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  1. Oh, so a hypothetical Oliver performance beat Skiba. Got it.
  2. The competition's rules have magically changed. It was originally that Oliver could play a 75+ minute set and do better than Skiba in terms of guitar playing, vocals and stage presence. Now, it's just about guitar playing and not even from the livestream, he's cherrypicked a video from years ago (who knows if he can even play those riffs anymore).
  3. You're as biased as the Oliver haters though.
  4. You're overconfident in that you've delared yourself the winner when no one else has. Believe it or not, not everyone hates you. Yes, there were going to be some people who said you lost no matter how good you were, but that's far from everyone. I think you have the potential to beat Skiba, but based on what we've seen, you haven't beaten him overall. Just drop the bias and show a little perspective and we can all move on. Or continue the meltdown and we'll all have a good laugh. Your choice.
  5. This is the meltdown I was waiting for. I'm impressed that it wasn't immediate, but reassured that it is indeed happening. The pile on is inevitable as long as you continue to act like an overconfident douche.
  6. Did you really think either of those things would reduce the amount of negative attention you're getting?
  7. Nah, I'm pretty sure this all because Oliver likes Trump.
  8. Wow, you made the videos private and locked this thread? Very weak move.
  9. I almost feel like our feedback was too nice initially and Oliver doesn't know what to do with that, so he's back to obnoxious gloating to try to encourage more negative reactions.
  10. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume Mark has enough money to get top-of-the-line healthcare in any country and would likely have gotten fancy private medical care during his time in England.
  11. I assume her hair is like that because she's filming the second season of Russian Doll, but who knows with her.
  12. Yeah, I can't hate on that effort. But @Donald Trump's Bulge did you just shut off the stream before playing your song and not even say what was going on?
  13. I'd like to see women's matches be the best of 5 sets. Not sure why that hasn't been changed.
  14. Did you miss the part where we were talking about USSF paying their national teams, not league pay, and that the US women's team brings in about the same revenue as (if not a little more than) the US men's team?
  15. I'm watching the whole thing. This is going to be the board event of the decade, maybe of all time!
  16. You shouldn't be telling stories like that when there's a pedo in our midst.
  17. @Donald Trump's Bulge so is this still going ahead in a little over an hour or is it being rescheduled?
  18. Looks like Clarke was online just an hour ago! Don't be shy, @Songwriting Competition, you can say hi.
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