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  1. All this talk about The Wire is making me want to watch it again.
  2. The second season is a bit weak. It picks up in season 3. Season 4 is solid too.
  3. I first watched The Wire many years ago and I can't explain it, but I know it was because of you, Bagel.
  4. Someone might as well benefit from it. Ask Jan.
  5. No. Brackets and tiers are very different!
  6. Next, we should put blink boards posters into tiers.
  7. I hate how there are so many different streaming services now, it's like cable all over again. There's very little incentive to not go back to downloading everything.
  8. Shit, did MGK also fuck Conor McGregor's girlfriend?
  9. They know Davey ate Mark's mom's lasagne one time, so they made an exception.
  10. Yeah, that's such an odd accusation. I don't know if anyone's that imaginative.
  11. New thread for the Faplord drama. Trying to keep the blink section relatively clear of this kind of thing.
  12. Don't worry, he's working less now so he can take care of his disabled friend.
  13. $126,076.66 Unclear what year that was. He said it's less now.
  14. Do you want to know how much Diddy makes?
  15. I can't tell if @Kay hasn't seen my post in The Confessions Topic or if she just refuses to acknowledge it.
  16. Oh, I completely agree. Oliver took way more shit for years and years. I still think he has/had a public humiliation fetish or something. We got used to being able to pile onto him, but few can take that, especially over a long period of time. We didn't know how lucky we were when we had Oliver. 😢
  17. That's true, it would be a shame if we lost him. I guess we need to dial it back a little and make him feel like he's winning now and then. There are very few gluttons for punishment who are Oliver level and even he had a limit.
  18. Trans gays are newfangled, whereas I am old-fashioned.
  19. I thought two or three meltdowns ago that Diddy would learn how it works here and how to deal with it, but it's the same pattern every time. Pro tip: if you feel tempted to post personal information (especially in the form of official documentation) to prove a point, you are already losing because you're taking it way too seriously. And if you then actually post that information, it's game over.
  20. Wait a minute, Fappy, are you mixing up gender and sexuality? I know it can be confusing, but I'm just a good, old-fashioned homosexual.
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