the fans that made travel plans, which they may not be able to get refunds for.
  23. I agree that Travis shouldn't do anything that would risk further injury and jeopardize the rest of the tour. He should only do what's safe for him, but they should still play and he should still go and do what's possible, even if it's something like one of the sillier suggestions we've made. They absolutely had enough time to start rehearsing with a replacement, even if they "didn't want to." If Travis literally cannot drum at all, they should have still played these shows with a promise to return in a year or two. They wouldn't have done this years ago because they were more driven and probably had more respect for their fans back then. This cancellation is entitled rock star bullshit.
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