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  1. Watched Inception a couple of days ago, can anyone explain to me why it is so celebrated? Great cast, great director but I thought the plot was terribly formulaic and just tried to slam a whole bunch of "twists" to make it seem clever.
  2. Personally I’d say watch Alien and then Aliens..they’re kind of a package deal in my mind. aliens is my favorite out of the two but you kind of have to watch the first one to get into the universe IMO.
  3. Jan I feel like you’d be the type of guy who’d go see Monster Hunter with me. it’s a date.
  4. I'm thinking about re-watching all of the Alien movies over Christmas. Yes including Prometheus (so underrated) and Covenant.
  5. that's it! the movie is a fun time with evil gingerbread men and a fun twist at the end. I want a Krampus 2.
  6. my one complaint about Krampus is that I hate his face. Couldn't they have made some kind of badass demon-goat or something? Was a little bit of a let down.
  7. I don't really remember much about the topic but here's my opinion about it anyway!
  8. people are usually nuanced enough to detect sarcasm when I low-brow post compared to when I am actually putting effort into a topic. Gremlins vs. Krampus is not one of those topics.
  9. you became unreasonable when you got triggered by a sarcastic joke from a guy with JarJar as his avatar picture. you could have just crabbed me and moved on like everyone else does lol.
  10. Krampus is definitely taking away Casey this year for bad opinions and overuse of the word "gaslighting"
  11. I'm just poking a bit of fun man. Calm down lol. They're both movies with goofy monsters that eat people. I'm allowed to make a joke about treating them like high-brow art.
  12. * as I sip a glass of Dom Pérignon and look down at the peasants of the world, I proudly proclaim "Krampus is simply a mediocre take on the Christmas creature-feature, I prefer the stunning composition of Gremlins." *
  13. yikes. just finds it hard as hell to commit to certain other things.
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