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  1. Even when it was airing I only watched in the hopes of an appearance from Tom or Mark. Which only happened a couple of times for like...15 seconds lol. From what I remember Shanna just mostly lays around in bed all day.
  2. Tom yodels =/= Jordan "3 steps slower"
  3. Comparing Wizards MJ to Tom post-blink is offensive to MJ.
  4. This may be the first time the porn I've watched is LESS creepy than reality? Is there really a substantial amount of people who like to feel like "prey being hunted" or behaving like someone's puppy?
  5. == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Vanilla 47% Voyeur 25% Submissive 6% Experimentalist I think Feeling This created this test. No way this is completely accurate because to be honest I wanted to get done with this test as quickly as possible but I already committed to answering too many questions to bail. Yikes.
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