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  1. I'm gonna guess it was the million other alien/book/cartoon/fake companies and not Jen.
  2. Oh man it's been a while since I've listened to Minor Threat. Definitely going to listen to that tonight!
  3. That Operation Ivy album is a true 10/10 album.
  4. oh man...top 5 or even top 3 favorite band for me. I don't know if they've ever put out a bad album; some of the newer ones haven't grabbed my attention as much but to put out as much music as they have it's insane how good 90% of their catalog is. I've been through so many shifts and trends when it comes to music from pop-punk to black metal and honestly, blink, Pantera and Rancid are the three that I have listened to and enjoyed throughout the entire progression lol. I don't seek new stuff out as much as I should and just find myself coming back to those bands in some variation.
  5. I have favorites in genres, I don't know about the ONE favorite of all time. Dude Ranch and Vulgar Display of Power would probably be my top two though.....or ....And Out Come the Wolves. That would make me happy for a long time if I was on a deserted island.
  6. JarJarBlinks


    Not like the Thunder went to the finals and were up 3-1 on their way to another finals before the Snake sabotaged us. It's pretty easy to be "selfless" when you're playing with an All-star team with a guaranteed ticket to the finals.... I'm enjoying the implosion.
  7. JarJarBlinks


    Russ was the heartbeat of the Thunder. He stayed when he shouldn't have and kept the entire franchise from going under. He will have a statue outside of the arena someday.
  8. JarJarBlinks


    Thunder play @ Houston tonight and I don't think I can watch it. 💔
  9. holy fuck. Guarantee Mark never gives another interview to her after that abomination. Downright offensive.
  10. Skiba is an odd, but love-able duck.
  11. JarJarBlinks


    I'm really annoyed the Clippers look so dominant, WITHOUT PG. Sets up a worse precedent even compared to the Warriors super-team. PG was under a 3 year contract and forced his way out because of Kawhi. Lame shit. Contracts don't mean anything anymore and they're going to get rewarded for it. It's nice to enjoy watching Steph play again this year.
  12. You’re not too far off, more like the album as a whole with some repeat plays of Sober thrown in but yep, happened many a time! Lol
  13. JarJarBlinks


    I’m liking this Thunder team early. SGA has my heart.
  14. JarJarBlinks


    fuck PG, snake 2.0
  15. LEAKS ARE WILD TODAY FELLAS. Be safe out there.
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