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  1. JarJarBlinks


    meme doesn't work because this is pre-Durant. they were still a feel good story.
  2. Just from looking at twitter he won't "confirm or deny" that he got the vaccine. With cases surging again the least the most popular athlete in the United States could do would be to tell people to get vaccinated.
  3. good lord those are some cringe lyrics. I'm not a super fan (started with Life in General) and I'm glad I didn't know about this until now, or I honestly wouldn't have listened lol. Nvm my fake news above haha.
  4. LeBron is also an anti-vaxxer which sucks. Was a big fan of his before that, can't wait to see Space Jam though. Movies are allowed to just be dumb fun!
  5. I must have missed that one lol. edit: oh wow you're right. I'm gonna go ahead and skip that and pretend it doesn't exist.
  6. I don't think they had anything overtly religious, I feel like they just weren't offensive. No cussing, edgy song topics etc. Being on Tooth & Nail kind of gave them a built in audience for awhile before they floated away to where they are now.
  7. JarJarBlinks


    I actually started out the series wanting the Suns to win and CP3 to get a ring, but the fact that Giannis has drug the bucks from behind is awesome, and I think I lean toward the Bucks 60/40. This series is a NBA nerd's wet dream though. Hopefully the Suns steal game 6 and we get a 7 in Phoenix.
  8. JarJarBlinks


    well at least I had one year of enjoying Curry play. Lame-time.
  9. UFC is cool Tucker Carlson sucks God doesn't care about sports and probably isn't real... Tom clear your schedule and write some riffs...I promise you'll still have time to go to all of your graduation parties.
  10. Tom's Angels are pretty normal compared to those WACKO blink fans!
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