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  1. I love Skiba so much lol. On GMA with the Church of Satan logo just hanging out on his left-shoulder, soccer moms everywhere are probably mortified.
  2. I'm gonna guess the size is zero because the whole story is either a lie or he walked 50 feet to a gas station.
  3. shouldn't you live in a better neighborhood since you are such a mastermind of the stock market?
  4. Those kids have SOUL in their playing, you can feel the vibrato and then you realize they are actually in-time with the song. Oliver is honestly MUCH better at drums. He plays guitar like someone who tries to sit on a drum-kit that doesn't really play drums; suuuuuper stiff.
  5. and here is where his argument falls apart. His Queen riff is SHIT!!!
  6. your "complex" riff sounded like ass, THAT'S the thing everyone keeps ignoring.
  7. why are you acting like your Queen clip was "good"? you fucked up multiple notes, were off time with the song, and if you played that live people would view you as the weird guy who comes into Guitar Center and plays the same riff for 30 minutes.
  8. this shows you have no idea about music or being a musician, or what makes music "good"
  9. You moved the goalposts when over half your set was BCR songs Skiba has never had to play.
  10. what are you doing on the palm-muting? It's a solid pattern, and you're adding weird rhythms to it because I assume you don't know how to actually sing and play at the same time. You don't sound terrible for an old dude playing a Blink song in his house, I guess. But before you take down Skiba you may want to tune your guitar and learn how to dial in your guitar tone.
  11. You just moved up ten points in my book. THE REPORT OF THE WEEK.
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