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  1. so kinda like blink did with OMT and the different colored vinyl? or like blink did with TOYPAJ?
  2. JarJarBlinks


    I think Doc could be the most overrated HC in the history of the NBA
  3. JarJarBlinks


    read something the other day about how he demanded the Bucks to sign Dame or he would leave, even when they warned him it might affect the team defensively and take away big pieces of the core.
  4. Did @Alk Vibes or @Jared Goff make this AI video?!?
  5. Remains is really really good. I remember buying that "album" in highschool.
  6. we literally said the reason it happened was because of the Kelce-Reid relationship. And then Jason said the exact same thing lol.
  7. it's almost like the two Chiefs fans here said this exact thing like twenty times when you were losing your mind about it.
  8. please tell Tom to unblock me on Instagram!
  9. I'm also pretty certain Big Red is gonna put his ass back in line in private.
  10. this is how Diddy feels. I feel the anger.
  11. random fan telling Chiefs fans how Andy Reid "uses" Kelce. OK big guy.
  12. this is such a bad take. Those two love each other and have a bond to be able to call each other out on anything at anytime. Things get heated BECAUSE of the respect. They are comfortable with it. You're blowing this way out of proportion.
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