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  1. There are so many moments that happen to Shinji that give me VIVID flashbacks of things I regret in my real life. And the ending...oh boy. Talk about questioning so many of my motivations in my daily life. In all honesty this show broke me. I think I'm going to watch EoE this weekend.
  2. I haven't watched the movies yet, I'm still just thinking about the series. Just a thought. I love Shinji, I hate Shinji, I want nothing more than for Shinji to succeed....and worst of all, I see so much of myself in Shinji that it is literally gut wrenching. The mastery of this show is that for certain people, it hits them like a ton of bricks. I'm assuming in this way, Evangelion fans that REALLY get into it are all dealing and struggling with the same things. And that's....comforting?
  3. God’s in His Heaven, All’s Right With the World.
  4. Just added it to my Netflix list
  5. Are you watching the new Netflix series or the older ones? I've always been into Gundam Wing and Kaiju stuff plus other anime and manga. Always heard great things about this series.
  6. I'm so happy you're thinking of me!
  7. wow you're right. Clean lines, good shading. Tom probably drew that design himself lol.
  8. This is my biggest thing. Why can't these rich musicians/actors get GOOD artwork done? They have the connections, the money, and yet they still choose to get tattoos from the guy on the corner who spends all day tattooing barbed wire, crosses and infinity signs on people.
  9. that works well, didn't know that was a function. I usually use the "trending topics" box to navigate instead of rummaging through all of the sections, and it keeps shooting me back to page 1. A small nitpick but still.
  10. No, I hardly ever get online here on my phone.
  11. Something I've noticed that is slightly annoying...when you used to click on threads, it would "remember" your place as far as what posts you had read already and keep you at that spot. Today every time I click a thread I was reading, it shoots me back to page 1. Kind of annoying on some of those mega threads.
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