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  1. I get your skepticism here Diddy but the "announcement" earlier this year that didn't happen make me thing this is even more real. This isn't just blinkitalia posting stupid shit, there are too many weird coincidences happening this time. In my mind at least.
  2. this would be the smart thing to do. however they are fucking awful at these kind of things.
  3. Someone posted a link today and when I clicked it was removed. That tells me right there is fire behind the smoke. If it was another clickbait article no one would make an effort to remove it.
  4. Tom is an abusive spouse. He's battered the fandom (and Mark) for years and yet here I am, thinking about how excited I am for him to come back.
  5. I wish it was them who blocked me instead of Tom.....:(
  6. We all just need to keep calm and let blinkitalia fill us in on the real news.
  7. I actually don't think this is true. Especially in the "PUNX" genres. I mean look at blink, Mark mostly sounds pretty good, but sometimes struggles mightily with certain songs/parts. It'd sound way better if he had assistance.
  8. homies with the "(F)amily" script tats on their forearms lol
  9. I can't wait for Tom to be touring the local Kansas county-fair, where he's forced to play First Date and all of the hits he hates!
  10. lazy if we were talking about real topics and things that can be proven.....not tic-tacs on a blurry infrared screen.
  11. Fravor has gone on a massive string of podcast appearances and gets paid to speak at UFO conferences. You don't think he has any other motivation to talk about UFO's?
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