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  1. I enjoy John Mulaney's Netflix specials, but they promote the hell out of him, so you've probably already seen at least one and didn't like it.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I'm not sure how much Targaryenness matters to a dead dragon that's being controlled by the character riding it. Also not sure how much Targaryenness matters to living dragons in the context of the show since Daenerys just told Jon to hop on and presumably she'd have been told that only Targaryens can ride dragons and also assuming she didn't want him to die then and there.
  3. I was pretty bored with Bran for a few seasons, but I think his storyline is going to pay off.
  4. Let's see if he uses the new term Speedo taught him!
  5. Remember when Clarke posted screenshots of emails from Apple as proof that someone from Kansas left the bad reviews and then a few months later (in an unrelated discussion) posted emails he faked to prove how easy it is? Good times.
  6. I guess she felt she really needed to take her time after she spent 6.5 minutes deciding if she should allow Canada's goal in the semifinal and still got it wrong.
  7. It's not like he wouldn't if he had that term in his vocabulary.
  8. Interesting, so you have a doctorate of some kind (PhD, MD, something like that)? Should we call you Dr. Dehoe?
  9. Can you elaborate on being a doctor?
  10. There are definitely some translation issues with "Curative Teacher and a Doctor for Social Care Work" but also some lying.
  11. *cough* @Songwriting Competition
  12. Incorrect. We were talking about the women's tournament, which the people of Finland only started to really care about after a bad call got them into the gold medal game and then got mad when a bad call lost them the gold medal.
  13. I had definitely heard that before. I think someone mentioned it here years ago... maybe Oliver? Edit: of course it was Oliver and he made a thread.
  14. That was bruuuutal.
  15. I don't particularly want Jon to take the Iron Throne, I just think it's reasonably likely that he will. That said, I think Jon would be a better ruler than Daenerys. Daenerys would be a great queen in theory, but based on some of the decisions she's already made, I don't think she's capable of being the kind of queen she claims she'd be.
  16. Meh, I'm gonna go with one of the obvious choices and say Jon.
  17. It's easy enough if you have a decent picture to work with. I'm not sure how many selfies Leo posts. Even if he posts a lot, there'd be a dozen people here looking to see if the "fake" one matches a picture he posted in the past.
  18. At the very least, ask him to take a picture with a piece of paper saying blink-182online or something.
  19. The Devil's Rejects is enjoyable for what it is, but otherwise I agree with you.
  20. @Margie Whipple's Rage you're forgetting this wonderful discussion. Hopefully we can relive it now.
  21. Are you really a bus driver?
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