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  1. My band in high school played a show at a venue named "The Merkin." Fucking awesome lol.
  2. His obsession with the blue balls phenomenon really makes me think he has never "got them." And now my mental picture of blue balls is Oliver walking around with two puffer fish in his pants......I DON'T DO BLUE BALLS.
  3. Good lord I hope not. Sidenote: the kid's head looks photoshopped?
  4. he barely has to play anything but octave chords? of all people you should know how simple those Trio songs are, even compared to WMA.
  5. Aaron is the producer. Illan is the prodigy-boy-wonder drummer.
  6. JarJarBlinks


    hope he stays outta the damn West.
  7. Finn would have gotten "writing" credits if he were producing today.
  8. JarJarBlinks


    Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Cant wait for the Rockets to get all of the pre-season praise yet again only to completely fail in the postseason.
  9. JarJarBlinks


    I’m balls deep in the Splash Bros.
  10. In general I'm a pretty negative/pessimistic person who likes to complain a lot about pretty much everything. But then I log onto blink online and feel much better about myself.
  11. It's a fun promo video announcing a tour....it isn't meant to explain the meaning of life. JFC some of you people take these things so seriously.
  12. Fuck, I love this new Mark with a spine.
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