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  1. JarJarBlinks


    If Herro plays the Heat offense will revert into being bad. He is a ball hog and the offense is flowing without him.
  2. JarJarBlinks


    to be fair he said he didn't feel like the season was a "failure"...not anything about losing. Giannis is a massive competitor and was playing through a back injury.
  3. JarJarBlinks


    Melo officially retiring. One of my favorite players and the last bastion of iso-ball. Dude was fucking LETHAL in NBA2k.
  4. JarJarBlinks


    I have been a Tatum-Simp just because I liked that he was a huge Kobe fan. But nah, Tatum has no killer instinct and needs to drop the Kobe act, it's embarrassing.
  5. JarJarBlinks


    Celtics need to get in the bin, absolutely no respect for that team. At least the Lakers are giving complete effort and being competitive.
  6. JarJarBlinks


    That loss is all on Lebron. Bricking threes and wasting possessions and allowing Murray to go thermonuclear. They had the game in total control until the chucking began.
  7. Cowboys fan in Virginia.... *cringe*
  8. Rick Devoe Boromir? Jen is Sauron?
  9. another reason why Untitled ruined things.... gives them a free pass from the fans to take a million fucking years to do anything.
  10. "Hey everyone! Tour has been going great, so good in fact that we've decided to completely re-write the album! Tom is bringing so many ideas to the table that we can't just shelve so once the tour is over, we'll be going back into the studio, looking at a spring 2025 release." Enjoy!
  11. JarJarBlinks


    10 finals appearances (with a chance of 11) is pretty strong on the "legacy" side of things.
  12. JarJarBlinks


    this is super late but when I originally read this post, I felt my Jordan-boner rising and I wanted to edgelord back. BUT...it's true, all of it. IF Lebron drags this team to a ring that's 5 rings to Jordan's 6 (Lebron's rosters for at least 2 of the championships would look like JV squads compared to the Bulls), scoring title, top 5 assists, and this year would make 11 finals appearances. IMO that's an actual argument and I wouldn't be mad who you pick.
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