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  1. Isn't it funny how every single goddamn Ramones-core band (SW, Lillingtons, Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, hell even Masked Intruder, I could go on and on) are like a million times better than the actual Ramones?
  2. Don't cut yourself on that edge boy.
  3. JarJarBlinks


    haha yes! When that happened I went full-blown Warriors fan for like 5 minutes haha.
  4. JarJarBlinks


    Was actually enjoyable watching the Warriors without the snake last night. I may hate their team, but I respect them and the way they play. The Rockets are an abomination and I enjoyed Curry/Iggy frustrating the hell out of the flopping fish Harden.
  5. I don't feel safe here. When I have children, and post them on the board, what if they're looked at in the same way Brody Dalle is being viewed? Absolutely disgusting.
  6. JarJarBlinks


    Always loved Bogut even when he was on Milwaukee. Just please, dont let him injure PG or Russ...or Steven. Go after Patterson or someone lol.
  7. JarJarBlinks


    https://www.basketball-reference.com/leaders/fgx_career.html Kobe had Shaq. Then had prime-Pau and Bynum.
  8. Is "delete MY account" the new "delete your account" meme?!
  9. JarJarBlinks


    How did people deal with Kobe Bryant?
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